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  1. I’ve self published over a dozen books and would be more than happy to help with this process if you’re interested!
  2. Thanks but that’s my website. Trying to update for the book and will update these on the website too 😊
  3. Anywhere it says unknown. Several Win/loss records which would give a more accurate all-time win percentage. Also for several early seasons, I’m missing who the head coach was. Thanks!
  4. Doing research for the Indiana High School Football Record Book that will be coming out later this year. Any Miners able to help me fill in the gaps? Linton-Stockton High School Location: Linton, Ind. Nickname: Miners Colors: Red & Royal Blue First season: 1902 Known as Linton High School before 1921 Overall record: 577-393-25 Year W-L-T Head Coach 1902 unknown unknown 1903 unknown Fred E. Bryan 1904 unknown unknown 1906 unknown unknown 1907 unknown unknown 1908 unknown unknown 1909 6-0-0 unknown 1910 unknown unknown 1911 unknown unknown 1912 unknown unknown 1913 unknown unknown 1914 unknown unknown 1915 4-1-0 Wilber Johnson From 1902 to 1915, Linton only lost eight of 109 football games, never losing more than one in a season 1916 2-3-0 Coach Howard 1917 unknown unknown 1918 unknown unknown 1919 3-3-1 Gerald W. Landis 1920 unknown Gerald Moore 1921 4-3-1 Rex Landis 1922 5-2-1 Harold Johnson 1923 7-0-0 Gerald W. Landis 1924 5-4-1 Gerald W. Landis 1925 8-0-1 Gerald W. Landis 1926 0-2-1 Gerald W. Landis 1927 5-4-1 Gerald W. Landis 1928 unknown Gerald W. Landis 1929 unknown Gerald W. Landis 1930 unknown Gerald W. Landis 1931 unknown Gerald W. Landis 1932 unknown Gerald W. Landis 1933 9-0-0 Gerald W. Landis 1934 unknown Roy L. Williams 1935 2-8-0 Gerald W. Landis 1936 4-4-0 Gerald W. Landis 1937 4-5-1 Gerald W. Landis 1938 1-6-0 Roy L. Williams & James "Baldy" Goodman 1939 3-6-1 Nelson Beasley 1940 2-4-1 Roy L. Williams 1941 2-4-1 Roy L. Williams 1942 6-1-1 Roy L. Williams 1943 2-7-0 Roy L. Williams 1944 4-5-1 Roy L. Williams 1945 9-0-1 Roy L. Williams 1946 5-2-1 Roy L. Williams 1947 7-3-0 Roy L. Williams 1948 2-8-0 Roy L. Williams 1949 1-8-0 Roy L. Williams 1950 3-6-1 Roy L. Williams 1951 10-0-0 Roy L. Williams 1952 4-6-0 Red Faught 1953 3-6-0 Red Faught 1954 5-4-0 Red Faught 1955 2-8-0 Dale Scrivner 1956 4-6-0 Dale Scrivner 1957 2-8-0 Doc Bolten 1958 3-7-0 Doc Bolten 1959 3-6-1 Floyd Henson 1960 3-7-0 John Platt 1961 1-8-1 Dave Austill 1962 7-3-0 Dave Austill 1963 4-4-2 Dave Austill 1964 3-7-0 Paul Steele 1965 4-5-1 Paul Steele 1966 5-5-0 Paul Steele 1967 1-8-1 Paul Steele 1968 1-7-1 Fred Livzey 1969 0-10-0 Fred Livzey 1970 0-10-0 Don Clark 1971 3-5-2 Don Clark 1972 2-8 Don Clark 1973 1-9 Don Clark 1974 4-6 Randy Lynch 1975 7-3 Randy Lynch 1976 9-0 Dan Galbraith 1977 1-9 Dan Galbraith 1978 6-4 Dan Galbraith 1979 6-4 Dan Galbraith 1980 5-5 Charlie Karazsia 1981 9-1 Charlie Karazsia 1982 8-3 Charlie Karazsia 1983 7-3 Charlie Karazsia 1984 9-2 Charlie Karazsia 1985 5-5 Charlie Karazsia 1986 11-2 Charlie Karazsia 1987 8-1 Charlie Karazsia 1988 9-2 Charlie Karazsia 1989 8-1 Charlie Karazsia 1990 3-6 Charlie Karazsia 1991 2-6 Charlie Karazsia 1992 4-5 Jeff Oresik 1993 6-5 Jeff Oresik 1994 3-7 Jeff Oresik 1995 8-1 Rick Wellington 1996 3-6 Rick Wellington 1997 10-4 Rick Wellington 1998 12-2 Rick Wellington 1999 9-3 Rick Wellington 2000 5-5 Steve Weber 2001 8-3 Steve Weber 2002 7-3 Steve Weber 2003 11-1 Steve Weber 2004 11-3 Steve Weber 2005 9-1 Steve Weber 2006 8-2 Steve Weber 2007 12-1 Steve Weber 2008 13-1 Steve Weber 2009 9-4 Steve Weber 2010 9-3 Steve Weber 2011 13-1 Steve Weber 2012 13-1 Steve Weber 2013 13-1 Brian Oliver 2014 11-2 Brian Oliver 2015 13-2 Brian Oliver 2016 15-0 Brian Oliver 2017 7-4 Brian Oliver 2018 5-6 Brian Oliver 2019 9-2 Brian Oliver 2020 8-4 Brian Oliver 2021 10-1 Brian Oliver Thanks, Dan
  5. Just for a little historical perspective, the idea originated with the SAC when the league started. From 1973 to 1979, the two division champions would play foe the conference title. http://www.almanacsports.com/football/conference.php?conf_id=summit The Fort Wayne City Series, the SAC’s predecessor, has one in 1971 and 1972 as well. Cool move though that could create some intriguing matchups. Rudy
  6. I'll scan the scores from Harrell's page, usually copy and paste and add them to my excel file using my format. I'll update the standings file too then upload via FTP to our server. Finally I'll run a php script that my brother created which updates everything on the site. Not the easiest way but done it that way for over a dozen years now lol Dan
  7. DM me your email and I’ll send to you. I don’t think it would be too hard I just don’t have the time right now unfortunately. Thanks!
  8. I use excel for everything. I'm happy to share the relevant files if someone wants to take this on. Should be a fairly "simple" task for someone who is really good with excel formulas 🙂 Rudy
  9. Hi all, Great topic. I love John Harrell's website of course but it only goes back to 1994. My ultimate goal for AlmanacSports.com is to document every game ever played by an Indiana high school football game (the earliest schools played in the 1890s). I love newspapers.com but it is a paid subscription. Lots of good stuff on there though so worth it to me. The Evansville-Vanderburgh Public Library has lots of Evansville newspapers archived in their microfilm collection, but I think you have to be a member to access. A great freebie is classmates.com/yearbooks. They have an amazing collection of old yearbooks and I check that regularly for my research. Also, does anyone know if Huntington North shares the same athletic lineage as Huntington High School? My research shows Huntington North opened the new high school in 1969 but they share the same nickname and school colors with Huntington. Are they the same or was it the start of a new school? Thanks, Dan
  10. I’ve begun work on this and hope to have finished by the start of the season. Would anyone be interested in writing a story on their favorite team and/or coach to include in the book? Thanks!
  11. Did a search on newspapers.com to see what I could find. I see Cathedral's first mention of the "Fighting Irish" nickname in 1925 (https://www.newspapers.com/image/104849923/?terms=Cathedral "Fighting Irish"&match=2). However, there's a 1911 article which describes Notre Dame as "the fighting Irish crew" (https://www.newspapers.com/image/6823056/?terms="Notre Dame" "Fighting Irish"&match=3). Would love to be proven wrong, and not saying that story isn't true, but these legends have a way of taking on a life of their own! Thanks and please let me know if you find any other information on this! Dan
  12. I've used this site countless times over the years. Definitely a great resource for Northern Indiana football history! Love this idea. @Muda69 this would go hand in hand with the GID history section.
  13. This would be really cool to feature in the book. Bios on the more infamous fields would be a cool addition too! That's really cool. I'll have to do some research and see if I can find out more about this. Thanks for sharing and definitely want to have a "Legendary Games" section
  14. Hello everyone! I've been thinking about creating an Indiana High School Football records book/encyclopedia. I would include info from my previous books (all-state players, tournament history, etc.) but would want to include other features, as well. conference standings coaching records state records for players list of state champs (including mythical back to 1800s) articles on legendary coaches and teams What else would you want to see included? Thanks, Dan "Rudy" Engler AlmanacSports.com
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