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  1. Some of my favorites: Reitz Bowl Enlow Field (bad memories, awesome atmosphere) Arsenal Tech Roncalli Broad Ripple (cc: @Lysander) North Central. Never been to an NC game, but Cathedral-Reitz in 2010 played there was fantastic
  2. Interesting.... in 3A I would guess Bishop Chatard, West Lafayette, Heritage Hills and Brebeuf. Maybe Gibson Southern? Early blowout loss to HH might've knocked them up, hypothetically
  3. Yes, he recruited Wyatt Schrader and Brady Kinnett to feeder school St. Pius when they were in kindergarten. Keen eye for young talent
  4. Actually Warren is correct, I confused him with Nick Hardwick
  5. I think Lawrence North, but can't remember for sure
  6. That's awesome - I almost mentioned Westfield. Do you know of any additional 2020 BC schedule notes? Or if the schedule can be found somewhere?
  7. Great question! I'd like to see Bishop Chatard some of the bigger Indy suburban schools. Fishers, Avon, Brownsburg, HSE, etc. I've also wanted to play Evansville Reitz at the Reitz Bowl. Either that or a regular season matchup against a familiar foe like Memorial, Gibson Southern, Heritage Hills, etc.
  8. No kidding. I worked my tail off to send my kids to Bishop Chatard. The "rich and spoiled" perception is laughable
  9. Today is the day! Safe travels to our friends from Lincoln City. What a cool day for two storied programs. I think it's safe to say we can throw out the talk about SOS, 2-way players, etc. This will be a great game between two great teams. I'm seeing a one or two possession game either way. Go Trojans!
  10. I liked and agreed with everything about your post other than the unnecessary and uninformed insinuation in the middle of it
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