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  1. Michael Page, Junior Cathedral WR, 8th place medalist in 400m.
  2. Notre Dame offers 6'5, 250lb junior Kendrick Gilbert yesterday. He has offers from Iowa, Indiana, and Purdue as well. Didn't start a game last year 😂 Cathedral defense shaping up to be especially gnarly this fall.
  3. Our biggest question marks will remain at QB and RB. Rising highly acclaimed Danny O'Neill is the favorite to succeed Nathan McCahill. The backfield will likely be filled with senior scat-back Tazz Garrett and speedster Seth Mencer. The WR and TE core are incredibly deep. I believe we have 3 D1 TEs on the roster. 6'4" 240lb Junior Brennan Wooten will be our primary TE, but senior 6'6" Parker Spellacy and 6'5" Jack Davis will push for TE1 catches. All three could be MAC or better TEs, and I believe will go Big 5. WR1 will most likely go to 6'3" junior Jaron Tibbs. Tibbs already has an
  4. Cathedral has 42 seniors next year. The defense loses 2 senior DTs but rising 6'5" junior DT Kendrick Gilbert steps in with offers from Iowa and Indiana already. Schedule softens quite a bit as the Ohio GCL schools dropped us after changes to the Ohio State Tourney Qualifier and weighted divisional games. We'll still have one of the toughest schedules in the state, but lose St. X and Elder.
  5. After cancelling the series almost a decade ago, the Southsiders finally found their mojo and nutted up! Welcome back to the big leagues, Rebels (errrrr Royals). February 18, 2021 CATHEDRAL AND RONCALLI TO RESUME FOOTBALL RIVALRY Joint release from Cathedral and Roncalli High Schools Roncalli and Cathedral High Schools announced today that the two schools will resume their football rivalry in the fall of 2023. Roncalli will host the first matchup on October 6, 2023, with Cathedral serving as the host school the following season. Existing contracts with current opponents pr
  6. Why both those schools will dominate the next 10 years in the MIC. Carmel and CG’s conference titles will continue to get easier.
  7. Cathedral 2021 Schedule at Westfield at Brownsburg Penn Chatard at St Xavier at LaSalle Elder at Brebeuf Center Grove
  8. Cathedral has 43 juniors on this team. Only 8 starters from this state championship team were seniors. On offense, 6 of 7 lineman/TEs back including two Power 5 recruit OTs. Major depth at WR. Question mark at QB and RB of all places. And we are on the road at the GCL half the season in Cincy. 5A is ours to lose, but sophomore QB Danny O’Neill will have immense shoes to fill. And the schedule remains brutal = will need an injury free campaign.
  9. All the MIC schools are the New IPS. When Broad Ripple, Northwest, Arlington, etc shuttered, all their students sprawled to edges of Marion County. Regardless of their size, these MIC schools are going to struggle. The patience level you need for a successful program at these schools is much to handle for coaches wanting a “destination”. I watched one of the most successful coaches in Indiana Wrestling, Jim Tonte, leave a 15 year Perry Meridian legacy to go to Warren, get a sizable pay raise, win a state title, and then vacate the role for Franklin in under 4 years.
  10. The County MIC schools are the new IPS. The destination jobs are now outside Marion County. Big city sprawl. Gotta have a ton of patience to run a MIC program.
  11. Cathedral scrimmaged Franklin Central to start the season and they flat out beat us on the field. Had as many scores as CHS for sure. They had a 230lb running back that was awesome that day with a wild name. I was VERY surprised they weren’t more of a factor this year. Thought Cathedral was in for a long season after that scrimmage.
  12. Do you think Geico saves you 15% every time for your 15 minutes? Umm, no. Welcome to marketing. We’ll pluck a McCahill or a Montefalco or a Gillum out of south side every once in while. Usually only when they are the most talented student-athlete down there.
  13. Couple things: 1. Yes, we’ll take any and all kids from the Indy or Lafayette archdioceses, especially kids from St. Jude. And, guess what, so will Roncalli. Chatard has more St.Michael kids on their roster than Cathedral does. Facts of Northside Catholicism. Be thankful you don’t have to deal with any other high school or archdiocese. Hope someone starts one down there, so actually have to work for the kids. The Lafayette Archdiocese locks Chatard and Cathedral out from all their grade school kids, which is half of the Northside Catholics. Roncalli, on the other hand, has no competition.
  14. Heartbreaking and one of the better 3A finals games in history. After a see-saw battle and 4 lead changes, Cathedral had the ball with under 2 minutes to go and the score tied in our our territory. We ran a pretty good option on that team. On a QB keeper, Dwenger LB and future NFL vet Kevin Fabini had a perfect helmet hit on the ball knocking it 5 feet in the air into Dwenger LB Kevin Caretta (Notre Dame) hands for an fumble and score. One of the most heartwrenching losses in CHS history. These days Dwenger’s QB, Chris Dittoe (Indiana), has a son on the Cathedral team with a few othe
  15. Since you aren’t well informed about private schools, let me help you. You insinuate that private schools don’t have “feeder schools” like Roncalli has with basic exclusivity with Jude, Mark, Roch, Barnabas, Nativity, and Francis/Clare. False. The only difference in Cathedral’s case is we have to share the pool with two other major Catholic high schools over two different archdiocese. We have the same “feeder schools” as you. The kids play their CYO ball on our campus. Etc. Cathedral had 18 of 22 starters that played in the CYO on this title team. But, let’s take Cathedral out of the mix
  16. Indeed. Grinding our arses off to make these Cathedral squads. As of now, my oldest has 3 rings as a “role player” w minimal playing time as a junior in two sports. He understands capitalism now and we’re confident he gets his run next year. It’s why I sacrifice to send him there. We’re very thankful for our Cathedral experience. Great families and heritage. Great habits. Great understanding of preparation and expectations. Been bliss the last couple days. I have many other thoughts on this topic though. I think the original post is complete dogsheet. I’ll expound later. Seems like
  17. As for no D1 players, Cathedral will have plenty. We had only 7 seniors on this starting team, so this is a very junior laden squad. Jake Langdon has a scholarship and will attend Columbia. Power5 D1 scholarships coming next year for Owen Wood (LT), Cooper Koers (RT), Jeff Utzinger (OLB), Brennan Wooten (TE - Sophomore), Kendrick Gilbert (DT - Sophomore). D1 Scholarships coming next year for Chris Farah (OG), Huddy Miller (ILB), Jack Goheen (ILB), Michael Page (WR), Bryce Llewelyn (DB), and Parker Spellacy (TE). Maybe a couple others, but these guys are a lock in my opinion. PS.
  18. Few clarifications on Cathedral’s roster: Nathan McCahill attended Cathedral and played freshmen ball before transferring to CG for one year. He then came back and attended CHS for junior and senior years. He was a CYO kid from St. Roch. Re: all of Marion County recruiting - we have kids from over 50 middle schools in the halls of CHS. So, yes, we absolutely need to advertise across the whole town to keep our enrollment numbers up. At $15,500/annual, it is no small task getting parents to commit to that. But, by my count, there were only 3 football starters that didn’t play in t
  19. Agree. The winner is the IHSAA for having fortitude and for setting the bar for all states. They had an end game in mind despite the bullsheet. Proud to be a Hoosier and proud we accomplished a 13 game season with a state championship series. Indiana wins. So damn proud of this state.
  20. WeBo’s win makes DT’s miserable life of whining about competitive inequality irrelevant for another year. Must be a rough night for old DT (and Muda). The only way to get heard is have the P/Ps win all the classes. 12 more months of forum futility, lads. Couldn’t have happened to a more socialist couple.
  21. Hell yes. Let’s goooooo P/P’s. Run the damn table. The success factor be damned. We’ll take 1.5 times the state titles.
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