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  1. I’ve said it for years but 4A “was” most years consistently the best class pound for pound. With that, its best teams have generally gone on to consistently be the dominant players in 5A and, on occasion, break into 6A…which has watered down 4A from its prior glory.
  2. I”ll ask the same (apparently idiotic) question I’ve been asking since this whole debate started. Just why can’t the adjustment be made until the end of the two year period (at the end of next year) as it should have been done normally? Why the urgency to make bumps/drops/adjustments a year early? If I were a conspiracy guy I would say that its all because the IHSAA just couldn’t wait to bump Cathedral to 6A and had to validate that decision somehow…..but then I’m no conspiracy guy….. With that, I’m as ticked off as anybody about Chatard getting moved down to 3A. I really thought they could make a deep run in 4A this year….almost certainly next year (if they could have stayed “up”). Still, 3A has been a heckuva class the last few years and, apparently, Chatard is back in it. Looks like only Memorial will have the honor of pulling off the 3A/4A championship run for the time being.
  3. Well….in my 5 paragraph, since deleted, alcohol-driven novelette I addressed those points. In summary, EC needs more competition. They have CLEARLY outgrown the EIAC by almost every measurable. No Cincy conference is likely to offer (you mentioned that). The Circle City only has 4 football and 6(?) schools in total - so really not that much travel…plus a Helluva lot more equivalent competition for EC. Finally, you can still play any and all the familiar local punching bags (Lawrenceburg excluded as regards being a punching bag) if you want….they still need to fill their schedules too. But, overall it would provide the level of overall conference competition EC is sadly lacking with only a couple of 90 minute drives (on average) annually per sport.
  4. Huh…what….Bob, I was just asking for another beer.
  5. I actually just wrote 5 paragraphs explaining why EC should bail on the EIAC and apply for entrance to the Circle City Conference and just now deleted them. It seemed so obvious after writing it that I was embarrassed having written a case for it at all. "Res Ipsa Loquitur"....or somesuch that they mentioned to us back in law school. In any event, if my wonderful 9th grade hoops coach Kim Simonson...and East Central Hall of Famer...and erstwhile EC Principal was still in charge I'd make the Pitch to him myself.
  6. Congrats to Coach Quintana! Great opportunity. He’ll be missed.
  7. Heh…heh. Arguably likely not your first time, probably just the first time I noticed (and like so many of us - he ain’t what he used to be), but I consider fighting with Muda a certain Baptism here. I can just vaguely recall in those fictional “polite” days DT so pines for, Muda and I raging at each other over 5-6 threads…..which was NOTHING compared to all the other windmills Muda was constantly tilting against on the GID. These days, it’s hard for me to gather up an argument against this fellow sad old libertarian dinosaur as we both lounge and occasionally flop about in the warm tar pit…….Muda humorless as ever. Some things never change.
  8. Probably the MOST (a) accurate, (b) "on point" and (c) humorous post EVER on the GID. A TRIFECTA. Thank you Stax.
  9. First, as to civility, its a grade school girlfriend's sleepover pillowfight these days on the GID as compared to 15-20 years ago. Seriously, are you simply delusional in your senior years or just hoping to pull the wool over the eyes of newbies? The knives were out those days. Some wounds have never quite healed. Second, didn't "kind, sweet and gentle giant" Tim send your sorry @ss packing? That's my recollection...at worst, his co-founders did so just after Tim's death. I don't really care what you say currently. I'm totally cool with that. People say a lot of crap and you are amongst the best. But don't rewrite the past and somehow make yourself out as a hero or respecting Tim and his cofounders. That's Bullsh!t and you know it.
  10. No way. Sooooo many widows and orphans still out there......and souls yet to save.
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