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  1. Drayk wasn’t used at running back as a starter till his junior year if that says anything I think it comes down to Hansen and bowen. And I think bowen is a little more important to his team and the state than Luke! I also think Brady Allen shouldn’t have won the award!!
  2. I didn’t say it. But he does have D1 offers if I’m not mistaken?? But again I have no idea about this kid coming or not.
  3. Comeing from a merrillville stand point being that we age parents that coached the kid in pop Warner and some of them are best friends with his family.. it was said before the year started that it was bowen a departure and there are 5-7 more leaving to go back different DAC schools. Most of them I believe lake central
  4. That’s definitely not me. And I can’t confirm or deny clacks I had heard all year that when the season was over he was going to Hobart or merrillville. Because he wasn’t a fan of the Andrean school system and he didn’t wanna start over as a senior with low expectations. At least that comes from the parents that know his family that are at merrillville. If he comes great. If he goes to Hobart great. The kid is a phenomenal athlete with great hands
  5. No actually I was in hospital had to get my gallbladder removed. I had gal stones. And while I was in hospital my grandma passed away from cancer. So just been a rough few weeks. This and Fb was just a little distraction that I needed so thanks guys you all helped
  6. Andrean should be in 4A and stay there in baseball! They don’t realize most the talent comes back. Only loss is roche and Marshall. marshall had 4 others behind him that all got significant playing time. And roche was switched in and out by a freshman all year
  7. Our freshman team has been below .500 for like 10 years. But the middle and junior high teams normally go undefeated or lose no more than 1 game. Idk what they did this year.
  8. But the Joliet catholic/ Hobart pipeline isn’t o btw don’t look now merrillville has 7 kids that enrolled right after they lost. They will be eligible. 😂 there were ways around the system.. and btw it was over 1 westside kid that is still at merrillville he was just given limitined eligibility this year. He will be a WR next year
  9. I haven’t disappeared and that other tag isn’t me. I been here. I’m actually in the hospital. Been really sick and had surgery If you look at it. It says they were suspended this year and are in probation. Problem is. The transfers we got for this year didn’t play they were only given JV eligible. So they will be here next year. We still have 3-5 more good years coming. Especially with the rest of 5A not looking strong
  10. Regional championship schedule for NWI with my predictions 1A north Judson @ park Tudor: I don’t know much about either team except for what I have read. North Judson seems to be on another level. And park Tudor will have problems with the allaround great team play!! North Judson wins 42-21 2A LCC @ Andrean: battle of two top football programs in the state! Great history! Great coaching! Great game! Drayk bowen is to much for LCC! Andrean wins 28-17 3A none 4A none 5A merrillville @ Valpo: earlier this season merrillville ran away with the game in the 2nd half! Both teams had injuries. Valpo was missing there starting RB! While merrillville was missing A LB and Justin Marshall was hampered by a injury! This game comes down to who’s defense is better and sorry to break it to you guys… but… Valpo can’t throw which makes them one dimensional. Merrillville has opened up there play book and is healthy for the 1st time since week 1. I’ll take the pirates running away in this game 42-14
  11. And if they don’t and they win??? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. I never said they were. But merrillville/Michigan city have the same complaint when we go to there place. In all sports. You have to be there to see it. Heck 4 years ago a play made the national news in football and a few years before that in basketball where merrillville got robbed by a bad call. I believe they both are on YouTube. I know the basketball one is. And football it was the year we went to semistate against Carmel 😉 we can go round and round about the loss to CP we were missing a key piece of the staff. And a player. But a loss is a loss, and you mean Mishawaka right? Not snider lol 😝
  13. In sports of football and basketball if the game is at Valpo (most the DAC will admit) the flags favor the home team quite a bit. Or the fouls in basketball. but when they come to us it’s closer to even. But as you see above we had them at home earlier this year and it wasn’t even close to even. We had many long plays called back for “holding” which there is holding every play somewhere!! But if you look back in history most the time we go to Valpo it’s not even close on fouls/flags/penalties. And they are the only place it happens and is that bad
  14. Me saying they haven’t watched film came from the seniors themselves live on a radio interview. Not from me. 🤷🏻‍♂️ And according to everyone I talked to at the game they said the wind was high the entire game and it was raining most the game. Radio broadcast on ihsaatv said it was raining in 1st qtr
  15. I think they faced a few teams that run the option but not like Mishawaka and it wasn’t a full game of it. Gonna be interesting
  16. Stuff happens I guess. I’m not in on the inside of that. I just see from a. Fan perspective it seems they became more of a team after this person walked. But it’s all good. Everyone has opinions and I don’t know the whole story so no reason to speak any further on it. Not gonna focus on the kid when there are two talented teams vying for a state title!!
  17. No doubt I don’t disagree. But talking to other parents I had heard the kid doesn’t want to come back and he is focusing on his winter sport. (I’d assume wrestling)
  18. Snider? Mishawaka? Who wins? mishawaka is capable of winning this game if they can control the clock and the ball, if they can do that I think they win by 2 scores. if snider can take a lead early on Mishawaka and force them to punt 2 times I think the game is over and snider wins. The game comes down to who makes less mistakes snider clearly is the better team. But Mishawaka has the size and ability to keep themselves in the game with there offense philosophy
  19. I was being honest. We had a OL walk away because he got benched for not making a block. The culture at merrillville is not perfect and I never said it was. Every school and program has there flaws. And it was a shock that it happened. But we move on and move forward. We reshuffled the offense line and though it was Hammond and Munster it actually looks better at making a pocket for throwing. But the run block got a little less. I’m being open and honest. If merrillville would not of fallen to Chesterton the spread in this game would probably be closer to 17 like it was in sagrin before the loss.
  20. So the pirate insider here… long story short. We are a different team since Valpo last time, so the good and the bad.. the attitude of the team has seem to change since our beat down by Chesterton. 2 of our seniors gave an interview on the radio and said we didn’t watch film at all since week 3 (loss to crown point.) and the last two week they did but it was Munster and Hammond central. Nither game was competitive. But both those teams are going in the right direction growing there programs so hats off to them! The last time we played Valpo merrillville dominated the game. But we also had a lot of penalties I believe it was 15 for almost 150 yards while Valpo only had 30 yards of penalties. Valpo has gotten better since the year has gone on. But they couldn’t do anything to counter the merrillville speed in secondary and linebacker level. Also in that game you guys can look back justin Marshall and Phillip roche both were hobbled. Marshall had sat out tue week before against Laporte and had a brace on his knee for a few weeks after. And roche was in and out with a hamstring and he sat the week after Valpo. The team is as healthy as we been all season. the Chesterton loss well that’s counted up to a lot of things. Chesterton came in with a great game plan and executed they also had there stud come back after being out most of the season. We were caught off guard by that. The wind was another factor not sure how fast the wind was but with there field in the open it was hard to throw anything down the field. Almost all throws both ways came on short little slants and screens. Merrillville also had a terrible game with punting and turnovers I think Chesterton avg starting foles possession was the merrillville 40… Chesterton won the game. We also had a few people walk away from the team at halftime of that game but I think the ones that stepped in are better. But I did notice the last 2 games merrillville defense was actually playing aggressive again which they hadn’t since week 1 and you could hear the hits(hard hits) up in the top of bleachers even when ball is at other end of field. The senior class has the team focused again. Back to back games the varsity offense put up 42 points right around the half. And the varsity defense only gave up 8 points in 2 games. We also have 3 pick 6s, 3punt blocks for TDS in last 2 games. If they carry this momentum forward….. Merrillville also the last 2 games has found a RB by committe approach. We have 5-7 different people who are running the ball depending on situations. Of course Marshall,stephens,young are gonna be the 3 major names but others have stepped up and we will see if it continues forward. Valpo is always improved under coach Marshall. I’m not saying this game will be a wash but from what I have seen on both sides.. Valpo still can’t throw consistently. And there defense can’t contain the speed of justin Marshall or our super sophomore John peters. But on the other hand merrillville at times has had issues with the run defense. Below is the stats from merrillville/Valpo a few weeks ago. prediction: it’s always dangerous going to Valpo to play. There is a lot of history with officiating and things of that nature. But I think merrillville makes a statment and continues there momentum and wins 42-10 I think we will all be shocked if they don’t
  21. Again couldn’t be happier!! You should of heard our whole crowd rooting against crown point everytime y’all scored we cheered. 😂 we all stopped watching our game after we went up two scores. I had a huge group huddled around me with a Bluetooth speaker watching y’all’s game and snider/nortside
  22. I couldn’t be happier!! Been saying they can’t complete with speed since week 3! They only beat us because coaches were missing I’m glad someone with speed proved my point!
  23. You realize Andrean is moving into crown point right? At least according the the survey they sent home to parents asking about the move
  24. do any of these schools get there 1st ever sectional title? if any I would go TPC and then Chesterton as a close 2nd Five schools are seeking their first-ever sectional title Chesterton (Sectional 10 vs. Valparaiso), Connersville (Sectional 22 vs. New Palestine), Pike Central (Sectional 30 vs. Owen Valley), Traders Point Christian (Sectional 42 vs. ParkTudor) HammondCentral (Sectional 9 vs. Merrillville).
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