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  1. Based on that, the space between Center Grove and the second-best team in 6A is going to be a very big gap. Cathedral is losing a significant percentage of starters in key positions so will be interesting what other 6A team will give CG any challenge next year. Great season again Trojans.
  2. Congrats to Center Grove, what an amazing season and true definition of dynasty! I am curious what talent will be back on their team next year?
  3. Looking forward to watching this game, I think it will be closer than most people think. I predict Ft Wayne will bring a massive crowd down to the game, and CG wins by a touchdown.
  4. Irish gave up 301 rushing yards, the most rushing yards given up since 2019 regional when New Pal (i.e. Charlie Spegal) gave up 305. Irish lost that game 35-10, the similarities between these two games are remarkable when you view the stats side-by-side.
  5. Irish were completely outmatched and outplayed the moment we went up 10-0, it was like the tide immediately turned. Hats off to Center Grove they made fast adjustments and blew the game wide-open. Danny had horrible game at the worst possible time, sacked I think seven times (again). We also have up (another) 70 yards in penalties but that is not why we lost the game.
  6. Can someone briefly disclose the rationale for creation of 6A? I think this dates back over 10 years now and had to do pretty much with the growth of the mega schools (i.e. significant number of schools above 3,000 enrollment). I just have a feeling there is more to it than that...
  7. I guess you can argue it works for high school basketball (although I prefer basketball to be NO CLASSES but don't get me started).
  8. Latest forecast - high of 28 / low of 16 in the evening. Winds 5-15 mph..... which will make it colder around gametime so we shall see! Probably another low scoring game like last week!
  9. Cathedral has a history of playing at such stadiums for regular season and playoff games (Butler Bowl, Marian College, U of Indy) over the past few years and from what I know is why they don't more often is the cost to do so. As long as the field configuration is the same I am not sure it matters.
  10. As a long-time fan I am glad and hope we stay in 6A. While enrollment is less than 1,200 students the football roster is as big or in some cases larger than 6A schools so that is where be belong long term if it were up to me!
  11. I am not surprised by the move. We had home games for regional and semi-state last year, New Pal (regional) was at Tech and New Albany (semi-state) at U of Indy. I guess the snow and low temps this week will make our natural grass turn to concrete!
  12. With the wind forecast 18-25 mph on top of low temp gonna make this pretty interesting ground game.
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