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  1. Not necessarily, I seen a story where a kid intentionally hit a referee on the last play of a game several years ago. I believe was his senior season. To make a long story short the player eventually was able to go to a college play football, graduate and eventually he became a reserve police officer.
  2. To bad the Knights had to go and screw this thing up.
  3. Wow, what a game that was. As a Knight, I was very happy with the outcome. Too bad someone had to lose. Very impressed with Pioneer. I think the small roster ended up hurting them in the end. Congrats to thier players and coaches on a fine season. As for the Knights some things need fixin'. But this late it is what it is. Amazing comeback. One of the best I ever see in person. in the past, I have often been critical to coaching staff, but last night's halftime adjustments were just amazing full credit to coach Linday and the staff. Injury bug hit a bit last night. Hope all is well. Rest up ha
  4. How about no seeding, no nuteral playing sights, no sucess factor and no mercy rule. Football like it used to be.
  5. That's only if they don't transfer out thier senior season. Been happening alot lately.
  6. Yes ineed to know also. Haven't missed in over 15 years now. So, I Need to know so I can set up hotel ect. Plus I haven't go to go to a game all season. Would like a little normalcy.
  7. According to a source of mine. Yes, (Sir Hale) is done for season. Broke a bone.
  8. Luers just survives Eastside. Up by 14 points most of the night. Luers almost blows it. But holds on. Eastside had chance to tie after successful onsides kick. Eastside running game shredded Luers D. Questional Td for Luers.
  9. I hope so. I just know a that I haven't been able to go watch my team play all year. The live streams are good, when they are on and work ( no coverage last week and the week before the coverage quit playing halfway through the first quarter and didn't come back on.) But, it's just not the same. Anyhow good luck to both teams.
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