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  1. I'm curious how other states "make it fair". I know this isn't the most reliable state but Indy metro is 2.1 million. Next biggest is Fort Wayne at 418,00 Illinois is worse with Chicago at 9.6 million. Next biggest is Peoria at 400,000. I bet there are other states that have bigger gaps. I know Chicago had it's "Chicago Bowl' to determine city champ years back. I don't think you could ever make the tournament fair, no matter what you do. I just think there are some schools who aren't very committed to football and never will be.
  2. The one thing you know for sure is that these coaches won't end up in South Bend, Gary, or Hammond.
  3. One reason that hasn't been talked about is the lack of quality coaching, especially in lower income urban schools. I have seen coaches desperate to find coaches, especially at the lower levels. Some haven't even played football. I have seen no teaching on how to block or tackle. This is the real issue, training of our lower level coaches. If the school can't find qualified coaches, then they should suspend their program until the get qualified coaches. That is the elephant in the room.
  4. Clay will never be contracted. The South Bend schools do not want to give up another building to the charter schools. However, I do believe some schools should be relegated to a lower class.
  5. One thing that hasn't been discussed is the environment and culture of school administration when it comes to competing. All schools want to win, but some won't pursue the resources needed to win. Many adults don't wish to put the time and effort into what is needed to win. They love have the shirt on Friday, but not willing to put in the effort the other days of the week. Many kids have other things in their lives competing with football. Many do not want to "waste" their time not being properly prepared for the games. You can't fool kids, and many of them leave.
  6. Both...usually the best athletes don't have the grades to participate, and transferring is a common activity amongst all South Bend School students
  7. Getting back to the theme of this topic, I think there are a lot of reason numbers are down, but the two that seem the biggest to me are eligibility and just not wanting to play. In South Bend, basketball is king. Everyone looks forward to it, good crowds, and good competition. In football, small crowds, most students are there to socialize not paying attention to the game. I don't think football will be a thing in South Bend. Since contraction is not on the board, South Bend will have 4 struggling programs.
  8. As a side topic: In the 1966 MLB Draft (first ever), three Indiana High School players were drafted 12th round Larry Bishop C by the California Angels from Indianapolis Howe 9th round Dan Bootcheck P by the Detroit Tigers from Michigan City (I think his grandson also played for the Angels as well) 4th round Karl Simon OF by the Chicago White Sox from South Bend Central
  9. St. Joe's issue is far different. Their feeder, the ICCL, has been struggling. There was no football in 2020. They are struggling to have 4 teams every season. The better teams also feed into Marian.
  10. I thought South Bend Turned a corner back in the 80s when they moved junior high football to the spring. There were able to get much better coaching. That being said, it is very difficult to find quality coaches to coach at that level. There is no youth football league, so instruction comes at the very basic level. I agree with X that there are more problems than football in South Bend Schools. I believe that South Bend, Fort Wayne, Evansville, and Indianapolis are the only districts with at least 4 high schools and they are have at least one successful program every season. Maybe we need to reach out to them.
  11. In South Bend, the City government and the school board aren't associated. Although efforts are being made.
  12. All South Bend schools shut out this week. Things must get better. The coaches are coaching, and the players are playing. Knowing that there is no consolidation in the near future, what steps do the 4 schools need to take to get better.
  13. Mr. Spicer was probable a straight on kicker. Awesome
  14. Maybe they have trouble getting teams to play them...can't have too many bye weeks in a season
  15. I was teaching a MC when the new Ames was coming together. It was a grass field installed by the "Sodfather" Roger Bossert. The roots were about a foot deep. Man that was a beautiful field. But turf is the way to go now. Good to see all the upgrades...well needed.
  16. Just a random thought for an equalizer. How about all Catholic Schools only have Catholic Students. That's the way it used to be. Lutheran Schools have only Lutheran Students. Christian Schools have only Protestant Students. They all are private and don't have to admit anyone.
  17. The South Bend school bell schedule will change next year. This came from the other schools in the conference (as claimed by administration). Hopefully, games will be played in a timely manner this season, unless transportation becomes a bigger issue.
  18. Here might be a topic to discuss for a while. Do you think that the South Bend schools help or hinder the rest of the schools in conference, in football? Interested to see everyone's opinion
  19. We have a Jeshiva in South Bend and I got curious. Would a high school football program schedule a game against a Jeshiva, considering they can't play Friday night or Saturday during the day, at the Varsity level.
  20. Does anyone think that the NIC is the best fit for Elkhart and Penn now? Maybe all the 6a DAC along with Elkhart, Penn, and Warsaw make a new conference. Then Marian, St. Joe, and Jimtown join the NLC. Glenn and New Prairie can go with their old NSC teams. Could be the best for everyone
  21. Why don't all the 6a's mentioned just become independents. They can schedule who they want, when they want. Make sure to include Warsaw in that mix as well
  22. If all this doesn't matter...give me your plan to make Gary West a football power...if you choose to take this challenge
  23. What happened to the NLC discussion. This seems to be a theme across many Grid topics. Can't stay on subject. Although entertaining, hardly informative. Why not have a general rant thread where people can just do what they wish...within reason.
  24. I agree...nobody should get a trophy...especially in a team sport. Glad to see common sense come to light
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