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  1. Someone else will probably have to be relied on for a more accurate answer (I haven’t set foot in IN for 10+ years & simply don’t follow it that closely), but here’s how I understand it: Z-vile & maybe even Cathedral were considered to be bumped up a class in the last season or two, but due to CV, that decision was tabled. A reasonable conclusion. It is likely - although still undecided as of last night, based on what the announcers said - Zionsville will go to 6A next year. ZCHS used to alternate between the biggest school in 2A or the smallest in 3A & now they’ve taken their bouncing game up to the two biggest classes… but it definitely seems 6A is where they’re headed for a more permanent classification. Short of any unplanned consolidations or other surprise enrollment +s elsewhere, of course. 🤷‍♂️
  2. That’s a great dang vid! 🤩 Field-level action is always the best… especially when playing in the sloppy elements. Totally get what you mean a full-time job… editing is a thankless duty. Well done!
  3. Cathedral wins 34-14. The Irish QB will be a force the next 2 years. Tough contest. Well-played.
  4. Zville 30 yd TD pass on 3rd down. Three for three third-down conversions on the drive after a Cathedral fumble. 24-14, 8:51 to go.
  5. Cathedral 4 plays, 83 yds, 1:06 drive, 4 yd TD. 24-7, 5:12 in Q3. Colin Price has not been in since about halfway through Q2. Reinjured his leg, sadly.
  6. 🤷‍♂️ I wouldn’t call it “management” tho. Lol But that’s the half: still 14-7.
  7. End of Q1. Both teams have had the ball 3x, both have scored once. Zville starting Q2 with the ball. Pass for first down, Price with a big run for another. Ball down the Irish 40.
  8. Cathedral 7 yd TD pass on quick slant. 7-7, 3:24 to go in Q1. He needs to keep movin’ them feet downfield!
  9. Zionsville up 7-0 on a 17 yd post to Firestone. Two 15-yd penalties on Cathedral d (PI & RTP) helped.
  10. Zionsville gets opening kickoff, convert a 3rd & 10 on QB scramble, but failed on next 3rd attempt. Vinatieri booms a 50 yd punt. Irish go 3 & out first possession. I’m counting on it! 👏
  11. Well good. A big team & an impressive team. Maybe the 5A contest won’t be a snooze-fest like those last two games. 😂
  12. GS interception. 1:50 to go, B with 2 timeouts remaining, but that’s basically going to do it.
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