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  1. I've always liked the suggestion of putting teams in classes using the Sagarin ratings or something similar instead of enrollment. Seems to me it would be beneficial for everyone. The stellar smaller school programs (the current ones) would play against better competition in the tournament and not dominate and the bigger struggling schools would play lower level teams and be more competitive. It will never happen because it makes too much sense, but I'd like the IHSAA at least try it. The success factor would be automatic. You get ranked higher, then you move up.
  2. Yeah that would be nice to get to play them at state. But it would also be nice to play them once a season as well.
  3. Kinda figured it would have to do with the Hoosier and your schedule. I think it would make for an epic series between the Bombers and the Miners. Even if they did it for only 2 or 4 years, it would be some great games. It's just my opinion, but I think both prgrams are similar. Oh well.
  4. People who know me know that I have posted in the past: HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL, THE GREATEST GAME ON THE PLANET!!! This story is just one more reason that I have made that statement. For something like this to occur (and especially at the last minute) warms my old heart. To see not two, but three schools come together and allow these student athletes to play the game they love is well, just heart warming. Considering how many teams have not gotten to play this year, I'm genuinely happy for those who can. It goes beyond "kudos" for making something like this happen. As a fan, I give my hu
  5. No, I hope I'm wrong and Linton wins sectional 40. LOL But that would be a homer calling it and I won't do that. Linton is a very young team this year. They still sometimes play with the tendencies of youth. They are still a good team but not good enough that I would say they could beat all of the other teams in 40. Mater Dei doesn't play ANY 1A or 2A teams on their schedule. Playing in the SIAC they are the smallest team in that conference. They play two 5A, two 3A and five 4A teams. And keep in mind some of those teams are usually ranked in their classes every year. This year they
  6. I get that North was without their QB but North was supposed to also have a really good defense. Word was that Mater Dei ran all over them.
  7. Okay. Just wondered. I met Coach Nowlin at the Linton/LCC state title game in 2015. We sat together at the game. He's such a great individual. We talked about football (of course) and many other things. He had no dog in the fight but still drove down to Lucas Oil to meet up and get acquainted. I had just finished a TON of chemo a few weeks before the state title game. Even though Linton lost the game it was still great meeting and talking with Coach.
  8. Have to disagree. Mater Dei has played a much tougher schedule than Tell City. Don't be fooled by Mater Dei's record. They just beat the undefeated and top 5 ranked 5A Evansville North team while Tell City lost to the 3rd ranked 3A team. Most of Mater Dei's losses have been close and to much bigger schools (and some ranked). Regardless of what some people may think, Mater Dei is still the team to beat in sectional 40 with all of the other teams looking up (including Tell City). I will say, IF a team beats Mater Dei, then they should win the sectional whoever that would be. But I don't
  9. Yeah Coach Nowlin told me that. Said it was fun to play against in your game. Did you get to meet Coach Nowlin? Great individual.
  10. I have found out that Munster is just a make up game this year. So forget my suggestion of dropping them by the Bombers. I't still like to see a series between the Bombers and the Miners.
  11. Okay,. I just knew that Munster wasn't a conference team. Should have looked on other seasons and would have discovered that. I'd still like to see the Bombers and the Miners start a series with each other. Thanks.
  12. Make no mistake about it, in spite of their record, Mater Dei is still the team to beat in sectional 40. They just took down a good North team. Yeah, I know North's QB didn't play, but North still has a good defense. Mater Dei won by 2 scores at North. Impressive win.
  13. As I said, I thought Hammelman played a decent game against the Bombers. He had some nice passes but I was more impressed with some of the runs he made picking up first downs and extending drives for the Warriors. The Miner defense is going to have to stay sharp and watch for that and stay focused. I'm sure the Warriors will show up full of confidence after their game with the Bombers. Off the subject here. I'd like to see the Bombers and the Miners start a series with each other. I think it would be epic. Both of them are quality 2A programs. The Miners still have a couple of 1A tea
  14. I'd like to see the Bombers start a series with the Linton Miners. I've noticed that the Bombers have a couple of non conference games on their schedule. Why not drop Munster? They aren't a very good program in 5A. In fact they are ranked last in 5A. They could always schedule the game on a Saturday and maybe play at a neutral site like they did last week with North Knox to avoid a long, long drive. I believe the two programs are similar and think it would be an epic series. And it would give the Bombers some southern exposure while giving the Miners some Northern exposure. Your though
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