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  1. Sorry. Irish Man I had it wrong. I believe it is Morton that is not playing in week seven or eight...
  2. To be clear, Hammond Central is looking for a week 8 game. They are playing Morton this week (week 7)
  3. Lavarion Logan (4) has scored 18 touchdowns for Merrillville this fall. Quarterback Angel Nelson (4) has thrown for 18 TD passes.
  4. Mason McMullen (30), Nate Craft (47), Max Soto (16) and 5A No. 2 Valparaiso have allowed 88 points (14.7 per game) in six wins so far this season, including a 10-7 win over 6A No. 10 Chesterton (5-1)..
  5. This one may fill up the 6,000-seat 'Viking Field" in Valparaiso... The Vikings and Pirates did not meet in 2020 due to Covid .. 1,000-yard rusher Hayden Vinyard of Valpo and 1,000-yard rusher Lavarian Logan of Merrillville. Valpo's big offensive line vs. Kenneth Grant (a Michigan recruit) on the 'D' patrol for the Pirates... Valpo hasnt lost a conference game in five years...... ...Last meeting: Valpo 29. Merrillville 28 (10-4-19) Its on.
  6. Keagan Rothrock....was 24-1 364 strikeouts in 162 innings..... Tell your son to become her agent. She might make some endorsement money when she gets to college
  7. Wow. That school needs to forfeit the season.... Once the game is over, its over. That's a criminal act....and the home school has to pay the price.
  8. Brian Guzek..I dont think he started the season, though.
  9. Fender. Didnt that Roncalli girl who throws the ball 70 MPH lead her team to the state softball title.?? As a 15-year-old sophomore (and she didnt play as a freshie due to Covid)
  10. I hear you and, in theory, you're right, but Its not that easy to define who the 'best kid' is, is it? The best kid or the best leader. ? The most talented kid or the the one who has earned respect of his teammates. See? 'The future' or 'the winner'? Hobart's freshman Noah Ehrlich started from day one. They are coached by a former NFL player Craig Osika (He played on one of Hobart's 4 state title teams and he has big time respect in the Hobart community) and they apparently made this decision last spring. I'd bet Osika had a talk with the seniors about it, too. For the record, Ehrlich is 51 of 80 for 729 yards, 6TDs and no interceptions...against 5 teams that include Chesterton (4-1) and Merrillville (5-0) and Lowell. He's proven himself. By the way, Andrean's 15-year-old sophomore Scott Ballentine is 102 of 156 for 1,175 yards, 12 TDS and 4 interceptions in 5 starts...including Merrillville (5-0) and two-time defending state champ Grand Rapids, Michigan Central Catholic (4-0). ....Andrean plays Hobart this Friday.
  11. Here's the problem with that south-man. If you start a freshman QB, he wasnt even on the team last year, right? But you had a backup QB on the varsity and junior varsity QB and a freshman team QB. You have to tell them all, they arent good enough. And if its the JV or the backup, then you have to tell them that even though they may have waited their entire life to play QB for the hometown team, that they got beat out by a kid who isnt even in high school yet. You have to tell the entire senior class that their final shot at their football goals will be led by a kid who cant even drive. And if they dont like that, they can learn a new position or they can go run cross country. See what I mean?
  12. Isn't this a relatively new thing, though.? I'm a person of a certain age and, when i was young, you didnt even have freshmen on the varsity unless you were a small school. Didnt matter how good they were. At schools of lets say, 1,000, freshman played JV and they dint question it. Now you have freshman and sophomores throwing the ball 20-30 times. The game has changed.
  13. ??? You lost me there, FB. More prominent teams are starting QBs very young up here. Andrean started a sophomore QB this year. He's thrown for 1,000 in 5 games Michigan City is starting a soph QB. Tyler Bush 18 of 32 for 356 in his first start. I think QBs are being 'bred' and lined up to start earlier. None of the '3' are starting because of injury., It was the plan. That's a change from years ago...
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