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  1. Bingo - or cities that relied on the car industry and who knows what will happen in South Bend Ft Wayne did close Elmhurst few years back Gary schools almost all gone Hammond going from 4 - 2
  2. through the years Michigan City, Kokomo, Anderson have combined schools. Larger cites have combined. With fewer students and being financially responsible yes it could be the new wave.
  3. I would like to see some games day long played at different sights. Imagine a day of h.s. football at ND, IU, PU, Ball State Bring in teams from out of state Kind of like the old Herbstreit Classis in Ohio I wish the 4 catholic school in FW-SB diocese would play each other in all sports
  4. With Concord playing Elkhart week 1 then St Joe would have a new week 1 opponent.
  5. So, anyone know of schedule changes to your school's 2020 football schedule?
  6. The made the right choice. And he said their 1st game next year is against Concord on the news last night
  7. People were questioning how many Chatard kids were not from their feeder schools. That same question should be asked of Marian as well. Fair is fair. Not that it changes anything.
  8. Chatard is a whole different type of program than many up north. They remind of Hobart and the Howell days. The have a tradition rich program and it just continues. SJ has played them 4 times I believe. The 2 games in the state finals were good games but the one game the fumble was the killer and the other Taylor got hurt in the semi state and tried to play but was no where near the player he was. I m anxious to see Chatard now after watching them against Northwood. You want to prepare for the tournament. You may want to schedule them.
  9. Would you call this a traditional Dwenger team that seems to have multiple backs rather then the one big time running back?
  10. With open enrollment there are accusations all of the time. Look at what Southport Basketball got into, the mess. The fact that most are from their feeder schools tells for the most part doing it the right way. And they continue to win year after yeae
  11. I looked at Chatard's roster on line. They list the schools their players come from. Most are from their parochial feeder schools. And with open enrollment what is the real issue? They are calling for heavy rain on Thursday. Marian's field is decent but not sure how the rain would effect it.
  12. Chatard played at Northwood this year so the distance could be very close to the same.
  13. AT this late stage I doubt if they will. The snow is not melting fast around here and any wetness will refreeze. I am anxious to see video of the game Friday night
  14. Does anyone know when the IHSAA could step in and move a game due to poor field conditions? There are a few great fields within 20 miles of MHS that have turf
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