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  1. The Cass Kings were never happier than the day that kid graduated from Pioneer! 4 years against him was 4 too many. This young man was impossible not to like. An absolute unit on the field, and yes sir yes ma'am off the field. So cool to see the success he is having, and so very very thankful there are no more Kisers coming up!!
  2. State baseball tourney just concluded - 3 of the 4 state championships won by private schools...ridiculous. 6 of the 8 teams in the state finals were privates, yet private schools compose a little less than 20% of the TOTAL high schools in Indiana. Privates are playing with a different deck of cards. If you think otherwise, please continue to keep your heads buried.
  3. Just some food for thought - in baseball state finals, 5 of the 8 schools are privates, comprising roughly 63% of the teams in the finals. Yet when you look at ALL the high schools in Indiana, privates only make up around 19% of the total schools.
  4. Western is 21-2 this year in baseball. Their top 3 pitchers are Louisville, Purdue, and Duke commits. Always solid in baseball, wrestling, and football. Hoops has been so so.
  5. Love watching the finals every year. The Mendez kid is an animal. Can't help but think he would be an elite open field tackler in the secondary. The Christian Carroll kid at 215 is a monster, would be a great 3 tech or possible Mike.
  6. Tough to pick in the Hoosier Conf - so many great programs. 1. LCC - great tradition and support. Winning culture, college town and always tough. 1A - West Laf - many reasons as above, such close ties with Purdue makes it a really cool place to play. 2 - Rennsy Bombers - really tough nosed kids, great program, well coached, great fans and culture. Also Wagonmasters after all home games....
  7. Bring back Coach Britton and his 4 headed monster triple option!
  8. Of the teams Cass played this year, SA was the most physical team on the schedule. That includes West Laf, Tipton, Pioneer, Western, etc.. I'm not so sure SA couldn't make a run in 2a this year.
  9. Should be a good game , rooting for the Panthers- I'm sure if there was snow in the forecast, Pioneer would make sure the field is clear so there would be no advantage to either team.... -Still bitter
  10. Brings back fond memories of CJB. Would love to his thoughts on possible cures for Covid....
  11. This is going to be a really good one. Can someone verify if this game will be streamed, and if so, by which company?
  12. Looks great. Sprint Turf is a great company. They are the only company where 100% of materials are made in USA and have the latest tech relative to infill, drainage, etc..
  13. I have heard that school admin are not allowed to be on sidelines during games due to trying to reduce number of people on sideline. Is this correct?
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