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  1. You scrolled right past the links to a newspaper article and TV news link.
  2. This one is a hard pill to swallow. A group of us Dad's who currently have boys on the team, just had a conversation about this upcoming season. Mario's name just kept coming up about how he was going to be such a great leader with such a young secondary coming back. It's still just such a shock and the fact that this young man truly played so much larger than his size. Fly high Mario! We will get you that state title you told all the boys you were going to lead them to! W.I.N.
  3. So is the issue with the basketball coach? So he's not going to be playing basketball for CG any longer?
  4. Interesting that you mention this because I heard this last week and I disregarded it as nonsense, but it seems to be picking up steam. I still find it hard to believe.
  5. Roncalli administration won't do it. From what I have heard Coach Streiff did reach out but nothing back from them.
  6. 2020 Cathedral Irish Schedule @ Westfield @ Carmel Penn (home and away hasn't been decided yet) @ Chatard Saint X (Arlington MS) Week 6 Opponent Needed @Louisville Trinity Brebeuf (Arlington MS) @ Center Grove
  7. The Roncalli shame train just keeps chugging along. Absolutely disgraceful to treat a young special needs child this way.
  8. Don't forget Owen Green. Another Sophomore that had himself a heck of a game Friday night, two huge sacks and the last one I believe sealed the win. Sad Booker and Curry get all the attention on a very talented defensive line.
  9. I am partial, but it is the best entrance in the state. It's very unique and a great tradition. Thanks for the complement and congrats on the big win.
  10. I was going off of the broadcast page on John Harrell's page. I don't know why it would not be broadcast, this is a very big game. http://www.broadcastsport.net/Broadcasts Basketball.aspx
  11. The sophomore lineman that is 6'5" 307 lbs. and pulls to open up huge holes, you might be counting him out pretty early. We also have another couple of sophomore lineman that are 6'5" and 6'4" that have played their fair share this postseason. We will have what I would guess will be the biggest line in the state the next two seasons.
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