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  1. I want to know how Warren or anyone in the MIC is running and hiding? If you aren’t aware, Center Grove is the one dropping all the MIC schools after this year (you’ll notice they aren’t on the schedule of any basketball schedules in 22-23), while Carmel is remaining on for all MIC times for the time being. Carmel might eventually play some others, but they’re not dropping Warren or BD.
  2. Who are you attempting to bash at this point? The kids? The adults? Neither one is a good look and is a low blow, even for someone such as yourself. That’s what this has turned into, you making fun of the MIC. I am a former teacher of a MIC school and have a kid who graduated from Carmel. I can assure you that we hold no animosity and understand the need for the move in sports that are not generating revenue. The kids in these communities are killing each other daily, fighting to have a good home life with some not sure where their next meal might come from and you’re worried about LOGOS ON A TROPHY???? These teachers, for many of the students, are the adult figures in their lives and if you taught at an inner city school as you say you do, you wouldn’t be bashing these communities. One athletic director just buried his two grandchildren and again, you are worried about LOGOS ON A TROPHY????? I thought my disgust for you couldn’t get any worse but I was wrong. My son won a state title at Carmel and as proud as I am of him, none of that compares to the real problems facing these communities. Your comments are pathetic. Good for Carmel and CG on having outstanding athletic programs. Good for both schools who manage to get their kids to school on time, get good grades, have supportive parents with money to get them the tools to succeed. Go spend a day in the lives of a child who’s parents either don’t exist, or only have one parent working three jobs to make ends meet and have teachers who have to buy coats for their students just to keep them warm in the winter and then maybe you’ll understand your comments are unneeded and unwanted. I guarantee you that you wouldn’t run your mouth in front of anyone from these communities. No, you need a keyboard to spew off your hatred. How is that for a hot take?
  3. I spent the early part of my teaching career at Pike and worked closely with John Clark, Athletic Director at Ben Davis. Two of his grandchildren were killed this past weekend in Owen County. Somber situation at the funeral home today and a lot of athletic departments from all over Central Indiana here today. Please say a prayer for the Clark and Driver families.
  4. What are the real reasons these schools are having difficulties finding teams? Is it lack of interest? Lack of resources? Lack of money for the student to participate? Lack of home support? If you think this is laughable instead of disappointing that athletic programs are dying before our very eyes without trying to fix the situation, that’s a serious problem.
  5. Also, interestingly enough, today 6 of the 9 teams at Ben Davis were ranked in the top 20. Center Grove, the winner, was unranked. Most of the events at the BD relays are not scored in the tournament. All field events were an average of the top two finishers. There were also medley relays which are not events in the tournament making it one of the more unique events because coaches typically want to stick to meets where they can prep their team for the tournament.
  6. I was at this meet today. Whoever Ben Davis has as their announcer should be working at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, not at a high school track meet. Anyone know if he’s a teacher at the school?
  7. I do know that North Central is dropping Center Grove and adding Cathedral after their 2022 contract runs out. Both the 2023 and 2024 games will be at North Central and should be competitive as NC has some talent coming up the ranks. Ben Davis will be maintaining Carmel and Center Grove as both coaching staffs agree that it is mutually beneficial for football. Lawrence North is adding a Fort Wayne school beginning in 2023 to replace Carmel. That's all I know as of now.
  8. Talked to a friend of mine from Cathedral last night. The Irish will play North Central in 2023 and 2024, with both games at NC.
  9. I’m not taking ANY PLEASURE as I was a Carmel dad up until this past year when my son graduated. Where are you getting envy? I simply stated that your comment about not being beaten isn’t fact, it’s only true about a 2-year run. Prior to that, Center Grove went 8-6 with a 1-4 start, 9-4 with a 2-3 start and 6-6. That is fact. I can’t state that it is fact that CG or Carmel won’t win in 2022, but both Warren and Ben Davis return a plethora of talent and in my opinion, it will be a major challenge for Center Grove and Carmel to defeat both WC and BD. That’s how it’s worked with the MIC’s top 4 for nearly 20 years. Don’t act as if CG and Carmel have ran the show, because that’s not true. The sad truth is, that currently, CG and Carmel are left without a conference and, in football, that is a killer. Both teams can play 2 HCC non conference games (dependent upon contracts), Cathedral, the Copper Kettle game, then only hope that 5 other teams will schedule them. IMO, there aren’t but maybe 2-3 other teams in all of Indiana that will be competitive with both teams regularly. This means you’re left with out of state opponents, and all I’m saying is a simple FACT. CG and Carmel will not benefit from the tens of fans that the other schools bring, nor will a game with an out of state team. I just asked my son who is now at Valparaiso, who he would rather play each year, Warren Central or East St. Louis and his answer, Warren. Carmel and CG’s best option now would be to lure teams from the HCC and maybe North Central to form a new conference. Its also important to note that this only affects football in my opinion, but in your largest revenue generating sport, these two schools dropped the ball. Nothing was gained. Kids were affected today, and there’s no envy. It infuriates me. I’m mad that there wasn’t a better plan. The two schools simply were like an employee who talked to other employees about quitting, then instead of being able to quit, they were fired without another job lined up. I have no affiliation now, so I’m not afraid to say, both schools hurt their students today. Funny was not the appropriate word. Ironic is more appropriate.
  10. They aren’t facts. You act as if CG has won 10 state titles in a row. They haven’t. In fact, I don’t believe they would be in the top 2 in next years MIC. I do find it funny though in CG’s new world, they’ll more than likely make less money than what the MIC schools provided. Greed will only hurt the kids in the long run, but I’m sure a rivalry with Detroit MLK will benefit the Trojans.
  11. I can’t see Carmel wanting to play teams they'll have a running clock on annually. No offense to Harrison, but we’re talking an annual elite program here. Carmel only aligns with so many programs before they simply blast the others.
  12. I find it to be extremely ironic that both CG and Carmel were hoping to bring in programs that brought more gate revenue, yet they’ll now more than likely fill their schedule with Detroit Renaissance, East St. Louis, etc. Bravo! Bravo!
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