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  1. Interesting to look at this list... Ben Davis, Carmel, Center Grove I believe are the 3 schools to win a sectional in both basketball and football this school year.
  2. I didn’t realize Stan was back at Ben Davis. I’m sure that ferocious defense he brings will be rolling soon.
  3. If you’re laughing at the fact that DT thinks WC’s best days are behind them and Kirschner will guide them to a championship, then I’m laughing with you.
  4. Congratulations to Mike Kirschner as he will now coach his alma mater
  5. No need explaining it to me, the guy who is the Visual Head at CHS has a classroom across the hall from me. I’ve been supporting him as he has me since the 90’s. Yes, I’m an old folk.
  6. Thank you! It seems there are two people on this board who have no interest in anything but their own agendas.
  7. No, I have issues with people that think they’re better than others and act as if others are beneath them which you do. I’ve never even met you, yet I know you’re the biggest jerk I’ve ever known. I personally don’t care what you think of me, but at least I know my character is good and that I’m involved in all of this for the good of the kids. You and DT are only concerned with your own egos and are the reasons kids have self esteem issues and don’t try. It’s because of people such as yourselves that we, as educators, have to constantly focus on other things besides education.
  8. They do merge them down in the finals. The point is, there are still far fewer classes than high school football and the comment was uneducated.
  9. That’s as ignorant of a comment as I’ve ever read. Marching band has only 4 classes in Indiana. That’s it. The national circuit has only 3 classes, then in the finals they merge down to 1 class. That’s it. Know the facts before you blurt out some ignorant information such as that.
  10. Did you see me mention the name Center Grove ANYWHERE in my post? I said what I said. BD and WC return talent. They’ll be in the top of the MIC. I don’t care about what CG is doing in this post. I KNOW they have another year of dominance remaining. It’s so cute how you have become a CG fanboy that you mention them even when they aren’t being discussed.
  11. Both BD and WC both have incredibly talented underclassmen. They’ll both be very good next year. DT knows very little about X’s and O’s and uses these hot takes to keep himself relevant.
  12. I would agree. I’d give more but I’m currently Covid positive and there’s not much more energy. I’ll be back.
  13. This is just another DT hot take to try to ruffle some feathers. You could make the argument, and actually I will, make the argument, at seasons end Ben Davis was 2nd best in the MIC. 4 Semi-State appearances in 5 years. They’re fine. BD started slow due to covid, having less practice time than their opponents as they faced schools in Hendricks County. By seasons end, they were better than both teams. Then, I’m the regional they beat Carmel. Who was better in the MIC besides CG at seasons end? WC had a down year but I don’t believe they’re worse off as a program. 2 years
  14. I wasn’t analyzing squat, I just said BD had a bad 3Q, which they DID. Goodness gracious, some of us don’t spend all day on their keyboard at this website because they have nothing else to do with their lives. Some of us actually have families, practices, schedules to keep. I’m not a reporter or play by play or hot take guy, so I don’t have to do anything to satisfy any of you that think I should. I simply said BD had a bad 3Q, as they did. It’s too bad is all. You’re pathetic temptation. You’re truly pathetic and you could never say anything you have to say to m
  15. I’m not discrediting anything so you should watch your tone. You can’t deny that BD gave CG excellent field position 4 times in the 3rd. Goodness, one comment and the free reduced lunch fanboy freaks out. Good gravy, we can’t just have good, interesting discussion on here for anything
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