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  1. We'll know football has arrived if those schools start adding football. Maybe Texas 6-man or 8 man.
  2. I know of one officiating crew at a Northwest Indiana game that had a female ref. We need more, so we better start getting them from wherever we can find them.
  3. That explains what happened to Munster. I'm glad they're good at something because it isn't football. Times change because that wasn't the case back in the day.
  4. Then every state is a basketball state and the NBA is more popular than the NFL? You could argue more kids participate on football teams. The bands are bigger.
  5. I guess it depends what your criteria are for top sport in the state as a whole. I never considered that it had to be popular in every single school. Cost may be playing a bigger role than interest.
  6. Of course both can be good with one still being better than the other.
  7. When you drop a top school from your schedule and you give up 40+ to Southport and New Albany, and easy win just may be what they're looking for.
  8. I think class basketball killed the Cinderella story potential.
  9. Football in Indiana has come a long way. I got into HS coaching in 1986. No way would I have believed how expanded the season as become with: passing camps, spring football, summer "workouts". We use to call that cheating. In school weight programs have made a big difference. There are coaching jobs (not many) that are full-time with little to no teaching responsibilities. Synthetic fields are more common (I realize the cost benefit is almost that of grass, but still requires a significant up-front investment.). I wonder if anyone plays a full season on grass. IN HS basketball is no
  10. The coach at Covington has managed to go into a basketball school and get those kids to play football. Can't predict their record, but they're going to put up some passing stats.
  11. Good Question! Northwest Indiana football needs something. I don't know if the teaching positions are not available or if many schools are hiring football coaches and not requiring them to teach. Mishawaka and Dwenger have been the top teams from the northeast, but they're not dominating. The big question would if Zionsville moved up (I remember when they were 3A back when Rick Wimmer as there.), would a team like Cathedral get moved to the north? They may end up getting bumped up every couple of years. Who knows, they may catch up to 6A teams at the rate they're going. We'll see if
  12. If there's no teaching requirement outside of the weight room at LC, it's the better job. Getting kids academically eligible, keeping them out of trouble, in a weight program along with handling recruiters is a full-time job. They have to be willing to travel and get more 6A teams on their schedule. Start with the Fort Wayne area and IL or MI. They're not ready for the MIC. At LC, you better start winning 8-9 games to get the community's attention. I hope the new coach addresses and gets what he needs to win there.
  13. M'ville has lost 5 straight to Valpo, so they probably don't want to be in the same sectional.
  14. If Carmel gets to go up north for the playoffs, they'll probably be in the state championship even if they lose a few games.
  15. It's no doubt this year was CG's turn, but how does Carmel get into that conversation? Especially after losing to BD in the Regional. 2014 & 15 were the last times Carmel swept both WC and BD in the same season. Not exactly dominance. Neither have had to play in a sectional with another MIC team. That's 2 weeks of tuneup games. And Carmel getting to go through the north is a huge advantage lately. Switch them with Westfield and they would have been back in the State Championship game. Last time WC won a state championships, they just about had to go through the MIC twice.
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