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  1. Many school districts in the state have gone to a "balanced calendar". Those schools usually begin by the first week of August. So if you move the schedule up two weeks...school will be in session for many districts. I don't see an issue moving up the schedule. Maybe you have the "bye" week the week before the tournament starts. Food for though
  2. School Field has artifical turf. The others have grass. All the schools use School Field for some of their games. Riley does play at Jackson Field and Clay plays at Clay field but all can use School Field
  3. School Field in South Bend is turf...the other two are grass All schools use all fields...so technically all of them have turf
  4. You do know that the word "idiot" was a term used for the intellectually disabled in the 19th century
  5. Agreed...they have decided that high schools needed a third principal than a full time AD. Does that mean Seabe Gavin's position will be elimated?
  6. The first thing is to combine Clay and Washington and moving them to LaSalle. Minor renavations at most and it has held over 2000 students before. I know, I was there Move LaSalle kids to Washington. I am not as familar with the elementary set ups so I don't know what to do with them. So you would have 2 5a and 1 4a with the high schools.
  7. Had a big fight at school yesterday....plenty of cops had to come to keep the peace.
  8. Does anyone think this will lead the NFL to hire their officials on a full time basis?
  9. As a life skills teacher, we have some too. the IAM test only takes 1% of the students. We have about 2% so half have to take ISTEP. Go figure
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