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  1. Congrats to Linton Miners on their sectional title... on to Paoli. Congrats to the Bloomfield Cardinals on their title as well. Hopefully, both will represent the conference and the county well.
  2. North Daviess 8th grade coaches and players deserve a lot of credit. They scouted Linton multiple times and knew how/where to expose their weaknesses on offense and defense. The players executed a great gameplan. Most Linton 8th grade parents would tell you we were not playing great team basketball as the season wound down. Too many 3 pointers... lazy defense... lack of substitutions (Linton goes 11 deep with kids who can contribute).... too much one on one... lack of passing to open teammates... the list can go on and on. It was hard not to notice, but somehow it was discounted because we have some prolific scorers that masked the other problems. It was painfully noticeable in every close game the Miners played. The week before Linton nearly lost to a TH North team that they had beat by 15+ the day before... they went down to the wire with a Sullivan team that they beat by 30 during the season. We even had a close game with Clay City that Saturday morning (Won that by 25 or 30 earlier in the year). North Daviess was the only team good enough to expose them. It didn't help that Linton had one of their top 3 scorers at about 75%. He was the one kid the Cougars couldn't guard in the 1st game. Even at 100%, I think Linton loses by 10. Sort of sad... it should have been a barn burner. The Miners never quite figured out how to play as a team. Not easy for a coach to factor in 2 new players (leading scorers on their previous teams)and play 11 kids who could all contribute. As much as it pains me to say it... the better team won. ND was unselfish on offense and tough on defense. Linton still has far more talent top to bottom.
  3. Linton's 8th grade team played well for about a half against North Daviess. Neither team shot well. Linton had a lot of turnovers in the second half. I'm not sure the Miners really utilized their biggest advantage over the Cougars. The Miners go about 11 deep. In a game of that magnitude they probably go 8 or 9 deep. Linton and North Daviess both played basically 5-6 guys. It was evident on the defensive end for the Miners... and probably contributed to some lazy offense as well. If I'm a ND coach, I'm preaching about how effective their defense was in the 2nd half... and how they are unlikely to shoot that poorly again. Especially since the Miner defense seemed to lag a little in the 2nd half. Linton's 7th grade play their tails off... they just need some physical maturity and a lot of time in a gym. They are 5-8, but could very easily have 8-9 wins. The class in general just doesn't have a lot of athletes who have matured. Seems to be the status quo among most of the teams I have seen. It seems every 7th grade team is low on athletes.
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