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  1. But as I said this moment I’m not claiming anything. I think we beat everyone except fw snider Is it easier than ours though?
  2. I’m not even saying we a lock anymore. Have a lot of injuries but who knows. I think with the talent we have our coaches are doing too much with what we have. If they simplify it I think we take off. But I’m not the coach 🤷🏻‍♂️ Finally updated? They were all around 250. But yeah that sectional is probably easiest in the state this year. Is there a sectional easier??
  3. In all honesty have you seen merrillville sectional? We do have the easiest in state. All our opponents in sectional are in like the 250s or lower
  4. Laville is favored. But I think NJ takes this ina. Tight game 28-24
  5. No. Then giving up 30+ a game to the real competition on there schedule is what’s concerning because none of those teams have the speed/athletes that FW(snider,north)/merrillville do.
  6. Merrillville probably has the easiest sectional/regional in state. So we will probably be waiting for a FW team in semistate
  7. Whiteland is a huge question mark with how rough they looked last 2 weeks. It’s like there weakness has been found
  8. So it’s late in the season. Sectional draw is a week away from tomorrow!! Who is everyone’s picks for the state title run? here are mine.. 1A: Indy luthern beats north Judson. 2A: Andrean defeats EVMD can you say rematch??? 3A: as much as I wanna say hanover central because they light up the scoreboard…. I’m gonna go with west Lafayette defeating Gibson southern 4A: Indy roncali defeats Northwood 5A: merrillville vs Bloomington south (you all know who wins) 6A: CATHEDRAL TAKES 6A defeating Carmel!
  9. Do I need to send you the link from the post where they said coach buzea? Yall can keep talking and when merrillville is the only team left standing we can revisit this. Crown point is so over rated. Kinda like y’all thought merrillville was last 3 years. This crown point team won’t make it past regionals. And that’s if they can make it past there sectional
  10. Post tribune yes there is look at it how. And here is buzea quote “Basically we needed to be tougher than them to win,” “They’re faster than us, everyone knows that, at every single position most likely. they are more talented than us. We needed to beat them with what we had: size. We definitely got away with this win tonight and I wouldn’t want to see them again down the road” your welcome
  11. You all keep writing snider in? Do you not think north or Mishawaka can be there?
  12. Check regionsports interview after game. And the NWI times and post tribune articles! Your welcome
  13. Crown point is overhyped.. and there own coach said they don’t want a rematch with merrillville 😂😂 but I never appointed them favorites for state I said they are the north favorites. But if Mishawaka falls this week merrillville is back to #1 Top 3. Probably being #3. HCC mic DAC
  14. So is saying merrillville Will be the only team to get past regionals a pipedream? Because they will be lol 😂
  15. Actually if you see my inbox there are crown point fans messaging me saying they couldn’t believe they ran away after the half. They also said Valpo was without 2 of there main RBs? That I don’t know.. I know merrillville is down a RB right now
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