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  1. When you play 2 bigger schools (that are good) back to back, that can be a lot of wear and tear on a football team and increases the risk of injury. They get to play Merrillville while they're still fresh. Andrean definitely gets better kids than the average 2A team, but depth can be an issue when a key player goes down. Being early in the season, may not be a factor come tournament time.
  2. When Andrean moves to CP and drops Merrillville from their schedule, it will be a rivalry. The game will be competitive most years, but it's tough to establish another rivalry.
  3. Too many coaches confuse hamburger drills to see who's tough with teaching tackling. The kids are too far apart going at full speed with no preparation. I don't care if you work on tackling for 6 months, if that's the form a player is going to use, they never get in a drill like this. Video the drills that are much more controlled and show mom and dad why their child is not ready for tackle football. If they still insist on getting their kid killed, show them this video. #NotOnMyWatch
  4. True, but then you play in the sectional championship after 2 weeks off. That's a long stretch for high school kids. I think one week off does a lot for the bigger schools (that play a big school schedule) especially if you're playing a team for the second time.
  5. The old Hobart Brickie Bowl. They were the team to beat. The game day watering of the field (it was so wet, I slipped and fell and I was coaching.). A full house back in the day. Concrete bleachers with another set of bleachers stacked on top just seemed like big time football. Very first varsity game I started as a player was there and a couple of games as a coach. A lot of memories.
  6. We'll know football has arrived if those schools start adding football. Maybe Texas 6-man or 8 man.
  7. I know of one officiating crew at a Northwest Indiana game that had a female ref. We need more, so we better start getting them from wherever we can find them.
  8. That explains what happened to Munster. I'm glad they're good at something because it isn't football. Times change because that wasn't the case back in the day.
  9. Then every state is a basketball state and the NBA is more popular than the NFL? You could argue more kids participate on football teams. The bands are bigger.
  10. I guess it depends what your criteria are for top sport in the state as a whole. I never considered that it had to be popular in every single school. Cost may be playing a bigger role than interest.
  11. Of course both can be good with one still being better than the other.
  12. When you drop a top school from your schedule and you give up 40+ to Southport and New Albany, and easy win just may be what they're looking for.
  13. I think class basketball killed the Cinderella story potential.
  14. Football in Indiana has come a long way. I got into HS coaching in 1986. No way would I have believed how expanded the season as become with: passing camps, spring football, summer "workouts". We use to call that cheating. In school weight programs have made a big difference. There are coaching jobs (not many) that are full-time with little to no teaching responsibilities. Synthetic fields are more common (I realize the cost benefit is almost that of grass, but still requires a significant up-front investment.). I wonder if anyone plays a full season on grass. IN HS basketball is no
  15. The coach at Covington has managed to go into a basketball school and get those kids to play football. Can't predict their record, but they're going to put up some passing stats.
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