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  1. Then explain why Roncalli has put two players in a power five conference since 1984. I saw this article on Facebook, and my first thought was DT. After reading it, I didn’t think the quality was high enough. Thanks for clearing up who wrote it.
  2. John Rodenberg was the easiest coach to work with I've ever known. I had a conversation with another assistant coach today where he stated, “John has been an absolute dream to work for!” As for bouncing around, he was at Moeller for twelve years before resigning after two difficult seasons. He admittedly struggled to implement his style of culture at Lawrence Central, but went 25-2 at Roncalli. His kids and grand kids are in Cincinnati, where he has spent his entire life. The community he will be serving is widely considered the most desirable place to live in the Midwest (median household income is north of $215k). He’s likely going to make significantly more money as well. So, no, Tim he’s not difficult to work with.
  3. Fwiw, I felt EC was the best 4A team we played last year, slightly nudging out Mt. Vernon. This year’s game was a slugfest, tied late in the 4th quarter. The Trojans are an excellent football team, fully capable of bringing home a title. That said, go Royals.
  4. The CYO and Catholic grade school system (St. Michael’s, in particular) provides Ritter an advantage over Covenant. That doesn’t mean that CC won’t potentially cut into their talent pool, but this is still an attractive job.
  5. Most CYO teams are 3rd/4th and 5th/6th. The numbers are huge for 3rd graders and the drop for 4th grade. There is a little attrition heading into 5th grade but a huge drop among 6th graders. Two reasons: 1. Many of the younger kids are getting pounded by older kids in practice to the point that they lose all interest. The difference between a 3rd grader and 4th grader is typically just experience. But the physical difference between a 5th grader and a 6th grader can be substantial. 2. Travel sports, particularly baseball, gobble kids up by 4th grade with promises of scholarships and contracts. Shockingly, it’s the ones that stick with football that most often play baseball in college.
  6. He still out rushed him by 658 yards. That means Huebler ran for 40% more yards. And he averaged more per carry. Roncalli’s strength of schedule does not negate that difference (still in the top 40).
  7. Here are some facts: Baron Huebler 328 attempts (#3) 2317 rushing yards (#2) 165.5 yards per game (#11) 7.1 yards per carry 32 rushing TDs (#1 tied) 14 receptions 106 receiving yards 2 TDs 34 Total TDs (#1) Carson Steele 264 attempts (#6) 1659 rushing yards (#12) 118.5 yards per game (#57) 6.3 yards per carry 31 rushing TDs (#3) 7 receptions 152 receiving yards 2 TDs 33 Total TDs (#2) The strength of schedule is considerably different, but it is important to note that we struggled to get Baron 100 yards against the worst teams on our schedule due to running clocks and big pass plays. He ran for almost 500 against #1 Mt Vernon and #2 Mooresville and a ton against #6 East Central.
  8. When you stop to realize that the varsity games were top upperclassmen vs top underclassmen, the JV games were top underclassmen vs bottom underclassmen, and the frosh games were top frosh against what was left down, it is less impressive. Time will tell. That’s not shade at CG as much as it is an acknowledgment that WC and BD are far from dead.
  9. Some meandering thoughts: The main separators for consistent success seem to be: 1. Strong feeder program, preferably with the varsity head coach having some influence 2. Access to funding either through the school or the families 3. Program tradition The schools that are most commonly represented Thanksgiving weekend typically have at least two of these traits. The best private and parochial schools have all three (as does Carmel, Center Grove, Penn, etc.). But all legacy programs HAVE to have at least two. It always cracks me up when I see people from schools with one or none complaining about the P/Ps. Moving the P/Ps up a class would only result in trading one master for another. It’s worth noting that not all P/P schools even have two, which is why it is imprudent to treat all P/Ps the same. I have coached at Roncalli, Chatard, Ritter, Scecina, Brebeuf, Broad Ripple, Howe, Beech Grove, and Southwestern, boys and girls. Roncalli is by far the easiest place to coach, even though so few D-1 athletes have come through the program. The kids are loved at home, well-fed, and provided access to supplemental training. They start playing flag football in pre-school and dream of when it will be their turn to run out of the woods. As a coach, you can fall back on the “been there, done that” approach to selling your vision. Those things don’t all happen overnight, and key components can be missed with kids that transfer in. That’s why there have been so few non-south deanery CYO kids starting on the school’s ten state championship teams (this coming from a non-CYO starter on a state championship team). We had 1 player this year from outside of our feeder system - a number I would hold up against any of the other 11 finalists. There is merit to the fact that P/P schools are mostly filled with involved students who have chosen to be there. While at Broad Ripple, we had over 1,500 kids, but less than 100 seniors (less than 300 juniors). We were a 5A team competing with 2A resources. That’s before we get to the fact that many of our kids were getting picked up at 5 am, dropped off at 8 pm, and largely only eating what the school provided. Socio-economics factors would be the best way to determine classifications. That will never happen because it’s not easy. In the meantime, it’s not fair for us to say “Get better or get used to it” without acknowledging the privilege we enjoy. At the same time, it’s pointless to complain if you haven’t first taken care of your own backyard to the best of your ability.
  10. I’m sure that meeting was incredibly cringe-worthy as I did not yet know how much I didn’t know. Had all the answers back then...
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