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  1. Really like it. Have been on both sides of it and I think it is good as is.
  2. This could be a really good job for the right person. Community loves football. Return the Johnson kid (move in from Winimac not sure first name) and Meister plus the Moss kid on the line. Other than that I can't think of anyone else I saw play this year that is going to help the Kings win. Cass needs to look for a HC with some experience who has been through some lean times and knows how to handle them, because they are on the horizon. Also need someone who is going to teach at Cass and be invested in the community on a daily basis. Just my 2 centavos.
  3. I think if the Jones kid (frosh) commits himself to the weightroom, he could be a player.
  4. Hate to say it but I think you are right about the Kings. I don't see a game on the schedule that they can win based on returning players.
  5. Best of luck to Eastbrook. Gary Andrean has the best team money can buy in 2A. Very disappointing to get up there and see little to no effort was made to clear the snow from the playing surface. I'm sure that was no accident. Talk to your players about extra curricular activities after the play. They are just on the cusp of being cheap - pushing after the whistle, etc.. they will try to bait you into doing something stupid, which our guy wasn't smart enough to not get involved with. Their line is very big on both sides and they move well. Like I said, best team $$ can buy. Would love to see the Panthers win this one!
  6. You can bet the Kings will not be overlooking Laville at all. They are good football team with only 2 losses. They seem to have fewer than usual 2 way starters for a 2A program, a kicker who can kick 40 yard field goals, and a potent passing game. This should be a very good football game. Cass hosting the championship game is huge. Our community is really fired up and will more than likely be a full house. Looks like the temps will be in the 30s - perfect November football. Friday can't get here soon enough!!!
  7. Lol you are in the right thread - you would think the Royal Center folk would be posting in the HNAC and not trolling our conference thread....must not be as exciting as discussing Caston, North White, etc....
  8. What is the rule on "no home field advantage" during the sectional? I am talking about music, smoke machine, band, noise makers, etc... Is there such a rule or just urban (or in our case...rural) legend?
  9. Really? I think Eastbrook, Webo, Andrean, Rennsy Central, etc would say otherwise. Those programs are staples in 2A and always a tough out. To say the North rep will go through Royal Central and Walton is pretty arrogant. Just my opinion...
  10. 21 killed us - he is a great WR. The combo of WL tempo - speed - and talent was too much. With so many 2 way guys for the Kings, I think it was just a matter of time before the flood gates opened. What a great experience for our kids playing against a team of that caliber. Hopefully will pay dividends come post season time.
  11. To play WL two times in a span of 3 weeks should be considered cruel and unusual punishment.
  12. Great to be included in the converstaion, but we need to get better in many areas to be even in the conversation.
  13. And after all these, you still throw lazers at practice!
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