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  1. All this Lewis bashing at Reitz, and meanwhile Hape has been there 6 years and only won 2 sectionals and has gone no further. Why aren't the Reitz faithful pushing him out yet?
  2. I'm guessing you are talking about Boonville playing 2A teams? Unless they make it mandatory to schedule to small school teams, Boonville wont be forced to play any 2A teams. I'd say they would want to play SR though.
  3. Softball team has made multiple trips to state i believe. Outside of that, i do not know. By the way, Boonville beat SR baseball this year, so we probably shouldnt bash their baseball team.....
  4. The Hoosier conference has 10 teams. You play a 4 game conference schedule and then on week 9 you play against the same team in your standings spot ie. if you are 3rd place in your group of 5, you play the other group of 5 3rd place. North Central conference has 10 teams and plays a 7 game conference schedule with 2 non-con games. I believe all the teams have start conference play on week 3. Northeast Corner has 10 teams, and i really cant tell you how they decide their conference schedule other than they each play 4 conference games. The Summit(FW) has 10 teams and play a full conference schedule. Three Rivers has 10 teams and plays 8 conference games.
  5. While they are not 4A opponents, if Boonville played GS, HH, and SR(if they choose to play each other, i'm sure they would be opposite side of the big/small split), thats 3 games for sure that will be challenges and provide measuring sticks for Boonville. If they would be added and PAC takes all 4, then big/small is almost a guarantee and they can schedule 4 non conference game of their choice. They will have plenty of challenges if they wish!
  6. I'll give a fat guys take on the PAC conference hot spots. I'm only giving one(maybe 2) places for each. Southridge - Gaslight - Good pizza, excellent stroms. Try the Johnny Dart sandwich if you haven't. Los Dos Charros - grab a burrito before the game, and a margarita after! Forest Park - Fleigs Cafe. Locally owned, good food. Not a ton of seating so show up early! Gibson Southern - Log Inn. Family style, neat atmosphere, just a few minutes from the school. COME HUNGRY! Also, you can hit up Sandy's pizza. You wont be sorry you did! North Posey - Red Wagon. Wide menu selections, and Cajun food. Heritage Hills - umm....whats good here??? South Spencer - Angelo's Pizza in Rockport Tell City - Pourhous. Great menu, try the 2 inch pork chops, and excellent drink menu Pike Central - No. 423 Smokehouse. BBQ that melts in your mouth!
  7. Jasper and Vincennes to the SIAC in all sports starting 20-21.
  8. So anymore on this expansion or are we leaving it as SIAC is getting bigger?
  9. Who are the 4 current offers from? I know there will be plenty more to come!
  10. HH will look to get up and down the floor on offense, while SR will not be afraid to run, but would prefer to slow it down and make HH run a set offense. SR plays great D, and will hopefully slow down the Pats. My heart says Raiders pull the upset, my head says Pats by 7.
  11. PAC/Big 8 merger? Just throwing it out there. I HIGHLY doubt it happens, but i'm just tossing out the idea.
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