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  1. They were to play Lima Catholic Central but since Ohio went to a 6 game schedule guess the game was cancelled. It was in the paper Marian was not looking for a game but making it their week to prepare.
  2. This year that is the case. And a couple of close game where a stop here or there would have made a difference
  3. When was the last time St Joe and Penn played and they were both 2-4?
  4. Friday, Oct. 2 Angola at Clay, 7 pm Bremen at Prairie Heights, 7:30 pm Jimtown at Washington ©, 7 pm Glenn at LaVille, 7 pm New Prairie at Riley, 7:30 pm Penn at St. Joseph ©, 7 pm Adams at Elkhart ©, 7 pm
  5. The trend is not downward in many places. Over 50% of the new cases are 40 and under. This is going to get more serious as we move along n the season
  6. weird how it goes and with Mishawaka gone too South and North has 4 good teams that will determine who wins it
  7. Bremen at Glenn - after seeing both in person I would say Bremen by a big margin. But how they have played makes it a guess. I like more of what I saw with Bremen. Marian at Penn - Cam Marian handle the size and strength of Penn. Marian has the athletes to do it. Penn is still Penn even at 2-3. Being at Penn, the Kingsmen but it would not surprise me if Marian would win the game. Adams at New Prairie - After seeing NP and their soph running back this kid has a ton of potential. NP has lost to 2 very good football teams. I am not sure what Adams is trying to do on offense. NP
  8. They are going to have to contract a high school. Maybe 2. The enrollment and cost does not justify keeping at least one open. That buildings report was supposed to be in by June. It is now September. Many people are beginning to question the competence and qualifications of the people running the corporation and the school board.
  9. is that the same scale they had before or is it new?
  10. It seems like some programs go through phases where they are not as powerful as they were perceived. In addition it takes the right coach and personality to deal with kids today. Elkhart seems to have hit it in the current one. If he can continue to get he kids to buy in and work hard a traditional power. No ICCL football this year could hurt both Marian and SJ. But how many schools do not have a freshman team this year? South Bend needs to combine/close a high school or 2 like Hammond has done. It is hard to be successful when a team like Clay has 19 kids on varsity. Until they make t
  11. Chuck Freeby has compared this Elkhart team to some of the former Blazer teams under Tom Kurth Time will tell
  12. I agree on Lynch when he played early he looked like something special.
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