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  1. If Dwenger could surge to the top of 5A, we could have the 6 class P/P hegemony opportunity that Muda has dreamed about for years now.
  2. I would say 90% of the Cathedral starting baseball roster is CYO. The only player I can think of that isn't is Kyuss Gargett, our starting corner for the football team this season. Our starting pitcher is no other than the Mr. Football kicker Ben Gomez (Immaculate Heart of Mary)! Sidewinder! Also, it is worth noting that the boy's golf team has a puncher's chance at the State Golf title as well this weekend. And Boy's Rugby just beat Penn for the state title. This has been a senior class for the ages at Cathedral.
  3. Only returning starter on defense is 4 Star DT Kendrick Gilbert. Kyuss Garrett played some key snaps, but he prob couldn't be called a starter at cornerback. That said, the incoming batch of linebackers is pretty nasty. Weingart, Kirsch, Bragg, McCormick. And fhe DL w Gilbert and Patrick Kendall will be a sick front 7. Look for some talented sophomores from the undefeated team last year to push for playing time (I.e. Aidan Hughes). My biggest question is the replacing the entire O-line. I think this year's line will be bigger than last years with WNeale, BBeasley, and Eli Albers. However, they'll need to get battled tested in a hurry. A 1 loss JV campaign last year to Cincy St. X is a good start, but some early season Ws will help them gel. The thunder and lightning attack of Carson Johnson and Hosia Smith will be fun to watch with our aerial game weapons (Tibbs, Wooten, Ayres, Bridges, etc). Need to find a good slot to replace the virtually irreplaceable Michael Page as well. Our schedule lightens up quite a bit with Cincy GCL playoff requirements shifting and vacating our schedule.
  4. He's having a special career. Has a shot at the elusive 5 blue rings. Only Zeke Seltzer in wrestling this year has achieved that at Cathedral.
  5. Baseball would need a miracle run, but rugby and lacrosse should win a title this spring. One of our most talented senior classes in a long time. 2022 football team won't lose much from last year in my opinion. Yes, we lose 40 seniors and our entire defense, but we have another 35 seniors coming in. We'll have one of the top rated QBs in the state returning (Danny O'Neill), Western Michigan-bound TE Brennan Wooten, and the best possession receiver in the state (Jaron Tibbs) flanking the offense. The defense will be lead by senior DL Kendrick Gilbert (offers from pretty much every Power5 school). Some impressive junior linebackers (Weingart, Kirsch) should make our front 7 extremely nasty again. And, this year's freshmen class (one of our most dominant ever rolling through undefeated over the MIC and rivals w relative ease) will push the upperclassmen for minutes. Lets remember that we'll get our second sniff of 6A. The last time we were up two classes, it didn't go well 2023 basketball returns 3 starters (Tibbs, Jake Davis, and Xavier Booker) and the 6th man (Germany). They should be the favorite entering next season.
  6. Makes sense. They predominately offer wrestlers. https://www.si.com/college/2019/09/13/iowa-hawkeyes-offensive-line-wrestling
  7. The Cathedral v Hammond Morton game is a 3 year contract. Irish traveling to Hammond next year.
  8. Cathedral's super sophomore wrestlers Jackson Weingart (most likely our beastly next up ILB) placed 7th and our incoming Jerome Bettis-esque RB Hosia Smith placed 5th. Cathedral has a long tradition of wrestlers playing football and it is highly encouraged. Multiple wrestling state champs that have played football for the Irish starting with Derrick Brownlow in 1986. He won the state in both sports that year. Matt Hasbrook was another. 3 rings for Irish football and 1 for Wrestling. We had 6 wrestlers win blue rings with the CHS football squad this season. Also, Brownsburg HS 3rd place finisher Leighton Jones was just offered by Purdue Football yesterday.
  9. Was quite a run for CG. Congrats on a great program. Couple awesome stats I learned from the Cathedral award banquet last night: 1. These Irish seniors played 16 teams that played in a state finals game between OH, IN, and KY. Their record was 12-4 with 2 losses to the Trojans. 2. Cathedral seniors have 29 academic All-state players. As for next year, we have another 42 rising juniors with the J/V squad losing to only Cincy St. X in a tight one. Obviously, we have four highly touted returners in Kendrick Gilbert (DL), Jaron Tibbs (WR1), Brennan Wooten (TE) and Danny O'Neill (QB - 37 TDs, 2 INT this season). Our defense will take a hit for sure, but our offense should be equal to this year's squad. Biggest loss will be Mr. Football kicker, Ben Gomez. He was one of our underappreciated absolute hammers all season long.
  10. Couple things: 1. This is a funky recruiting year. I was told by a B1G coach that this senior class got screwed out of scholarship offers because all the D1 programs were forced to extend scholarships for a 5th year of COVID eligibility. When the NCAA granted the 5th year last year, it zapped 1000s of scholarships for this class. Cathedral has 2-3 kids that should have had Power5 offers in this senior class, but didn't. However, 2 of our juniors had them before the season started. 2. Kendrick Gilbert, Cathedral's 4 Star junior DL, had B1G offers before the season ever started. He played maybe 10 snaps with 1st team defense as a sophomore. So, I think they look at dimensions more than anything on the field.
  11. IHSAA claimed last year a "null year" with COVID thus making this the first year of the Success Factor cycle. Whether that holds any water as they evaluate next season is simply a wait-and-see for the Irish faithful. We'll have a little drop-off, but not much. And our freshmen class is our most talented since this senior class. So, wherever they want us, we'll rally.
  12. I count 10 TDs scored on the first team D in 14 games. This includes 3 in the Center Grove game with one being in garbage time. Zionsville has to score a TD twice on us for this to be a contest.
  13. Will the IHSAA put the Irish in 6A? If so, that will change this convo.
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