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  1. I’m sorry, I just did a spit take when I saw this quote…
  2. C’mon folks!! We are only $275 away from meeting budget for this site and we are two weeks away from determining sectional championships. I personally hope y’all will consider donating so that the GID exceeds the needed funds to operate.
  3. Thank you for what you do DK. I might also add that all of the content moderators on here are not compensated for their time (or their troubles)! I can think of very few investments that I have made over the past few years, that have given me as much enjoyment as the DIgest, and I don't read but about 15% of the topics.
  4. Western 0 West Lafayette 34 8:20 3rd Missed XP means no running clock (yet)
  5. Western-West Lafayette game being played on the turf @ McCutcheon HS.
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