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  1. In 2019, Andrean senior Johnny Carrothers started for the 59ers, who won the Class 2A state boys baskteball championship. His sister Jessica Carrothers starts for 4A No. 2 Crown Point in the 2021 girls state playoffs. The question? Has a brother and sister, playing for two different schools, ever reached the championship game of Indiana basketball? Does anybody know?
  2. You are right, FB....It is just Indy...where the most affluent and largest schools exist. More power to 'em Its the private school- public school debate. There's a reason Bishop Chatard has won 15 state titles and 100 other public 3A or 4A schools have none.
  3. I dont understand the negative connotation of the word Crusader.... Just because a group adopts your name does not make it controversial or neagtive. What about the name Patriots?
  4. No, you cant argue that. More kids play basketball by far than play football if you include all the teams. Band is not a sport. Football is just a weekly fall diversion. Didnt even have a state tournament until the 70s. Basketball is bigger than football in most every state. Illinois, for sure. But we're not every state. Our entire rural makeup as a state is intertwined with basketball. To win the Indiana state basketball championship means far more than ANY OTHER SPORT, not just football. To win the Indiana state basketball champions means more than winning
  5. But pure numbers is why its a basketball state. How many football teams are there? 300 How many basketball teams are there 650, 700?. How many Indiana basketball games are played every year. Not just games. Indiana basketball games. Football is a one-day-a-week oddity. You live with basketball Noveber to March...
  6. True words, Muda. Football's post-season is far too long and dominated by private schools... A number of little schools still dont have a football team (up here, Hebron, Kouts, Morgan Township, Westville, Marquette) Damn few girls play football.....thousands play basketball Basketball rules in Indiana. That wont change soon. Come to Porter County.
  7. Tommy, you probably know that LaPorte has a lot coming back for 2021. The team was rising as the season ended. Also, being a 5A schools is much better than being a 6A school if we're talking about winning the sectional. I dont know but I'd guess the new coach will stay awhile.
  8. For the record, Chip Pettit was 72-51 in 11 season with CP, taking over a program that was 0-10 in the year 2000. CP had back-to-back undefeated DAC title in 2005 and 2006. In Chip's final season, CP was 9-4 and won the sectional championship. Coach Chip was very, very good.
  9. Yes, AJ Lux is a regular for the Bulldogs....got a lot of potential
  10. Im not buying into the logic that CP will soon dominate Merrillville regularly (that has never happened) but the fact that coach Buzea would take this job indicates that he feels he is in good health. I'm glad he's okay.
  11. Boiler; There is a sophomore soccer and basketball player at CP named Zoey Wells. ...Does coach Wells live in CP.?
  12. Not in this state that I know of. You and I are the only people who like Saturday football. You must have a little 'Illinois boy' in you
  13. CP's never going to dominate Merrillville and Valparaiso. Those are football powers. The Bulldogs beat Merrillville for sectional titles in 2016, 2017 and 2018 but they certainly didnt dominate them. I just dont think there's any comparison between Crown Point and suburban Indianapolis. And my larger point is that when the season begins, all teams in all sports wat to win the sectional. More realistic for some than for others but realistic for all. You win your conference or your sectional most every year (and send some kids to college at ANY level) and you have a 100% success prog
  14. The championship mentality you site is interesting. I know you know that a state title is a lot more realisitic goal in 4A than it is in 6A But you suggest that teams that dont win state dont really want to, are athletically inferior or are mentally weak.. I dont know. I think multiple sectionals (Lowell won 5 in a row a few years back) is more important to a program than one state run...more boys got that trophy...more kids watch the winning. The question still stands. Would you trade one state title run for 5 consecutive sectionals. Those two photos (above
  15. Tell 'em Vito Lowell-CP is always going to be played. Warm summer night....week one.. And you are so right. The CP kids painted freckles on their faces, wore overalls and kerchiefs and carried ears of corn to the game......To make fun of Lowell as if there's no farms at the south end of Crown Point ! So funny. I guess the school board got a complaint a couple of years ago and they asked the kids to stop it. But CP-Lowell...for the 'Old Leather Helmet'....you dont mess with that game.
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