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  1. Everybody would have to distance or nobody would......You wouldnt know who was who.
  2. No, Illinois is the first state you want to follow concerning the virus because of where they are next to us. Conditions there would be similar to conditions here. You wouldnt want to follow what Alaska or Maine are doing. We WOULD want to look at what Illinois is doing.. ...as an option...
  3. Nobody's going to cancel. the season.///// Just talk about options.... Plan B...Plan C...etc/ How would you handle the 'student section'?
  4. This is what Illinois said, too..T-man........in July. Then they decided spring football was the smarter, safer thing to do. The Illinois model is there... .....for us to adopt
  5. I have heard something similar............ It would make sense to give direction for teams that want to start Monday. The concept of letting everybody figure it out on their own.......is not leadership.
  6. That's what they say now..... They also expected to play the basketball state tournament last year...remember.? .They had plans for how to do it.. Structure. Rules for fans and coaches. Media and players. ..and then what happened...?
  7. No, T-man. The season would be moved first.. Illinois didnt move their season because they like April showers. They need that state tourney cash. We've both been around since the ball was square....you know the IHSAA isnt going to let 50 or 60% of schools play in the fall if 100% could play in the spring. The IHSAA wont have a state tournament without Marion County/ Remember how much income they has lost this year (no basketball tourney). Its a cash money thing.
  8. If no Marion County teams play this fall, nobody plays this fall. They are the center of the IHSAA universe.
  9. ESPN.com says that ESPN has been told to be ready. Alternative programming may be required as of Monday.
  10. Major League baseball may cancel the entire season Monday due to the virus.
  11. Exactly....In the fall or the spring, you'd have to allow parents. If we dont feel we can allow mom and dad to sit and watch, the players lose out. The Big-10 would say no to Cathedral, DT.
  12. If its bad next year, we postpone again. But we have time to work on answers. 150,000 have died. We cant play now. Its a life and death situation that, to me, isnt worth the risk.
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