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  1. Saturday afternoon was a really good game for the Lady Miners. Loogootee played well. Shafford and Rose struggles offensively, but both made big plays late to seal the win. It was good to see a former WRV player/coach having success with the Lady Lions. Brian Smith coached and taught at WRV... He was head boys coach at Shoals... Now he had the #1 ranked 1A girls team. Linton had some solid teams in the 80's under Les Newman and a couple solid years under Bill Carpenter in the early to mid 90's... but those teams were always second, third, or fourth to really good teams. L&M, Bloomfield, and Shakamak beat out the Newman teams... WRV, Bloomfield, and Eastern dominated the Carpenter teams. Before that... the boys teams have to go back to the early to mid 1970's. The future is bright for the Miners for the next 4 years. After that it either needs work or too early to tell. The freshman class is strong. If all 7 stick around, they will be the backbone of the team in 2 years. Little Joey Hart will likely be a 1,000 point scorer. Cook and Webb both can score. If the trio don't make it to 1,000 it will have more to do with competition among their own team than the ability to get there. The other 4 freshman are 6'3", 6'3", 6'1", and 6'2". One of the 6'3" kids will likely keep growing. The other 3 are likely about done growing. Each are developing players that are coming along well. Each are probably better at another sport(almost varsity level guys), but I think they will keep playing. The class already lost 3 boys going into HS. One moved for family reasons... the other 2 noticed a full roster with a lack of opportunities to play varsity early. The key is to keep those 4 in the fold. When they become juniors, Coach Hart will likely need all of them. The sophomore class has been a little disappointing. There are only 4 or 5 left playing... 1 plays varsity and JV... the others look to be long shots at this point. One 8th grader will likely have an opportunity to play varsity next year, but the rest of the class is a work in progress. Not a lot of size among the next best guys in 8th grade. Luckily, outside of the one player... I doubt they will be called upon until they are juniors. Which goes back to the freshman, in 2 years it is probably one sophomore, the 7 freshman, and the 8th grader making up Coach Hart's varsity guys with a couple of the sophomores (who will be seniors) on the team. Of course, things change. A move in... a little growth spurt... hard work in the offseason could change things. After the freshman, it is too early to tell. The freshman weren't good early on... the sophomores were really good... fast forward to now... the freshman looks like the better class. Our 7th grade is small, but there could be a player or two. The 6th grade is pretty good, but I wonder how many of them will keep playing. The 5th grade needs a lot of work... lots of future football players. The 4th grade is pretty good and has good numbers. It is hard to put much faith one way or the other in anything below 8th grade. Even those kids may grow in the net couple years. I'm pretty sure the class sizes are a lot smaller after the 8th graders... that probably plays a role.
  2. This weekend... Friday... Bloomfield vs. Eastern- Man... wouldn't Coach Hudson love to play the spoiler for the Cardinals. I'm sure he would be sad for the boys he coached, but it would almost be worth it to stick it to the powers that be in Bloomfield. I don't think it happens. Bloomfield should roll. North Central vs. Riverton Parke- No clue about Riverton Parke, but NC is sort of all over the place. If RP is disciplined, they could win this. I'll go with the T-Birds, but I wouldn't bet on this one. Clay City vs. TH North- North by a lot... North JV guys need to save quarters for this one. Shakamak vs. WRV- Could the Wolverines have played any worse against the Lakers in the GCI? I hope not. The Lakers are scrappy and at home. Which WRV will show up? Will this team be fired up and focused... or lazy and sloppy. I'll take the Wolverines in a close one... Not a game for the betting man. Linton vs. North Daviess- It has been a rough week for most of the Miner basketball teams against the Cougars. The Freshman team won... but the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teams lost. 5th grade and 7th grade were beat badly. The 6th graders lost their first game in 2 years... maybe the worst game I've seen them play... the Cougars made them pay. The 8th grade game was good coaching by the Cougars (switching up defenses and slowing down the Miners) and questionable officiating (it was like watching a 5th grade girls game.. travels... jump balls... lots of pushing, shoving, and even tackling). The 8th graders were also without their 2nd leading scorer. Either way... if the 6th and 8th grade games are an indicator. The Cougars will try to disrupt the Miners with the tempo of the game, ever changing defensive sets, and physical play. The tempo and physical play could give the Miners fits. Hopefully... physical play will be less of an issue since the Miners are at home. The tempo will be their biggest struggle. If we come down and miss a couple quick shots and the Cougars hit a few shots. I have no doubt the Cougars will take the air out of the ball. Expect a score in the 40's if the Miners aren't hitting shots. If the Miners are hitting shots, it could force the Cougars to play at a faster pace. Fans will get to watch another really good freshman for the Cougars. The Mullins kid is true blue point guard. A kid who makes people around him better. I'll be interested to see how he plays in a slowed down game. Saturday Night... Bloomfield at Loogootee- This could be a really good game. The Lions had a respectable season going, but the win against Barr-Reeve propels them to a different level. Maybe there were circumstances involved that contributed to that win... but it is still one that gets people talking. Loogootee also has a really good freshman named Bledsoe. His dad was a 6'5" post player for Jack Butcher... he is about 6'3" and a guard. He isn't a plus athlete, but he is really crafty with the ball and understands the game. Who knows... this could be a match up later in the tournament. Clay City at Cloverdale- Hmm... CC is scrappy, but Cloverdale has at least one player that should be tough for the Eels to defend. The Thomas kid is pretty solid for Cloverdale. I'd take Cloverdale if I had to pick. Eastern at South Knox- This is probably a winnable game for the T-Birds. North Daviess at Barr Reeve- Whew... tough weekend for the Cougars. Winning either game would be big for them... Winning both is a long shot... Close losses could be a moral victory. North Vermillion at North Central- NV doesn't look very good on paper... NC big. WRV at Sullivan- Every year the Wolverines seem to lay an egg against Shakamak followed by a tough game against the Arrows. I've seen recent Arrow teams plagued by inconsistent play. It will take that and a big night from the Wolverines to win this one. I don't see it.
  3. You are right... Our leaders in the statehouse created this type of competition among schools. It was a political power move to centralize power in Indianapolis under the guise of eliminating property taxes. Nobody likes taxes... so people bought it hook, line, and sinker. Instead... small communities lost that little chunk of money that gave them power over the state. Schools fought this new era as long as they could. Once smaller schools started to be eliminated, everybody started to realize that education is now operated as a business in a Capitalist market. We see it in bulletin board and newspaper ads to attend a neighboring school. Schools send buses into neighboring school districts. Every school has to market themselves to their customers. That is academically... it is about opportunities... and that even brings athletics into the picture. So take Linton's situation... There are things that are out of their control. Parents who move into their school district. Some of those so called "recruits"... live in Linton's school district. If we are to police that... when do we start? T-Ball Baseball? After 5th grade basketball? Middle School? Linton also had nothing to do with Dugger closing their doors. If you remember back, a handful of schools could have benefited from that. Many Dugger folks headed to Sullivan first since it was within the county, but for various reasons... many left. I always got the impression that one or two bad experiences turned a lot of those Dugger folks against the Arrows. Once one family moved... it seemed to be an exodus in a short amount of time. Where would they go? Shakamak didn't have football, but some went that direction. For most people North Knox was a little too far (although they had at least a few). Linton wasn't always the first choice, but as those parents were looking for the best situation for their kids... the Miners rose to the top. Did a basketball coach with ties to Dugger help... sure. Did a school and community willing to bring those kids into the "family" help? Probably more than anything. Personally, I am proud of the way most people handled that delicate situation. Linton folks could have been jealous and petty (a few were... still might be). Instead they embraced these kids and families. Another thing that schools can't control is the way kids communicate today. Some think they are Dwyane Wade looking to get their buddies to come to South Beach. I've heard of lots of kids recruiting each other. Now that is just kids talking, but if an opportunity is there... parents may consider it. Especially, if they aren't worried about that transition of being the new kid. Lastly, success will always be an attractive option for those wanting to win.
  4. It made me laugh... only because most people have a vague understanding of student movements, retentions, etc... I guess the irony of accusing a school of recruiting when you have people who attend other schools holding the sign. It just made me laugh. On a serious note, when parents choose to find a better opportunity... is that recruiting? I have seen parents actively shop their kid around looking for some guarantee of playing time. This is allowed until that athlete starts playing as a freshman. Throw in AAU basketball where like minded parents see this happening regularly... is it a shock some parents treat their athlete like a recruit. I've seen coaches associated with programs make promises.... I have also heard coaches flat out tell parents their kid will have to work to play or even tell them their kid would likely not play until they were a junior or senior. The common fan doesn't realize how deep this is... and it is centered around the parents. They also don't likely realize that kids have a much wider friend group, so moving to a neighboring school means most kids already have friends there. If your school doesn't have an established program with a good coach, there is a good chance some of your kids have considered moving. My sons will not move, but the prospect of playing time isn't lost on my oldest. He recognizes kids in football and basketball that are lesser players that are competing at a higher level. Fortunately, he has good coaches/programs where there is a lot of team success and an expectation of working toward starting at the varsity level. With that said, it is a delicate balance. There are a lot of solid players that stop playing basketball when they see their prospect of playing is limited or non existent. Linton could probably field a middle of the road conference team with guys that aren't even playing. Also... can you really recruit a 4th or 5th grader? I'm not sure those are sure fire prospects 🙂 Consolidation is a tricky prospect. For one... we bump up classes in every sport. The first few years would likely see huge accomplishments. Think of what WRV accomplished when they combined 3 small school starting fives. Even Shakamak was really good back when they combined in the 1960's. There would be some really good years. Then you find there are also problems with that. Fringe athletes in one sport quit and focus on their best sport. Look at Linton... with all that talent... there is also struggles. It takes a really strong program to have kids buy into sitting for 2-3 years until their turn comes. Linton has lost kids for that very reason. Some kids would just stop playing as well.
  5. Interesting weekend of basketball. Linton defeats Bloomfield with the supporting guys leading the way. Bloomfield was sort of a one man show. My favorite few minutes from Friday's game was 18 straight points off of 6 three pointers... from a pair of Linton freshman. Joey Hart and Drew Cook carried the Miners into halftime. Shows how dangerous Linton can be when the ball is moving around. Josh Pyne played a great 2nd half to help seal the game. My favorite chant was directed at Pyne... "He's a Senior!". Why? Bloomfield has some guys that should be freshman in college. Nobody asked to see birth certificates. I think people would be shocked how many seniors throughout the conference will turn 19 at some point during their senior year. Regardless, he will be back next year to wreak more havoc on the Cardinals. The recruiting theme for the student block was also funny. I saw a lot of kids from other schools in the Cardinal student section... so do they recruit fans. Hmm??? It felt like an important HS basketball game. Something that used to be commonplace around here. As for Bloomfield, Royal needed a lot of shots to score 31... Graf played like a sophomore... they didn't do a good job of getting him going... and he wasn't assertive enough. The Ross kid played another very solid game. He was a bright spot in both games. Everyone else played their part, but they still could use another consistent scorer. Eastern Greene beating Clay City was a little bit of a shocker, but only because of the Pike Central loss in the GCI. I heard Eastern sat starters in the game against PC. That would explain the loss. North Daviess over Shakamak was to be expected. Did Townsend play? If so, the score looks about right. Bloomfield, North Central, and Shakamak had wins Saturday night... nothing that jumps out in those wins.
  6. GCDW will always have a hard time finding passionate capable writers at $10 an hour. It is sort of a self fulfilling prophecy... newspapers are dying... throw in average to below writers who don't really cover things well or in timely fashion... the reader chooses not to take the paper or read it online. Less money for the paper... less qualified writers who aren't paid a decent wage. Linton was smart some years back clamping onto young writers looking for experience over money... problem is the good ones... move on.
  7. A few games into the GCI and I think I have more questions than answers about some teams. WRV... They were hard to watch against Shakamak. That isn't a slap at the Lakers... I think they play hard and do some good things, but WRV looked really bad. Even worse when Records went out with what looked like an ankle injury. A team that should have beat Bloomfield... looked even worse. I just keep thinking about what could/should have been with WRV's 2019/2020 team. First, Clayton Hoover and Tanner Denham earned tough minutes as freshman a few years ago. They lose a lot of games, but the future looks solid to good. Clayton is a double digit scorer as a freshman... never plays basketball again. Denham has improved ever since, but he often plays like he needs a cape. When he was younger... his versatility and ability to make others better were intriguing. On this team, he doesn't get to be that guy. Records is an emotional leader, but his size puts limitations on him. If that kid is 5'10", we are talking about a really solid backcourt with Denham. What happened to the Ellett boy? I thought he would be a stud by now. I don't know if his game has improved, but his intensity is inconsistent at best. It would be different if that was always his problem, but there was a time(8th grade)... he was a warrior around the basket. With intensity... he is a 15-20 ppg and 10 rpg type of player. There isn't many other players who provide consistent production on offense. Rogers and Crites have moments where they look good. As for their bench... I was a little shocked the freshman transfers from Linton didn't dress. Some of their bench guys weren't very good C team players when I caught a WRV C team game before Christmas. I'm not suggesting those freshman are varsity ready, but they at least can play a little and both are good shooters. Fast forward to Eminence... Different team. I would have bet a sizable amount that the Eels would smoke them after watching Tuesday's games. I guess it shouldn't be a shock... their scores from previous games suggest they are all over the place. Shakamak... They play hard. They are well coached. There is some talent and size in the younger classes. They just aren't very big with their older guys. Scoring seems to be an issue. I really like the Steinstra(sp??) kid. Another kid that would be animal with a little more height. Looking at their earlier games... the Eminence loss made sense after watching Tuesday... not so much after the WRV/Eminence game. Too bad they have to tangle with Linton for a 3rd time in less than a month. Linton... Same ole same ole... Could we have looked worse against Eminence? That isn't to knock Eminence... I thought they played with a lot of heart and most of the time far smarter than the Miners. I would chalk some of it to playing a scrappy team with less talent than they have seen since the first day or two of the Wabash Valley Tourney, but some of those previously discussed issues keep popping up. We also didn't play smart basketball in spots. Hopefully, the Miners will come out and play better tonight and tomorrow. Bloomfield... I'm not sold on them. Although I believe they will play in the Championship game tomorrow... I wouldn't be shocked if they were beat by North Central. If the T-Birds can contain Royal and Graf... the next set of guys don't seem to be consistent threats. Sherrard is solid for a freshman PG, but I'm not sure he is considerably better than he was 2 years ago. The rest are nice pieces as long as the two top dogs score. North Central... They give me the WRV feel in some ways. I wonder how consistent they are, but I just haven't seen enough of their guys this year and prior to this year to really know. Edmondson does a nice job coaching and their seems to be a pipeline of transfers to help bolster their ranks. Eastern... I know Eastern isn't home to a loaded roster, but after watching Pike Central. I was a little shocked at their loss. Did PC add a new player or two? They just seemed like a team that had no chance of winning a game in this tournament... which is saying something because there are some teams that are wildly inconsistent and not real strong. Maybe Eastern had a Tuesday/WRV type game.
  8. I would agree with about everything stated about Linton. Individuals looking to score... not enough guys willing to do the little things. The new faces are still trying to figure out where they fit. Some of the returning guys are looking to carry a team, which seems to just slow the process down. We get glimpses of how some guys could fill a role... then things get bogged down. Post play is only an option when Kip has a favorable matchup on the block. He doesn't get as many of those since a big man is usually guarding him without the Robbins twins around. Frady is good in the post(even though I don't know that he has ever received a post entry pass), but has some limits on defense. Those limits could have played a role in him not playing against TH North. Clearly... they have zone busters. This team might think to last years senior class. Sammy and Silas Robbins both could have scored 15-20 ppg if the offense ran through them. Slover... he could have scored 20 a game on his quickness and ability to finish around the basket. Tucker Hayes is one of the most gifted shooters to come through Linton... on other teams... he scores 25+ ppg. All sacrificed a little for the good of the team. I can't count how many times I've seen Frady alone on the block... Hart or Cook open on the perimeter with no pass to the open guy. Hart is also under utilized as a slashing scorer, which is his greatest asset. Some teams have a defender to lock up Hale... I've not seen too many with 2nd guy as athletic as little Joey. Same could be said for D-Rob and Pyne. Instead we shoot a lot of one on one contested 3 pointers. With all that said... Coach Hart usually starts whipping them into shape after Christmas. If guys buy in... this team could make another trip to Indy. If not, we might have a guy or two break some individual records... maybe even win a sectional... I just don't see them beating really good teams. Isn't it sort of comical to hear Linton fans(myself included) complain about things when they have a varsity bench and JV team full of guys that would get varsity minutes elsewhere.
  9. Playmaking is definitely a concern. I wonder if our lack of size will play a role as well. Frady has been a pleasant surprise at this point in the year, but he has defensive limitations. Tall athletic players worry me. Barr-Reeve will be an interesting game. Last year... we just shot the lights out in the second half. Everyone was driving and kicking to open guys... and they were making shots. We still have that ability... we just haven't done it for long stretches. Then again... we hadn't really done that until BR last year. Rankings are what they are... not much use until early January. I would like to watch the Brown kid as well. I've watched some youtube stuff and read a little bit about him. I saw he was averaging 35 ppg and 12 apg earlier this month. Crazy numbers.
  10. I'm still not completely sold on Bloomfield. First, I watched Edgewood this summer without their 2 best players... not very good. I also heard some rumors about at least one of those stud players getting into some trouble that could amount to a suspension. I never had that confirmed. It also didn't hurt to have a head coach with in depth knowledge of Edgewood. I think Bloomfield will be solid... probably win another sectional... compete for a Regional. Are they a top 5 team... maybe... tough to say this early. Linton is really good at times... sort of selfishly mediocre at times. When you have a guy that could 30 and a guy capable of 20 on any given night on a team with a lot of guys who could score double figures... who takes lead on distributing the ball... So far... nobody. Slover's defense and clutch plays are hard enough to replace (although I think Pyne and especially Robertson have not done a bad job). It is Slover's willingness to be a playmaker that is really missed. It is at all levels... loads of scorers from Freshman-Varsity... at times it is a lot of one v. one or worse one v. 4 or 5. With that said... there were a lot of big questions last year as well. By the first week of January last year, I think people started to see the team really gel as a unit. These guys have time to get in tournament form. Too many good players that haven't quite figured out how to hit on all cylinders for a whole game isn't a bad problem to have this early in the year.
  11. This weekend helped clarify a few things. Linton- Handled Clay City and Vincennes Lincoln. I wouldn't say either game saw the Miners hitting on all cylinders. There were times the offense was to one dimensional, which bogged things down. I'm still not sure the holdovers from last year are completely comfortable with the new faces. Once that happens... this team could be really good. Different than last year, but fully capable of making a long postseason run. 20 wins and a deep tournament run is a real possibility. North Daviess- Tough to gauge a team that is 0-4. They are losing to good teams, but the loss to Perry Central sort of made me wonder... then again PC had some good teams a few years back. Bloomfield- Beat Shakamak... who knows if that is a good win. The Lakers are really young. If Royal is allowed to score 20-30 a night.. they will be tough. That looked to be a common thing in the summer. Summer ball isn't regular season ball. White River Valley- Barely beat North Central and barely scored against South Knox. I wonder who they have that can carry the scoring load consistently. Roller coaster is a good description. I still wonder what this team would be if Clayton Hoover would have stayed with basketball. He scored well for a freshman... as a senior he should have been a consistent 15-20 ppg guy. North Central- 2-1 with a close loss to WRV. They look like a middle of the pack team. I watched some of their JV guys... Linton's JV handled them easily. Then again, Linton's JV would be toward the top of the SWIAC standings if they were playing varsity. Shakamak- Rough weekend, but they are young. I'm guessing they will have games where the look good... others when they struggle. Gilbert may be their only consistent scorer. Next year they will get a really good 8th grader to help in the scoring department. They have to get more out of the 2 sophomores that have some height. 6'5" and 6'3" is nice... but after that it is a bunch guys under 6'0" Clay City- I like the way they play. They play with a lot of heart. I'm just not sure they have the players to beat some of these teams. They have a feeder program problem. Outside of a couple classes... there isn't a pipeline of players. Eastern- Loss to NC... beat Brown County... who knows where this team belongs. I'm guessing near the bottom. I think Hudson will right the ship, but it may take a while. That feeder program is not good. I hope people understand that.
  12. Interesting question. Fulk vs. E. Slover B. Jackson vs. T. Hayes D. Fougerousse vs. L. Hale J. Bohnert vs. K. Fougerousse A. Karazsia vs. S. Robbins Bench... Neither team dug too deep into their bench. Silas Robbins would be a nice body to help with AK. Pyne made a lot of big plays down the stretch. I don't remember the 12-13 team's subs. Eaton? Riddell? Was their another guard? Matchups would be key... Hayes likely guards Fulk. I think that plays in favor of the 2019 group. Jackson guards Hale since he was their lockdown defender. With a bum ankle, I think Jackson could handle him. Slover likely guards Dess. I'm not sure how that works. Dess was very good at using his size as a ballhandler, but I'm not sure Dess had someone guard him as quick a tenacious as Evan. Obviously, Dess has a size advantage on the block. J-Bone vs. Kip is an interesting matchup. I think Kip is more skilled on the perimeter, but Bohnert would be athletic enough to defend him all over. Would Kip be able to handle Bohnert on the block... similar size and athletic ability, but he is at least an inch or two shorter. Plus, people don't realize the mental game J-Bone could play on a kid. I think Kip likely would smile and move on, but I've seen a lot of good players on a football field and basketball court get out of the game with the mental warfare implemented by Bohnert. AK would be unstoppable on the block, but Sammy's shooting could pull him far enough from the rim to negate his dominance on defense. Ultimately, I think the defensive short comings of Fulk and even Dess would hurt the 2013 team. As good of a kid as Fulk was, who could he guard? If Fulk guards Slover, then Dess has to guard Tucker, Lincoln, or Kip. Dess wasn't a big fan of defense. With that said... Dess was equally successful at getting into a player's head... maybe he evens the field by getting into someone's head. Then again, the 2013 team... probably play zone.
  13. 1: Linton- Linton should be the cream of the crop. They had a nice win at Paoli in their opening weekend. They didn't even play that well to start the game. There will be some struggles trying to replace the size of the Robbins twins, the scoring of Tucker Hayes, and the sheer grit and determination that Evan Slover brought to each contest (not to mention he was a dominant defender). Some of those were noticeable early on against Paoli. Lincoln Hale and Josh Pyne ran the point with mixed results. Neither looked natural there, although Hale looked better as the game progressed. Pyne never got into a groove offensively, but he provides some of the same things Slover provided on the defensive end. Caleb Frady played solid minutes as their biggest body. He is a skilled big man with sneaky athleticism. He is still just a month or two away from being cleared from knee surgery. If he could get to be a guy that can provide 20 minutes a night that will be big later on. He did that Saturday and he made a difference. Kip Fougerousse was his usual self. The addition of a post up game late last year made him really tough to guard 1 on 1 in the post. Put a big on him... he will move out to the 3 point line and rain jump shots. Devyn Robertson and Brady Smith were used primarily as defenders as the game went on, but both made contributions. Young Joey Hart started as a freshman and seemed to rise to the level as the game progressed. He will be fun to watch. Drew Cook probably hit 7-8 threes between his JV and Varsity minutes. I think he had 3 big 3 pointers in the varsity contest after not making an appearance until the 2nd quarter. The 2 freshman scored between 15-20 points combined. Lincoln Hale also seemed to recognize how the puzzle pieces fit as the game went along. He is clearly the top dog, but he recognized how others took the pressure off him as the game progressed. I'm sure that is a progression he has to make looking toward his collegiate aspirations, but he was set up a lot last year. My guess is he plays more and more of the point over his last two seasons. The bench was loaded with athletes that would start or play significant minutes at other schools... almost too much talent. Same could be said for the JV... They have guys who would fight for varsity spots elsewhere. 2-4- North Daviess- I'm not as familiar with who North Daviess lost, but Mullins and Townsend in a backcourt could fun to watch. Townsend can be a streaky shooter, but Mullins is good at setting the table. I'll be interested to see what parts they have back. I would put them slightly ahead of Bloomfield, Shakamak, and WRV for now. 2-4. Bloomfield- As Royal and the Sophomore class goes... so goes the Cardinals. Graf should have played more as a freshman, but he will likely be Bloomfield second option. He is a decent athlete and crafty around the basket. Someone gushed over Bloomfield at the Linton Shootout this summer... I wasn't nearly as impressed. Good, but I'm not sure Royal is a 25 ppg scorer. He looked like that guy this summer, but it will be a bit tougher when teams start to scheme against him. Plus, summer games are quite a bit faster than some season games. 2-4. WRV- There are some things to like. Denham should be solid. Ellett looked to plateau last year, but hopefully he worked on expanding his game. He is load down low when he wants to be, but I didn't see the fire he played with in JH and as a freshman. If that guy returns, he scores 10-20 a game a tears down 10+ rebounds a night. I really like the way Records plays, but he struggles getting free at his size. Crites had a good summer in the few games I was able to see. There are pieces, but it will be interesting to see if they can beat ND or Bloomfield. 5... as high as 3. Shakamak- Good sophomore class will lead the way. I'm guessing they will have some growing pains. I'm not sure what they have in the junior and senior classes. They have 1 freshman who will be a good baseball player. but I'll be interested to see if he plays varsity basketball. 6. Clay City- I liked the way they played last year... A solid freshman class could provide a player or two. Their feeder program has been so bad for so long... it is tough to believe they are much better than 6th... maybe even lower. 7. Eastern- I don't really know what Coach Hudson is walking into. The feeder program has been weak. The Rippy kid will be a big body in the middle. Could be a tough year for Hudson. ??. North Central- I don't really know where to put NC. I could see them anywhere from 3rd or 4th to dead last. Edmondson can coach... and he always seemed to get a key transfer or two while at Clay City. NC is even closer to Terre Haute. A couple big bodies in the lower grades and a couple athletes make this team an unknown.
  14. Congrats to Linton Miners on their sectional title... on to Paoli. Congrats to the Bloomfield Cardinals on their title as well. Hopefully, both will represent the conference and the county well.
  15. North Daviess 8th grade coaches and players deserve a lot of credit. They scouted Linton multiple times and knew how/where to expose their weaknesses on offense and defense. The players executed a great gameplan. Most Linton 8th grade parents would tell you we were not playing great team basketball as the season wound down. Too many 3 pointers... lazy defense... lack of substitutions (Linton goes 11 deep with kids who can contribute).... too much one on one... lack of passing to open teammates... the list can go on and on. It was hard not to notice, but somehow it was discounted because we have some prolific scorers that masked the other problems. It was painfully noticeable in every close game the Miners played. The week before Linton nearly lost to a TH North team that they had beat by 15+ the day before... they went down to the wire with a Sullivan team that they beat by 30 during the season. We even had a close game with Clay City that Saturday morning (Won that by 25 or 30 earlier in the year). North Daviess was the only team good enough to expose them. It didn't help that Linton had one of their top 3 scorers at about 75%. He was the one kid the Cougars couldn't guard in the 1st game. Even at 100%, I think Linton loses by 10. Sort of sad... it should have been a barn burner. The Miners never quite figured out how to play as a team. Not easy for a coach to factor in 2 new players (leading scorers on their previous teams)and play 11 kids who could all contribute. As much as it pains me to say it... the better team won. ND was unselfish on offense and tough on defense. Linton still has far more talent top to bottom.
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