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  1. Brebeuf at #1 is stunning. They lost their 2 good WRs that really made their QB look better than he was. The Annee kid made everyone else on the field look slow. Also lost 2 all state DL. East Central has a lot coming back at the skilled postions. #1 at WR is good and they seemed to have a good stable at RB.
  2. Accuracy is an interesting point. 53% completion percentage. Allen completed almost 69% his senior year after only 55% is junior year.
  3. I work with his uncle and yes there is. (The entire family is enormous human beings.)
  4. A couple of comments: 1. Updated for GS winning 2. 2000 seemed like the start of a trend in improved performance. Schools on the list had 8 titles in all the years prior. 13 titles since.
  5. It was more work. (Ha!) I was also a confusing as some years of the playoffs did not always have semi states and regionals.
  6. I don’t care what the stats say, three pics for Slunaker in the first half kept Roncalli in the game. That first one was a forward pass. All time and single season reception yardage and TD record holder WR. Kyle Lockard. Holds single game TD record with current teammate.
  7. My dad is listening and texting me. Says the MD announcers are pretty irritated with TC. Not sure if it is the start time or what.
  8. I hate it when I run out of allowed "likes" at noon on regional championship day!
  9. Whoops! The get added to the list. I figured I did miss some that I am not familiar with.
  10. I saw a game a year ago where they lost really good RB (Fike?) and they brought him in for the first play at WR the next game. He stood split away from the play and walked off the field the next play. Two went with EC by a point and the others Memorial by a close margin.
  11. Something to talk about. Slow day yesterday. I would also say there are flaws in this system. It shows that sometimes numbers aren't everything. For example, Mater Dei has won more SIAC titles than Castle. (Surprisingly!) Would we say that with SIACs, sectionals and finals appearances that they are a better program. (Whatever that means.)
  12. I considered for example, Whiteland, Franklin and Triton Central and the like "Indy Metro" schools.
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