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  1. Great insight and data here. Not surprising that Cathedral has the most wins considering they should be a 6A program permanently. The only avenue I see to changing the current 6A landscape and challenging MIC domination is by adding all P/P schools to 6A. I truly believe Cathedral, Roncalli, Chatard, Brebef, Evansville Memorial, Dwenger, etc. could all compete in 6A and finally challenge the MIC and improve Indiana football.
  2. Is this all-time? It’s happened 12 times (including Brownsburg) total since the creation of the MIC? If so, thank you for making my point for me.
  3. Kind of like Carmel playing on the North side of the 6A bracket for so long? The lack of parody in the states biggest class has made many lose interest completely. The HCC chokes every single year. The way I see it, the HCC (and other 6A schools) will never catch up to the MIC. How many times has a non-MIC school knocked out a MIC school in the playoffs? Brownsburg this year, but before that?
  4. With Roncalli losing tonight, Memorial is the clear favorite in 4A at this point as I expect them to blow out East Central tomorrow night.
  5. Leo was the right side in the game. How does the coach who goes for 2 after every TD for the whole season, kick a PAT in OT of a Sectional Championship game? Leo lost the game as much as Northridge won the game. That being said, every team in the North is playing for second and hoping they can stay within 3 scores of Roncalli
  6. He is not a D-1 RB. His fit is more of St. Francis, Marian, Eastern Illinois, and schools similar. Leo vs Northridge will be closer than people expect and I think Leo wins by 7 points or less
  7. East Noble and/or Leo would be favored over Lowell, New Prairie, and Hobart. Sure, Leo could have a let down, but their next test will come in the Sectional Championship and the emotions of the EN game will have worn off and it will be about winning a Sectional Title.
  8. Credit to Leo for doing something I didn’t think they could do, which is go 4 wide and throw the ball. In my opinion, that was basically the Semi-State game for the North. Both of these teams would be favored in every other sectional. It’s Leo’s year and I’ll be rooting for them the rest of the way.
  9. It’s really quite a shame that once again we will have a P/P school in Roncalli who will win the state championship game by 40+ points. And they might win every other playoff game by 3 scores. The last public school team from the North to beat a Roncalli team like this was back in 2005, and according to John Harrell that was the *only* time it has ever happened. Calling 4A wide open is a joke. Mooresville can get the job done, but it would be a monumental upset.
  10. I guess I didn't look closely enough at the tweets. I thought for sure they finally gave him a scholarship
  11. No coordinator or head coaching experience, and his first job as either a coordinator or head coach would be a Big 4 MIC job? Don't get me wrong, coaching at IMG is definitely a feat in itself, but this is a HUGE first job.
  12. Obvious coaches for WC job: 1) Kyle Ralph - You all know why. BUT, I think now is a great time for Ralph to move on. I'm sure he could bring most of his assistants with him as well since both schools are close geographically... 2) Mike Kirschner - WC alum and maybe he misses the "grind" Not so obvious: 3) Justin Pelley (Webo) - he can clearly coach ball with 3 state championships. Does he want a taste of the MIC 4) Darrin Fisher (Whiteland) - he could really run his offense at a place like WC 5) Nick Hart (Gibson Southern) - 9th year at GS and seems like a guy WC could have for 10+ years
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