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  1. It is nice to see some QBs are getting a shot at the NFL. Looks like the region is getting shut out this year.
  2. Does anybody have a list of those who played high school football in Indiana and were selected in the 2020 NFL draft or signed as an undrafted free agent? Name, position, high school, college, NFL team, round, etc.
  3. I figured the idea was inspired by the schools across the state turning on their stadium lights on last year when coach Phillip Bowsman from West Washington funeral was taking place.
  4. Heard a radio interview yesterday morning with our Michigan City Area School superintendent Dr. Barbara Eason-Watkins. She said that on Friday May 1st that they are going to turn the lights on at Ames Field to honor the Class of 2020. Apparently this is something that several schools are going do to across the state. She also stated that May 4-8th is teacher appreciation week and has requested to all local business owners that have a marquee our storefront window to display a sign of support to our teachers. This is something similar that is very commonly done in many communities whenever a team makes a deep run in the IHSAA tournament. I was wondering if any of the other schools across the state are planning on doing something similar?
  5. I don't like how they are putting grades 10-12 at Memorial and grade 9 at Central but playing all their games at Central's Rice Stadium. Michigan City tried putting grades 10-12 at Rogers and grade 9 at Elston and it was best decided to put grades 9-12 all under one roof.
  6. Cooper's uncle Rob (left in photo) (Eric's older brother) was the Portage High School junior prom king and my late oldest sister Tonia was the senior prom queen for the class of 1980. Jerry Lasky was the senior prom king and he is now the principal at Union Township Middle School in Wheeler. Rob Jones was also the Portage High School Quarterback under Les Klein. Eric Jones was also the center on Portage's 1988 regional championship basketball team, first Portage team to ever win a regional in boys basketball. Really nice family. Just a little more history for those who are interested.
  7. Portage will have to find a way to get past Penn in sectional 2.
  8. I don’t see it happening for Portage if the is a 2020 football season. Valpo takes the DAC and Merrillville wins the sectional. Will be interesting what Sectionals 1 & 2 will be in 2021 when the two Hammond schools close and consolidate. Valpo will probably be back up to because of enrollment or success factor 6A.
  9. During the school day students can go out and have gym class on the turf.
  10. New Portage head coach Russ Radtke says he is a farmer and outside of football he enjoys farming and collecting vintage and antique farm tractors.
  11. Buck's image and likeness is being prominently featured on the Grand Valley State Football season ticket renewal marketing material sent out via the United States Postal Service to season ticket holders. Very cool. It has been my goal and desire for Buck to become the marketing and promotional face of the GVSU football program during his college years and be featured like pocket schedules, magnet schedules, schedule posters, game programs, marketing promotions, team apparel, give-a-ways and other like items and am expecting to see more of this in the future.
  12. Article from The Times last week pretty much covers every thing. https://www.nwitimes.com/sports/high-school/football/q-a-russ-radtke-shares-thoughts-on-leaving-new-prairie/article_701da719-f5fe-5cbc-bd00-fcb73b8af0b3.html He also told guy from the The Post-Tribune that he is 39 years, he said to his granddaughter that after he reached a certain age he started going backwards. Jim Peters from the New-Dispatch talked to other area coaches. When Michigan City and Portage plays each other this season, between the years both coaches spent at Andrean, Michigan City, Griffith and New Prairie it will be the 12th matchup between Russ Radtke and Phil Mason inluding the 5 time Michigan City and New Prairie scrimmaged each other.
  13. A lot depends on what happens when the two Hammond schools close and consolidate.
  14. I would like to know DT's insights on those who say that if it wasn't for the winless teams there would be no undefeated teams...
  15. Appears that Gary Roosevelt is on life support. https://www.nwitimes.com/news/education/gary-schools-will-not-invest-in-roosevelt-repairs-plans-to/article_2677f40f-8cbe-5f58-bd60-5d9683b0e3a4.html
  16. Tommy


    2022 XFL Rookie if the Year
  17. He will become the 2020s version of Maurice Tolbert/Les Klein.
  18. Statement from Portage High School Athletic Director Fred Joseph: Portage High School Athletic Director Fred Joseph released the following statement regarding the hiring of Russ Radtke "On behalf of Portage High School we are proud to announce the hiring of Russ Radtke as the head football coach for the upcoming 2020-2021 season. We were overwhelmed with the amount of interest expressed for the position, as well as the number of quality applicants, and we thank all those who took the time to apply. Coach Radtke’s experience and proven success could not be overlooked. We believe Coach Radtke embodies the very essence of Portage High School and its community, with an emphasis on instilling the virtues of Loyalty, Pride and Dedication (LPD). Coach Radtke has managed to foster and cultivate a winning mentality everywhere he’s been, as evident with his accolades. Coach Radtke is #2 on the all-time winningest current coaches list with 368 victories, and he has led programs to 4 Semi-State titles as well as the 1997 State Championship with Griffith High School."
  19. News blurb from The Times: https://www.nwitimes.com/high-school/portage/portage-hires-former-griffith-coach-russ-radtke/article_aed9544e-e9c2-5798-b5e7-dbeadb4d2dee.html#tracking-source=home-breaking
  20. Per the Region Sports Network Russ Radtke was hired tonight by the Portage Township School Board of Trustees as the new head varsity football coach.
  21. At age 67 Portage would probably be his last stop.
  22. Radtke needs to go in there and kick some butt.
  23. Al Hamnik (a guy that has been covering the high school sports scene longer that most people reading this has been alive) is reporting that Russ Radtke is leaving New Prairie and taking over at Portage. The DAC and 6A north might get a lot more interesting.
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