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  1. I would move the CG vs Cathedral game to an earlier week so both tes don't have to worry about injury the week before Sectionals
  2. It was Brother Rice. Warre played East St. Louis, Maine South, Cleveland Glenville in the 3 Warren Central Classics. I was there for every game the first year and got so sunburned on my shoulders that they blistered up. I think an event at LOS would be awsome idea. Maybe the IHSAA could give a team or 2 a waiver to play school outside the travel restrictions. They did it for LN when Conley and Oden were playing. But then again its not basketball so prob would not happen.
  3. Let's face facts. No team that is not in the MIC conference will win the 6A state title any time soon. So we make a 7A class of just MIC teams and they all play for the 7A title and the rest of Indiana big schools will have a chance to win a trophy
  4. Did we strike a nerve? As vic said above everyone would still leave the stadium its just that the people in the 2nd level would get a discount for not being closer to the action. This would allow all the fans for the teams to have the better seats down low and a fan such as myself would have to watch from a further away seat. I dont see the harm in this idea. You can also still assign seats for those sitting in the upper bowl that way they can't try and sneak down and take seats that are reserved for the fans of the teams playing.
  5. I have a parking pass for a garage downtown so I am able to avoid paying to park. But the food and drink would still bring it to close to 130-140. I would not mind letting all the fans of the teams to have the sideline areas and I could sit in the endzone seats. But I can't justify that much money Open up the 2nd level of the stadium for more seating to spread out the crowd as to keep everyone 6ft away. They do it for the basketball title games.
  6. From what I'm seeing from info released from a team that is playing the in 9ne of the title games. Seats will be assigned seating, each ticket is 15 bucks, after each game they will clear the stadium to clean and sanitize the stand and tickets will be sold at the schools of the 12 teams playing then all other tickets will be sold day of at the LOS box office. So to me that means you have to buy a ticket for every game individually and that adds up to 90 bucks all together.
  7. So if I understand correctly for those fans like myself that spend the Thanksgiving weekend supporting Indiana High School football by attending all the games it will be $90 to do so this year? I know times are difficult and they wanna give the partipating teams fans a chance to go cheer on their team but darn this is unfortunate for fans like myself. Anyone eles do as I do and attend the game not matter if your favorite team is in the games or not?
  8. At this point every team has swagger and confidence.
  9. Warren has shown some resilience the last 2 weeks in route to a sectional championship that I did not think was going to happen. With this in mind I have one question. Do the Warriors stand any chance against the mighty Trojans? Week 2 match up saw the Trojans hold the Warriors scoreless while going on to a 20-0 win. Warrens Defense got lots of pressure on Lawrence Norths QB this past week with 9 sacks. What do you all think?
  10. LN is punting the ball with less than 4 min to go. So I would say yes its over.
  11. LN get the ball back with 455 left in the game down by 14 and have to go 99 yards for a TD
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