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  1. Opening night will be special there. A memorable one.
  2. SB Riley does not have Jackson Field is grass SB Adams and Washington share same field
  3. PENN KINGSMEN Coach: Cory Yeoman, 174-35 in 17th year at school DATE OPPONENT EASTERN TIME OA 0.0, DA 0.0 Aug. 23 at Valparaiso 6A 7:30 pm Aug. 30 LaPorte 5A 7:30 pm Sep. 6 Homewood-Flossmoor (Ill.) 7:30 pm Sep. 13 Cincinnati St. Xavier (Ohio) 7:00 pm Sep. 20 South Bend Adams 5A © 7:00 pm Sep. 27 at South Bend St. Joseph 4A © 7:00 pm Oct. 4 at New Prairie 4A © 7:30 pm Oct. 11 Elkhart Central 5A © 7:00 pm Oct. 18 at Mishawaka 5A © 7:00 pm
  4. Did anyone see Cathedral's schedule on John Harrell's sight? Aug. 23 at Noblesville 6A 7:00 pm Aug. 31 at Cincinnati Moeller (Ohio) 7:00 pm St. Xavier Sep. 6 at Cincinnati Elder (Ohio) 7:00 pm Sep. 13 Indianapolis Chatard 3A 7:00 pm Sep. 20 at Cincinnati St. Xavier (Ohio) 7:30 pm Sep. 27 Jeffersonville 5A 7:00 pm Oct. 4 Louisville Trinity (Ky.) 7:00 pm TBA Oct. 11 at Brebeuf Jesuit 3A 7:00 pm Oct. 18 Center Grove 6A 7:00 pm
  5. https://www.southbendtribune.com/news/education/eliminating-athletic-directors-just-the-start-of-changes-in-south/article_808e2d7d-93d9-58bd-9490-0c8072130da7.html this is becoming a joke. You should see the jobs for the new positions Executive Directors of .............. They are already posted on the SBCSC sight but nothing on the Deans of Students and Athletics
  6. Interesting article from "experts" about this today in the paper. If you are a SB parents then you need to watch future school board elections
  7. So if chaos breaks out in the SBCSC high schools does any see the NIC kicking the 4 or 3 SB schools out of the conference. From a gate stand point they add little other then closeness when scheduling games. This is going to be very interesting especially when the fall sports season starts
  8. Until you know what their jobs are not sure how you can do both. Deans are in the office dealing with students, academics, issues all day long They better have good and competent secretaries For larger schools this make no sense at all - the kids will suffer Hell, St Joe and Marian both have Assistant AD's and SB schools did not
  9. The new superintendent hiring was sketchy and this is just another issue for the SB schools How much will you actually be savings? How do you handle daily student issues and athletics? Seems like a big issue to me and makes no sense
  10. SO what happens to Memorial athletics with Mishawaka joining the NLC in 20-21 I believe?
  11. Who really knows? They have under 1000 students now - I could see them closing it as a traditional high school and maybe specialize Washington has under 800 Plus the School Board is considering a $10M funding referendum since they did not do much in the past 10 years to cut costs. Now you have a board member who made a spectacle of confronting a state education member and got rid of a basketball coach. I would say all is well in the SBCSC
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