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  1. They’ve been doing that for awhile now
  2. You try to sell out on him and Roth will take over for the time being and even then good luck stopping Charlie! They’re a different animal on the field!
  3. I did not say that then sorry but I know they’ve only lost twice at home over the last 6 seasons ( that game being one)
  4. Eastbrook is a different animal when they play at home! Panthers aren’t losing this one!
  5. Mt. Vernon beat Pendleton both times. Mt. Vernon’s two losses are to New Pal and Delta (which beat 2 regional champs also)
  6. Well if I remember right they had a “stud” running back that was held under 100 yards and the final was something like 42-0 so competitive. And please don’t compare to IU/Purdue cuz they aren’t good lol. But I know what your saying with rivalry games it doesn’t matter it’s a rival. On the end those teams from before aren’t playing Friday and it should be a good game. Lots of good athletes going at it and two great coaches doing the right thing. I think I’m the end Deltas SOS pays off but it’ll be a battle in Gas City.
  7. Delta kicker has hit from 60 in practice with a normal kicking situation 🤷🏼‍♂️. Deltas locker room isn’t much closer than the visitors and has no view of the scoreboard, sometimes you have to keep track of the time from a coach. If I recall eastbrook you can’t see it from the locker room so must be why eastbrook won against them this year?
  8. Delta has also been able to run and throw on people. Might also add Delta has a hell of kicker. Most people don’t know the kid has been kicking with his left foot the last few weeks and still isn’t slowing him down!
  9. Delta had 3 HUGE turnovers in that game that led to 21 points. Looks like they bounced back tonight though
  10. Two years ago they were 7-3 and the year before that 7-3. Shelbyville has been a good competitive team over the years. This has became an issue the last two years. The reason behind the recent drop can maybe be answered by a Shelbyville person
  11. So I saw the delta and Eastbrook score...what happened??? Was delta that good or Eastbrook just not good?
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