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  1. Clay may be hard to fill since who knows what the SB schools are going to do as far as buildings etc. Jimtown is surprising since they could pick up a couple of kids who do not want to go to the new, bigger, Elkhart and could play at J'town. Interesting not much seems to be happening
  2. Any thoughts on where Jimtown is heading with their search? See where Cathedral comes to Penn on Sept. 4
  3. If memory is correct tax dollars cannot be spent on athletics so the # of high schools matters little money wise. It is how good the AD and booster clubs are at fund raising
  4. The South Bend schools integrated in 1981 under the terms of the consent decree, a legal agreement that was reached in federal court and remains in effect today. The agreement requires that each school enroll a percentage of black students that is within 15 percentage points of the total percentage of black students in the school corporation. The latest data, released in November 2017, show that Washington High School and five primary schools are out of compliance. “It’s not the consent decree that’s the problem. It’s the interpretation,” said Oletha Jones, one of the CAFE organizers and education chair for the South Bend branch of the NAACP. Neither she nor Albert advocates seeking to end the consent decree.
  5. I believe one school cannot have more then 50% minority if I am correct. Can anyone verify that?
  6. Very interesting plan but I think there are more buildings that could or should be closed/consolidated Plus last night a new charter school will open in Washington for what the new called disadvantged students
  7. You really think so? They have had 9 years knowing the circuit breaker was coming and did very little if anything. They need to close more then 1 high school buildings - too many under utilized
  8. The school board needs to take the bull by the horn or if not it will get worse
  9. I do not think any decisions will be made until the vote in May on the property tax thing. I did not see where the current guy left. They cannot continue to keep 4 large buildings going as high schools if enrollment keeps going down
  10. You could combine one into 3 very easily and they should
  11. And what happens when you combine the 2 Elkhart schools into one with over 3000?
  12. Type of Position: Head Football Coach - Clay HS - 12/02/19 until filled If you would like to fill out this Application, click Next. If you would like to select a different type of position, click Back. This was on the South Bend School Corp web site Looks like the NIC conference games may run from week 5 though 9 next year for the most part. Won't really know until all schedules are posted
  13. John Harrell Football has the Elkhart HS schedule for 2020 TOURNAMENT HISTORY ELKHART LIONS Coach: Josh Shattuck, 0-0 in 1st year at school, 52-63 in 12th year overall DATE OPPONENT EASTERN TIME OA 0.0, DA 0.0 Aug. 21 at Concord 5A 7:00 pm Aug. 28 Mishawaka 5A © 7:00 pm Sep. 4 at Columbus East 6A 8:00 pm Sep. 11 at South Bend Washington 3A 7:00 pm Sep. 18 Penn 6A © 7:00 pm Sep. 25 at South Bend St. Joseph 4A © 7:00 pm Oct. 2 South Bend Adams 5A © 7:00 pm Oct. 9 Mishawaka Marian 3A 7:00 pm Oct. 16 at New Prairie 4A © 7:30 pm ©NORTHERN INDIANA CONFERENCE GAME
  14. Bingo - or cities that relied on the car industry and who knows what will happen in South Bend Ft Wayne did close Elmhurst few years back Gary schools almost all gone Hammond going from 4 - 2
  15. through the years Michigan City, Kokomo, Anderson have combined schools. Larger cites have combined. With fewer students and being financially responsible yes it could be the new wave.
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