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  1. I guess I didn't look closely enough at the tweets. I thought for sure they finally gave him a scholarship
  2. No coordinator or head coaching experience, and his first job as either a coordinator or head coach would be a Big 4 MIC job? Don't get me wrong, coaching at IMG is definitely a feat in itself, but this is a HUGE first job.
  3. Obvious coaches for WC job: 1) Kyle Ralph - You all know why. BUT, I think now is a great time for Ralph to move on. I'm sure he could bring most of his assistants with him as well since both schools are close geographically... 2) Mike Kirschner - WC alum and maybe he misses the "grind" Not so obvious: 3) Justin Pelley (Webo) - he can clearly coach ball with 3 state championships. Does he want a taste of the MIC 4) Darrin Fisher (Whiteland) - he could really run his offense at a place like WC 5) Nick Hart (Gibson Southern) - 9th year at GS and seems like a guy
  4. Yes. The last coach went 1-9 in his first and only year at the school. Only 1 winning season in the last 10 years
  5. Negatives: 1) Bottom of the HCC for awhile now. 2) Center Grove in the sectional. 3) You will lose some kids to Lutheran, Warren Central, Roncalli, and maybe even New Pal. Positives: 1) You play in a premier conference My question is this: What makes FC a good coaching job?
  6. There doesn't need to be competitive balance in COLLEGE football where teams RECRUIT against each other. All of the colleges and universities have equal access to student athletes. You're telling me Pike Central can go out and recruit all over the country like those college teams mentioned? That logic doesn't make sense to me
  7. John Harrell must not have updated his site otherwise I would have thrown Webo in there. Interesting... Webo is on a great run and maybe they will be able to maintain it? But, I think Webo was fortunate to make it to state and needed a FG to win it. While Chatard, Cathedral, and Roncalli all won by double digits. And this isn't the first time we've seen those schools do that. It's not Chatard, Cathedral, or Roncalli's fault that they are that much better than the rest of 3A, 4A, and 5A, but we've NEVER seen a public school do that. I'm a reasonable guy, and I will not sit her
  8. Does anyone else see that this is a problem? We have the same 4 champions in 6A and P/P are over represented in State Titles compared to the number of P/P schools in the state. If you remove the Big 4 in 6A and all P/P from State Title leaders, here is your list: Sheridan 9 Penn 5 Hobart 4 Jimtown 4 Tri-West 4 Franklin Central 4 No public school under 6A has been able to maintain consistent dominance in any level like the P/P schools and the Big 4 in 6A. This is a problem that needs addressed. I think the answer is moving up those P/P schools from
  9. The problem in Evansville is that the Athletic director for all Evansville schools was the Central Head Coach for years. Talk about a conflict of interests. How many kids have all the Evansville schools lost to Central who has been uncharacteristically successful the last 4 seasons??? But those Mater Dei kids aren't choosing Reitz anymore... pretty sure they are coming to Memorial given the fall of Reitz coincides with the rise of Memorial. I could be wrong, but I don't think I'm far off. And I don't think Memorial is "recruiting" those kids, but Memorial has access to more s
  10. I think there is an argument for proximity to students, but it's more of a problem for 1A and 2A programs in extremely rural areas. Luers, Mater Dei, and Lutheran all benefit from being able to get way more students than say Prairie Heights or North White because of their location in highly populated metro areas. HOWEVER, this is about Danville and Chatard. Of course the Tri-West guy is trying to deter the conversation because he doesn't want to see either of these teams in his sectional or regional next year because Danville or Chatard have eliminated the Bruins from the playoff
  11. Does anyone else feel like this is the 6A-Division 2 state championship? I am taking Cathedral by 14. I think it will be close for 3 quarters and Cathedral will pull away in the 4th
  12. The two wins over Chatard have fundamentally changed the culture of the Danville football team. Sure, Six Shooter isn't there anymore and those kids have graduated and this all happened years ago. But, I don't believe the "Chatard pedestal" will be a factor for the Danville kids because I would bet they remember beating Chatard. I would bet the Chatard coaching staff remembers those games well also. Which is why I am looking forward to this game so much and the storylines that go along with it.
  13. I fear that you may be right. 1A - The Covenant Christian Oriole Bulldogs have not been tested all year and SA has a couple of guys who are talented. Not sure it will be enough. 2A - WeBo has been on the big stage a lot and I feel like they've overachieved this year. Luers is good and has really found their stride. 3A - Best game of the weekend. Toss up in my opinion. 4A - The Roncalli Football Team seems like they became great overnight. They weren't on anyone's radar that I talked too. Does Hobart have enough offensively to keep up? 5A - C'mon. Cathedral
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