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  1. To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Reitz Football’s first city championship, the Panthers will once more don their original school colors. The Blue & Gray will be put away for the Central game and Reitz will sport the Purple & Orange for the first time in almost a century. “I vividly remember watching that game in 1923,” remarked Mike Whicker, local author and former Reitz teacher and coach. “It was the first time we beat Central and it was a huge upset.” The idea came from Cory Brunson, the Panthers’ head coach. “Before there was the Blue & Gray, I remember hearing the stories about the Panthers playing in Purple & Gold. I wanted to bring that back, if only for one night.” He said the plan is to only use the alternate colors for the Central game, but could use them again for other special circumstances.
  2. Very cool stats, but I think the word dynasty is misleading on these. Reitz has had some good football teams since 2008 but I don’t think dynasty would apply to us, nor to most of the teams on this list.
  3. Yes they were in that conference. There’s definitely an argument that Linton is in SW Indiana. I’ve gone back and forth on whether to include them or not but ultimately I’d decided to keep it to the schools listed in the counties above. I now have info for the whole state but the all-area team is kind of a throwback to when I only covered teams in SW Indiana.
  4. I suppose so. Intended for anyone from the area or anyone with ties to the area, but I suppose it could be messed with if someone was so inclined. Never had an issue before but I could always a preventive measure. Dan
  5. We've opened the voting for AlmanacSports.com's 7th Annual Southwestern Indiana Fans Choice All-Area Team! http://www.almanacsports.com/article.php?news_id=2022122301 Polls will be open for about a week. Congrats to all the finalists and good luck! Dan "Rudy" Engler
  6. Looks like the AP all-state is a thing of the past. I’ve done a Fans Choice team for SW Indiana on AlmanacSports.com for several years now and thought about doing one for the whole state. Thoughts? Probably would do a big school and small school a la the old Bloomington Herald-Times All-State teams.
  7. MaxPreps.com lists Fort Wayne Blackhawk Christian vs. Union Dugger as an 8-man football playoff game. Neutral site. https://www.maxpreps.com/games/10-22-2022/football-22/dugger-union-vs-fort-wayne-blackhawk-christian.htm?c=SFWaiXg0l0mqEcdHuYQKuA#tab=matchup&schoolid= Anyone have more info on this? Is it a one-game playoff or are other teams that are involved in a tournament? Thanks, Dan
  8. They switched divisions in the off-season and I didn’t notice until last week lol In Canada for work and will get the website updated by tomorrow and it should be reflected in those 👍
  9. At some point it switched from rotating to being at a designated site. I'll have to double check my research 🙂
  10. There's a quirk in the code. Even though it was 1985-86 and 2017, it shows up as 1985 to 2017. Rudy
  11. I appreciate that. Not sure if that’s true but appreciated nonetheless. It’s just something I enjoy doing 😊 Alabama has a really good one. Michigan and Tennessee do, as well. Few more too but I’m partial to this one 😊
  12. I created a feature on the website that lets me have box scores and stats and even links to game recaps (see games from 2009 and 2010 seasons) but scouring all the news sites, finding these and inputting proved to be too time consuming and I stopped. My goal is to have every score in state history on the site. For the older years, I’m doing one season at a time. I’m currently working on 1946 but I’ll definitely get these added to the site eventually! Thanks again for sharing!
  13. https://www.tristatehomepage.com/home-team-friday/home-team-friday-off-the-gridiron-9-16-22/ Home Team Friday did an awesome piece on me and the oldest Indiana high school football website, ReitzFootball.com!
  14. Very cool! I don’t think I have all those yet but I’ll work to get them added! Those northern Indiana teams were extremely strong back in the day. That area dominated the state until the 1950s and 1960s when central Indiana started to take over. Thanks for sharing!
  15. great question! Jasper had a team from 1907 to 1909, then dropped football. They didn’t restart until 1953
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