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  1. A lot of games in just a week or so with the season winding down. This past weekend cemented some of the standings within the conference. Friday night... Linton @ North Daviess- The Miner faithful started the evening watching their JV hand North Daviess JV their first loss of the season on a last second shot. The Miners were up, but turnovers, a couple dumb fouls, and a few made shots by the Cougars made the game closer than it should have been. It was an entertaining start to the evening. As for the varsity contest, this was for a share of the conference title. The Cougars see
  2. Last Friday ... Linton at Shakamak- This wasn't close at any point. JT May struggled to get his shot off... he may have had 8 points... Most were late when the Miners played a 2-3 zone. The rest of his team didn't help him much. Tough spot for a young player. One Shakamak player even seemed to take himself out. The JV game was at least close for a half until the Miners pulled away... I think they won by 25+. North Central at Clay City - This was closer than I expected. North Central looks to have a winning season with just 2 games left. CC doesn't win games, but they play teams
  3. Thursday's games.. Eastern won easily over WRV... Not that a win should be a shock. After last night, It looks like Eastern could be the biggest threat to the Miners their sectional. North Central easily won over Washington Catholic. It looks like Shakamak played with West Vigo. Maybe the Lakers are starting to live up to some of my preseason expectations. North Daviess over Bloomfield by 18 was a little unexpected. I figured it would be a closer game. This means the Cougars control their own SWIAC chances. I'm curious to know what happened to lead to such a big marg
  4. This week's games will be played on unusual days and times due to the Girls Sectionals. Thursday night... Linton travels to South Knox- The first question is about the Miners health. Hale missed last week's loss against Eastern. Walters and Webb also seemed to be a little banged up. South Knox seems to be a solid team. They played Bloomfield and Eastern close... if Hale is out and the other guys aren't 100%... The Miners will need to shoot better than they did at Eastern to win. I also expect a lower scoring affair unless SK is hitting everything they shoot. Eastern at WRV
  5. I would agree... Eastern played well... hit a lot of open shots. Executed the game plan well. I think they put themselves in a position to win regardless of officiating. I'm just not sure they were 10-14 points better (which is the margin for most of the 4th quarter). Linton did themselves no favors with poor shooting and missed opportunities. I doubt they hit any 3 pointers... and we seemed to settle for jumpshots rather than attacking the rim. It will be a good learning tool for the Miners. Friday nights team will be a chunk of next year's varsity squad. No Lincoln and a less t
  6. What a weekend... Bloomfield won against North Central and WRV, which should have been expected. They are 5-1 in the conference with only North Daviess left on the schedule. They have a legitimate chance at winning the conference. I'm not sure what the by laws are on the amount of games required to be eligible. Years ago Linton lost a football conference championship due to losing a game to a cancellation. Looks like the Cardinals won't have that to worry about. WRV lost both games, which shouldn't be a shock. I heard rumblings about their game against Bloomfield, but I can't i
  7. Last week... WRV- They notched their 1st victory against Washington Catholic, but they were beat easily by North Daviess and Sullivan. I'm not sure North Daviess was even full strength. There are a couple games down the line that are winnable. Clay City- They lost to TH North by 20, which was less than I expected. They only lost to Cloverdale by 13. I think they play hard... just not much talent there. CC is a great example of how a bad feeder program can make life tough on a varsity coach. I don't see their problems changing anytime soon. a solid Sophomore class might allow
  8. This weekend will provide some great games to see where some teams fit in their post season runs. Friday Night... Bloomfield @ Eastern- The 1st meeting was closer than some people might have anticipated. Eastern has a solid big man who gave them trouble in the GCI. I think Rippy has to have 25+ points for the T-Birds to have a chance. That will require Eastern to handle the Bloomfield pressure (something they didn't do late against the Cardinals in round 1) and make an effort to feed their big man the ball. At times he seems to float and not be in positions where he can do damag
  9. Quite a few games for the weekend... Friday night... Linton faced off against the Bloomfield Cardinals for the 2nd time in less than a week. Usually that can be a recipe for an upset. Instead... it was sort of the same type of game. Bloomfield plays hard, but doesn't have the size/muscle to match up with the Miners. It was also a physical game, which didn't bode well for the Cardinals. A couple questionable calls had some Cardinal faithful questioning every call as the game went on. The 2 worst were right in front of the Cardinal bench, so it sort of set the tone. Overall,
  10. Congratulation to the Linton Miners on their 7th consecutive GCI Championship. They defeated Bloomfield 67-58. It was a hard fought game. I'm not sure Bloomfield ever held more than a 2-3 point lead, while the Miners kept the lead for big portions of the game. In typical fashion... They will both go head to head next weekend. It was a good week for some teams, while other teams seemed to spin their wheels. White River Valley- Tough week for the Wolverines. First there was quarantine. Coach Floyd was out as was Wade Hall. WRV doesn't have much depth, so Hall's absence forced s
  11. Looking to 2021 GCI Tournament... This tournament has lost some of its luster over the years. There have been mainstays over the years, but the add on teams have not been much to write home about. It is as if they search for teams poor enough to give the bottom tier teams a decent game. Although not always well played games... some of the consolation games will be closer than the top teams. Either way... Bloomfield and Linton look like they are on a one way ticket to another title game. North Central and Eastern will look to try to spoil that trip... The rest... hard to tell. Here is the
  12. The week ended in fury of games... This past Monday... Linton beat Terre Haute North in OT 64-63. For those who keep up with this match up will know how well TH North plays against the Miners... and how poorly the Miners have performed(not coaching... but the Miners have shot poorly, while TH North seems to shoot lights out). First there is the coaching match up. Woefle probably knows every set the Miners run. He also has teams that are well disciplined enough to slow it down when they have a lead. For a large part of the game, it was a typical TH North/Linton matchup. Hale was
  13. A correction... WRV has two games at Tecumseh on Tuesday and South Knox will match up against North Daviess on Wednesday.
  14. Christmas week had just a few games on the schedule... Tuesday 12/22 Linton defeats South Vermillion 72-51... The Miners weathered a 3 point show in the 1st quarter. Fortunately, the Miners were moving the ball around and looked solid. The scoring was more balanced. Walters scored the first 5 points of the game... Smith had a few buckets... Webb also chipped in with another 8-12 point outing. Hart also hit a few shots as well. He probably had 15-20 points. Hale let the game come to him... and even made some nice passes to open teammates. North Daviess defeated Eastern 46-
  15. Last weekend was an eventful one... It started with weekend cancellations. A few local teams were hit by Covid/Covid quarantine protocol. Bloomfield, Clay City, and Shakamak were hit. WRV had a school tragedy that cancelled their game Friday night. This left other teams scrambling to schedule games. It seemed everyone was hit directly or indirectly. Shakamak being one of those schools left the Linton Miners without a game. The Miners went into Friday with no game for the weekend. Barr-Reeve was in the mix for Friday night, but with only a few hours notice... the Miners declined. This c
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