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  1. He's from Fort Wayne. Not sure what school he would have attended. Snider? Luers? Dwenger?
  2. Deontae Craig of Culver Military has chosen to play at Iowa. He had offers from ND, The Ohio State, Tennessee, Mich St, Northwestern, Indiana and several other D1 schools. Congrats to this young man. https://culverathletics.com/news/2019/8/16/varsity-football-deontae-verbal-annoucement-draft.aspx
  3. That could be. Football would have been very interesting between Bremen and Pioneer, Laville and Knox. Glenn could benefit from some of the competition. Basketball wise, the conference is pretty weak outside of Knox, Laville and Winamac. Glenn and Bremen would definitely bring up the competition level in the conference and probably help them in some sports. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  4. Laville, Triton, Knox, Culver Community, Winamac, Pioneer, North Judson, Caston Pretty competitive small school conference. Bremen and Glenn would add to that but is that in their best interest? Just curious what other options has Bremen talked about?
  5. With rumors swirling about Glenn and Bremen jumping ship to the HNAC, does the NIC contemplate replacing them or continuing with 10?
  6. Heard this response today: Perhaps the saddest part of the story is Belichick could've game planned a way for him to get away with it. Utilize your resources, man.
  7. Any chance Younis takes over again or is he not in the conversation? He had a good run the first time around.
  8. Was this expected? I know a lot of people didn't seem happy with the direction of the staff.
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