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  1. WHAT A GAME. Good to see Tayven redeem himself for those 2 INTs.
  2. Connor Delp and Garrett Keith both received an offer from Butler. I believe that makes 11 CG players with at least one D1 offer (FBS and/or FCS). I wouldn’t be surprised to see that number reach 13 very soon
  3. Kicker was out for the Pike and LN games because of contact tracing. Should be back for Cathedral. I’m not aware of anyone else at this time. CG is on fall break this week, so that’s a plus
  4. LN offense is for real. CG is having no issues moving the ball, but have had one snap on each drive put them back 10+ yards on 3rd down.
  5. CG secondary is getting torched. Also doesn’t help that the offense keeps shooting themselves in the foot every time they get inside the 20
  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the game will be aired on Channel 23 (MyIndyTV)
  7. Curry received an offer from Louisville. They’re a bit late to the party at this point
  8. According to MaxPreps, Steele has: 89 carries 600 rushing yards (Averages 120 a game) 659 all-purpose yards 12 TDs
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