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  1. Nick Hart at Gibson Southern? Seems young to me but I am getting old.
  2. Yes, seen DC play and they have some jets. I just think the size differential on paper really stands out. But that is why the play the game. Will be interesting to see how it goes.
  3. Memorial have enough speed to overcome Mooresville size? Just a comment from looking at the rosters. Mooresville has a couple of 6'4"-6'6" 285lb guys.
  4. Roncalli can really push around smaller lines like GC and Secina. Announcers said GC only had one deffensive starter over 200lbs. I also think their Sophmores are developing. Another comment made was that Leffler never played QB until 8th grade year, so he is really learning the position. (True, I know the family). He is starting to throw better.
  5. Southport QB is very talented kid that killed Roncalli with his legs. I guess he was All State WR last year when they had the Schott kid at QB. (Now QB at Ball State)
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