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  1. So DI colleges are taking away opportunities because of PWOs...ha So all PWOs have an excellent chance of playing minutes for the school...ha Does it look good on a resume that you were a PWO in school...I would think I do wonder how many PWOs chance their major so they have a better chance of playing on the team... Parents are a big influence in encouraging fiscal responsibility to their children... I know the GID members encourage fiscal responsibility in young people as well
  2. I think the bigger problem for many school is the lack of opportunities for many of the smaller and poorer school districts. A good way to equalize this would be to follow the recommendation of the Kernan-Shepherd report which suggests that all school cooperations have at least 2000 to 4000 students per corporation. This will help to equalize resources and opportunities for all. Maybe back to three class football...who knows.
  3. Hypothetical: Joe Stud is offered a PWO at Big State U. He barely qualified with his GPA and his Test scores. You, as the high school coach, know that it is going to be a real struggle for him academically and athletically. How would you advise this young man with his future plans.
  4. Just read the superintendent is now against the Charter coming to South Bend school. Jeeze
  5. According to what we received at school, those students will be eligible to play for Washington. Just know there is going to be a big fight to even let the charter in. Also big money referendum coming up this May that will have much to do with South Bend Athletics...according to the superintendent
  6. So are there any good fits locally for these jobs.
  7. Yes . "Plan Z" . take priority. It would take some time to redistrict the high school boundaries, plus with school choice in the magnet programs, could be a long road.
  8. Same thing in South Bend with basketball ruling the roost. The interest for football is not as intense.
  9. 1. The South Bend City Government has nothing to do with the School System. 2. South Bend has always bucked trends or reinvents the wheel. 3. There is a vote today to allow a charter school to share a building with a high school. Don't really see that as progressive. oporation.
  10. They were until they and Walkerton merged to make John Glenn
  11. In 1969 South Bend had 8 high schools: Clay, Adams, Riley, Jackson, North Liberty, Washington, LaSalle, and the last year of Central. My how times have changed.
  12. The Clay head football job is now posted on the SBCSC website...does mean consolidation is on the back burner for now.
  13. To get a better perspective these are the enrollment numbers Adams 1892 Riley 1055 Clay 924 Washington 731
  14. The other big issue with consolidation is making sure it complies with Plan Z, an early 80's federal order to have racial balance in the South Bend Schools. Can you say the word gerrymandering
  15. According to reports in the South Bend Tribune, there is a charter school that is going to share space with Washington High School. Could this be the beginning of consolidation.
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