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  1. I wasn't stating an opinion, just facts. You say your guys are rolling. That is your opinion which you are entitled to. They have a 2 game winning streak. Linton is on a 13 game winning streak, but I won't say Linton is "rolling". And those wins are facts and NOT my opinion. Past games mean nothing ONLY when someone is trying to get their opinion recognized. I deal in facts and reality. You say you are at full strength now. How long has that been? Just the past 2 games? And to say you are rolling due to beating Clay City and Cloverdale? Your opinion doesn't have much basis in that regard. VERY small and weak sample size. I can agree that every game is different, but I don't agree that past games mean nothing. In your mind if past games mean nothing, then I guess I can see how you can just ignore the fact that THS beat you in overtime and 3 days prior Linton beat them by 24. And that was just last week! So your guys are rolling for one week??? The facts don't support your opinion. But hey, I'll give you some credit for being a true, blue homer. "Rah, rah, rah. Our guys can beat your guys". Reality is such a bitter disappoint for those who tend to wear rose colored glasses.
  2. I don't think our definition of "rolling" is the same. West Vigo is on a 2 game winning streak with wins over Clay City and Cloverdale, not exactly basketball powers. Prior to that the Vikings had a 4 game losing streak. One of those losses was to Marshall, Illinois (66 - 54) a team Linton beat just last night (69 - 54). And speaking of the Wabash Valley Classic, Linton beat West Vigo 68 - 61. They also beat THS 56 - 54. And, speaking of THS, on February 11th, Linton beat them 80 - 56. 3 days later on the 14th, that same THS team beat West Vigo in overtime, 53 - 49. That was just last week, so I'm not seeing how West Vigo is rolling. By the way, Linton is favored to win by 20 over the Vikings.
  3. Wow, impressive. I read an article in the Indy Star about the Triton Central girls team. This is the 7th year in a row they have won at least 20 games. The reporter interviewed a couple of team members. They sounded a bit overconfident. One comment was, "if we are favored by 30, we want to win by 40". Yet that same girl said they don't worry about games. The same girl said, "we have been favored by 30 and only win by 15 and have to hear about it from the entire school." The other girl said, "winning a state title is our only goal." Anything less and it will be like a failure." I hope the Miners jump on them early, give them a bloody nose and let's see what they really have. That 2 - 3 zone the Miners have been using in the tournament has served them well. Also the trapping defense they use when the other team is bringing the ball up the floor after a made shot. Triton central is an experienced team. Not sure how many seniors they have. I know the Miners have none. The winner of this game should win the title. The other half of the semi-state isn't as strong as TC or Linton. So in my eyes, tomorrow's game is the actual title game. The Miners are already historic with their regional title. It would be EPIC if they win tomorrow and go on to win State. That would just be off the charts!
  4. Never in Indiana history or Linton history? They should end up 22 and 2. These last 2 games against North Central and West Vigo should be fairly easy wins.
  5. Where did the Marshall game come from? It wasn't on the schedule. I see the Miners won by 15.
  6. WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM MLB: Cheating = championships! Thanks, Astros!
  7. Congrats to the Lady Miners for their historic Regional Championship, the first ever in the history of the program. Their half of the semi-state will be against Triton Central. The winner of this semi-state will more than likely win state considering they are the top two teams in the Sagarin ratings.
  8. itiswhatitis


    We watched the Houston/L.A. game. It was interesting. For a quarter and a half it looked like L.A. had control. Then Houston took over. Thought it was a bit weird that the Colts cut Walker and he is now the starting QB for Houston. He threw (I think) 5 TD passes against L.A. While the overall play isn't the caliber of the NFL, it is a great substitute in the NFL off season. I expect it will be a success and in a few years they will expand to 12 teams. Loved the kickoff format, but not such a fan of the extra points. I guess I couldn't get used to receiving 9 points for a TD (6 for the TD and then 3 extra points for the try from the 10 yard line). I will admit it IS different. I could see some kind of "merger" in the future, but not to the extent of the old NFL and AFLtype merger. I believe the XFL could become like the Minor leagues in baseball or the G league in the NBA. Something like that.
  9. I'd still like to know how a WRV "guy" knows so much about Sullivan. You keep avoiding that. I think we're done here.
  10. The box score said that Sullivan is upset he left? Wow.
  11. People say they "hear" a lot of things. Doesn't make them true. I suppose you are connect to the Sullivan program and know first hand just how upset they are. Didi you drop your spoon?
  12. Just a verbal commitment, right?
  13. LOL okay, okay. I saw the article this morning. Wasn't going to comment at all. Let it play out and then see what happens.
  14. Yeah I knew they both lost but as I said, Blackhawk is really tough. I agree they are the team to beat in 2A this year. Heard a rumor that Hale is being looked at by some D-1 schools. Oh I forgot about the Miners being ranked earlier in the season. My bad. Thanks for the "rebound", Pops. LOL I just blame my forgetfulness on chemo brain.
  15. It's taken me this long to get over the loss. LOL I still say Lawrence is the real deal and will step right in and be a starter if he gets drafted by the right team. I can give props where they are due even if it's someone on the "other" team. Well, I'd never give props to Michigan. LOL
  16. Been a Buckeye fan since I can remember and that is a LONG time and I have to agree with Temptation on this one. The Buckeyes blew several chances to score inside the Clemson 25 and came away with nothing. Well, 16 points in 5 trips. I have to give it to Clemson (especially Lawrence) for getting the win. Lawrence is going to be the next Mahommes. You know he is coming out after next season (his junior year). More than likely, Clemson will end up in the playoffs again and he'll probably win the Heisman. The loss to LSU was the first time he had lost a game in high school OR college. He is going to be the most polished QB coming out of college in a while. Everyone is in love with what Burrow did this year, but he only did it for one year. Lawrence impressed me as a freshman. I felt then he looked about NFL ready. With last year and next year on top of what he did his freshman year, he's a franchise player waiting to happen. I'm hoping the Colts pass on drafting a QB this year and go all in next year (whatever it takes) to move up to #1 and take Lawrence. Besides, you can't coach/teach 6' 5 and the dude can run!
  17. Congrats to the Lady Miners for a great season and their sectional championship last weekend! Now go get that Regional!!!
  18. Forgot to say congrats to the Lady Miners for their sectional win! They are now playing Saturday in the regional and look to be the favorite. If they win the regional on Saturday, it looks like they will get a rematch with Triton Central in the semi-state. TC is #1 in the state and the Lady Miners are #4. TC beat Linton earlier in the season. If they meet in the semi-state, the Miners will get a shot at stopping TC's undefeated season as well as a slot in the final. It's been a great season for basketball in Miner Country.
  19. The same could be said for Eastern's football program. I can't say for sure, but was told it has something to do with certain parents. If that is true, it's a shame the kids and their fans have to suffer because of certain adult egos. As for basketball, I agree about the THS/Linton game last night. It was obvious that THS wasn't the same team that the Miners faced in the Wabash Valley Classic. I wasn't too surprised at the final score. I was thinking around a 15 point win before the game started. I just googled the new A.P. poll and see the Miners are voted in the #1 spot this week. Shenandoah is #2 and Fort Wayne Blackhawk is #3. Surprised that Ft. Wayne isn't #1. They have the toughest SOS in 2A. Thought maybe the Miners would be #2. At any rate, I can never remember the Miners being ranked #1 in a basketball poll. Football, yes. Basketball, no.
  20. You'll never change the mind of a conspiracy theorist. They aren't conceited, they are just convinced. LOL
  21. Pops: I looked past their backhanded comment and tried to make it about the game itself with my reply. Some people get their jollies by stirring the pot just to see what kind of reaction they get from other people. 99% of the time I don't play their games. If they are insinuating that Linton is recruiting, they need to be reminded that Indiana now has open enrollment. Kids can play wherever they want these days. Accusing someone of recruiting is pointless. "Next caller!"
  22. I still can't get over how quiet it was at the game.
  23. To be "clear" the second half was 37 - 15. If you want to be a homer and say it wasn't all Linton, be my guest. The first half was close and as I posted WRV played really good getting the ball inside. The second half, Linton's defense turned it up a couple of notches and WRV couldn't score much let alone get the ball inside.
  24. Just got home from the Linton @ WRV game. Side note: I have attended high school basketball games for close to 60 years and I have NEVER been to a quieter basketball game. It was almost like being at a funeral. Good grief! The game: A tale of 2 halves. Linton woke up in the second half. Loved seeing the Linton freshman (Cook) come in and nail 3 straight 3 pointers in the second quarter. Defense played lock down in the second half. They'll need that type of defense if they want to make a deep tournament run. I believe they forced 20 WRV turnovers for the game. The first half it seemed like the Miners were going through the motions. I thought WRV did a good job getting the ball inside in that first half and stayed in the game. The second half? It was all Linton.
  25. A bigger school? I mean he's been playing in the Big Ten after all. I guess we'll see.
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