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  1. Who is blaming Penn? It was a question. And they did not sign the Elk contract until after they could not work out something for 2, 4 , or 10 years. The original discussion took place prior to Mishawaka signing a contract. SO, they cannot play before the 2023 season. Plain and simple
  2. Friday, Oct. 25 Central at Adams, 7 pm New Prairie at Riley, 7:30 pm Clay at Culver Academy, 7 pm Logansport at St. Joseph, 7 pm Tippecanoe Valley at Washington, 7 pm Garrett at Jimtown, 7:30 pm Lakeland at Marian, 7 pm West Noble at Glenn, 7 pm Manchester at Bremen, 7 pm Some familiar match-ups and some that only happen in a sectional Tournament time is starting .......
  3. Do we know when Penn extended the Laporte contract from 2 to 4 years?
  4. NP @ Central is the big one for the North. Not sure EC can contain NP offense but expect it to be high scoring Penn - Mishawaka - the backyard brawl. This one not sure of at all 2 winless teams at School Field. SJ has never started a year 0-8 in their history. In 1978 they lost the 1st seven games then went 2 -1 to finish 2-8. That propelled them in to 30+ game winning streak.
  5. Friday, Oct. 18 Culver Academy at Bremen, 7:30 pm Jimtown at Clay ©, 7 pm New Prairie at Central ©, 7:30 pm Penn at Mishawaka ©, 7 pm Riley at Glenn ©, 7 pm St. Joseph at Adams ©, 7 pm Washington at Marian ©, 7 pm
  6. They are going to have to close at least one high school if they are planning for the future.
  7. They are going to have to close a high school. If not then the school board is incompetent. Would 3 high schools change anyone's mind?
  8. Weather forecast is not promising.
  9. Friday, Oct. 11 Bremen at Jimtown ©, 7 pm Central at Penn ©, 7 pm Glenn at Clay ©, 7 pm Mishawaka at Marian, 7 pm New Prairie at Riley, 7:30 pm Adams at Washington, 7 pm St. Joseph at Culver Academy, 7:30 pm Central - Penn and Mishawak - Marian the best games of the weekend
  10. Friday, Oct. 4 Culver Academy at Marian, 7 pm Central at Adams ©, 7 pm LaVille at Glenn, 7 pm Mishawaka at St. Joseph ©, 7 pm Penn at New Prairie ©, 7:30 pm Clay at Benton Harbor (Mich.), 7 pm Riley at Jimtown ©, 7 pm Washington at Bremen ©, 7 pm The biggie is Penn at New Prairie
  11. Having known Ben since his playing days at SJ and the amount of time he poured into the program you have to find your priorities. Family 1st. While I was disappointed to see him leave ( I am a strong believer in a SJ guy being the head coach like many parochial schools) I think many should look at this as an example that your family is and always should be # 1.
  12. Ever since we started playing them they travel and usually bring the pep band as well Much better than a lot of NIC teams
  13. In what week is the Penn - Cathedral game set for? What has the NIC done with future schedules? any idea?
  14. when the contract was 1st signed with Northridge I was told it was for 4 years but changes could take place. SJ has played Lakeand many times in the past.
  15. From a gate stand point Penn-Mishawaka is much attractive then Penn - Laporte. Does the fact Laporte coach played for Penn enter into the equation?
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