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  1. Never been a Bears fan but it seems to me they never build an offense around the skill set of the quarterback they have. I felt sorry for Fields when they picked him. He's a great quarterback but he'll just "die" like so many others before him unless they change.
  2. The long time coach for the Tar Heels announced his retirement today. Another icon is leaving the basketball scene and he will be missed by fans all over the country.
  3. I just read an article that said IU is also hiring Thad Matta. He can help with the recruiting since Woodson has no experience with that part of being a college coach. Matta's position will be an assistant athletic director and will be responsible for hiring Woodson's coaching staff and also with recruiting. Should make for an interesting "duo" at IU in the near future. Matta played college ball at Butler and he still lives in Indianapolis so he has some ties to Indiana. Interesting.....
  4. Woodson? Looks like IU is hoping to have the same success with Woodson as Michigan has had with Howard. I don't see it, but I don't make the decisions at IU. He'll be gone in 3 years if they don't make the tournament in that time. IU has been crap since Glass ran Bobby out of Bloomington.
  5. So far I have been impressed with Cameron Krutwig. He's the big man for Loyola. Illinois had no answer for this guy. 19 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists, and 4 steals.
  6. For the second consecutive year, the Lady Miners of Linton take home a state championship. Last year the final score was 70 - 28. The 28 points was a tournament record in a state final as was the 43 point win in a state final. This year (defensively) they were even better by the score of 63 - 25. I said last year I was impressed with the Miners defense but this year I think it was even better. They had 18 steals in the game tonight. They only lost 1 game all year to 4A Bedford North Lawrence so they set a school record for wins and losses. These past 2 years have been a great ride with these ladies. I wish them the best in their futures and thank them for the pleasure it's been to watch them play. I think this is the best team defense I've ever seen at any level, men or women. They were a machine.
  7. I hate to tell you this but Linton is a football town and has been for decades. Barr Reeve doesn't have a football team. There are 5 schools in Greene County where Linton is located. Linton is the only one with a football team.
  8. Back to back to back??? That's a bit much isn't it? Has that ever been done before?
  9. And Linton won against 3A #1 Memorial in overtime.
  10. Halftime Linton 47 North Central 19 Linton blew it open in the second quarter. The first quarter was a bit close.
  11. When I made my comment, CP was #5. It's a little bit different now that they are #1. Still it's for bragging rights and not much more than that. It will benefit Linton more if they win. For a 2A team, they are very, very good. It will be a good test but I don't see it any more than that.
  12. Lady Miners were a 23 point favorite last night and won by 77. Yikes!
  13. The game with Crown Point is actually meaningless. Nothing more than bragging rights. With this Lady Miner team it's deja vu. It's a no brainer they are #1 since they are the defending champs and had no seniors on the team last year. They'll sweep through 2A like a wildfire when the tournament starts and repeat.
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