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  1. The changes would go into effect for the 24-25 school year Early opinions are that very few are for any of the proposals
  2. So let's equate this to football. Under the three high school system, we would have three schools with about 1700 students Under the two high school system, we would have two schools with about 2500 students. Regardless of the outcome, South Bend football with still suck.
  3. Yes, it does happen everywhere else, but the only area who seems to have a problem is Indianapolis. Or at least make public of it.
  4. The IHSAA has recognized two sports that have "special needs" students as well as non-"special-needs" students, Unified Flag Football and Unified Track and Field. All students must abide by the eligibility rules. There are probable more "special-needs" students in athletics that you think.
  5. No one here is talking about the best sport, rugby. No helmets or passing. Six Nations is the best.
  6. I find this funny that this is a mostly Indianapolis area discussion. But then again, it's Indianapolis, the rest of us don't matter.
  7. When the big prize is the "city championship", that says a lot. I would almost consider that South Bend Schools create their own football conference.
  8. Once again, South Bend goes 0-3 in the first round. Adams is the only hope left.
  9. I see the all in as a big money grab for schools that don't make money from football. You hope you are in a sectional that has teams that travel well, since you get to split the sectional money. It could be a make or break for many schools.
  10. I have always appreciated a simple approach to the tournament 1. A team must have 4 wins to qualify (only two results of a game are possible). You know what you have to do. 2. The playoffs would start the same week of our second round of the sections in order to get the pairings together based on the teams that qualified (the classes may not be equal, but refer to rule 1) 3. ADs would adjust their schedules accordingly. It may take a couple of years, but the schedules will work out. 4. The issue would be teams that get their sixth loss may tank games. You would hope that wouldn't happen, but that is the reality of any situation.
  11. Hats off to Indiana Deaf. It is a very unique experience to watch their games. Much success to them in future endeavors.
  12. If you read some of the previous posts, the South Bend School Board said no schools will be closed. So it will remain 4 high schools in the foreseeable future
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