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  1. For a little historical perspective, North Knox was a member of the PAC from 1980 to 1982. They replaced Gibson Southern, which had gone to the Big Eight, but had to leave because of their cluster schedule commitments. http://www.almanacsports.com/football/conference.php?conf_id=pac Dan
  2. Looks like Linton won in 1975! http://www.almanacsports.com/football/series.php?team1=WHIT&team2=LIN Dan
  3. While i use html and php coding for AlmanacSports.com (my brother is a software guy), i switched to WordPress several years ago for my Reitz Football website. I would highly recommend WordPress. The basic version is free. It's easy to use and its really customizable. Give it a try ... I can't recommend it enough. Dan
  4. While not an official conference, they were part of the Indianapolis City Series for a long time. From 1940 to around 1978 when the league ended. http://www.almanacsports.com/football/conference.php?conf_id=indianapolis Dan "Rudy" Engler
  5. For what it's worth, the SAC had this idea in the 1970s when they started the league! http://www.almanacsports.com/football/conference.php?conf_id=summit Dan
  6. It took years to gather the data (my newspapers.com account helped a ton) and about as long to format the info into book form. The book doesn't have a conferences section but the new edition does have it broken down by school (plus by year and by last name). If you'd like to buy a copy, here's the link: http://www.almanacsports.com/article.php?news_id=2019011801 Also, I donate 10% of all proceeds to the gridiron digest if a forum member buys and lets me know. Thanks for being a fellow football nerd 👍 Dan
  7. The book only covers first team all-state players. To add junior, 2nd team, academic, etc. would have made this already long project impossibly longer. Maybe one of these days though lol. I'll see if I can get an answer for your question though. Was there someone in particular you were curious about? Dan
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