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  1. Anything would be an improvement over what Luers has now. Offensive coordinator, O line Coach, Head coach, defensive coach. Wouldn't mind seeing them all go.
  2. I live within 3 blocks of my home stadium, so as for me, i'd rather travel. Some of my favorite memories are the traveling to places that I haven't been too, or just a getting the chance to revisit a past stadium.
  3. I like this but i'm sure the Colts would like to have an occasional after Thanksgiving weekend Sunday home game.
  4. https://outsidethehuddle.net/2019/10/21/coachs-corner-an-open-letter-to-seniors-on-the-eve-of-the-postseason/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  5. THIS P'S Me OFF. Every year the same discussion. So two top teams have to play in the first round and not for the Championship boo hoo hoo. It doesn't matter you have to play someone in the first round or you have to play them in the last round. S#!$ happens, its life.
  6. Running clocks will help. That may keep it close for Luers within a 100 points, so now they will probably only get beat by 75 points in both games.
  7. The biggest problem I see is the Knights are just getting manhandled in the trenches both sides of the ball.
  8. I heard that Luers don't have any cyo schools playing football anymore
  9. Ok I'll take the underdogs Northside...SouthSide...Luers...Concordia... Northrop in a coin toss
  10. So with just over two weeks before the first kickoff here are the national rankings for SAC teams according maxpreps.com: 1. Dwenger 314 2. Snider 654 3. Homestead 1153 4. Wayne 3041 5. Bishop luers 4008 6. Northside 5949 7. Concordia 6055 8. Northrop 6565 9. Carroll 6676 10. South Side 8968 Out of 13335 teams. Thoughts?
  11. I Just visited the maxpreps website to see the Luers roster. I believe there were only 62 souls. I think it says there is 18 Sr. And from what I recall Most of whom have never started a varsity game before. Only 30 of the 62 names have given numbers and I believe 14 of the 62 were freshman, and according to the website it says there a total of 8 lineman. I figured this may be a rebuilding year but yikes.
  12. https://twitter.com/Zach_ABC21/status/1158461087517425667?s=09
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