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  1. But you are ALWAYS better of with a bye than a game. You cant be eliminated on bye week. Nobody can get injured on a Friday that you dont play. Ask offensive linemen who play every offensive down for nine weeks if they want a bye week (or) two before the playoffs.
  2. Thanks, NLC............But it is hard to grasp. Why did 3 teams drop out of 6A? I dont think there were 29 teams in 6A the last 2 years.///I'm pretty sure there were 32. If exact enrollments fluctuated, why did some teams drop to 5A?
  3. Andrean did not move up to 3A like they were supposed to so everybody in Sectional 33 has a problem. 😒
  4. There should be 32 teams in 6A.. The 32 teams with the biggest enrollment. A 3-team sectional isnt a sectional. Its one game for somebody Let Class 1A have the byes/ They need them. There's five eight teams sectionals in 1A
  5. DT; As you know the Hammond schools have little chance to compete against Crown Point, Merrillville and Lake Central in football. Morton was state rated in 4A And DAC teams are not going to drop natural rivals CP-Lowell, LC-Munster, Merrillville-Andrean to play Hammond or Elkhart. Why would they?
  6. I hadn't seen her play before this year. She's good defensively at 3B and her bat is coming around. I think next year she'll probably be their shortstop. The big game now is (barring a sectional upset) Crown Point at Lake Central....for the regional title on June 1...I think the winner of that game gets to the state title game.
  7. They could've called their gym 'The Ice Box' And if they could build a dynasty..it could be 'The Ice Age' 😉
  8. It was a weak choice, DT....and there are two others Wolves already in NW Indiana. I wanted the school to continue to be Hammond high as well. (and as you know, 'Bulldogs' is taken. I just wanted to send you a couple of photos of someone you may know. The battle for softball supremacy in Lake County goes on!)
  9. He's got to go to Denver and battle Patrick Mahomes 3 times every year.... ...all-time NFL TV ratings for the 'State Farm showdowns' 👍
  10. Lets wait 20 years and revisit 7A... 8 years is nothing, really.
  11. Help me here. Valparaiso went to the 2019 5A finals and the 2020 5A semistate. Valpo moves up to 6A, right?
  12. If Merrillville is 5A, that's a major, major change. Portage, Chesterton, Crown Point and Lake Central do NOT have to beat Merrillville just to get out of the sectional.? That's sunshine on a rainy day.
  13. I'm reading that River Forest coach Joe O'Connell has resigned.............. To become the 'passing game coordinator' at Crown Point. I like it.
  14. True, I reversed the scores....H-F won on March 19 and lost on March 26. Thanks for the update
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