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  1. If you read some of the previous posts, the South Bend School Board said no schools will be closed. So it will remain 4 high schools in the foreseeable future
  2. Just for some information, in 1969, South Bend had 8 high schools in the district: Central, Adams, Clay, La Salle, Washington, Jackson, Riley, and North Liberty.
  3. The better solution would be to combine Washington and Clay and reopen LaSalle. But no high school will be consolidated. That was from the school board
  4. According to comments from the school board, there will be no schools consolidated. With that in mind the current populations of all the school is about: Adams 2000, Riley 1000, Washington and Clay 800 each. Many students don't attend their school for the magnet, only for their district. Also, because of Plan Z (federal order) the school boundaries are gerrymandered. There hasn't been a big name hire in South Bend for a long time. They also have trouble finding quality coaches in the middle schools. There is no Pop Warner in South Bend. There is Rocket Football, but that is more for Penn than South Bend. South Bend had more success when their middle school football was in the spring. The high school coaches could work with the kids and there was better transition to high school football. To me, that would be a tremendous first step.
  5. Non SBCSC schedule since 1994 Adams 39-167 .282 Clay 55-141 .280 Riley 47-147 .242 Washington 56-131 .299
  6. winning seasons since 1994 Adams 2 Clay 8 Riley 3 Washington 9
  7. I think people aren't talking because there isn't anything unusual going on. The strong teams are strong, the weak teams are weak. I don't see anything happening that won't be expected. The topics for discussion have already been talked about. Should Elkhart and Penn leave the conference? Are the former North Star conference members happy? The South Bend/St. Joe/Marian schools...will there be any improvement this year?
  8. I say get rid of the scrimmage and go straight into week 1. This could allow for a bye week during the season or the playoffs.
  9. Even if the ratings are a bit "premature", I still believe that the ratio of Indianapolis area schools to the rest of the state schools, is pretty much in proportion in all classes (maybe not 1A)
  10. I agree with what you said as to the reasons. As a former high school baseball coach, I struggled with players resistant to do things the way I want them. The response usually was That's not what my travel coach said". So right there, they have no respect for you. Add multiple players on different teams, it's hard to have continuity. If the parents don't respect you, even privately, how can you successfully have a team.
  11. Frank Karczewski will have to start his head coaching career delayed. The SBCSC school board won't meet until August 1.
  12. Congrats to Frankie, well done. This doesn't have to do with football, but there was an article in the South Bend Tribune on the 1976 State Champ Adams Volleyball team. People are still bitter.
  13. Colson Montgomery currently has a 44 game on base streak and it up to High A in the White Sox organization
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