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  1. https://www.centergrovefootball.com/page/show/3331437-high-school-games- Hopefully that works
  2. They’re doing New Pal and Delta. But as previously mentioned CG Sports Network broadcasts every football game.
  3. Should be another classic. If Cathedral wins this one, I’ll say that they’ll win state for 5a. JMO
  4. I know for a fact that Notre Dame and LSU have shown great interest in him. He recently had a visit down at Kentucky either last week or two weeks ago.
  5. Not for sure if he’s been offered, but I know that he’s been looked at by some schools. Should’ve done my research prior to that statement.
  6. I bet I could name a couple state title teams with top 15 talent, and without that talent wouldn’t have won. I’d say that to some degree having top 15 talent is needed to win state.
  7. It’s weird to think that FOUR teams could have a share of the conference championship. Tells you how balanced (in a way) that the conference is this year.
  8. Also, CG’s center has been shown interest by high-end D1 schools. And of course Carson Steele has been offered by great schools. QB might get D1 interest, but probably for basketball. Future is bright at CG
  9. I’ll change my 6a pick back to Center Grove. I’ll keep everything else as is.
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