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  1. He wasn’t bad. But I’m not a major fan of him. Especially with Dallas being his home for a while
  2. I personally love more teams in! And more games! But I think the FBS could be from 20+ teams what do you guys think
  3. Who would you say is better? Because I can’t name 1. That would be good enough to even split time with him
  4. Drayk wasn’t used at running back as a starter till his junior year if that says anything I think it comes down to Hansen and bowen. And I think bowen is a little more important to his team and the state than Luke! I also think Brady Allen shouldn’t have won the award!!
  5. I didn’t say it. But he does have D1 offers if I’m not mistaken?? But again I have no idea about this kid coming or not.
  6. Comeing from a merrillville stand point being that we age parents that coached the kid in pop Warner and some of them are best friends with his family.. it was said before the year started that it was bowen a departure and there are 5-7 more leaving to go back different DAC schools. Most of them I believe lake central
  7. That’s definitely not me. And I can’t confirm or deny clacks I had heard all year that when the season was over he was going to Hobart or merrillville. Because he wasn’t a fan of the Andrean school system and he didn’t wanna start over as a senior with low expectations. At least that comes from the parents that know his family that are at merrillville. If he comes great. If he goes to Hobart great. The kid is a phenomenal athlete with great hands
  8. No actually I was in hospital had to get my gallbladder removed. I had gal stones. And while I was in hospital my grandma passed away from cancer. So just been a rough few weeks. This and Fb was just a little distraction that I needed so thanks guys you all helped
  9. Andrean should be in 4A and stay there in baseball! They don’t realize most the talent comes back. Only loss is roche and Marshall. marshall had 4 others behind him that all got significant playing time. And roche was switched in and out by a freshman all year
  10. Our freshman team has been below .500 for like 10 years. But the middle and junior high teams normally go undefeated or lose no more than 1 game. Idk what they did this year.
  11. But the Joliet catholic/ Hobart pipeline isn’t o btw don’t look now merrillville has 7 kids that enrolled right after they lost. They will be eligible. 😂 there were ways around the system.. and btw it was over 1 westside kid that is still at merrillville he was just given limitined eligibility this year. He will be a WR next year
  12. I haven’t disappeared and that other tag isn’t me. I been here. I’m actually in the hospital. Been really sick and had surgery If you look at it. It says they were suspended this year and are in probation. Problem is. The transfers we got for this year didn’t play they were only given JV eligible. So they will be here next year. We still have 3-5 more good years coming. Especially with the rest of 5A not looking strong
  13. Regional championship schedule for NWI with my predictions 1A north Judson @ park Tudor: I don’t know much about either team except for what I have read. North Judson seems to be on another level. And park Tudor will have problems with the allaround great team play!! North Judson wins 42-21 2A LCC @ Andrean: battle of two top football programs in the state! Great history! Great coaching! Great game! Drayk bowen is to much for LCC! Andrean wins 28-17 3A none 4A none 5A merrillville @ Valpo: earlier this season merrillville ran away with the game in the 2nd half! Both teams had injuries. Valpo was missing there starting RB! While merrillville was missing A LB and Justin Marshall was hampered by a injury! This game comes down to who’s defense is better and sorry to break it to you guys… but… Valpo can’t throw which makes them one dimensional. Merrillville has opened up there play book and is healthy for the 1st time since week 1. I’ll take the pirates running away in this game 42-14
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