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  1. This may be true but i can tell you that Warren will not give up throughout the game
  2. Just watched the ending of this game and when Gorman was on their last play and the announcer said they were gonna need a little "Pitchy Pitchy Woo Woo" I lost it and started laughing so hard.
  3. What makes this comeback even more remarkable is that Warren made it all while playing with their back-up QB. Prince Powell was taken out just before half with what was said to be an illness he had been battling all week.
  4. @BDGiant93 during the game late in the 4th qrt did you find it baffling that after Warren was called for offsides and the Giants had the ball inside the Warren 5 that Coach Simmons did not elect to take 3 knees and make Warren use their timeouts? Were you ok with them going in for the TD?
  5. That does sound like a heck of a comeback. Good example of never giving up and playing till the board reads all zeros
  6. They were down 21 at one point and then 13 and came back both times. 113 points scored and pretty sure BD had over 700 yard offensively
  7. 9Warren Central come back from 13 points in the last 2 min to win 57-56
  8. Warren scores 22 unanswered points to the the ball game with little under 8 min left
  9. Warren picks the ball off on 4th down then on the return fumbles the ball and BD recovers the ball and returned the ball back to the original line of scrimmage for a 1st down. Warren Defender needs to work on how to carry the ball.
  10. One of the best plays I have ever seen. The other coincidently was also between WC and BD is sort of the same scenario. Jeremy Finch back for punt. Snap over his head into the end zone. Finish retrieves the ball and instead of running it he throws a long pass to I belive Jason Stewart at mid-field who takes thr ball in for a TD. @BDGiant93 do you remember this play and what year it was? I belive it was in 04 at Warren.
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