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  1. You got the extra "E" because I'm a heavy tipper. Humor for humor. I could have said, "Pionears". LOL I would caution using the name, "Minors" instead of Miners. I think the last time someone posted that, their team was totally embarrassed on the field. It's all good though. And I apologize for the typo in the spelling. So it's boon , like an adventure and not boone like Daniel Boone. Got it.
  2. It's been said that Linton has one of the best coaching staffs in the state and has had for a while now. I do know they are well respected by other coaches (and fans) that I have spoken with. It's all about the leadership and the culture. Not so sure about the Miners chances for a Thanksgiving weekend trip. The sectional has been a tough one with Southridge (moved up to 3A now) and Mater Dei. I predicted the South rep would be our sectional winner when Southridge won the title. Even though the Miners play much tougher competition these days, Mater Dei always plays one of the toughest schedules in 2A. When tourney times rolls around, they are MORE than ready. Good luck the rest of the season to the Falcons.
  3. I must admit I don't know much about the Pioneers. I do know they finished last season with an 11 - 1. They were Big 8 champs and undefeated for the season until falling in their sectional championship. Looking at what they have done this year, I would have to say they must have had a heavy graduation and are rebuilding this season. Their recent game was a 34 - 20 loss to North Knox, a program Linton is very familiar with. I have to believe last week's final score raised a few eyebrows. The Pioneers average 23 points per game and give up 23 points per game. I'm sure the Miners have looked forward to this game with a new opponent especially given the step up in competition (4A program). After a week one loss to Southridge, the Miners have run off 3 consecutive wins. The Miners average 32 points per game while giving up 15. In the end, if the Miners defense can limit Boonville's offense, I'd have to say the game will go Linton's way. Linton's offense is well balanced and can score on long drives or can score quickly. Goodman does an excellent job managing the offense and if you ignore him, he is very capable at tucking the ball and running. And if you give him time to throw, he is very capable of picking you apart with the weapons he has to choose from. Harrell has predicted the Miners win, 31 - 17. Should be a good one at Roy Williams field this Friday! Best of luck and good health to both teams!
  4. Don't be surprised to see the Falcons back at Lucas Oil Thanksgiving weekend. If their defense improves a little by tournament time, they will be a tough out for the other 1A teams. The offense is really good. Several nice weapons for Ellis to use. The Miners played a methodical type game. Good balance on the offensive side. The defense made some stops when they needed to. Still a few too many mistakes with penalties. Hope that gets cleaned up soon.
  5. As I said in my initial comment, Coach Crabtree always has his teams prepared. Even when they don't quite have the horses to win, they still compete and come ready to play. I have a feeling the competition the Miners play is going to be a factor in this game, but hey, any given Friday night, right? Southridge is only a couple of years removed from a 2A championship and it won't surprise me to see them make a deep tourney run this year in 3A. So for the Miners to hang with them for 3 quarters helps a team come tourney time. Maybe the Falcons should consider leaving the WRC. I don't see it being as competitive as it used to be. The Falcons could go independent and beef up their schedule. Just a thought.
  6. You won the game. Why the sour grapes comment? Linton did lead 20 -12 in the fourth quarter and then gave up a couple of scores and had a couple of turnovers IN THE FOURTH QUARTER. Go back and read my comment. NOWHERE does it say throw out the fourth quarter. You are the one who said that. If you are gong to quote someone, get it right.
  7. New coach, new system and graduation losses have been tough on the Dawgs this season (so far). They will take their lumps but they will be back. Their program is too good to be down for long. I was a bit surprised at the scores of the first 2 games with Ritter and Edgewood (low scoring and close). That's why the final score against the Miners was a real shocker! Never expected that.
  8. I think the million dollar question is: Which Jasper team shows up? The one who lost to Southridge or the one who just beat up Boonville?
  9. Regardless of the outcome, this is usually a good hard hitting contest. Coach Crabtree always has his teams ready to play. The Falcons are 3 - 0 and have averaged 40 points per game. The Miners have played a bit tougher competition and other than a bad fourth quarter against Southridge, they could be 3 - 0 themselves. The Miners average 30 points per game. I'll admit I don't know a lot about the Falcons this year, but at 3 - 0, they must be in a good place,, team wise. Harrell has predicted a 31 - 24 win for the Miners. Should be a good game but I'll say the Miners win by 2 scores. Something like 28 - 14.
  10. There were so many bad snaps, at times it seemed like Linton had a 12th defender out there. Maybe the game would have been a little closer if there weren't so many. Then again, Linton left a couple of scores on the field (lost fumble at the 2 yard line and a pick at the 17 yard line). Turnovers are bad enough but red zone turnovers drive ya crazy! So close!
  11. I predicted on another website that of Brown and Bell, it would be Brown causing trouble before Bell would. They are both a couple of prima donnas and divas. Brown more so than Bell. This was too easy to predict. I can imagine the Steelers are sitting around somewhere just cracking up over this.
  12. Probably won't make it Tut. Have radiation at 3:30 this Friday! Had my biopsy today and I have NO esophageal cancer! The lymph node that is swollen near my esophagus hasn't invaded it. The doctor found no tissue there to take a sample. So they are going to treat the node with radiation. I guess I'll have to listen to Dan and Darren on the radio. That is some consolation. I really hate not getting to meet sbriant. He's been a good chat friend on here over the years.
  13. Forgot to mention that Linton is favored by Harrell to win, 21 - 17. According to the Sags this week, Linton is ranked #3 in 2A. They can't get votes in the polls but the computer seems to love them. Their SOS is #39. A far cry from just a few years ago when it would be in the 200's. Playing the #2 and #8 ranked teams in 3A helps over those 1A schools they used to play. I REALLY want to go to this game but think I'm scheduled for a radiation treatment this Friday.
  14. What can you say but, "wow"? You just don't go into Moeller and shut them out. Congrats to Cathedral!
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