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  1. Or how about people stop getting tested cuz they aren’t accurate anyway! Only reason numbers are going up again is cuz the election is two weeks away! Don’t get tested and carry on with the tournament!
  2. With Mississinewa being down this year, what do they have coming up? Are their middle school groups good or have good players to look out for?
  3. With under 3 minutes left 4A #1 MV leads Pendleton 27-14! other HHC scores Delta leads New Castle 33-21 on the 4th Yorktown beats Shelbyville New Pal beats Greenfield 17-14
  4. 4A #1 Mt. Vernon trails Pendleton 13-14 with about 5 minutes left after a missed PAT by MV
  5. Yo so what happened to y’all this week????
  6. As of right now yes it is. That didn’t effect the varsity. But you can never be 100% until the ball is kicked in this day.
  7. Have to think though all of those events include people traveling from all over the country to attend those especially the 500. Keeping hope they’ll let fans in the stands at high school games. If you get approval from local health department you can have more than 250.
  8. Well sorry about your mom and dad. as Covid go I to have personally been affected by it. I know someone who died from it and my wife’s mom, grandma, and grandpa all have it. I know it’s a thing but it’s not as bad as they make it sound out to be. Kids need school and sports more than anything right now too many kids have more issues because of not having school and sports the last 5 months.
  9. Well keep being negative and living in fear. It’s time to move on let the kids play and the fans watch if they want. None of that is required so people can make their own choice if they want to play/go!
  10. You’re just a negative Nancy about everything. You must work for some media source? the governor also said you can have more then 250 with approval from board of health. Plus it’s an outside event!
  11. The amount of kids lives that are changing cuz of this! Those kids need sports! Those kids need coaches! They need safe places to hangout at! This will ruin more lives! glad the IHSAA is still moving forward!
  12. Pneumonia is very contagious! And is deadly for older people and younger people! It’s time to open the schools up and let the kids play! if you don’t want to go to a game don’t! You don’t want your kid to go to school or play then don’t! But as a whole it’s time to move on!
  13. This is getting ridiculous! It’s time to move on! The kids go to school and play sports! You keep trying to keep people away from each other then when you let them around more people get sick! You have to be around people! Let’s move on with life!
  14. They’ve been doing that for awhile now
  15. You try to sell out on him and Roth will take over for the time being and even then good luck stopping Charlie! They’re a different animal on the field!
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