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  1. Conference alignment may come down to geography in the near future. With lack of bus drivers throughout the state and the price of fuel, schools may opt for shorter drives for athletic contests. In addition, with the referee shortage, crews may not be willing to make the drive to officiate if they think they can't make money. These are facts, especially in the Southern part of Indiana.
  2. I am not as tech savvy as most on here, but there is a great youtube video by coach Frank Martin (then of South Carolina) about referees and coaches. It is worth a listen.
  3. When I first started teaching, there were some positions that were more "coach friendly". Today, that isn't the case. I have seen coaches leave because they can't do their teaching and coaching jobs to the level they want. Getting to know the kids outside the field is very important. If you only see them at practice, it's hard to develop relationships with them. There are many head coaches that can't find decent assistants to help, so he does most of the coaching solo. Not good for one's sanity.
  4. The community wants all 4 high schools. They are upset with how the monies are being spent from the referendum. Besides Adams, the other three high school are at about 50% capacity. But it doesn't seem to matter to the public. I don't want any school that covers grade 6-12. Not good. If you make Clay an athletic facility, how are the kids going to get out there. No bus service.
  5. Riley's new coach is Derrick Lee. He is the nephew of SBCSC AD Milt Lee. He came from Muncie Central
  6. I think "blue blood" is more about sustained excellence than number of championships. The top of the list is Cathedral who has won championships in the 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, and 20s I may have missed someone who tied that mark
  7. Baseball is not the same game as used to be. Batters are looking to hit home runs all the time. If not, a strikeout or walk. The running game is almost eliminated due to the need for power. Starting pitchers are only expected to pitch 5 innings. The bullpen is the most important of the team right now Utility players have more value that ever in the game. The DH saves moves to eliminate your bench. Have to start looking at the game differently
  8. In other news, Darrick Lee is the new head coach at Riley, he is the nephew of the City AD Milt Lee. He came from Muncie Central.
  9. I bet all of us could live off the minimum salary, but it is rare that a player goes straight to the majors, many spend years in the minors. According to my chart in my previous post, players are struggling to eat at the minor league level. Although conditions have improved, it take time to be able to make the minimum major league salary. Remember, the owners locked out the players.
  10. New proposal about a pitch clock. 14 seconds between pitches if bases are empty and 19 seconds with runners on base. Mark Buehrle would be perfect for this rule
  11. Players in Rookie ball pay 400 a month for 5 months A ball- 500 a month AA ball- 600 a month AAA ball- 700 a month Meal Money all levels 25 a day only for road games Players must find their own housing as well
  12. Just a random thought. I wonder if MLB would take an idea from MiLB and use their method of scheduling (play the same opponent Tuesday-Sunday and Monday for travel). It would save on air travel and maybe hotel expenses. The way the major league game is, it is a bullpen game. It wouldn't effect pitching that much. Just a thought
  13. Washington is an interesting case. They have had only a varsity the last two years. This year the high school program only has 9 players. But those players are pretty good. Only two seniors.
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