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  1. For everyone's information, Unified Flag Football is a sanctioned IHSAA sports. There is an end of the season tournament with a champion declared. The champion gets all the things other sports get. Trophy and rings for the participants. Unified means athletes (potential Special Olympics athletes) and partners (non disabled students). They are a team, just like any other ISHAA team, in the eyes of the ISHAA. This season, the IHSAA is shooting for 64 teams for the season. We will get there, if not this year, sometime in the future. These athletes consider themselves football players. I will hope the GID community affords them this designations. This year, I will be coaching flag football and I have to follow all the procedures that the other football coaches are.
  2. Are there any districts who are delaying their start until after July 6?
  3. A few years back...Notre Dame wanted to place a building at the site of a current elementary school. They offered to build a new school beside it. The School Corp turned them down. Just an example of how our school system works.
  4. The City and the Schools are separate entities. I'm not saying that there is something to what you said. The organizer of the "No" vote is the director of Career Academy, the biggest charter in South Bend. Dr. Cummings has not really given a plan for the money. It's 50-50 if it will pass. The 'No's" are better organized than the "Yes's"
  5. I would bet the majority would go to Mishawaka. It is on the bus line, don't have to have parents transport.
  6. The main person spearheading the vote no campaign is the director of the Career Academy. Go figure
  7. If the referendum doesn't pass...major cuts have to take place. Programs may be cut, including athletics. If that happens...there will be a mass exodus out of South Bend.
  8. I don't think it will be contraction...It will be elimation
  9. Read an article in the South Bend Tribune about the possible loss of revenue for all sports if football doesn't happen this fall. My topic isn't about what might happen to the football season but another topic entirely In the article, a spokesperson from South Bend said the 4 high school programs generated $62,618 in 18 homes games Mishawaka generated $71,000 in 4 or 5 games and all playoff games Penn $66,000 in 4 or 5 games plus playoff games, that wasn't counting the all sports pass revenue. Found that interesting to say the least. South Bend school have a referendum coming up June 2. Dr. Cummings said they will be programs cut...not sure about athletics...but I wouldn't put it past him if football isn't making money.
  10. I assume you aren't familiar with Frank Zappa then
  11. I'm so glad baseball is back. I hope the union will get behind this. I see lots of upside with the plan for this year. I think the player's union will like the 30 man rosters with possibly up to 50 (per ESPN report) Lots of chances for players to make more money...that's a win. Let's go go go go White Sox...been waiting a few years for a season like this. Ricky's boys don't quit
  12. Just found out South Bend Schools are having both summer school sessions online. Hopefully they will be working cleaning classrooms and the like. Not sure if students will be allowed in the building on July 1.
  13. So you are saying that a PE teacher administered an illegal substance to an minor in the school? That should have been give to DCF for an investigation. That is a fireable offense for all involved and the parents could be put up on charges as well.
  14. There are more personal ways to honor the class of 2020. Up here in St. Joe County...the principals handed out yards signs for each member of the class of 2020. To me that would be more personal than lighting a football field.
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