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  1. Anyone know if this game is going to be live streamed?
  2. Imagine that! I didn't even know there was a contest. Tell me what I won, Bobref.
  3. The way you worded your reply made it sound like that was common knowledge and everyone should know it. And observation or not, what did that have to do with my post? In case you missed it, Southridge IS in 3A. You know that right? I could care less what their enrollment is. They are a damn fine football program, regardless.
  4. I think it's safe to say: this game will eventually take on a life of it's own. A game like this only comes along about once a generation. 2 powerhouses going at it. The best in 6A against the best in 5A. Both nationally ranked and both undefeated. Throw out the classes, throw out the records. I am one fan who is glad they get to settle the bragging rights on the last week of the season. Anything earlier in the year, and I believe it could have been a distraction for one or maybe both teams. I am not going to pick a winner in this one! I think they are that close to each other. I don't think Hollywood could have scripted this one any better. My congrats to both teams for their outstanding seasons. Now go represent and stay healthy! And remember: you still have the tournament to finish.
  5. Maybe, just maybe CG got caught looking ahead to next week and the REAL "game of the year" against Cathedral.
  6. Maybe this person doesn't realize that Southridge was bumped up to 3A. They should check the 3A polls. I just looked and Southridge is ranked #3 in the AP poll and #4 in the coach's poll. I did NOT see anything on there that said, "but they have a 2A enrollment". Pssstttt....Southridge is also rated in the 3A Sagarin ratings. Nope, nothing on their either that says, "but they have a 2A enrollment".
  7. What is the point of that statement? And no, I didn't know (personally) that Southridge has a 2A enrollment. Is Southridge in the 3A tournament? Why, yes they are. Doesn't matter if they have a 1A enrollment. I don't keep track of 320 teams enrollments. But if they are in 3A, why do I need to say they have a 2A enrollment? The bottom line is they are playing in 3A. Dude, what exactly is it that you want???
  8. ALL RECORDS USED IN THIS THREAD ARE THROUGH WEEK 8 (4 - 2) North Knox @ (6 - 2) Forrest Park (1 - 7) South Spencer @ (4 - 4) Mater Dei (4 - 3) North Posey @ (0 - 4) Crawford County (5 - 3) Linton @ (6 - 1) Tell City There are a couple of good matchups in this first round,. I like the North Knox @ Forrest Park game. I expect it will be a dandy. North Knox has a strong running attack. Don't know much about Forrest Park other than their 2 losses are to 2A Tell City and 3A (4 - 2) Mount Vernon. I also like the Linton @ Tell City game. Along with Mater Dei, Tell City has to be a favorite. Even though they came up a couple of points short, they gave 3A Southridge all they wanted. Linton has had an up and down season, but regardless, they usually get people's attention. They haven't made a lot of noise in 2A just yet, but knocking off a favorite like Tell City would be a good start. North Posey has played 3A Southridge, 3A Heritage Hills (Double over time loss by one point), and 2A Tell City. They are no stranger to good competition, and I believe they will be too much for Crawford County. The Wolfpack has had it rough for several years now and this year doesn't look to be any different. They only got to play 4 games on their schedule in this crazy year. But in those four games, they have been outscored by an average of 56 - 6. A better match up would have been with South Spencer, but that is the luck of the ping pong balls. Speaking of South Spencer, they get to travel to Evansville to take on Mater Dei. Not much can be said about this game. South Spencer seems to be on the opposite end of the scale from Mater Dei. Besides, Mater Dei plays one of the tougher schedules in all of 2A so even though South Spencer plays their best game of the year, I believe Mater Dei will have no problem moving into round 2. Best of Luck and Good Health to all teams.
  9. It's week 9 already. Seems like the season just started a couple of weeks ago. This week Linton travels to take on the Pioneers of Providence. This will be the fourth meeting between these 2 programs. Linton is 2 - 1 in the first 3 games they have played. Harrell predicts a 31 - 24 Miner win. 2 of Providence's losses have come against undefeated 4A Silver Creek (8 - 0) and 5A Floyd Central (6 - 2) so they have played some tough competition. I think it will be a close game and turnovers will be a factor. Good health to both teams.
  10. Don't know about Michigan, but Ohio has 600+ schools that play football. Only half of them get in the tournament. So they already have 300+ "neutral" sites available even in the first round of sectionals if they ever wanted to do that. It gives them way more options geographically than it would here in Indiana even for regionals and semi-state choices since we have an all in tourney. I am okay with neutral sites. My old high school in Ohio has hosted a few tournament games. It gives Ohio fans a chance to watch a tournament game and sometimes All Star players even if their team didn't get in. High school football in Ohio is the unofficial state religion.
  11. LOL I know maybe some people think Bobref has been around forever, but that is stretching it a bit.
  12. But you weren't 43 years old and a professional in high school.
  13. I would have posted the "game of the year" is next week but a couple of others beat me to it! Center Grove AND Cathedral are both ranked nationally and #1 and #2 in the Sagarin ratings. No doubt this will be a big game and maybe game of the year for LN, but game of the year for the state of Indiana is next week.
  14. In case you missed it, last night in the Thursday night game between the Bucs and the Bears, the last 1:13 provided a comical yet sad moment. The Bears won the game 20 - 19, but Tom Terrific made a mistake so unlike him the announcers were in shock. I couldn't believe what I was watching. The Bucs had possession of the ball and had 4th down and 5 yards to go at their own 30 yard line. They ran a play and Brady threw an incomplete pass. Brady, kept his offense on the field. He hesitated and then spoke to an official. While talking with the official he was holding up 4 fingers. It took the officials a couple of minutes to convince Brady that the Bears had possession of the ball as the Bucs had turned it over on downs. Brady forgot what down it was! Brady finally walked off the field with the rest of the offense. At the end of the game, he went straight to the locker room. No hand shakes, no hellos, no kiss my rear, no nothing. He did the same thing when Foles beat him in the Super Bowl. Apparently Tommy Terrific has never learned how to lose with dignity. Foles played it off in his post game interview that it has to do with the virus and everyone just wants to get off the field. There was NO virus during the Super Bowl and Brady did the same thing after that loss to the Eagles (and Foles). Brady is a tool. I don't care if he has 20 super bowl rings, I have ZERO respect for someone like that. Coach Nowlin has to be a happy camper today. LOL
  15. I was watching this stupid show. They did 1A North, 1A South, then 2A North but NO 2A South! They jumped to 3A North How dumb. I guess there is no 2A South tournament then.
  16. Keep the penalties low, and this game should be a blowout for Cathedral. Can you say, "running clock"?
  17. Never said that I find 100% of the topics exciting and engaging. But as I said in another post, I respect other people's right to post them. So I am NOT going to say "there are too many" as you have stated. Uh THIS "internet message forum" is a high school football website. What part of that don't you get? And I live in Monroe County.
  18. No ego here skippy. You want to play it that way, I'm fine with it. And yeah you are immature for posting a thumbs down rather than trying to discuss the ridiculous statement you made. This website isn't here for YOUR approval or MINE. I don't read every thread that is posted but I respect other people's rights to post them and would NEVER claim there are too many. Sounds like you are a control freak. You want everything how YOU want it. It must be eating you up. Why put yourself through the aggravation and why not just leave here if you don't like it that much? I'm not trying to run anyone off from here. I just don't understand why you hate football and hate how things go on the threads. Why put yourself through that aggravation? Wouldn't you be happier away from here? And please try to be honest.
  19. But, but, but this website is NOT about you or me. If you find them boring, then as I suggested maybe you should look for another website to join. This IS a football website with discussions about football. Thank you so much for the "new OOB" invitation. However, I'll respectfully decline. There is nothing but poison, rumors, and lies spread in those places. I'd rather just talk about football. Sorry that YOU don't.
  20. I see the truth hurts. You had to go the junior high route and put up a thumbs down. Real mature.
  21. You are a good one to talk about someone educating themselves. What, no comment? YOU are the one who said there are already too many threads about football conferences on a football website. Not too bright of someone to make that kind of statement. So point that "education finger" at yourself, please.
  22. Of course it's fine with you. They closed down your OOB playground. You MUST be going crazy not being able to talk about something other than football. Too many threads about football on a football website??? Perish the thought. Do you even proofread what you type? Maybe you should unsubscribe to this place and go find something more to your "liking". Just a suggestion.
  23. Dude that is just too damn funny. You know your ego won't allow that, or do you? You have appointed yourself as a "societal savior". Maybe you aren't conceited, but you ARE convinced that it is your way or NO way. You have ALL of the answers to EVERYONE's problems. And they don't even need to ask for your advice. You are GOING to tell them regardless. I give it 2 weeks and you'll be back at it. You don't know it, but you just can't help yourself. What was the point of this topic, really?
  24. First of all, let me apologize for this being late. I have been in the hospital for a heart procedure this week and just got home yesterday afternoon. This week the Thunderbirds pay a visit to Roy Williams field. I want to believe this game will have a little more bite to it since the Miners were beaten so soundly last week at home. Harrell predicts a 45 - 10 Linton win. But last week the Miners were a 12 point favorite and lost. Eastern Greene has to be thinking, "why not us"? While I think the T Birds are not on the same level as North Knox, the Miners had better show up to play. If people thought last week's win by the Warriors was big, a T Bird win this week would be HUGE. They have only beaten the Miners once, ever. It would probably be cause for a month long celebration, plus a huge parade, and the coach would get his name on the governor's ballot in next month's election. All joking aside, good health to both teams.
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