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  1. Roncalli has had to schedule a few FR games where they play against a JV team. Typically these JV teams are schools that do not have a FR team. (Brebeuf and Indian Creek). Rest of the games were vs FR teams.
  2. I also thought it was pretty cool that he played against Johnny U when JU was at Louisville.
  3. We probably played against each other. Those were my So and Jr years playing for Coach Will. Not that I played a lot those seasons.
  4. Coach Will passed away yesterday. Coached MD to their first SIAC title in 1984 and first state finals appearance in 1994. I will let others list his many other accomplishments on the football field. RIP Coach.
  5. It is really an odd decision because it works against the success factor. If you stick them in separate sectionals, Chatard probably never drops to 3A. (See the Dwenger situation.) Same could be said for putting Cathedral and Roncalli in separate sectionals in 5A.
  6. It will be an interesting sectional opportunity for BG if Roncalli moves up to 5A in two years like some predict. It is a very weak sectional outside of Roncalli. Of course some have speculated that Chatard will be in that sectional next year. That would guarantee them winning it every year after Roncalli bumps and staying in 4A.
  7. They will probably drop it 10 days before the game due to "travel" issues.
  8. If you look at 2019-2020 classifications, Columbus East is the only 6A school "south" of Indianapolis. (Center Grove and other metro schools are being considered Indianapolis. ) Jeffersonville would pop up to 6A if CE was in their enrollment class. Every 6A title has been won by an Indy school. Have to go to 2000 (Penn) to find a 5A not won by an Indy school. So I think it is just Indy. And to be clear, I meant when 5A was the biggest school class.
  9. I think part of the problem is with how the grade schools and middle schools are distributed. If you look at the map, the are all, except for basically the new North jr high ,grouped in the old city limits (south).
  10. Looking at the maps makes one wonder when Bosse will be absorbed by the other districts. It is by far the smallest in size and enrollment.
  11. First point, this is not meant in a negative way to FC, but adds perspective to the conversation. What started this conversation is not unique to Chatard.
  12. Every school has a grade school football camp. Right? When my son was younger he went to FC and Roncalli basketball camps to get more court time and I even thought about sending him to Southport's. Move a long. Nothing to see here.....
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