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  1. Yes , and every Coach I know has integrity . They wouldn't get on a public forum and say a Team A is going to BURY team B .
  2. I'm going with the Irish in this one , and to win 5A. The 3 Ohio games and Trinity make them the most battle ready .
  3. Duh, anyone with even a half of brain would of known this was going to be a good game.
  4. I want to make sure I have the right spread when I call Vegas LOL . You seem to be all over the place .
  5. What Naysayers ? I haven't seen one person say that NP would lose this game . Let's be honest here , NP has only played 3 descent teams this year (Penn , Mish , EC)and are 2-1 against them . Penn has the worst team in 40 years and an injured starting QB(Good Win) . So if NP fans want to chest thump over that win , that's fine . NP barely beat Mish (Good Win ) and lost to EC . Plymouth 9-2 is in the same category this year as the previous 3 mentioned . You didn't blow out any of the 3 mentioned , so why are you blowing Plymouth out ?
  6. I see you've back peddled a bit . Earlier in the thread you predicted a 28 point NP win .
  7. I’m a realist , I look at Plymouth’s entire body of work this season. Not just 1-2 bad games. Will Plymouth beat NP? It’s possible but not probable. I do think it will be a good game.
  8. Another side note, #2 (4A) East Noble barely beat Plymouth. East Noble beat Mishawaka by more points.
  9. I sure hope (for Kids sake)that your really not a former coach .
  10. Former Coach You have Penn Beating Warsaw by one point . Plymouth beat Warsaw by more than that . That might suggest Penn and Plymouth could be comparable . What was the Penn vs New Prarie score ?
  11. I would say yes , as Plymouth has already beaten 6A Warsaw this year . Pretty much the same unique offense new Prairie runs .
  12. Wrong , St joe scored 1 TD in the 4th quarter , get your facts straight .
  13. I might also add that #6(5A) Concord lost to Plymouth . Concord barely lost to EC last friday . Like stated before , Plymouth is better than you think . I think NP wins , but much closer than a few NP think .
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