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  1. Minnesota just became a dark horse in all of this. They are soon to become the next media "darlings". It's very possible they could be undefeated and arrive in the B1G championship game that way. It would be good for the B1G to have both Minnesota and Ohio State undefeated. Might have to attend that game. Fleck is becoming a hot commodity in the coaching ranks.
  2. No wonder it's snowing, IU is ranked #24 in the polls this week. LOL Thought they might be. Kind of cool they get voted in on a bye week even.
  3. I wonder what the top ten will look like this week? LSU knocked off Bama and Ohio State was a whopping 43 point favorite over Maryland but covered the point spread by 16! I suppose they will move LSU to #1 since they won on the road. Oh and a by the way moment, Penn State lost to Minnesota. They will probably be replaced by Clemson or Alabama. As was stated in an earlier post, Penn State was the weakest of last week's top 4 and it showed yesterday. Will Minnesota make a a big jump? I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  4. You'll get no argument from me about Young's talent/abilities. He is the best in the country. I've seen every game he has played at OSU. I liked Meyer's assessment about the Ohio State defense and why they would be fine without Young. According to Meyer, every player on the starting defense will get drafted. In his opinion they are all early to middle round picks. That's quite an assessment. for an entire starting unit Maybe Meyer is a bit of a homer with his comment, but when you look at it top to bottom he may not be too far off. I feel this team is even better than the 2014 team that won the title. There are NO weaknesses on this team anywhere unless you count the backup to Fields as a weakness. Penn State = another year of the toothless lion. I guess we now know that Minnesota is for real. Well at least this weekend they are. Undefeated Minnesota vs undefeated Ohio State in the B1G title game? Would make for some great hype.
  5. The report says it was NOT an alumni or a booster who gave the loan, so how does that make me naive? Had it been an alumni or booster? Duh! You should have kept watching. I just saw on ESPN the university is appealing the suspension and they reported it may be reduced to 2 games. That would probably ruin your day if it gets reduced. Are you so naive to think that Ohio State's defense is only about Young? With or without Young they are STILL one of the best defenses in the country. Young is the icing on the cake.
  6. Serious question for Mater Dei fans: Is your PK getting any scholarship offers? Reminds me a lot of the Scecina kicker from a few years back who (I believe) went to Illinois.
  7. You accuse people of something you make up in your own mind, but no one else should be offended by your delusional comments. Got it. Something your "momma" must have left out of your "education". Duluth boxers......that explains everything. Oh and congrats to MD. Will they be able to stay on the field with WEBO?
  8. If the investigation shows no wrong doing, why would he "shut it down"? This isn't the same situation as Bosa was in (injury). From what I've heard, he borrowed money from someone and paid it back. It's not like it was a gift. That would be a big difference, wouldn't it? You can probably bet that Young will be one of the first 2 picks in the draft. Someone may want Tua instead at #1. The Bosa brothers were great, but Young is better than either one of them. He is relentless on a football field.
  9. I compliment YOUR team and I am not "reasonable?" You're IQ must be lower than your shoe size. I'll just put you on ignore and then you don't have to worry about any unreasonable comments from now on. And speaking of fans, you aren't much a representative of your "alma mater" if you did graduate from there. Screen names can be anything anyone makes up. Good bye but good luck and good health to Mater Dei. I still expect to see them lifting the championship trophy in a few weeks.
  10. Buckeyes defensive star Chase Young has been suspended. There is an ongoing investigation. Depending on the findings, the Buckeyes could have to forfeit games that he played in. He borrowed some money last year from someone but has paid it back. It was a "loan". The University and the NCAA is investigating the matter. It won[t hurt against Maryland, but they still have Penn State and Michigan. Stay tuned.
  11. The wait is over skippy. Here's the real deal: Linton has made those same mistakes in earlier games against defenses far below the capabilities of Mater Dei. The same thing popped up again at the worst time last week. We who follow the Miners have seen it before: mental errors and miscues. When the Miners did hang on to the ball, granted they still didn't get much out of it. I likened Mater Dei's defense NOW, THIS YEAR, to the defense of LCC's in 2015. (I doubt you went back on page one and read my post.) IMO LCC's 2015 defense was about the best high school defense I've seen personally here in Indiana in my 25 years of living here. I said in my post that Mater Dei's defense was second only to that one. How is that dismissing your team? Apparently, you have issues that probably should be addressed.
  12. You need to go back on page one of this topic and read my post and what I said about MD's defense. For you to call someone out for being disrespectful doesn't say much for you. It sounds like YOU are the one with their panties in a bunch. I've heard of sore losers but never a "sore winner". I have been complimentary of MD's team and especially their defense in all of the tournament topics. In spite of your claims, I still feel there were unforced errors that Linton made. Too bad you think that was dismissing your team's abilities. And by the way skippy, I picked Mater Dei to win it all BEFORE the tournament even started. I see the arrogance is still flowing on the GID. Peace out.
  13. I would agree because the fumbles were mostly miscues. The pick 6 to start the game was a tipped ball. That one was due to the defense. The rest were the Mines shooting themselves in the foot. I made another post and said, "what a first half beat down by the Miners.....on themselves." Pretty much sums up how they played.
  14. Just a few I will be checking on because I find them "intriguing": Bloomington South @ Castle East Central @ Mooresville Scecina @ Heritage Christian North Decatur @ Milan Rensselaer Central @ Andrean Knox @ Calumet No dog in any of these fights, but think these will be intriguing games. I do have some personal ties to a few of these teams but it's mostly friends who are either fans and/or coaches.
  15. And Tuttle knows the offense also. He runs the second string in practice. Same offense. I don't see a head coach anywhere sitting his starter (especially this late in the season) just so a back up could get minutes with the first team. That doesn't make much sense to me. Not only that, but the starters are used to Ramsey. Why would you mess with the chemistry throwing in a third stringer just in practice? Don't think that is gonna happen. Could be wrong, but I don't think so.
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