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  1. I was wondering, isn't there a Purdue thread? Seems like this IU thread got hijacked a page or two ago.
  2. Ohio State did and beat them all soundly. In fact, Ohio State's non conference opponents all played in their conference championship games.. Not much to brag about, but still they didn't play teams that were 0 for the season.
  3. For now, I could care less if the non conference schedule is the sisters of the weak. It's all part of the rebuilding process. There isn't a team in the country that hasn't done it and some are still doing it. SOS doesn't count when you are a bottom feeder. 6 wins (or more) is ALL that matters. I'm good with who IU is playing (for now). As I said in my earlier post, give them a couple of years with 7+ wins and a bowl and THEN you will probably see them playing a bit tougher non conference schedule. Keep in mind they just played Virginia (last year or the year before) and they (Virginia) just played in the ACC title game last Saturday. And IU has done facility and stadium upgrades too.
  4. IU has been "suffering" a lot longer than Purdue has. I've said several times that IU needs to get to the place where Iowa is at: 7 to 9 wins every year and a bowl. Why do people want to begrudge Tom Allen a raise? He has 8 wins this season (non conference schedule be damned). Again I will say it is the first time it's happened since 1993 (and a winning B1G record). Think of all of the coaches that IU has had since 1993 and none of them had his success. IU STILL beat the teams they were supposed to this season. It takes a while to rebuild a program. Allen has IU trending in the right direction. I believe another couple of years and you will see IU beefing up their non conference schedule. For now, Allen is rebuilding the program after years of being in shambles. You don't do that by playing top 25 teams every week. If that is what Purdue wants to do, so be it. That is their "problem". if people want to pooh pooh IU's "soft" non conference schedule, let them. It doesn't take away anything from their 8 wins. The foundation for IU's future is being built on that softer schedule (for now). Besides, Alabama has done it for years. They play powerhouse non conference teams like Chatanooga. Seriously??? Why throw rocks at IU for it?
  5. Heard this on the radio this morning on my drive into work. Still can't believe he's hanging up the cleats! He's had a fantastic career. Hall of famer, no less!
  6. Second helping on dessert: I forgot to add IU wanted to make sure that no other school would hire Allen away from them. Also in the past, IU would have lost some of those games to teams with losing records. They beat the teams they were supposed to beat. Gator Bowl here we come!
  7. Here is dessert for thought: Allen got a raise because he went 8 - 4 and had a winning B1G record. Now they are going to play in the Gator bowl. No one is asking him to draw a picture of his 8 wins. First time since what? 1993? How many coaches has IU had since 1993 and how many of them won 8 games? None. THAT is why Allen got a raise. He's still a newer head coach. Give him a couple more years before you start throwing him under the bus for not winning against the Penn State's, Michigan's, and Ohio State's. It's just the beginning. I've said this before: IU needs to get where Iowa is. Be consistent at winning 7 - 9 games every year and make a bowl. Then the next step is winning against the best programs in the conference and maybe their division. Here's food for thought: He's on a much faster track than Wilson was. The admins finally got it right and found their coach when they hired Allen.
  8. Hey, for what it's worth, I didn't think Eastern would win either. LOL I saw that Linton won big and see they are favored over V. Lincoln tonight by 15. And I agree with your comment about Eastern (resurgence).
  9. Some people just have too much time on their hands. So they sit around and dream up crap like this. Meyer isn't going to the NFL at all let alone Dallas. Nothing to see here, move along.
  10. Maybe it's time for an eye exam because Eastern won, 42 - 36.
  11. And yet another regurgitated topic comes back to life! Next year right after the tournament, it will show up again: publics versus privates. It's like it gets reincarnated about every 12 months. "This group has it better than that group and this group is broke and this group has all the money". Yada, yada, yada. Blah blah, blah. Nothing ever changes around here. One group gets in one corner and the other group gets in a different corner and start slinging crap at one another. Then it's like a ping pong match, and the only difference? There is NO winner! I recall many years ago, the Yankees paid out MILLIONS to put a lot of superstars on their baseball team. What happened? They didn't even make the playoffs! So it isn't always about the money, Uncle Charlie. I don't care whether you agree with me or not but you KNOW I speak the truth. Truth = Nothing ever changes. Same old arguments, same results - nothing gets accomplished.
  12. Only a few more days (Sunday) and the bowls will be announced. I saw a projection that had IU playing in the Gator Bowl against Tennessee. The game is January 2nd. The Gator Bowl is in Jacksonville, Florida. They have a very nice greyhound track there, not to mention several nice golf courses. Wagering on the greyhounds and playing golf. I'd be broke in no time and probably have to hitch hike home. LOL
  13. Thanks for the assessment, Greene County Coach! I was thinking the 2018-2019 team might have been a bit quicker than the 2012 - 2013 team was. A.K. and Dess were a load because of their size. It was a shame the year they went to the final was against a VERY talented Bowman Academy. They hung tough with them for about 3 and a half quarters. Any other year and they may have won it all. I think the Bowman team had two D-1 recruits on it. At least that was what I was told. This should be another good year for the Miner round ballers. Believe it or not, I always look to the Barr Reeve game as a barometer for how they are doing. Barr Reeve is a power in 1A basketball. Beat them, and you are having a good season (or so it would seem).
  14. As I said, Coach Hart seems to get 110% out of his players. I was wondering how last year's state runner up would do against the 2012 - 2013 state runner up team. As far as stats go, both teams were pretty close in scoring average and defensive average.
  15. Linton played a series with Ritter recently besides the killer semi-state games they played when both were in 1A. You may think this is odd, but it didn't seem quite the same playing them in the regular season as in the tournament.
  16. Last year's Miner team was really deep. I'm wondering if they have enough this year to fill the holes left by graduation. It would say a lot for the program if they could make it to state again this year. They are off to a good start with the Paoli road win. Coach Hart seems to get 110% from his players. Should be another great year for Miner Nation.
  17. From a fan's perspective, I'd like to see Linton add any two of these schools: Jasper, Indian Creek, Edgewood, or V. Lincoln.
  18. Yep should be 8: the fiver power conference champions (automatic spots) and 3 at large bids.
  19. Disappointing loss. Other than the first quarter, it was pretty much all Michigan. So does this mean the Music City bowl invite is off the table and they get a Clunker Bowl invite instead?
  20. Well that didn't go according to plan. The difference in the game was, Houston could throw deep and the Colts could only throw it about 5 yards down field. Nice to see we rushed for a good total, but need that passing game to compliment it. Bad loss. But, the Colts will be back in first place next week. Houston will lose to New England (doesn't everybody?) and the Colts will beat the Titans in Indy.
  21. Also heard that Desir will be back as well. He is the best cover guy in our secondary. I would expect he'll cover Hopkins for most of the game. I'm not too concerned about the running game since they still have Williams and Hines. Maybe Williams will be one of those guys you see get promoted from the practice squad and tear it up when their number is called. He played lights out last week. I read an article on MSN that some "expert" wrote about tonight's game. They proceeded to go on and on about how Houston will be at home and how Watson is an MVP candidate. Apparently they didn't catch last week's game with Baltimore. They predicted 28 - 17, Houston. That person is putting too much of that white powder up their nose. They need to pay more attention to what is happening in the real world. Besides, the Colts won both games in Houston last year. So to predict a double digit win is not too bright. It's a divisional game so we'll be back to the one score or less thing. If TY plays, he and Brissett will light up that banged up secondary that Houston has. The Colts defense just needs to contain Watson. It's okay if he throws the ball, just don't let him scramble and get those long gains. He likes hanging onto the ball more than Brissett does, so I would expect a sack party tonight by the Colts D line.
  22. That's odd. He didn't look that old when I saw him on Wheel Of Fortune.
  23. Saw an injury list this morning. Didn't see Funchess' name on it. So maybe he'll suit up this week. That would be a boost. There were 13 total players on the list: Allie-Cox, Mack, Castonzo, Odum, Ebron, Taylor, Geathers, Wilkins, Hilton, Willis, Campbell, Desir and Ya-Sin. That is a lot of starters and backups that are missing walk thru practice. They decided to just have walk thru's this week since it is a short week. Some of these guys must be in bad shape if they can't even do a walk thru practice. Mack has a broken hand so I get that he won't practice regardless.
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