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  1. What are the CIC middle school teams looking like? Any of the schools have any pretty good groups coming up?
  2. 😂😂😂GC getting votes!!!! They’ll probably get some more after playing Phalen Academy this week!! Big game ahead
  3. Delta leads Muncie Central 28-6 at half. Delta sophomore QB has 3 total TDs
  4. Delta up 7-6 after 1 against Muncie Central
  5. Was thinking the same thing. Looked it over about 10 times and thought I was crazy
  6. Or how about people stop getting tested cuz they aren’t accurate anyway! Only reason numbers are going up again is cuz the election is two weeks away! Don’t get tested and carry on with the tournament!
  7. With Mississinewa being down this year, what do they have coming up? Are their middle school groups good or have good players to look out for?
  8. With under 3 minutes left 4A #1 MV leads Pendleton 27-14! other HHC scores Delta leads New Castle 33-21 on the 4th Yorktown beats Shelbyville New Pal beats Greenfield 17-14
  9. 4A #1 Mt. Vernon trails Pendleton 13-14 with about 5 minutes left after a missed PAT by MV
  10. As of right now yes it is. That didn’t effect the varsity. But you can never be 100% until the ball is kicked in this day.
  11. Have to think though all of those events include people traveling from all over the country to attend those especially the 500. Keeping hope they’ll let fans in the stands at high school games. If you get approval from local health department you can have more than 250.
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