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  1. I absolutely agree that there will be some quality candidates applying for the job. I think Danville and Mississinewa are the best two jobs open right now. I could also see a Mike Kirshner scenario happening - (A coach at a big school who is looking for a new challenge at a smaller school).
  2. I would like to hear how some veteran coaches have combated this crazy work-life balance I think the counter argument is that "my team will lose because others are out-working us" Could the IHSAA make certain rules that prohibit off-season schedules? They have started to do that now with some things. Otherwise, I think everyone will continue to try to "keep up with the Jones"
  3. This opens up the job for Pelley at Danville. More resources, bigger school in the conference, won't be a 2A school in 3A due to success factor..........
  4. He said that an announcement on his landing spot will be made on Monday.
  5. Any football kids from your school who will be wrestling tonight/tomorrow at the State Finals?
  6. Would you be in favor of an outside hire? What about a young coach or first time head coach? Because I would definitely apply for this job as a young coach looking for my first head coaching position.
  7. Would you consider the move to Indian Creek lateral, or a step up from Cascade? Both schools seem pretty similar to me
  8. I know next to nothing about Portage. Do they have the athletes to compete with the MIC schools in the tourney? And how do they match up with the Ft. Wayne schools?
  9. I would like to applaud Noblesville and Fishers for making hires of guys who run a unique and different offense. Can't wait to see how it transitions to the HCC
  10. Sure, Spegal isn't a New Pal kid. He's a Delta kid who needed a better opportunity for a D1 scholarship and more exposure and respect, so he went to New Pal. Here's a situation that isn't a hypothetical. I'm sure you're familiar with a kid who went to Cathedral, then Warren Central, then Indian Creek. Since he will graduate from Indian Creek, he's now an Indian Creek kid? Or how about a RB from CG who moved to Indian Creek and played there this year. He's an Indian Creek kid too?
  11. I would say yes and no on him being a New Pal guy. My question for you is if the QB transfers and graduates from Cathedral, is he now a Cathedral kid?
  12. Under my definition above, I believe she would be since she went to school there for 4 years.
  13. It might hurt some small schools as far as talent, but it will increase the opportunity for other kids to attend those small schools. I like what Allen is doing because there are multiples guys at UIndy, Marian, and St. Francis (just to name a few) that I know could contribute at IU or Purdue
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