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  1. As a season ticket holder I am very excited and looking forward to see Derrick Woods play at Grand Valley State.
  2. NP has good years when Bart Curtis was there. He lived right in the heart of downtown New Carlisle. During the summertime he would have the boys camping out at night on Amzie Miller Field.
  3. New Prairie is a rural school. Every time the Cougar's make a deep tournament run both the towns of New Carlisle and Rolling Prairie go all out. There is never a single business that does not a show of support for the team displayed on their business marquee or store front window. Many will take out full page ads in the newspaper. Restuarnt owners often host the team for a meal or breakfast prior to going downstate on the road for their tournament games. That is one of my favorite things to see concerning high school athletics.
  4. When he was at Michigan City the players would call him "Big Papi".
  5. Worst announcers I ever heard were the radio guys from WLQI in Rensselear, they were just god awful. About 6 years ago they were the only media outlet covering the Michigan City Marquette girls regional championship game. These guys couldn't even tell that Emma and Sophia Nolan were idenical twin sisters and Hannah Nolan was their older sister. They were so bad that I felt that the IHSAA should have revoked their broadcating privilages. After that Hall of Fame broadcaster Mike Knezevich (my favorite high school sports announcer) from the Regional Radio Sports Network called all the Marquet
  6. The article in the paper said he has 3 sons in the program, so they took my advice and hired a players dad to do it. Little inside info, He is going to stick around awhile, Ortiz bought Mayor Tom Dermody’s old house on the outskirts of city limits a couple years ago because after mayor Demody left the state legislator he had to move into the city limits so he can run for mayor of Laporte.
  7. Ortiz led the state in receiving in 1994, Nick Wellman was his quarterback. He went to college and played football at the former St. Joseph college. He was also a member of coach Buzea, Eric Schrieber and Mike Karpinski’s staff at Michigan City before going to La Porte.
  8. Michigan City is now the 4th lowest school in enrollment in the state in class 5A. Would not be surprised to see the Wolves down in 4A in the future.
  9. Michigan City is now the 4th smallest school in enrollment in class 5A.
  10. Look more long term this time. I don’t want La Porte to become another program that has the seek a new head coach every 3 or 4 seasons. Maybe get one of the players dads to volunteer to do it, when son graduates, get another volunteer dad.
  11. I see lots of sectional titles in the future if 6A sectional 1 consists of Crown Point, Lake Central, Portage and one of the newly consolidated Hammond schools.
  12. BUz with daughter Britney and wife Bard while bravely battling Leukemia in hospital.
  13. Region Sports Network is reporting that Crown Point has hired Homewood-Floosmor and former Portage and Michigan City head coach as their new field general. Crown Point will have their best coach since Brad Smith.
  14. La Porte is 5A. Under Lowery La Porte pulled off sectional wins in the first round over Michigan City in 2019 then won over hapless Munster in 2020 but lost to Valpo both times in the sectional championship. Actually played Valpo pretty good in the sectional title game this past season. La Porte played a lot of sophomores the last two seasons.
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