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  1. Allow teams to opt out of the tournament for a 2 year period. And allow them to play another game vs. another opted out team. I can name 15-20 schools that would do this for sure.
  2. I wish they would make 1A a 32 team class instead of 5A. Just a thought. It would shake things up a bit in the middle classes. And 1A schools with limited rosters could benefit from a week of rest and healing before starting the tournament. Guessing most 5A rosters have 70-80 kids with no freshmen and most 1A have 30-40 with 8-12 freshmen. Also the 32 team 1A would be public class only.
  3. Strong showing for the conference. Webo turn around was a great coaching effort. Hard to believe the same team we dominated week 4 went on to win state. How often does a team finish third in conference win a state championship. Solid effort by Danville, but I felt they were a bit conservative against Chatard. Probably wouldn’t have mattered. Tri-West caught the injury bug and COVID quarantines the wrong week. Would have liked to been full strength both times vs Danville. Lebanon entire season was disrupted by Corona shutdown. And they never recovered. The rest of the conference need
  4. That is not your typical Luers team. Good athletes not the great ones they were known for in the past.
  5. LCC is 2A by success factor. State and regional champ is 6 points.
  6. I just looked at this. Last time they were released on Jan 14th of 2019
  7. Tri-West guy wishes both teams could lose. But since that can’t happen, I’ll take a Warrior win over Chatard.
  8. Chatard is just lucky that Casey Woods moved on. It would for sure be 3 in a row if he was still the coach. Comer is on quite a run of his own. 2 straight with WeBo and now back again with a different team. Danville roster is stocked with kids from Avon and Plainfield. They aren’t a bit rattled by Chatard and they really don’t care about the past. Danville 30 Chatard 21. Then they both move on to 4A!
  9. I got Chatard by 100, because tradition, history, and culture wins championships.
  10. Danville will be close on enrollment again this cycle, but I don’t see them moving up
  11. It’s not so much that CC gets kids from Ben Davis(I’m sure they get a few). They get lots of kids from Avon and Brownsburg even a few from Plainfield. The location is ideal for loading up a football team.
  12. Danville doesn’t care about your tradition, history, and culture. Everyone should probably just bow down to Luers, Chatard, Roncalli, and Cathedral because of tradition, history, and culture.
  13. A circle, a square, a rectangle. Doesn’t matter, Danville makes it 3 in a row next weekend.
  14. Told you dummies 2 scores. I was being nice, I wanted to say 3. Now Chatard gets it again.
  15. Roncalli 21 Mooresville 0. 1st. Pioneers getting worked over.
  16. Danville over Southridge by at least 2 scores. And Danville makes it 3 in a row vs Chatard.
  17. Next addition to Mid-State will be Danville. Mark it down! Only question would be if Tri-West would follow. I doubt we would.
  18. Do you really think I’m going to answer that?
  19. Chatard hasn’t beat Danville since 2013. 0-2 since.
  20. Glad to see Frankfort having some success. I know they have worked hard to turn things around. Last year during the jr high games, I was impressed that they didn’t stop coaching until the final play. If only Crawfordsville could get back to being competitive.
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