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  1. With today being the Indiana high school All-Star game, it also marks only 42 days until the first regular-season Friday night football in the state of Indiana.
  2. Probably the one player that Luers could not afford To lose Nate Moore has transferred to Wayne
  3. When you can win as many championships as Cathedral have you should get special treatment. Why not? It happens with other sports.
  4. Sorry but things are black and white. But there's really not much to see but equipment.
  5. Only 77 days until the first football Friday night in Indiana.
  6. As I write I am watching a replay of an AFL football game (Australian rules football). I've have watched it on and off in the past, Now that I have internet television, I have been able to watch a alot recently. The more I watch the more I enjoy the sport. From what I've read AFL is experiencing great growth in the United States with some colleges and even high school teams around the country starting clubs. Aside being played on a massive circular field usually a cricket field and I know there are not many them around, I just wonder if this could even catch on as a high school sport here in the state. Any thoughts?
  7. Only 105 days until the first football friday.
  8. Luers looses alot of talent from last year's team. They do have some good talent returning; that is if they can get the kids to come out for the team, with that being said, Luers will have alot of inexperience and many holes to fill this year. State championships this year, I say no. I say make they will make it to regionals and maybe semi-state.
  9. Don't like this. I don't like the path it is heading.
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