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  1. I find it really refreshing to finally get some interesting and provocative region talk on the GID. The city of Hammond is where football in the region was born.
  2. PBS made this in 2004. Great watch if you want to learn some region history: https://www.pbs.org/video/geoffrey-baer-tours-south-of-chicago/
  3. When Elston and Rogers consolidated in 1995 the students were given a list of nicknames to vote on and Wolves was the winner. For years Michigan City was known as the Coho Fishing Capital of the Midwest. I thought the Michigan City Steelheads would have been perfect. I am constantly asked, “Why is it called Michigan City even though it is in Indiana?” It is named after the Historic Michigan Road which was a pioneering lumber supply route that crossed the state from Kentucky to the Lake Michigan Shipping port that developed the cities along the Lake Michigan basin.
  4. City of Hammond is named after George Hammond. He was the man who invented refrigerated railroad cars. They should be called the Hammond Ice Trains.
  5. Both the newly consolidated Hammond Schools need to apply for membership to the Northwest Crossroads Conference. . Who are the athletic directors at both of the Hammond schools now?
  6. Grand Valley State had their signing day show a month ago and the coaches said they had only the Illinois players junior highlight videos to do their recruiting. They also said they are going to Illinois this spring not only to watch their recruits but also scout the underclass man.
  7. Of the starting 5 only Allie Govert is graduating. Chris Seibert has those girls clicking on all cylinders.
  8. Congratulations to your niece Emily and the Bulldogs on their state championship Saturday. What an awesome team. CP is going back to back in 2022. You have to be one proud uncle.
  9. It is a running back by committee offense but Buck is featured as the chief of the committee.
  10. Buck, Markice, TE Scott Cooper from La Porte, Kicker Josh Gorball from Concord, DB JT Webb from Elkhart Central from Concord, are all key returners for the Lakers next season. They all played against each other in high school and now have become teammates in college. BTW, I fully support the idea of the NCAA student athlete to be fully compensated for the use of their name, image, likeness and performance statistics.
  11. Outstanding, all of D2 had their football season cancelled as a result they got a full free year of college education and they did take away any of their eligibility so they will be there the next 2 seasons. Spring practice began 2 weeks ago. They are being taken care of really good up there. I told Buck that they should put him on the cover of EA Sports NCAA Football K21.
  12. As a season ticket holder I am very excited and looking forward to see Derrick Woods play at Grand Valley State.
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