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  1. Neophytes like yourself have no idea how hard it is to break into the college coaching profession if you miss your window as a graduate assistant. High school coaches approaching 50 years of age are not routinely offered the opportunity to make the jump at mid-major, D1 level. And no, Ben Davis does not compare.
  2. How myopic would you have to be to think that an Indians HS job is preferable to a D-1 assistant position?
  3. The press couldn’t do worse than the good ole boys in the IFCA.
  4. Few coaches have been more influential in Indiana High School football than Bob Ashworth. His coaching tree includes Bob Clayton and Bruce Scifres. His youngest son is the head basketball coach at Hamilton Southeastern. Ashworth played for Northwestern and the Redskins (was once traded for Howard Mudd). He served as the head coach at Lawrence Central, Vincennes Lincoln, Heritage Hills, Broad Ripple, and Crispus Attucks, among others. He moved around the state as his then wife took new assignments, taking over programs largely in disrepair and building them back to respectability. He was a coach’s coach, but more than anything, he cared about developing the young men under his charge. He dedicated the last years of his career serving those with the greatest need and making significant impacts on many, many lives. From me and the thousands of people you have influenced, happy birthday, Coach!
  5. I’m a big fan of RebelDad and his sons (whole family for that matter!). I actually returned to Roncalli as the offensive line coach in 2020. However, after meeting with Sam Otley for about twenty minutes, it became very apparent that he should be the guy and I should serve as his assistant. It’s hard to argue with the results. I can’t see him ever leaving Roncalli, but Sam is one of the sharpest football minds I have been around. He will make a great head coach when given the opportunity.
  6. Correct on all accounts, sir (although my current knowledge of offensive line play is suspect at best).
  7. Yes. I was asked not to say who it was. I would encourage you to find a similar source that will then tell you the exact same thing. The person in question did not vote for Hansen, so they hardly have any reason to lie about it.
  8. My proof comes from a source that was in the room with no dog in the fight.
  9. The decision actually did come down to factors beyond their ability at running back. Coyle’s prowess as a three-sport athlete was taken into consideration. The outcomes of the teams factored into play, as well. Once that bridge has been crossed, you have to count the fact that even though Hansen only played defense against their top tier opponents (and then only part time), he still led the team in sacks and TFL. You also have to give him credit for being on the podium at the state wrestling finals, a sport where you are completely reliant on yourself and only yourself for success. But Roncalli had no representation in the room or anyone that truly cared to advocate for Luke. Coyle had the head coach of the best team in the state to carry his mail. The system is ridiculous. To be clear, I have nothing against Coyle. He had a great year, and I hope he goes on to do amazing things in college.
  10. This discussion breaks down into two groups: 1. Center Grove fans and the handful of coaches that made the decision 2. Everyone else in the state That is based on TGD profiles and Twitter. It’s a travesty, but it’s over. Maybe this will lead to something new being created.
  11. Even I would have voted for Bocephus over Bohn. He was born to boogie.
  12. Bohn also broke the state season rushing record, and the team went undefeated while besting 7 previously undefeated teams. and he only played in 40 quarters (3,165 yards)
  13. He literally ran for 250% more yards and scored 400% more touchdowns against their two common opponents.
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