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  1. Center Grove- Joel Hale and Nate Wozniak (All that I know off the top of my head)
  2. No clue. I thought they would’ve released that by now
  3. Good call! Brandon Wheat will be excellent again for CG next year. He missed a good chunk of the season due to injury. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him have a breakout Junior year as well
  4. I would say Caden Curry DL at Center Grove, but I don’t know if you would consider his sophomore year his breakout year or not.
  5. Private schools can recruit kids to go to school there for sports. They also don’t require a certain zone to live in for kids that want to go there, ANYBODY can go there if they wanted to.
  6. I saw that spot, surprised that the refs missed it by that much. And as Temptation mentioned, the “catch” made that was clearly out of bounds, and the receiver juggled the ball. I’m starting to now think that it might be something beyond those plays that the BD guys are talking about.
  7. On a separate note, does anybody know about the “controversy” of the semi-state between CG and BD? I’ve seen stuff on Twitter from some BD guys saying that they should’ve been in the state game. Gipson (BD QB) tweeted at a CG student account saying that everybody besides CG knew what happened. They were saying that they were getting cheated, so I was curious to see if this is made up or not.
  8. I guess I didn’t pick up on the sarcasm. I just made myself look like a complete moron for no reason
  9. Cole Brevard from Carmel is a 4 star going to Penn State. Most D1 athletes that start might not be 4 star, but many 4 star athletes go to a D1 school
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