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  1. That was in a mudd pit game. Field was a mess and somehow he was still able to put his foot in the dirt and make some unbelievable cuts on the field
  2. Interesting to look at. My question is how do you truly come up with a ranking for these 19 outstanding players. Is it by by stats while still in high school, championships ( sectionals, reginals, semi-states and state championships), after high school accomplishments. You could argue that Wodicka had a better high school career that both Keil, Johnson and Peter's because he led his to to a state championship but it was in 3A and he did not have to play the likes of Cathedral, Warren, CG or BD like the other 3 QBs had to play against. PS-Kiel played for East not North.
  3. Wasnt as flashy as Banks play but in the 04 Regular season game between Warren and Ben Davis almost the same thing happened but Warren was the team scoring. Jason Stewart was back to punt and the snap goes over his head and into the end zone. He grabs the ball avoids a couple BD players and then find I belive it was either Sam Norris or Steve Parker down field for about an 80 yard TD pass for a TD.
  4. Sep. 8 Crawfordsville W 53-0 Sep. 16 Muncie Central W 66-0 Sep. 22 Mater Dei * W 42-0 Sep. 30 @ New Albany * W 26-0 Oct. 13 @ Central * W 21-0 Oct. 21 Bloomington * W 46-0 Oct. 27 @ North * W 26-0 Nov. 4 Memorial * W 33-0 Nov. 10 Bosse * W 55-0
  5. Would be a good match-up. Think it would be closer that 11 points
  6. I would love to see the 06 Warren Team Vs. The 17 Ben Davis team.
  7. Warren05

    Colts 2020

    Colts have just signed Sheldon Day.
  8. For me the Best game I was ever apart of would have to be either 03 or 04 reginals Warren Vs. Ben Davis. 03- We finally got the mokey off our backs of losing to BD in the Reginals. Saw Coach Tutsie and other coaches openly shed tears over this win. We as a program had worked so hard to make this win happy we all were in cloud nine. The following week we shut out CG @CG and then for the Finals we beat a very good Penn team. 04- My senior year were had graduated most our states from the 03 state team and were not favored to repeat. We found ourselves down to BD by 13 or 14 points in the 2nd half and it was 2 long passes from Dexter Taylor to Josh Bailey that 1 went for a TD and the other got us down inside the 6 5 yeard line for the go ahead score. That was a great night as well. We would then go on to Beat Columbus North @ CN and then win a hard fought game over FE Snider in the Dome.
  9. @Temptation the current drive time for New Pal to each MIC school. Monrovia who I have coached for took rides like this each Friday and Mondays while playing away from home. New Pal to Ben Davis-40 min New Pal to North Central-40 min New Pal to Carmel-45 min New Pal to LC-30 min New Pal to LN-35 min New Pal to Pike-50 min New Pal to Warren- 22 min New Pal to center Grove-44 min
  10. Having faith in a program that they can play with the best in Indiana is not a bad thing. I refer you to a little movie called Hoosiers.
  11. I was at work and could def not get away with drinking on the job
  12. I got faith in New Pal that they could and would compete in the MIC.
  13. Cathedral frequently competes with and defeats teams bigger than they are. Their enrollment is less than 1200. New Pal is a growing community and many families will be flocking to the school district in the next 10-20 years.
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