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  1. On paper, it looks like the AFC South will be a fight between the Colts and the Titans. O'Brien has trashed the Texans and Jacksonville really hasn't done much to improve in the off season. The Colts have an easier schedule than most this year, so they look to be set up for double digit wins. As I see it their 3 toughest games are: the Vikings, the Packers, and the Ravens. However all 3 games are at home so there's that. They do have the Steelers late in the year (on the road) who usually has their number especially in Pittsburgh. All things being equal I see the Colts with a minimum of 10 wins.
  2. Second round of the draft tonight. Now the draft starts for the Colts. Unless they do a trade, they have picks 34, 44, and 75 in these next 2 rounds. With all of the quality players left, they should get a couple of starters out of it. I'd like to see 2 WR's get taken. Personally I like Pittman and Claypool. Both big guys and great targets for Rivers. Claypool is a WR with a TE body so he could play all over the field. Also like Hurts for a QB selection. Wouldn't be unhappy with Cleveland or Houston for a tackle either. Also like WInfield at Safety.
  3. Considering how Rogers was treated when he first went to the Packers, I'd say he wants to get some kind of "payback". Not defending him, cuz I could care less about the Packers and especially Rogers and his big ego. They could have used the pick for help at WR before another QB. Not too bright of a move.
  4. Several pundits are saying the Colts are the most improved team in the league after free agency. With all of the signings they have had, it's no wonder. They have signed quite a few of their own FA's besides the ones from other teams. Several needs have been met and depth has been addressed. I expect the draft to be offensive heavy this year. Probably see a couple of WR's and maybe a TE. I really like Pittman and Claypool. Although Claypool is a WR he has a TE body. He could be moved to TE quite easily.
  5. Yeah they did. Meh, no big whoop.
  6. The Colts have signed veteran fullback Roosevelt Nix. One year deal but no details yet. This is a good signing. The running game should now be improved and he'll come in handy in short yardage situations especially at the goal line. He was All Pro in 2017 with the Steelers. He's also very good on special teams. Dude weighs 243 pounds. Me likey.
  7. Not you TD. Just don't see calling someone a fool as fun. In fact it's junior high mentality.
  8. No desire to. Besides, that's YOUR playground.
  9. Since when is it "fun" to belittle someone and call them a fool? I am surprised this tread wasn't shut down for that comment.
  10. It isn't for anything important. It's just for a personal agenda. Funny how people demand information from other people just to serve their own conspiracy theories. Too lazy to research it themselves? They don't contribute anything constructive. Their favorite game is pot stirring and some of them never seem to get tired of it.
  11. The Colts signed Xavier Rhodes, CB from the Minnesota Vikings. The deal is reportedly a one year deal worth about 5 mil. This signing saves the Colts about 1.85 mil in cap money since they saved 6.85 mil when they cut Desir. Rhodes hasn't been that good the past couple of years but before that he was a 3 time pro bowler and he's dealt with injuries. Maybe a change of scenery and schemes will revive his play. At any rate, he's a vet CB to work with the 2 young guys. If he doesn't work out, the Colts can just walk away. Another good deal by Ballard.
  12. Saw that on NFL.com. Good depth signing. Several good reasons: He played with Buckner last year on the 49ers, he played at Notre Dame with Nelson, he is a Warren Central grad so there is that homecoming factor. Wonder if Buckner had anything to do with this signing? Haven't seen any contract details yet, but the film I saw on him he looks really athletic. Something that the Colts like in their defensive players.
  13. The Colts saved 6.85 million in cap money by cutting Desir (zero dead cap money). Have seen rumors that they are wanting more cap money to sign other free agents. One of them is rumored to be Clowney. I really hope not. He is over hyped and expects to be paid too much money. Plus he gets a lot of off sides called against him. Was hoping they might sign Anderson WR from the Jets but he just signed with the Panthers and got 20 million over 2 years. Have a suspicion the Colts might look at a couple of guys in the XFL. Hoping they might check out a TE named Donald Parham since the Colts could use another TE. They have Doyle and Mo Allie Cox and that's about it. Parham played on the Houston Roughnecks in the XFL. Dude is 6 ft 8 in tall and 240 pounds. He was the top TE in the XFL. In 5 games he had 34 catches for 300+ yards and 4 TD's. The TD total was tied for 3rd in the entire league. The second closest TE to him in yards had 170 less than Parham. Saw some highlights of him. He looks promising. Oh and he is only 22. Doesn't turn 23 until August.
  14. It isn't just the Buckner and Rivers signings, they also signed AC to another 2 year contract. That means Rivers will be playing behind one of the best O lines in the NFL. I wouldn't make too much about the year Rivers had last year. He played behind a crappy O line. Look at the last 5 years and you'll see he's been one of the best. Yes, Father Time catches up to all of us and he isn't the same player he was 8 - 10 years ago. But I believe with this line and the scheme he will play in this year, will tell us IF he is really washed up or not. If he has a second "bad" year, then we'll know. But as someone pointed out, he's on a one year deal so the Colts can walk away. I have a feeling the Colts are going to make the playoffs and Rivers will get a one year extension. One thing is for sure, Rivers will chuck it deep. We didn't get that with Brissett. I see the Colts drafting a QB this year to sit behind Rivers. Personally, I am hoping it is Jalen Hurts. I've been seeing a lot people wanting the Colts to draft Love (Utah State), but Hurts is faster (40 time in the combine) and can run the RPO just as well. Plus Hurts has played for 2 big time programs in Alabama and Oklahoma. He's played in plenty of big games and won a National Championship at 'Bama. So in that regard, I feel he will be better prepared to transition to the NFL than a lot of the other QB's in the draft. I didn't quite get cutting Desir. But with Ballard, who knows? No one saw the Buckner signing coming.
  15. Thanks pops! No I didn't see anything about it. Am sad they had to suspend it but in light of the situation, it's the right decision. Maybe in another month this will have blown over and things can resume.
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