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  1. Brownsburg and Avon to the MIC. And Laff Jeff, Decatur Central, Columbus East, and Columbus North to the HCC. That would be my 10 team proposal
  2. Where are these "freakish athletes" at Noblesville? Someone educate me on the last time Noblesville had a RB or WR go D1. Here's an article from August 28, 2018. There are 4 Noblesville players, and guess what position they play!? https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/college/2018/08/28/indiana-high-school-football-state-players-2018-fbs-rosters/1127783002/
  3. And Spegal did not receive a scholarship to IU, he walked on. Something that Steele can do if he so chooses. I think Spegal does not have a scholarship offer because people do not believe he is good enough. Steele does not have an offer because people do not believe he will be healthy. Very different reasons, but still the same result.
  4. I think the people at Noblesville want to WIN. If Sharpe can win, then I think those QBs stay at Noblesville regardless of the offense because they want to WIN. There's nothing scarier than adding a great QB to team like CG or RC who can sling it.
  5. Correct. If they want to compete for championships, then they need to run an unconventional offense. Noblesville does not have the athletes that Brownsburg or Avon have, so they need to combat that gap with a different offensive system.
  6. Well, I mean, c'mon. Cathedral has WAY better athletes at skill positions than Noblesville. Makes sense to run spread and throw the ball around when you have better athletes. Noblesville does not have those types of kids. Truth to this statement. But if I'm Coach Sharpe I don't need those "all about me" players. Give me the kid who wants to play QB and WIN, and I'll hand him the keys to the offense.
  7. Steele is MUCH better than Spegal. What Steele has done in the MIC should be weighted much higher than what Spegal has done in the HHC, and that competition will transfer well to college. I think being hurt his Junior year actually HELPS Steele because who knows how beat up he would be after the CG state run. What Spegal has done at New Pal is great, but Steele is the better RB. I think D1 teams are hesitant to offer Steele because his workload has been crazy at CG, and they are worried about his long-term health.
  8. You would have a really hard time convincing me Noblesville has the athletes to line up in spread, and throw it all over the place and run by people. If they had those athletes, their record the last few years would reflect that. Running an unconventional offense with misdirection will offset the lack of great athletes and dominate offensive linemen, because they are NOT a "run it down your throat" offense. In games Noblesville has won the last two years, they have scored 20, 21, 10, 10, and 21 points. Complementary football would be their best friend, which is why his offense is a GREAT fit. Having a good QB makes his offense that more dangerous because they can throw the ball as well, so pick your poison. Great WRs are also great athletes, so giving them the football makes sense, no matter how they get the ball. As far as no blocking TEs, I'm sure they can convert LBs to TEs or just use more offensive linemen.
  9. Love the offense he will bring to Noblesville. Being different will be a huge advantage for him and the Millers. Now, can he get the kids and community to buy in? That will be the hardest part in my opinion.
  10. Any film on the offense he plans to run? I love that Noblesville is trying to be different with their offense
  11. They feel there were much better candidates who did not even get an interview
  12. Now that this is official, I can comment. This announcement coincides with the entire process. I've seen all kinds of things leaked about the hiring and interview process, and I feel bad for Coach Sharpe because he's already starting behind the 8 ball. I am hoping he can go in right away and win. I was not a huge fan of this hire, but the circumstances surrounding it make me a huge Sharpe fan and hope he succeeds right away and proves the doubters wrong.
  13. Is there a better coaching challenge out there? Taking no star athletes, coaching them up, and winning championships?? Other than the challenge, I have no idea why else he would want to coach at Franklin or UIndy because he is DEFINITELY overly qualified for both of those jobs.
  14. Would this job be a good candidate for a first time Head Coach?
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