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  1. Oh in no way was I saying it was anyone at the IFCA's fault this kids not play.
  2. Oh most def there is plenty if Talent on the feild. Just would love to see the top 10 players in the state put on a show one last time before we see them on Saturdays.
  3. The top ranked players like Bell, Kiser, Karlaftis, S.James, Robbins, Brit dont play.
  4. So I'll take this as you have no boundaries to which you have to stay in and can accept anyone from the as far away as the parents are will to travel for their kid to go to your school. Gotcha. Looks like I'll have to head over to Yappi and do some reseach
  5. The summer is the pre-season for Fall sports. The fall is the pre-season for winter sports. There is a moratorium week in the summer but not in the fall. Doesn't matter if if the moratorium week pertains to all sports. Fall sports only have so much time to get ready for the season.
  6. Besides holiday Basketball Tournaments and maybe a holiday wrestling tourney I have not seen a school sponsored sport where a family would have to book hotel for up to 4 days in another state, pay for entry into the tourney, consecions at the event, dinner and breakfast for before and after the event. I would say the time commitment to travel sports far out weighs the commitment for school sports.
  7. What bitterness? The fact that we want the kids to have a summer? The fact that travel ball has gotten out of hand and costs families far to much money and time. The fact that football gives out far more full rides to college than baseball or softball or basketball.
  8. I think the biggest problem oldtimeqb and Coach Nowlin have is fall sports have a week where there can be no coach involvement what so ever but winter sports that do have Xmas break do not have restrictions like that during their break. Travel basketball, travel Baseball and travel Vollyball most times are coached by high school coaches and have many players that play for that coach during the school year on it. I feel that the Summer should be for kids to enjoy.
  9. There can be organized workouts just cant be any coaches there. If the players happen to get a workout together and the fence to the field happens to be open not much the IHSAA could do
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