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  1. Oh I wasnt saying he was not hurt most the season. Just saying that the reports of him breaking his ankle before Pike were a bit exaggerated. It's all good though. Congrats and see u guys next august
  2. Lol understood But if they were to win the team was just that much better.
  3. CG is gonna take this one in another great game between these 2 teams. Congrats to the Trojans. Good season Warren
  4. Big sack for CG. Warren cant convert on 4th down. Warren turns ball over deep in their own territory.
  5. He had 4000 yards combined in his freshman and Sophomore year and this year in the offseason he had a leg injury that has kept him out most the year. Tonight is the first game he has played all season.
  6. After a Fuumble by CG Warren takes a back snap in for a TD. 21-14 CG in the 4th. 10 min left in 4th
  7. Carson Steele with his 1st TD run of the year. 21-7 CG. Happy for that young man for coming back
  8. Center Grove retakes the lead with a 17 yard pass TD. CG has to burn a TD before the 2 pt conversion. Score- 14-7 CG with 7 min left in 3rd
  9. Warren takes the lead with a 45 yard TD pass on 3rd and 26. Less than 30 sec left in 2nd qrt
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