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  1. Castle linemen were like college men. Portage came into that game banged up after grueling regional and semi-stare wins over Lake Central and Fort Wayne Snider. Joe Christian played the last two games on one leg after being taken off the old Lake Central Burial Grounds on a stretcher and taken away by ambulance,
  2. H-F and Buzz was featured on ABC 7 Chicago’s 7 on your sideline tonight. https://abc7chicago.com/sports/homewood-flossmoor-football-team-playoff-bound-again/5626631/?fbclid=IwAR3dGVANe16Axsj34x1Zlz3EsECYUzQp1ul3Znz1k5cQ1RcLjXbraNx3pko
  3. 25 years ago. Attending a Portage football game back then was electric. Never going to happen again in my lifetime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXGX7d8NDMw
  4. It is going to be really exciting to see what Warsaw does in the tournament this year. 6A North is wide open. Looking forward to what is probably New Prairie - Plymouth in 4A.
  5. It the first month Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City took in $3.8 million in wagers and paid the state $91,000 in wagering tax.
  6. Jeff Samardzija, Jamaal Williams (Merrillville, Nebraska,Redskins), Tom Jelesky.
  7. Only coach in the state to lead 3 different programs to the state finals.
  8. It was a great game and a teriffic atmosphere. The place was packed for senior night at New Prairie High School. NP was something like 7 for 7 on fourth down conversions. Coach Radtke is just 5 wins away from becoming #2 all time in wins and he will get before the season is 74-18 (.804 winning percentage) at New Prairie and has established a culture of winning everywhere he has been.
  9. Student body makeup is 12.5% hispanic according to the DOE website. I see the boys and girls basketball teams are not exactly lighting the world on fire either. Seems that the community has no interest in high school athletics and their seems to be a total lack of school spirit at Shelbyville.
  10. Will be the 1st time since 1985 two DAC teams played in the state finals. Valpo lost to Warren Central in 5A and Hobart lost to Brownsburg in 4A.
  11. I don't thing Michigan City has them yet. We have a guy here named Warren Foster that has been doing chain gang duties along with his family for 55 years. https://www.thenewsdispatch.com/sports/article_13cd681a-9876-5284-9950-62934522ded2.html
  12. The La Porte Community School Corporation would never be able to afford your consulting fee.
  13. We all went to the IU - Ball State game last week, I am the white guy in the back corner making my presence known. Last season Markice played at Notre Dame stadium, last week he played at Lucas Oil stadium. No other athlete from Michigan City, Indiana can claim that.
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