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  1. Indian72


    Back when Mc Collough was there he wanted their own field on campus. With the finances looming with tax cuts and the fact SB probably needs to combine high schools and close under utilized buildings who knows where anything will go moving forward.
  2. Does anyone know with the NIC going to have an even amount of teams in each division if they are going to a 4-5 schedule? 1st 4 weeks non-conference Last 5 weeks conference division games Just curious as this could be interesting finding games in 2020. It could mean more cross over divisional games.
  3. Indian72


    Hubbard went through the whole 2020 football schedule on the radio but I do not recall the order but it seemed he said the last game would be Northridge
  4. gee and did not both of those just "move into WHS"
  5. Indian72


    Last night on Sports Beat they had an interview with the Mishawaka AD Penn is off the football schedule in 2020 - Mishawaka will open with Marian and then play East Noble followed by 7 conference games Marian is the opening game for now - he did not mention how many years. When they joined the NLC they had week 1-2 open to play Penn - Penn and MHS have been talking. Penn wants to keep opening with Valpo In 2020 Penn has a contract with Laporte MHS is open to play Penn in week 2 and Dean said he would sign a 10 year contract to make it happen. He is hoping that in 2021 they might play again in football but Penn has to have the same feeling Talks have been ongoing In certain other sports they will continue to play Penn if it can be worked in
  6. Indian72


    With 2 high schools under 925 in SB and the fact they are facing a $10M deficit in 2020 SB is going to have start thinking of closing or consolidating some buildings Maybe they could start by closing the corporation headquarters downtown and selling it and move into a shuttered school building
  7. Pending approval from league principals, Marian will move to North Division of NIC for football in 2020, replacing departing Mishawaka. NIC North in 2020 will be Marian, St. Joe, Penn, Adams, New Prairie & Elkhart HS. NIC South: Riley, Clay, Washington, Jimtown, Glenn & Bremen. This came from Angelo De Carlo