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  1. First the head football coach and now the head basketball coach is gone? Eastern Greene sports is taking a couple of steps backwards. I realize the basketball team has been down lately but the football team was on the rise and doing very well. Sounds like they are killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. Too bad the players and the fans are the ones who have to pay for someone else's agenda.
  2. Why is that? Was it the right shoe or the left one?
  3. Step up! Congrats to 09er. I met him a few years back when my wife and I attended an LCC/Guerin Catholic game at Lucas Oil. Very nice young man. We found him to be well mannered and jovial. He was nothing like the character he played on here. We wish him well.
  4. And the clock continues to run on incomplete passes, players going out of bounds, fair catches. It is amazing how fast a half can be with a running clock. I've been to several.
  5. Read an article on another website that said the Colts rookie mini camp this past weekend was quite successful. I guess Rock Ya-Sin got an INT that had the sidelines going crazy. Also Paris Campbell was impressing everyone in the camp. They tried to go deep to him but had to overthrow him because Sin was in his pocket! But he was catching everything that he was targeted on even one throw that was behind him. I predicted after the draft these 2 guys would be starters as rookies. I know it's just one camp, but things look VERY promising.
  6. Okay, gotcha. When you said, "All schools" I was thinking you meant every school in the state.
  7. Maybe I misunderstand what you are tying to say. How is artificial turf and grass the same thing? Grass fields usually end up with mud/bare spots, artificial turf fields do not.
  8. I read an article on CBS sports that showed a list of teams that made the most sense for signing free agent defensive lineman, Suh. The Colts were #1 on the list but the list was by who had the most cap space. With the recent signing of Spencer Ware, I wouldn't be shocked if Ballard signed someone like Suh. Yeah he's older but I don't think the Colts would use him as an every down player. Besides, he does a lot of his damage these days in the playoffs. It seems to me his "dirty playing" is behind him and he might be a possibility for the Colts to pursue.
  9. Loved the comment by Reich: "You're four for four". I guess that means they got the first four guys they had on their "wish list". Interesting.
  10. So are there any smaller schools (1A - 3A) with turf?
  11. That goes to show you: "Great minds, think alike". LOL I feel the same about the JV kids against varsity. I feel both teams should change out. I would hate to see a younger, smaller kid get blasted by someone 50 pounds bigger and a couple years older. Maybe not so much age, but size for sure. And yes, I've noticed that some keep their varsity in against the JV. I've seen them score on the JV and they act like they've won the game. Bad sportsmanship (IMO). And I've also noticed we picked up 4A Boonville on the schedule this year. Man, Linton's SOS is really getting tough! Not many of the old 1A teams left now, but I really love it!
  12. This will also help out cutting down on those blowout scores. In the past with the 5 quarters, in some games Linton would have to wait until the fourth quarter to play a lot of their JV. Now with 6 quarters, they can play the entire second half and still play 4 quarters in a JV game. That's going to be a big deal for some of the smaller schools or teams with a limited roster.
  13. Sectional 40 won't be as tough now that Southridge has moved up to 3A. Mater Dei and Linton are still in there, but it won't be as strong without the Raiders.
  14. Cool. Ballard is quite popular these days. He's earned it.
  15. I want to clarify something I said when I started this topic. When I said I'd miss an extra point on purpose, I wasn't talking about being able to run up the score in the second half. I was going with being able to play a full game (no running clock) so your backups and JV could get more snaps of playing time. I've seen games when there was a running clock in the second half. I've also seen coaches refuse to use a running clock even though they were down by 50+ and the other coach offered it to them. I guess now it isn't a decision any more, it is a rule and will happen regardless. So what does that coach that doesn't want to give up on his team say now? How does he keep them motivated to play? I have always admired the old Dugger teams. Coach Gamble's teams ALWAYS played to the whistle and to the end of the game. Even though they were down by 8 - 10 touchdowns, they'd never quit playing. That is coaching your boys.
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