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  1. Jan. 9, 2021 (1 p.m.) 2A No. 1 Linton vs. 3A No. 5 Crown Point Hey GMS, why is this game at New Castle and not at Linton. What is the event occuring at New Castle that day?
  2. 11-28-20 - CP 78, Lawrence North 75 (OT) Jessica Carrothers (CP) 38 points
  3. That's funny. I was very confident Lowell would beat EC......but I would bet you remember this. What happened to Hobart today was what I thought would happen to Lowell in 2005. Roncalli had won state in 2002, 2003 and 2004 and they led Lowell 27-14 at the top of the fourth quarter...in the 2005 title game All week long I was hoping against hope.......Lowell didnt seem to match up.... But Lowell won 28-27...15 years ago this week....I dont think I've ever seen a bigger upset CG seems so much faster than in the games I saw before...Some of these mis-directions a
  4. I'm glad you said that. To make the final game, to me, is 1000% better than losing at the semistate. You and your school and your town got the state finals experience... When you get over what happened in the game, you can rationalize that you lost to the champs.....and you gave it all you had../..
  5. I've always thought that in high school, offensive lines win championships.. If you have the ball, it doesnt matter what their offense can do.. CG just seems too big and strong for the other side Center Grove vs. the New York Jets, who wins..??
  6. Glad to see the Rocks get in there....makes the score a little better... It was hard to watch Hobart this afternoon....worst loss of their careers...final game
  7. I'm just kidding. Its not illegal.. Miranda Elish.....a softball player from Crown Point, was offered before she got to high school...
  8. Ive only watched CG on tape but they're playing with a ......uhh.. violence tonight that is different..
  9. True or false (I cant argue: Didnt see the game) Cathedral outplayed Center Grove, right?
  10. That's what I heard. I never saw the Cathedral-Center Grove game but from what I read, cathedral led in the final minute and CG snatched it away... That doers not speak well for Zionsville's chances/
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