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  1. Thanks @Coach Nowlin! At over 430 pages, this is the biggest book I've ever done. The book goes all the way back to 1894 and goes through the end of the 2018 season. It has conference standings, results, profiles for every current and former football-playing school in the area, county histories, championships, and so much more! FUN FACT: Did you know the first conference in the area was called the Big Four Athletic & Oratorial Association? It was founded in 1904 by Linton, Princeton, Vincennes & Washington high schools. Evansville High joined in 1905, but they kept the Big Four name. One hundred years later, the Big Eight would only have seven teams and now only has six in their final season. This information and more is in the book! Dan "Rudy" Engler
  2. I guess no coach is going to be liked by everyone but not all Reitz people dislike Coach Lewis, myself included. He was an assistant when I played at Reitz, and was a great role model for me. Always had a smile on his face and quick to give encouragement. He'd let you know if you messed up but he was always positive. He was always gracious with his time for me as webmaster for ReitzFootball.com. I've stayed in touch with him over the years and am proud to call him a friend. Glad to welcome him back to the SIAC and am looking forward to the competition. Just my $0.02. Dan "Rudy" Engler
  3. For a little historical perspective, North Knox was a member of the PAC from 1980 to 1982. They replaced Gibson Southern, which had gone to the Big Eight, but had to leave because of their cluster schedule commitments. http://www.almanacsports.com/football/conference.php?conf_id=pac Dan
  4. Looks like Linton won in 1975! http://www.almanacsports.com/football/series.php?team1=WHIT&team2=LIN Dan
  5. While i use html and php coding for AlmanacSports.com (my brother is a software guy), i switched to WordPress several years ago for my Reitz Football website. I would highly recommend WordPress. The basic version is free. It's easy to use and its really customizable. Give it a try ... I can't recommend it enough. Dan
  6. While not an official conference, they were part of the Indianapolis City Series for a long time. From 1940 to around 1978 when the league ended. http://www.almanacsports.com/football/conference.php?conf_id=indianapolis Dan "Rudy" Engler
  7. For what it's worth, the SAC had this idea in the 1970s when they started the league! http://www.almanacsports.com/football/conference.php?conf_id=summit Dan
  8. It took years to gather the data (my newspapers.com account helped a ton) and about as long to format the info into book form. The book doesn't have a conferences section but the new edition does have it broken down by school (plus by year and by last name). If you'd like to buy a copy, here's the link: http://www.almanacsports.com/article.php?news_id=2019011801 Also, I donate 10% of all proceeds to the gridiron digest if a forum member buys and lets me know. Thanks for being a fellow football nerd 👍 Dan
  9. The book only covers first team all-state players. To add junior, 2nd team, academic, etc. would have made this already long project impossibly longer. Maybe one of these days though lol. I'll see if I can get an answer for your question though. Was there someone in particular you were curious about? Dan
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