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  1. Saw that! I concur, great win for the Lady Miners! Are we seeing a first in Miner basketball? Both the men and the women ranked in the top five in the same season? Both teams are solid and could make deep runs in this year's tournaments. Maybe both were ranked back in the day. I've only been in the area since 1995. Don't know how they were before then. I had heard the ladies were going to be good this year. Even with the big graduation losses from last year, I still thought the men would be good again this year. Coach Hart seems to get 110% out of every player on the team.
  2. Good call GCC. Must have been a real nail biter! Glad the Miners pulled it out.
  3. Of course. That's small town mentality added to the "rivalry". I've often wondered how it would be if ALL of the Greene County Schools would consolidate. Think of the possibilities for sports if that would happen. I guess we'll never see it because of all of the infighting between school admins. Everyone would want to be in charge. LOL I recall a semi state game in football and seeing other school letter jackets on the sidelines of the visitor. They weren't rooting for the Miners I can tell you that. I wasn't the only one who noticed either.
  4. I've seen that happen several times at Miner Football games, especially in the tournament. Other area teams players standing on the visitors sidelines. Thought it was pretty crappy of them to do that. It was especially bad during the Southwest Seven Conference days. I guess no loyalty to your conference, eh?
  5. What's up with the Sags? Linton was 3rd. Blackford was 5th. Linton beat Shakamak, West Vigo, and Terre Haute South and gets dropped to 5th. Blackford beats Southridge in OT and loses back to back games (by 22 and 16 points) to 1A teams Barr Reece and Loogootee and get moved up to 3rd. The Sags have become a joke.
  6. In today's Sags, Barr Reeve is ranked #1 in 1A and 14th in the state overall. Linton is ranked #3 in 2A and 38th in the state overall. I'm predicting there is a storm brewing! It is gonna hit January 4th.
  7. Then why aren't they winning more if they have the market cornered? Not buying it.
  8. CORRECTION: Meant to say that Bloomfield plays Linton on the 17th not Bloomington South. And you are correct Pops, the next few weeks will tell us a lot about who is who. Barr Reeve and Bloomfield will be good tests for Linton. No matter what happens, at least they won't have to see them in the state tournament.
  9. Linton will probably be the pre-tourney favorite to win the Wabash Valley Classic this year. Seems like most other teams are down. They will be the favorite to win the Greene County tournament. it's that one in between those 2 that is bothersome: the Southridge tournament. That is when they play Barr Reeve. I am expecting 30 points will win the Barr Reeve game. Barr Reeve is also ranked highly from last year's success. Granted they aren't giving up to many points per game, but they haven't played any good teams yet either. Bloomfield is playing Bloomington South on the 3rd of January. Linton is playing Barr Reeve on the 4th and Bloomfield is playing Bloomington South on the 17th of January. All 3 games worth the price of admission. Bloomfield and Barr Reeve play each other but not until the end of February.
  10. Bloomfield is ranked #3 this week in the 1A poll right behind #2 Barr Reeve so the voters must think they are good. I would think everyone hopes you are wrong about Barr Reeve being 15 points better than Linton. BR is good every year. All they have is basketball so all of their focus and energy is put into that program. it's a big deal to people down there.
  11. Gee I wonder who they'll hire for the new AD?
  12. Joe Burrow the LSU quarterback won the Heisman trophy Saturday night in a historic landslide. I was totally impressed with his acceptance speech and thought how classy it was for him to include his time at Ohio State and recognize the coaches he worked with there. It has been a meteoric rise for him this season. I wish him continued success.
  13. Navy 31 Army 7. Navy quarterback Perry runs wild for 304 yards and 2 TD's The Middies get the CIC trophy back and finish the season 10 - 2. All is well in Navy's football universe.
  14. So they will just accept irrelevance? Hardly the "caliber" of the grand old dame.
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