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  1. Can anyone tell me what week of the season in 2023 is that Penn-Mishawaka game? Week 1 or 2?
  2. When SB St Joe opened in 1953 their colors were cadet blue and white. The football team until 1971 wore gold [ant, nay jersey, and got helmet Coach Teegarden in 1971 change them to columbia blue, white, and - the 1st road game with red numbers shocked many AT one time they had Columbia Blue pants When the new school building opened - black became the accent color They have Carolina Blue helmets, back ones, and now white They also have black pants and jerseys I wish they would be more like North Carolina and show their true school colors
  3. Most of the NLC schools have community support and strong fan bases which Mishawaka does too. I think it was a smart and good move
  4. Is this any different than South Bend, Hammond, Muncie, Anderson where enrollments went down and schools closed.
  5. So, there was no general sale, only what a school might have returned?
  6. Bring I was out of the state, what was the attendance at the games? Did anyone other than fans from the participating schools get in?
  7. There are some nice facilities in the other larger cities. I tend to think it is the commitment and the right coach to make it happen.
  8. Maybe - hard to say. But how many times have teams from the north played a team near metro Indy and been smashed? Marian had a hell of a team of athletes this year and played Chatard tough but in the end, they prevailed
  9. They seem more physical, fundamentally sounder, maybe little more discipline. I have been to many state finals, I have seen Chartard 2x in 3 years and they play the same way Watched their game Friday night and it was an awesome game We think Elkhart and Merrillville were the cream of the north - look what Westfield did to Merrillville
  10. Teams from the metro Indy area just seem to be different than the rest of the state
  11. my guess is theya re assigned seats for distancing and you will be seated there - just a guess
  12. Does anyone know the maximum # of fans who can attend a game? In reading the IHSAA web site it sounds like tickets only available at the schools and if any are left they will be on sale Saturday. Can anyone contemplating going shed some light?
  13. Pickerington was on ESPN early in the season and their talent was unreal St X must have come to play but they are no slouch
  14. Ohio is limiting fans to 1500 total per game I am sure where things stand and the local health dept. may dictate things
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