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  1. Sorry, not trying to presumptuous, but is there anywhere I can find what schools have won both football and basketball titles in the same season?
  2. It is really sad what has happened at North Central honestly. When O'Shea came into the program he spoke of using Eric Moore's model and building the program from the ground up. That never happened. They no longer even have a youth football league, yes, the world famous WTFL is no longer in existence. No longer a Jr Panthers team, who had won an IEFA State Championship in 2014. I personally believe that O'Shea rode the back of those two classes and just thought that majesty would happen. No youth program, no future! No wonder why CG and Carmel bailed on the MIC Conference. With the retirement of jerry Baumgartner from the JR Panther Program and the still horrific loss of Paul Loggan, I am not sure that North Central will have football within the next five seasons.
  3. Looking at the history of the award, it almost seems like a death sentence. I wouldn't want it if I were you, unless you want to end up selling at Dewig Meats in Haubstadt? Lord knows how they treat out of towners down there. #97
  4. I would be shocked if they went back to back at the same school. They are trying to level the playing field in the State and I would be very surprised if Allen did not win this award. You have to keep the ENTIRE state relevant. Kiser three years ago and before that you had Jaylon Smith. I don't consider Columbus to be out of the Indy metro area, sorry Markell Jones.
  5. McCahill was slighted because he only had one year body of work. Same applied to Russ Yeast obviously.
  6. No offense to you directly Slobberknocker but I have seen an enormous amount of placing the dollar sign behind the number instead of in front of it is there something I have missed on this. I have never seen where in currect english this as acceptable i understand it is common in romania languages such as mexicana but this is a minor detail that really bothers me as a grammer nutzi.
  7. I completely agree. No field that has a steady stream that flows rapidly or anything that comes or goes in a steady stream and in large numbers on it should host a tournament game. Now, if we are talking about fields that have poor field conditions, well then that's a whole different discussion.
  8. Spot on, 21 rows to be exact. https://public.eventlink.com/tickets?t=1680 Here is the link for public tickets.
  9. Completely agree, why would CG want to stop playing a traditionally rich program like Cathedral. Especially with the competitiveness over 9 game series. 1991 Cathedral 51 CG 12 1992 Cathedral 21 CG 22 2014 CG 44 Cathedral 38 2015 CG 7 Cathedral 0 2016 CG 44 Cathedral 41 (OT) 2017 Cathedral 21 CG 14 2018 CG 34 Cathedral 7 2019 Cathedral 14 CG 9 2020 CG 17 Cathedral 14 You can delete my previous post that is incomplete with information.
  10. Completely agree, why would CG want to stop playing a traditionally rich program like Cathedral. Especially with the competitiveness over 9 game series. 1991 1992 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
  11. Thanks for answering my questions and as always you and your program are in no position to speak on class. This is far from a tantrum madam, Carson Steele is and has been your Mr. Football way before today. Your recent comments since you either just found the forum or finally decided to stop being a lurker, have spawned this desire to put you in your place. Thanks for trying though.
  12. Oh yeah, you know, 17 year old kids can be persuaded by outside sources that may not have the best advice. Leaving Cathedral and then returning when he realized that it was a mistake. I'm also confused on why he is a CG kid? Did he ever attend a CG school? How about play in their bantam league? No? So how's he a CG kid again? Also, help me understand again how it's knocking the Rams because if they had a kid who probably wouldn't have allowed those shenanigans go on? By the way, what happened to the kid that ended up telling the administration about those said shenanigans? Heard he was the only senior who didn't get on the field during senior night this season and the new coach thanked him when he chose to leave the team afterwards. Cathy will always be a class above the dumpster fire on Prague in more ways than on the football field.
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