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  1. Not much to argue here. Top 3 will probably not change much.
  2. Very interesting since I think all three games were very different games after halftime. I turned off the Leo game because I thought they were going to run them over after the first couple of drives. Roncalli was 21-7 at half. Jasper kept shooting themselves in the foot with turnovers in the first half.
  3. Yes, she is a friend of my son. At school, the call her the "Lebron James of HS Softball" because of all the HS attention she is getting. Top ranked So. in the nation last year and no reason for that to change. I think all of this underclassmen talk comes down to a question if they can physcially compete. Are they built like FR or upperclassmen? The Roncalli kid who started at QB was 6'2" and 200 lbs. The FR DT who started was 6'1" and 270lbs. I have seen the weight lifting videos from Roncalli's twitter of the young lady who pitches for Roncalli and she can physically compete with any older girl.
  4. Updated after the weekend: 1. Roncalli 2. Leo 3. Jasper 4. Mooresville 5. EC 6. East Nobel 7. Ev. Memorial 8. Mt Vernon 9. Chatard 10. Northridge 11. Hobart
  5. Roncalli has only had two play in my time following the school. (One QB and one DT.) They were playing at a time when the senior/junior classes were considered "down". I also know one who is a junior at Cathedral. He was beating up on my son's teams when they were 4th graders and he was big then. Going to be playing college TE somewhere.
  6. 4 years ago Roncalli started the Leffler kid as a Fr. over some upper class men. He did not really start playing QB until 8th grade. He is going to end up owning every Roncalli passing record and is favored to win back to back titles. (Single season and career, will have to try hard for a few of the single game records like passing.) He currently has the longest winning streak of any Roncalli QB.. If the Hobart kid is playing this well, I expect a similar bright future.
  7. Or this just may be what you can expect from this MD team. Last year in the SIAC they lost to the teams that at the end of the year showed by their records that they were just better teams . Their winning streak at the end was really due to scheduling since it was against the bottom of the conference. This year will probably be the same. The real question will be where they run into a strong team inn the playoffs. Luers is probably going to win the SAC and stood toe to toe with a team (Webo) that beat MD by 5 TDs at semi state. LCC seems a little down, but Linton is winning a lot games.
  8. Doing this paying dividends for Roncalli this year and last.
  9. Watched the Lowel-Hobart game. I think Leo-EN winner comes out of North. Both teams are physically impressive.
  10. Their defense is still not good. Central and Roncalli ran over them last year and it looks like Decatur did the same. The Tracey family has some MEN playing football on that Decatur team. Mooresville can still put a lot of points on the board. Brimmage is special. He killed Plainfield. EC has taken a step back with the injury to the younger Ringer brother. Saw a picture of family taking college visits for older brother and the younger brother was on crutches.
  11. Anyone know why Gideon Brimmage did not play for Mooresville?
  12. I watched both games and I thought Chatard made a lot of mistakes against Brebeuf. I actually thought they out played them in the first half, but mistakes kept it 7-6 Braves. Chatard played much better against Roncalli and did not make those same mistakes. Still down 21-7 at half. I guess you could say they out played Roncalli in the second half.
  13. Roncalli has Trevor Lauck at RT. 6’7” 290 Was at OSU last weekend for the game. Will end up with offers from every big ten and is getting SEC offers. Should be a great individual battle.
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