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  1. They have to get stronger, stop having so many injuries, and not play so many kids both ways. For the size of the school and team and with the competition that alone is a killer
  2. Replaced Concord and Mishawaka with Lakeland and Glenn The balance is the same
  3. SOUTH BEND ST. JOSEPH INDIANS Coach: Bryon Whitten, 16-29 in 5th year at school DATE OPPONENT EASTERN TIME OA 0.0, DA 0.0 Aug. 21 at Lakeland 3A 7:00 pm Aug. 28 Northridge 4A 7:00 pm Sep. 4 at John Glenn 3A 7:00 pm Sep. 11 South Bend Adams 5A © 7:00 pm Sep. 18 at New Prairie 4A © 7:30 pm Sep. 25 Elkhart 6A © 7:00 pm Oct. 2 Penn 6A © 7:00 pm Oct. 9 Culver Academy 4A 7:30 pm Oct. 16 at Mishawaka Marian 3A © 7:00 pm
  4. I see where Jimtown's 2020 schedule is up on John Harrell's page They end the season playing the 4 South Bend Public schools Interesting
  5. I think the coach EC has had recently has changed a lot. Having been on the sidelines and seeing how he handles things I was impressed. It sho uld be interesting how he handles more kids and more depth.
  6. If the coach can install some self discipline and work ethic they have the athletes
  7. Last night SBCSC named Darius Mitchell new coach at Clay
  8. Russell Radtke Attendance Officer/Head Football Coach Phone: 574-654-7271 or 219-778-2215 rradtke@npusc.k12.in.us
  9. It should be interesting although last couple times I was on their sidelines noticed a slightly different demeanor.
  10. Yes but they still are planning on coming to SB. So they can open up in a building anywhere. It should be interesting to see where since they appear to target a certain social-economic group
  11. Has he been on the football staff? Jimmie fans what do you think of this hire?
  12. Clay may be hard to fill since who knows what the SB schools are going to do as far as buildings etc. Jimtown is surprising since they could pick up a couple of kids who do not want to go to the new, bigger, Elkhart and could play at J'town. Interesting not much seems to be happening
  13. Any thoughts on where Jimtown is heading with their search? See where Cathedral comes to Penn on Sept. 4
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