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  1. Culver Military will turn the lights on as well. Sending prayers to the family and community.
  2. Good call on these. Close on the SJ one. Sounds like they were right there the entire game. Congrats on the win. Like I said, NP is 9-1 (now 10-1) for a reason. Great team, tough players and really disrupted everything our team tried to do. Good luck the rest of the way.
  3. I certainly hope so but NP is 9-1 for a reason. We are starting to get healthy so hopefully we can give you a good game.
  4. Using your logic here, our game should be a good one then and not the blowout you are predicting. Again, using your logic, St Joe put up 28 on NP and only 7 on CMA...
  5. @Temptation I sent my bracket to you, did you not get it?
  6. 2005 3-6 Northwood makes a run and wins 3A state title over Chatard 7-0
  7. https://twitter.com/CFBONFOX/status/1185417668909662208 I know it's not HS FB but it is still a cool perspective from a refs vantage point.
  8. 🤣🤣🤣 We are like many teams this time of year. We have been battling injuries and are starting to get some back now. Unfortunately not all will return but some key ones might. We had a bad game against Marian and let's face it, they are 7-1 for a reason. They are darn good and will be a tough out in the tourney. By all means, we don't mind if people keep us as underdogs.
  9. In addition to many already mentioned, got to mention Bo Hundt from Bremen.
  10. We don't mind. Here, I'll add to it... we are soooo bad, hopefully we can keep it under 40pts. 🤣🤣🤣 Seriously, it should be a real entertaining game. Our focus is just trying to stay healthy and keep getting better before the playoffs. Obviously a W would be nice.
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