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  1. I would say from a physical size comparison that GC and Chatard are much closer than one would think.
  2. Hmmm…., wonder what game everyone will be talking about.
  3. I am not going to question you assessment, I am just stating what I saw in the few games I saw (Roncalli, GS and maybe one other). His WRs went and got balls that were off target. He was also less than 60% completion percentage. Walters and Annee were incredible. Fast and great hands.
  4. They lost two great WRs from last year. Both had over 1000 yards. One had 16 and the other 20 TDs. IMO, they made the QB look better than he was.
  5. Well, I answered my own question. He has stats at WR. Looks like just a change at QB.
  6. Anyone know what is up with the QB at Brebeuf? Their Sr QB was not in the stats for the last game and had very minimal stats the previous game. They have stats for a So. QB. Did he get hurt?
  7. 71 on D looked like he was the biggest kid NW had on the field. 87 was tall but pretty skinny.
  8. They are playing catch up in the rankings because they started so low based on how they performed the past couple seasons and there are 6 other undefeated teams in 4A. Plus a 1 loss EC team that lost to Cincinatti Moeller.
  9. Do you have a Northview roster? The roster on Maxpreps does not have all heights and weights for all players. This is what I found on video and from Maxpreps: Northwoood # H W YR # H W YR RT 56 RT 87 King 6'5" RG 61 Clemans 6' 250 Jr NG 33 C 67 Adams 6'1" 245 LT 71 Parciak 6'3" 285 So LG 64 or LT LT 74 23
  10. New Pal from a very brief watch of their game vs Mt Vernon New Pal # H W YR New Pal # Name H W YR RT 70 Ian Moore 6'5" 290 Jr DT 75 Brownfield 6'3" 235 FR RG 55 Wood 6'3" 275 Sr NG 52 Thacker 6'1" 268 So C 65 Keele 6'2" 275 Sr DT 65 Keele 6'2" 275 Sr LG 56 Purciful 6'0" 250 Sr LT 76 Burgess 6'8" 270 Sr
  11. Agree with your points. And I was talking about the fall from maybe the best program in Southern Indiana to where CE is now, not a week to week status.
  12. Not sold on Lawrenceburg being rated above Memorial. Amazed at the fall of Columbus East.....
  13. Roncalli will be significantly down due to graduation. I would bet my money on New Pal to face the Panthers.
  14. You bring up what may be Roncalli's downfall this year. Last year Roncalli lost their #1 WR in the Chatard game due to a concussion the game prior to Mt. Vernon. He holds every Roncalli receiving record and had two TDs against MtV the year prior and was the key deep threat that teams had to respect. Without him, Mt. V was able to commit more to the run and won by 5 on their way to a state title. Rocalli is still trying to replace him. We will see if Roncali can find a passing game this season. Size does not always matter, but good size does. Four of those linemen were starting as Sophmores on the state title team. (One started the year before as a Fr.) Lauck is going to Iowa, Skartvedt to N. Illinois, and Neu to Central Michigan.
  15. As a side note, Roncalli has more two way players this year than normal. The Lauck kid is going to Iowa and should always be on the field. 6'7" 300lbs. Even the RB that is leading the state in rushing yards is playing LB.
  16. I have Roncalli's and East Central's starters. I have the New Pal roster, but need to work on line ups. Do you have Memorial's and Reitz's?
  17. Watched a little bit of Northwood-Warsaw game and they were talking about big Warsaw NT who was 6’”4 280. Big kid and dwarfed everyone else. Roncalli has 4 guys starting on their O-line this size and imagine so does New Pal. Northwood looks so small.
  18. Since IHSAA wend to 5 classes in 1985, Southridge and MD are the only real "South" teams to win 2A. (I was grouping Monrovia and WeBo as more "Indy Area" than South.)
  19. Roncalli at East Central is starting to become a great regular season version of this 4A rivalry.
  20. Very good point. If you go back and watch the two long runs by VL (1 TD by the VL QB and second put them into the red zone), the safety slightly over runs the play, then looks very slow trying to get back to the middle to catch the runner. A couple plays last night the Memorial guys just out ran them deep.
  21. Collins is a nice pick up for Memorial, but this just may be who MD is.
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