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  1. Pretty amazing what Coach Marsh has done with this young Roncalli team after losing big to Brebeuf at home Week 6. Haven't lost since with some big wins in there too. I will be pulling for them
  2. Got it - thanks. This will certainly alter my plans for the evening if it's being streamed 😁 If anyone knows for sure, please let me know!
  3. Are you sure? I'm not seeing it on the schedule: https://www.ihsaatv.org/schedule-and-replays?sort=upcoming
  4. Thanks! The only place I found online near the high school is Round The Corner Grill, which I assumed will be flooded around 5 pm
  5. People come and go on GID, but Lysander making me LOL at my work desk will always remain a constant
  6. Think I will be making the trip for this one. Any NP fans have recommendations on local restaurants/watering holes before the game?
  7. I still think WL is the favorite here. Not to complain............. but I still can't believe this game isn't going to be broadcasted on IHSAAtv or Indiana SRN
  8. Will this be online somewhere? Sorry if I missed.......
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