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  1. Sectional 32 is going to be a bruiser. Whoever wins has a legit shot at going to state. HH has the upper hand based off season results, but it's hard to beat a team twice, especially GS.
  2. SR up 21-7. Under 8 to go in 4th and moving the ball near midfield now.
  3. Speaking of proving points, Cutler ran what offense at HH before being a starting QB in the NFL? Oh yes, the BONE!
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^Bosse is not the best defense in the bottom half. I'll take SR over Bosse in round 2. GS will be tested all they want vs Salem. Salem has 3 losses to Silver Creek(4a 7-1), B'town Central(3a 8-0), and Charlestown(3a 6-2). It looks like there were in the game with BC and C'town, spread was a little further apart vs SC. I still expect GS to win, and may even beat them handily, but roadtripping to Salem wont be a cakewalk by any means IMO. I still expect GS vs HH in the top half, and HH is playing good ball, but its hard to beat a team twice, which was the case last season for HH, although this team is senior laden and I believe will get past GS once more this season.
  5. Good win for the Patriots. Sigler is fast, fast, fast. First half was fun, second half not so much!
  6. I believe that putting Jasper behind GS is looking at the body of work each team has done. Jasper has done nothing yet to this point to warrant being ahead of GS. On the flip-side, GS hasn't officially done anything to put themselves ahead of Jasper yet other than having a better record currently, so at this point, its just one man's opinion with his top 10 rankings.
  7. McMahon and Payton, and Dent on D. I'll take DA BEARS! I'm going to have to fire up the old system tonight and play as the Falcons. Wife and kids are busy this evening giving me some Tecmo time! Enough talk of Tecmo bowl, back to top SW10.
  8. Gimme the Bears and lets tango on Tecmo Bowl. Run 1, Run 2, Pass 1, Pass 2. That playbook was a killer!
  9. I don't have an issue with Colson dropping football with whats at stake for him. He has top tier NCAA baseball coaches drooling over him wanting him to come play baseball and most colleges have said we will let him play basketball too. Heck, he may never go to college because he may end up being drafted so high it makes sense to go straight to the pros(Minors). He is still a multi-sport athlete. I just dont like seeing kids only play one sport to specialize.
  10. I dont put much stock into Calpreps predictor after it said that 2019 SR is better than 2018 SR. You lose Montgomery at QB, and lose Schank at RB and a few others, i'm not buying into it. Now I love our Raiders, but lets be honest with ourselvesthe 17 and 18 teams were better....especially when its a 14 point difference. Now I still think we have a heck of a team but just being honest with myself. PROJECT A MATCHUP neutral field [2019] Southridge (Huntingburg, IN) 31, [2018] Southridge (Huntingburg, IN) 17
  11. SR was bumped to 3A for 2 years due to enrollment and now two years for Success factor. I do believe SR would have taken care of business against MD the two years we were up. Just IMO.
  12. 32 is loaded now, add in Memorial and you have filthy loaded sectional. Had Memorial not made the jump to 4A this sectional would be the #4, 7, 8, and 10 Sag teams. Of course if Memorial didn't have to make the jump that means the rules changed and SR would have not jumped to 3A.
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