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  1. LB Jackson Schott committed to the University of Miami (Ohio) today!
  2. Austin Booker picks up another offer, Nebraska. Offers are really starting to roll in for him
  3. It’s not about the drive, it’s about the sports other than football and softball that NP would get curb stomped in by the MIC
  4. I would expect Delp to play more split end, and slot. Thanks for pointing out Evans as well, forgot that he was out with injury also
  5. I wouldn’t expect Steele’s load to be as heavy next year. He will still get the most carries out of all the backs, but with Weems having a year under his belt now, the load for Steele might be taken down just a bit. Also having Brandon Wheat fully healthy at the wingback position will help.
  6. Being injured his whole junior season did no favors for Steele. Could be a 3 or 4 star back by next year POSSIBLY.
  7. Well sure you can compare them. Both have a unique set of skills that could work better in one offense or another.
  8. I’d say that we could/should. Great way to spark some off season conversation
  9. Steele picks up his very first offer from ISU. https://twitter.com/carsonsteele30/status/1207370223352983554?s=21
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