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  1. Didn't Plainfield's QB transfer over the summer? Who is taking over?
  2. Just a gut feeling, trust me i want to be wrong being a Monrovia grad. Kinda worried about Monrovia's O and D lines, we lost some good ones and one of the good ones returning has a hurt knee from what i've been told.
  3. Merrillville Ben Davis Chatard West Lafayette Linton Warren Central Carroll Memorial Cathedral East Central
  4. Center Grove vs Warren Central.... Monrovia vs Ritter.... Martinsville vs BNL....Linton vs Parke Heritage
  5. All i can say is if anyone has hopes and dreams of being a "writer/reporter" for a "newspaper" don't give up your dream bc if Gregg Doyle can do it ANY of us can, he's a hack on his best day, true meaning of the word "Beta" and fake woke idiot!
  6. I don't know about biggest threat, Linton will have something to say about that i'm sure, TC will be really good i agree, but so will Linton, they bring back a lot as well!
  7. Sadly, in today's world this isn't hard to imagine/believe..
  8. Monrovia 28 Speedway 22 Final Monrovia punches it in as time expires!
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