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  1. Newly scheduled games (as of 9/24) Sept. 25 Bluffton at Greensburg (first meeting) Bowman Academy at Indianapolis Manual (first meeting) Cincinnati LaSalle (Ohio) at Indianapolis Cathedral (first meeting since 2007) East Chicago Central at Griffith (first meeting since 2016) Indianapolis Lutheran at Northview (first meeting) Roncalli at Harrison (West Lafayette) (first meeting since 2003) Springs Valley at South Decatur (first meeting since 1989) Oct. 2 Bowman Academy at Hanover Central (first meeting since 2015) Cincinnati El
  2. From the Indianapolis Star: Brebeuf Jesuit cancels 2 games, suspends football activities after player's positive COVID test https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/09/17/indiana-high-school-football-brebeuf-jesuit-cancels-games-after-positive-covid-19-test/3487817001/
  3. Newly scheduled games (as of 9/17) Sept. 18 East Chicago Central at River Forest (first meeting) Frankfort at South Central (Union Mills) (first meeting) Greensburg at Phalen Academy (first meeting) Lawrenceburg at Indianapolis Tech (first meeting) South Bend Riley at Gary West (first meeting) Sept. 19 Crossroads Christian (Ill.) at Noblesville HomeSchool (first meeting) Sept. 25 Bluffton at Greensburg (first meeting) Bowman Academy at Indianapolis Manual (first meeting) Cincinnati LaSalle (Ohio) at Indianapolis Cathed
  4. Thanks for the shout out 🙂 @fenderbender is right, Rex Mundi was the north side Catholic school. My dad graduated from Mater Dei and he said they almost closed Mater Dei instead of Rex. Things would look a lot different had that happened!
  5. Newly scheduled games (as of 9/10) Sept. 11 Delphi at North Montgomery (first meeting since 1995) East Chicago Central at Andrean (first meeting since 2010) Gibson Southern at Boonville (also meet 10/16) Highland at Lake Station (first meeting since 2015) Monroe Central at Northeastern (first meeting since 2015) Munster at Rensselaer Central (first meeting) Parke Heritage at Carroll (Flora) (first meeting) Penn at East Noble (first meeting) Phalen Academy at Princeton (first meeting) Sept. 12 Crossroads Christian (Ill.)
  6. Newly scheduled games (as of 9/3) Sept. 4 Adams Central at Tri (first meeting) Antwerp (Ohio) at Fremont (first meeting) Cincinnati Moeller (Ohio) at East Central (first meeting since 2003) New Haven at Pioneer (first meeting) Noblesville HomeSchool at Indianapolis Manual (first meeting) Purdue Poly at Indianapolis Shortridge (first meeting) Rock Creek Academy at Switzerland County (met in 2019 but not scheduled for 2020) South Bend Clay at Munster (first meeting) Tipton at Heritage Christian (first meeting) Wheeler at Lowell (f
  7. Thanks and yes, it'll be the first meeting between GS and Whiteland http://www.almanacsports.com/football/game.php?id=2020.08.29.009
  8. Newly scheduled games (updated as of 8/27) Aug. 28 Andrean at Lake Central (first meeting since 1997) Benton Central at Sheridan (first meeting since 2010; former Hoosier Conference rivals) Bowman Academy at Lake Station (first meeting since 2013) Chesterton at Pioneer (first meeting) Cloverdale at Madison-Grant (first meeting) Decatur Central at Perry Meridian (also meeting 10/9) East Central at Indianapolis Chatard (first meeting since 2017) Franklin County at Winchester (first meeting) Hammond Noll at Calumet Christian (first meeti
  9. Updated as of Aug. 20 Canceled their seasons (7) Hammond Central Hammond Clark Hammond Gavit Hammond Morton Indiana Deaf Southern Wells Whiting Newly scheduled games Aug. 21 Adams Central at Fremont (first meeting since 2011) Attica at Frontier (first meeting since 1983) Carmel at Plainfield (first meeting) Decatur Central at Center Grove (moved from 8/28) (first meeting since 1996; former Mid-State conference rivals) Hamilton Heights at Lapel (first meeting since 1982) Hanover Central at Portage (fi
  10. Lol whoops no they normally play in the fall, postponed to the spring
  11. I'll have several some more updates to make, as well. Michigan has pushed their football season to the fall. 😬
  12. Thanks if you hear different, let me know and I'll keep updating 👍
  13. Thanks for your input. You're right, I thought this was Hammond Central's first year, but after rereading the article, that's slated for fall of 2021. I'll fix on my website. Also, I didn't post this in that thread as it's not a discussion of why games are getting canceled, just simply a list of canceled games and newly scheduled games. However, I'll defer to the moderators. If they feel they need to move it to there, it won't hurt my feelings. Thanks, Dan "Rudy" Engler Thanks. Time will tell lol
  14. With all the uncertainty that comes with COVID-19 this year, there have already been several cancelations and changes in schedules for Indiana High School Football. AlmanacSports.com is tracking these. Canceled their seasons (5) Hammond Central Hammond Clark Hammond Gavit Hammond Morton Whiting Canceled games Aug. 21 Warren Central at Center Grove (Metropolitan) Wabash at Rochester (Three Rivers) Bethlehem (Ky.) at Providence Bowman Academy at Calumet Delta at Muncie Central Elkhart at Concord Fairfiel
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