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  1. What is everyone’s thought on how Kentucky does it for basketball? They break into 16 regions, all single class. Football should never be single class, but breaking into regions and no conferences, I could get behind that. Obviously though I love the MIC and don’t want to see it go away.
  2. I’m not sure how BD is doing poor? If they win this weekend they’ll win the MIC with a relatively young team. They’re a favorite to win the sectional. If they need to have their program turned around, you’re essentially saying the entire MIC needs an overhaul. I knew this BD team would need to rebuild in 18 and 19. They’ll be one of the best in 2020, no doubt. Just as long as they don’t beat the Hounds. 2 state titles in 5 years. Not shabby. CG 1 Carmel 1 WC 1 Other 28 6A programs, 0
  3. Attendance certainly already struggles, but I don’t see neutral sites being a viable option, because keep in mind, Saturday games at places such as Carmel aren’t going to be an option. JV/Freshman games, then our marching band always uses this as a rehearsal facility for a few hours as well. If you’re going to tell the current 3-time National Champions they can’t use their football stadium for a neutral site game between Lafayette Jeff and Bloomington South, yikes I can’t imagine the war.
  4. Agree. You can definitely see the effect up here. Happens about once/decade.
  5. Taylor is only a non-QB at the college level because of his height. There’s also Kyle Castner who played at Columbia and was 4 completions away from the state record and led the Giants to a state title in 14. Marqueis Gray was a D1 prospect and played QB at Minnesota and in the NFL transitioned to a TE. I think with the type of athlete the MIC produces it’s OK that a majority of the D1 athletes aren’t QB’s. MIC produces a lot of speed.
  6. The MIC just graduated Reese Taylor and Jayden George. Reese Taylor has been mentioned in “best athlete in Indiana” discussions. Maybe the MIC should be contracted...
  7. Recruiting services don’t lie and don’t play favorites, but it doesn’t matter. Giants might be getting less and less talent each year, but they still have won 2 titles in the last 5 years over Penn and Carmel by a combined score of 105-38. CG has a title, Warren has a title and Carmel has a title in that same time span. Avon 0, Brownsburg 0, HSE 0. Fishers is the l my school from the HCC to win the big school title and that was 9 years ago.
  8. Many times yes, but teams certainly can win without. I’ve seen a number of Center Grove and Penn teams in the early 2000’s just be really solid as a team with 0 D1 players. FJ Reitz is another team, didn’t win the title because of James Banks and company but went to the semi-state with 0 D1 talent. Take BD out of the equation that year and it’s possible that Reitz wins the whole thing.
  9. End of day, to say the talent pool is dried up or dropping off at three INCREDIBLE football programs is asinine at best... To day that the MIC as a conference is declining after one year of rebuilding is also, asinine at best...
  10. Since 6A was developed it’s only been a 4-team race, every single year. But since you’re on one, 2016 Carmel didn’t have superstars if I remember right, though I was gone on a media trip all fall long. You’re also giving a 6-year window. Even if not, I can go right over to our neighbor and show you multiple 8A champs who haven’t had top 15 players. I know, you asked 6A. My original point was, you DO NOT need to have a top 15 player to win a title in this state. I’m certain of this. Please don't ever ever again call me son, it’s disrespectful. Plus, I’m probably years older than you.
  11. But you didn’t say that, I’m only answering the question that’s given to me... I know a number of coaches who have won state titles without top 15 players and I trust that my time in this game is much further advanced than yours would be.
  12. That’s easy, EVERY YEAR. - There are 32 teams, meaning at least 17 teams will not have a top 15 player.
  13. Rivals has nothing to do with the talent of a team. You don’t need a top 15 player to win a title. My post was a rebuttal that the HCC has been better for the last 5 years. It hasn’t. From top to bottom it’s not even better this year as the Sagarin shows. They might win 6A this year, but guaranteed this is one year only, at least for the next few years. The MIC will dominate again next year. I’m confident in what I say. No need to deny over here. I concur. Carmel also needs to go since they may not even win the conference with having better talent than CG/WC/BD. Contract.
  14. BTW, did you know that the majority of the HCC has been in the largest class since 2003 and the suburb movement started happening nearly 20 years ago? Here we are though, still with a MIC conference that has won 17 of the last 20 titles. The MIC is allowed to have down years. 2010 for example, Sagarin ratings of: Carmel 2 (Lost sectional semi) Warren Central 3 (Lost sectional round 1) Center Grove 15 (Lost sectional round 1) Ben Davis 19 (Lost sectional round 1) Lawrence North 34 (Lost sectional semi) Terre Haute North 52 (Lost sectional semi) North Central 62 (Lost sectional round 1) Terre Haute South 75 (Lost sectional round 1) Average of 32.75, a far cry from this year’s average of 14.375. Still ahead of the HCC 16.625 The MIC didn’t die die in 2010, it just came back stronger. 2019 might be down to the standards but the conference is young. Mark my words. 2020 the conference will be strong again, and CG probably wins the title, possibly even back to back, especially seeing as Avon and Brownsburg lose a lot of talent and will take a step back. Should be fun watching the back peddling next year.
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