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  1. Is this proposal only for the rural teams? Here in South Bend...we are the Washington Generals of high school football. Maybe a step down in class may be the ticket
  2. I may need help to verify my answer to this. A big problem getting teachers to coach is their teaching workload may be too big to handle all. Example, in a big school, a math teacher may only be teaching Algebra all day. The same teacher in a small school may be teaching Algebra, Geometry, Trig, and Calculus. That's 4 different preps daily. A lot to put on a plate. Also, some coaches may get an extra prep during their season...That's shorts the department one class someone will have to cover. For the experienced teacher, may not be a problem, but the new teacher...very d
  3. I think he means playing the conference schedule in the same orders every year. Do conferences ever change the order of the conference schedule?
  4. exactly...they did that when Elston and Rogers combined for Michigan City High School as well
  5. New Prairie plays on Central Time so that has already been solved
  6. So, if Elkhart and Penn move to the DAC...would the subsequent move be Michigan City and LaPorte to the NIC?
  7. here is an article on the only coed state volleyball champion back in 1976. Interesting how they were treated Adams High School co-ed volleyball players showed grace under fire in 1976 _ Local _ southbendtribune.com.html
  8. There are some schools playing boys volleyball up in the region, small schools that don't have football. And I know there is boys club volleyball in the Muncie area.
  9. Back in the 1970s (my high school days) Some of the South Bend schools had boys on their volleyball team (one was state champs and one was runner up). There was a lot of backlash back then. I know there was a South Bend Tribune article on that. By 1980, no boys were playing volleyball as far as I know.
  10. Let's bring it back to football for a moment. A female is allowed to play football. A female to male trans can't play football A male to female trans can't play football Is this correct?
  11. Quite the contrary, I believe we need good coaches and officials period. It was just with the first female official in the super bowl, I was curious where Indiana stands. Continuing with the theme, I was coaching a high school basketball game and one of the officials made some calls against our team. Our head coach get pretty upset and let the ref have it. He was wondering why he didn't respond to him at all (he wanted to get in his ear about a couple of things). We discovered he was deaf. Good on the official. May not need as thick of skin.
  12. I'm wondering is there are any female high school coaching or any female high school officials in Indiana. I don't know of any so please let's give them some recognition
  13. I miss talking about the old cluster system...a important time in Indiana High School Football. When you can be undefeated and still not make the playoffs. Where one school decided to file a lawsuit. The current days are boring compared to that
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