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  1. Cp didn’t give us the hardest game. Lol Andrean did week 1. We were playing with y’all in sectionals. You saw it in our sideline because we knew all we had to do was throw deep to run away!
  2. Absolutely not!!! Valpo is next up!! City follows. City has 2 great classes coming through. But there skill players aren’t enough. And the lack of coaching from mason will end this program! Mason needs to go before it is too late
  3. But do they have a QB that can throw the ball good enough???
  4. Heard DWenger lost a bunch of kids to transfer to caroll?? Anyone know if this is true? But fw can’t be underestimated but I think Mishawaka takes them out
  5. From what I hear Mishawaka is huge!! They have a nfl size line on offense. And they are great runnblockers I think the Mishawaka of old is back for a few years
  6. Penn is definitely on a down side. But Elkhart and Mishawaka might be above them You gotta remember merrillvilles new QB played every game last season with starters and was putting up the same numbers as the starter!! There is no drop off there
  7. I can agree the north needs to step up. But the top 5 favorites in 5A (4 in north) 1A merrillville 1B DC 3. Valpo 4. city 5. Mishawaka (yes I said Mishawaka)
  8. I figured it was best to start a 5A thread since there were a decent amount of comments about 5A. Who are the favorites? Are there any up-and-coming teams that will surprise us? I can really only speak on the North. Sectional 10 is definitely the toughest in this half of the state. Whoever comes out of that (Valpo, Michigan city, Chesterton) will likely have to go through Merrillville for a place in semistate. My pick is Valpo vs merrillville at regionals! Merrillville loses there line on both sides, QB, RB! but there will be a strong core of returning incoming seniors that will be ready to pick up the slack on both sides of the ball. They also have 2 of the top 25 seniors in state that play both ways. I think Merrillville will be a tough out for anyone in the north. Look for a snider/Merrillville matchup at semistate south I’m gonna assume DC is your favorite so look for a merrillville vs DC state title game!
  9. Yeah him and I believe yelton didn’t like each other. I heard alll about this one
  10. I’m sure you forgot 😉 you just didn’t want me saying we winning state 2 straight years now
  11. No. Merrillville technically has been a 5A on enrollment since about a week after the counts from 3 years ago. Technically Valpo should of been the 6A school. But it never got fixed.
  12. This year so far we have 7 with D1 offers. Not all P5 but D1.
  13. Honestly I’m thinking this year yes. Next year is a big question mark!
  14. I wouldn’t say most desirable because merrillville is getting. More every year. But they are both major hot beds
  15. What if it’s not hearsay and they have proof? Lol can they post it
  16. Now merrillville gets to go win the 5A state title and he 2nd best team in state! Unless they are the only undefeated;)
  17. They already been approved. These are official we’re voted on and everything so there won’t be a fix
  18. They haven’t improved my nephew goes there and all they working in is strength. They have no speed.
  19. I’ll take jeff over CP. Coaches don’t make a team. That team is still a .500 team.
  20. Crown point is far off competing. Laffyette jeff will roll them. Crown point doesn’t have the athletes to beat Jeff. Crown point struggled with LC last year. And Jeff made LC look like a 6th grade team.
  21. Phillip roche will be the RB that’s what he played growing up. He was a RB for us untill last year when he moved to safety. Marshall and roche will be both ways. The line is the only hole we have. Roche was the RB before logan came in and Logan was a power runner which fit our like better. Roche is a versatile speed back. Had major D1 offers for defense and a couple smaller for RB
  22. Honestly no merrillville actually gained more skill position. The line play on both sides will be a question but there were a lot of kids from surrounding schools that transferred into merrillville on spring break. Transfers confirmed LB from portage that has D1 offers RB from Joliet catholic that has D1 offers WR from Valpo that is 6’5 good speed (2nd year of playing football) the entire secondary is back. And so is offense (minus QB) which the QB was splitting time with his back up all year and they had same stats till backup went down with torn ACL.backup is mobile. aanotjer WR from Andrean that is over in summer. and we may even have a brother combination coming down from Andrean because big man was told that he needed to play stiffer competition instead of 2A ball…
  23. Can they compete with the duneland though? With the way merrillville has dominated LJ?
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