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  1. I’ve begun work on this and hope to have finished by the start of the season. Would anyone be interested in writing a story on their favorite team and/or coach to include in the book? Thanks!
  2. Did a search on newspapers.com to see what I could find. I see Cathedral's first mention of the "Fighting Irish" nickname in 1925 (https://www.newspapers.com/image/104849923/?terms=Cathedral "Fighting Irish"&match=2). However, there's a 1911 article which describes Notre Dame as "the fighting Irish crew" (https://www.newspapers.com/image/6823056/?terms="Notre Dame" "Fighting Irish"&match=3). Would love to be proven wrong, and not saying that story isn't true, but these legends have a way of taking on a life of their own! Thanks and please let me know if you find any other information on this! Dan
  3. I've used this site countless times over the years. Definitely a great resource for Northern Indiana football history! Love this idea. @Muda69 this would go hand in hand with the GID history section.
  4. This would be really cool to feature in the book. Bios on the more infamous fields would be a cool addition too! That's really cool. I'll have to do some research and see if I can find out more about this. Thanks for sharing and definitely want to have a "Legendary Games" section
  5. Hello everyone! I've been thinking about creating an Indiana High School Football records book/encyclopedia. I would include info from my previous books (all-state players, tournament history, etc.) but would want to include other features, as well. conference standings coaching records state records for players list of state champs (including mythical back to 1800s) articles on legendary coaches and teams What else would you want to see included? Thanks, Dan "Rudy" Engler AlmanacSports.com
  6. Happy April Fools Day 🙂 For clarity, Coach Brunson had nothing to do with this, just me renewing the annual tradition! Rudy
  7. Reitz High School announced its 2021 football schedule yesterday and will play in what is being called the “EVSC Bubble”. The Panthers will play the other four EVSC schools twice for a total of eight games, but will not play any of their other SIAC rivals, including Mater Dei. “We wanted to keep the kids as safe as possible this fall while still allowing sports to be played,” according to Reitz head coach Cory Brunson. “While we’re disappointed to lose the Mater Dei game, for the safety of the kids, we felt this change should be made for at least the next five years.” 2021 Schedule 9/3 – Bosse 9/10 – @ Central 9/17 – Harrison 9/24 – @ North 10/1 – @ Bosse 10/8 – Central 10/15 – @ Harrison 10/22 – North For more information, please visit the EVSC’s COVID-19 Resources page.
  8. Are we sure they’re going to do one this year?
  9. I used to track these changes in conference schedules for the SIAC, Big 8 & PAC but haven't in the last several years as it takes up a lot of time. In 1992, the SIAC switched to having the rivalry games in the last week of the regular season. The schedules pretty much stayed the same and they used to rotate weeks 3-6 (week 3 would become week 4, 4->5, 5->6, 6->3) for a while. With the addition of Jasper & Vincennes, they pretty much had to blow the schedule up, but did keep the rivalry weeks intact. Back in the day, the city schools would rotate who played on Thanksgiving. (Here's an article from 2007 I wrote that lists the Turkey Day games and you can see how they rotated). Putting schedules together is not an easy task, especially with balancing home games, teams dropping out and joining, rivalry games, etc. Definitely following this conversation. It's always been interesting to me and glad to know there are others too 🙂
  10. Thanks. I'll recover but the mental scars will always be there 😁
  11. Other two teams that had to withdraw were Traders Point Christian & McCutcheon. Lafayette Central Catholic and Zionsville advanced, respectively.
  12. Here's what my data shows: Week by week Week 1: net -34 games (lost 50, gained 16) Week 2: net -25 games (lost 49, gained 24) Week 3: net -17 games (lost 30, gained 13) Week 4: net -11 games (lost 24, gained 13) Week 5: net -13 games (lost 19, gained 6) Week 6: net -14 games (lost 22, gained 😎 Week 7: net -8 games (lost 22, gained 14) Week 8: net -14 games (lost 26, gained 12) Week 9: net -20 games (lost 26, gained 6) Sectional 1R: net -8 games (lost 8, gained 0) Sectional SF: net -7 games (lost 7, gained 0) Sectional CH: net -3 games (lost 3, gained 0) Regional CH: net 0 games (lost 0, gained 0) Total: net -174 games (lost 286; gained 112)
  13. Cloverdale had to withdraw to not having enough players, but it's because several were out from Covid, right? If that's the case, does that make it a no contest instead of a forfeit?
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