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  1. I would say the answer to those 2 questions are no to the first and yes to the 2nd. NP is improved but not on WeBo's level, i see this as 43-20 for WeBo..
  2. What exactly is Carson's injury? I've only heard rumors of a Hammy and others say a knee? To keep him out this long it had to be pretty darn severe. I feel bad for him as well, was looking forward to seeing what he would do this year..
  3. I think with all LInton is bringing back this year and SR losing their QB Linton wins this one 28-17, i like the Miner's this year a lot!
  4. You guys did better against us defensively then anybody that year i do believe, i think we had over 300 yds which is still really good, but far below the 429 yds we averaged, maybe the 1st game of the year against Ritter, our biggest rival because we came out flat. Heck of a team you had in 2015 as well!
  5. Monrovia, 6,368 yds in a season, i remember that! Could've been even more then that if they had played starters longer in some games! Yikes! What a team that was!
  6. With all due respect to Southridge, i think Linton takes it this year, i've gotten to watch Linton a lot over the past several years and i know they return a lot of kids from last year's team, not often you hear that Linton is being slept on, but i think a lot of people are sleeping on them this year, take away injuries and i think Linton will make another deep run this year. Linton will be looking to deal out a lot of pay back for last years down year. Look forward to seeing them when they travel to play Monrovia this year!
  7. Dawg house pizza and right beside that, Main St bar and grill in Monrovia. Both are great, i love the pizza at Dawg house tho!
  8. Any guesses as to whom replaces, Hutchins at Monrovia?
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