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  1. I’m watching the Chesterton - Michigan City game with the IHSAA TV app on my Amazon Fire Stick. Former New Dispatch sports writer Drew White and former Andrean and Lake Central head coach Brett St. Germain who is now a school administrator are doing play by play and color commentary. They got the same camera people that always do have been doing the games in cable access and Access LaPorte County for years. Well worth the $10.00. Get to sit in my own easy chair, drink my cold beverage, eat my door dash and use my own bathroom.
  2. I’m the fat guy standing there in the Big Dogs shirt and bib overalls at 1:02.
  3. I Attended the White Sox game Wednesday night. They always honor a member of the military in the middle of the 2nd inning. Wednesday they honored a military family and the soldier came in and surprised his family after returning from a 10 month tour of duty in Kuwait. Found out that Sgt. Lacosse and his family is from West Lafayette. It’s always very touching and emotional when they do thus at the game.
  4. Valpo Vs.Hammond Central has been moved to 10AM tomorrow and the game will be played at Valpo. Not because of COVID but because the was a shooting at Hammond Central High School today where two students got shot.
  5. I’m going with Chesterton to finally get over the hump and win their first sectional crown in school history.
  6. Looks like the region is going to be Andrean and nobody else this season.
  7. Buck has been named by the College Football Network as one of the top running backs in NCAA Division II Collegiate Football. He even has his own branded logo now.
  8. Hi Rippy, East Chicago administration has always been kind of dysfunctional in that manner. I never forget when in 2009 AJ Rodriguez along with the rest of the coaching staff was fired after week 9 and the team ended up having to go over and play their sectional game at Portage with a 13 man roster and a 1 man coaching staff. Stacy Adams took over the next season and really seemed to turn everything around and even led the team to semi-state a few years later with a team led by Marty Carter before losing to Dwenger. Maybe you should contact the superintendent.
  9. $5.6 million dollar in capital improvements was announced in February. Turf replacement at Ames Field, after 50 years new bleachers in the 7,600 seat high school gym, new track at the high school, new roof on one of the elementary schools, and the one I have been complaining about for the last 15 years, new asphalt in the south parking lot at the high school. Very exited about the improvements.
  10. Pulled pork burger at Burger Haus across Ridge Rd. from Calumet High School is the bomb.
  11. Hopefully the potential defensive coach has some talent to work with. Portage needs to become relevant force on the Duneland conference and 6A high school football scene once again.
  12. Jaden is only a sophomore, 2 sport star RB Omrian Hatch will be a senior. Heard a new QB has transferred in. WRs and track stars Kaydarious Jones and Esau Haynes both graduate. Nobody stops Valpo until semi state, historically speaking Michigan City has gone 0-5 (.000) against Valpo under Phil Mason, 3-23 (.115) against Valpo since consolidation and combined 14-46 (.223) overall (Elston, Roger, MCHS) against Valpo.
  13. There is nothing more gratifying than having our children succeed.
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