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  1. So Congrats to the Snider people who have been pushing for their way for years on this. Why even have a week nine championship. We all know that the champ will always come from the big school side. So again, Snider people, congrats on your wish and many championships to come. Best best both worlds here, Eh? Now hopefully you'll feel more special now. 👌.
  2. Luers 0 .... that's right. They're done. Well Hell. Sorry, force of habit. Good Luck to all the teams still left in the playoffs!
  3. Honestly it was close as the score says. Luers was down 21-3 in the third quarter. Luers just touched the ball twice in the first half. Eastside's game plan and play was masterful.
  4. Eastside was awesome tonight. They had the midas touch. Offense, Defense and special teams. Congrats Eastside!
  5. Eastside 14 Luers 3 1:20 Luers has touched the ball only twice. Eastside running ball and clock.
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