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  1. I'm sure the Giants will get up for a long standing rivalry game. I'll be there next week
  2. In the last 10 year the SEC has had 2 teams win National championships. In the past 10 year the MIC has had 4 different teams win state titles. Each year any of those 4 teams has the ability to win a state title but only 1 does because the schedule prepares that 1 team to win it all. The other 3 teams most the time gets knocked out by another MIC team.
  3. For some team in the MIC this is a true statement. CG vs. Warren 2010 is a great example of 2 teams beating th holy dog snott out of eachother week 9 then both losing in the 1st round of sectionals. Then you could take center Grove 2015. They had 5 game they won by 7 or less points including a 1 point OT win over Avon to claim and undefeated state championship season. The MIC can be both a blessing and a curse some years for teams in the conference.
  4. I will say if it cant be Warren winning the state title I will hope it's another MIC team to win it( except CG,BD and Carmel)lol
  5. Cant speak for teams in the present but when I played for Warren Coach Wright stressed that winning the MIC was our #1 goal. Some years you could say The MIC is the best Conference in the Midwest. So to me I would be proud to say I my team and I are the winners of the touest conference in Indiana year in and year out. ( Side note the HCC is having a great year this year and cant wait to see how they do come playoff time.)
  6. So disagree that I will admit when Warren is ranked too high?
  7. I think Avin has proven they are the top team in 6A. I may be a Warren fan I'll admit when I think we are ranked too high. I would watch Out for Jeff this year. They have somthing special going on up there.
  8. Idk about that but he came from South Put. It's not Akers its Aker.
  9. Totally different offenses. The belly is a thing of the past. It's no longer a system but merely a play.
  10. With 1 min to go in 2nd Linton scores its 4th TD of the game. 28-0
  11. Miners score again but fail on PAT. 20-0 over the Bulldawgs. 2 min left in 2nd
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