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  1. 😅 Our turn to play at your house. What is interesting, is should we (hopefully) move to 6A it looks like a forgone conclusion we will fall in the Section 8 sectional as there are only two other teams besides you guys (Columbus North, Franklin Central). That means next year we could conceivably draw each other in the first game of sectional. Cant imagine either program possibly not playing in month of November next year! Congrats on great season.
  2. Never too early to talk about next season, especially since this season is ov-a. Cathedral Athletic Director Rick Striffe was interviewed at halftime at either the Decatur Central or New Pal game by the Irish radio network...and he disclosed the 2022 schedule will be same opponents with exception of Lafayette Jeff will replace Columbus North. It would be great to open the season at Center Grove as the showcase game of the week featuring the two repeat state champions in 5A/6A. Who knows, but if anyone has the power they have plenty of time to make that happen!
  3. Agree the stats GK3 had were off the charts. I just think Curry has more of a presence where he served as the catalyst to the team which is responsible for such amazing success which may give them top 5 ranking nationally after this weekend. If I am a betting man I say Allen gets the award and would be well deserved it would just be curious to see how close the voting will be under these circumstances
  4. I think what Curry has done is remarkably impressive, and his uniqueness as a player is something I haven't seen in my 25+ years following high school football. He plays both sides of the ball (and long snapper too) and case in point is last night, he rushed for almost 40 yards on two critical plays for Center Grove and no one could bring this guy down. I think where the argument is going to revolve around while Allen may be one of the best QB's the state has ever had, Curry may be the most 'complete' football player the state has ever had. Question is what fits the criteria for Mr. Football the most?
  5. Yes I guess I was looking at it based on the time we played them vs. how good they are now two months later in the season. Should be a good one tonight, I am pulling for Westfield for the upset.
  6. Good game, next to Center Grove this was clearly the toughest team we played all year. Question - I noticed in program Zionsville has enrollment of 2,239. I am curious what the enrollment tier is to move up to 6A? I noticed Westfield has 2,500 and CG 2,700. It is probably a moot point as I understand Zionsville will be in 6A next year regardless due to SF.
  7. The system will work itself out...next two years in 6A if we fail to maintain that class level then we go back down to 5A. I agree and you are correct our roster size is as big or bigger than 6A schools. Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I think the freshman team had close to 50 players this year. There will be some attrition of course as that morphs into JV like at any other school.
  8. According to Kyle's story in Indy Star today, Cathedral will be in 6A next two seasons. Regardless if they win or lose on Friday. Portion of the story is below. Love the comment about Dec game 🐵 Rematches in state finals It sort of seemed inevitable all season, did it not? Rematches in Class 6A (Center Grove vs. Westfield) and 5A (Cathedral vs. Zionsville) in the state finals. I would expect a closer game than Center Grove’s 38-14 win over Westfield last year. Zionsville did hang with Cathedral, sort of, last year in a 46-28 Irish win. If Center Grove and Cathedral both win, can we set up a rematch on Dec. 3? At Arlington, for all the marbles. Here’s something interesting to remember, too: Cathedral will be moving up to Class 6A for the next two years via the tournament success factor. Call Star reporter Kyle Neddenriep at (317) 444-6649.
  9. I sure as hell hope so, no offense to any other schools in 5A....but the Irish in 5A has run its course. We have larger home crowds during regular season games vs. 6A opponents than we do in 5A playoffs which speaks volumes to how other fans/alumni feel about it!
  10. One stat jumps out to me Irish had 2 penalties for 15 yards. I THINK this is a three-year game low? Way to go Carson Johnson, so proud of that kid.
  11. While Zionsville offense is better than last year, it is a proven fact (look at stats this year) Cathedrals defense is ridiculously better than last year. We just are not giving up many points with the exception when the second and third units are on the field in the second half (most notable in playoffs thus far). Irish 24 Zionsville 10
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