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  1. Should be interesting what 6A north will be in the coming years once the Hammond schools ever consolidate.
  2. Easton grad Mike Hackett did not apply for the recently filled Michigan City High School boys basketball head coach position because I was told he makes 6 figures at Munster and did not want to take a pay cut.
  3. According the Jim Peters from the Michigan City News Dispatch Twitter page. Former Portage and LaPorte head the MCAS coach Tom Wells is expected to be named the new Michigan City Wolves varsity boys basketball coach. Another great hire by the Michigan City Area Schools.
  4. Michigan City has been doing this since coach Mason and coach Richards took over, It is a great event. I always like going and just visiting, chatting and hanging out with the parents and family members of the players.
  5. Since Lake Central reconstructed their facility 5 years ago all 8 member schools of the Duneland Conference has made the tradition from natural grass to artificial surface.
  6. Pop Warner has a 28 point mercy rule. Coaches would miss the conversions on purpose so they can keep playing another series. Often it would be achieved at the end of the 1st quarter and several times the patsy would concede at halftime. The winning team cannot pass, run outside the box or advance a turnover either,
  7. Nice to see there are only 36 opening and a few of those are because coach either retired like Jeff Cain from Whiting and in one case coach passed away. Usually at this time there are a lot more. The closing of the IPS schools is a factor because those are the ones would typically have a new coach every year.
  8. The Michigan City Wolves head varsity coach position is now posted on the school system website. Deadline to apply is Wednesday. Job description also should mention that the new coach needs to do what is ever necessary to give the team the best chance of winning championships in the Duneland conference and the IHSAA tournament. https://employment.mcas.k12.in.us/postdesc.asp?POSTING=653&fbclid=IwAR370dR5VF912ZWoAomsWEeCypu_qPOsFg5OJhxaB68fkJMXDFEyWzX93jA
  9. When are the sectional assignments for all 6 classes going to be announced?
  10. After winning no sectional or Duneland Conference in 10 seasons , compiling back to back 10 win seasons and the team scoring only 28 points in his last sectional game against Chesterton, Coach John Boyd has resigned as the Michigan City Wolves.
  11. Somebody asked me who is the girl in the IHSAA “come see me play” PSA? She is the one working out in the weight room. What school is she from?
  12. John Harrell’s Twitter page reported that the state finals attendance was 22,476, an all time low for the class era and possibly the lowest in 100 years. Don’t know what the highest attendance was but take that number and subtract that from this this weekends attendance and multiply that times $15 a ticket PER SESSION and that is the net loss for the IHSAA from it’s peak year. Maybe the start of boys basketball season needs to be moved back a week like the girls so the state final games do not conflict with the NCAA men’s and women’s tournament games.
  13. No players from New Palestine. Very happy that Michigan City has had a north All-Star for 3 years in a row.
  14. Craig Buzea got his start in the profession as he 8th grade coach at Portage’s Fegley Middle School...
  15. Thing are not going to change at all for La Porte under Lowery from what it was under Dave Sharpe. https://www.thenewsdispatch.com/sports/article_28dc0bf4-e147-5d55-a2ae-c4ee091f21d0.html
  16. Since Lake Central replaced Hobart in the Dunland Conference in 2003 Lake Central has played Michigan City 17 times. Michigan City leads the series 9-8.
  17. Congratulations to your niece Caitlyn and the Bulldogs DT!!!
  18. I would say that Michigan City has beaten Lake Central 3 times in a row under Mason and has outscored the Blue Indians 115-20 in their last two games.
  19. Interviews for the La Porte job begin this week. Bob James said he did not apply. He said that he is going to be a career assistant at La Porte.
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