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  1. It’s funny how quick cycles can turn. I recall Chatard playing Dwenger in 2012 and the game went down very much like the Chatard/Columbus East game this Fall. The Dwenger faithful were lamenting that it was over for Dwenger and they would never be good again. The very next year in 2013 they played within a point of an Olympian team in the State game. An Olympian team that I considered one of the best 5 teams in the State (All Classes). I was expecting East to be back to form next Fall and looked forward to seeing it. Add that I have some real memories from my last visit there…it was the first time I broke 2:00 and I passed out after getting out-leaned at the finish line. The next day I had to take the SAT on about 2 hours sleep. Curious what it would look like all these years later.
  2. Total bummer. I was really looking forward to going to East. The last time I was there was at a track Invitational in HS….just after the glaciers receded.
  3. Bob…it WAS southern Indiana. FYI - Lest anyone get bent out of shape, I’ll put my redneck southeastern Indiana bone fides up against anyone’s.
  4. Again, if grown-ups were in charge in the MIC at least they would have handled the loss with some grace. I find it ironic that those administering sports tell the players to accept a loss with grace and class yet act like petulant 8 year olds when things don’t go their way = as demonstrated by that silly rant of a press release. It just confirms my worst fears as regards who is running our public schools - and public institutions in general.
  5. I probably disagree with your last sentence (though I reserve the right to disagree with both…I generally do disagree with DT as it turns out…though I don’t make an effort to) but I am interested to hear the life lessons your son learned about people that aren’t like him. Honestly, that should be one of the goals of High School sports…maybe the most important one. I learned some of the most enduring life lessons in HS and College sports. Most often good…but not always. My sense is that your son learned a lot of things - important ones. Please share what you think they are. I honestly believe it’s the most important thing about sports outside of the general idea of competition.
  6. Sorry to be the wet blanket but Linemen don’t win it and haven’t since the second award in 1993 to Bo Barzilauskas. Although they often should. Actually PROBABLY should most years. Look, everybody paying attention knew Zack Martin of Chatard (2008 season) was going to start somewhere on Sundays. EVERYBODY. He’s a pretty certain NFL Hall of Fame player at this point and likely the best Indiana football player in the NFL since Rod Woodson. He wasn’t even considered. DIDN’T GET A SNIFF. I think there is a Marion County or Indianapolis Lineman of the Year award given out - he didn’t win that either. I admit schools promote this stuff like the Oscars these days…which bothers me more than a little. I have no horse in this race. I’d love to see a lineman win - but they don’t. Regardless how great they are. Maybe things will change this year, but to be clear, there have been much worse “travesties” as regards recognition of lineman in years past if one fails to win this year.
  7. Momma, more than great to see you back. I’m assuming as an Irish Momma you must have just briefly dropped in from Cannes on the way to your condo in the Maldives. Nonetheless, I disagree. I have no issue with girls playing “boys” sports….especially if they don’t have any alternative. I do have an issue with the opposite, btw…..which, somewhat insanely and beyond all common sense, seems to put me opposed to the NCAA, the IOC and some others who, apparently, run things these days. I admit that am a well-known troglodyte (from proud truck driving redneck stock) but I kind of get a “kick” out of female kickers. See what I did there? Yeah….pretty sad on my part. Point being, if females can do the job and take the lumps, I’m totally down with it - “Just win!”. Regardless, awfully good to see you hanging out with we “growing older by the day” reprobates again….at least momentarily. Hope the kids are doing great as well, btw. Bless you and yours.
  8. Yeah. If unresolved at that time, then things are going to get REALLY interesting around here. Honestly, I admit that speculating what happens if the HCC declines one or both, not that I’d wish it on CG (I’m a long time CG fan from afar) or Carmel, is damned intriguing.
  9. Probably so, surprisingly. Minimally, I have to think that Franklin Central, Noblesville and Zionsville are quite unexcited about the prospect. And by all appearances, rapidly growing Westfield may have been setting itself up to become dominant in the current conference, yet now they have to take a back seat, again. Can’t imagine that makes them thrilled. Some interesting GID fodder for a while…but just how long?
  10. I could see them picking up games with 1-3 local PPs but I just can’t see a conference. Add that it would absolutely blow up the Circle City Conference which I don’t think the members there want.
  11. Agreed. Seems the likeliest quick fix and those PPs always like those opportunities.
  12. Good question and I think different people may have different answers. If it’s about self-improvement and the prospect of playing at the next level, I think you choose the HCC. If it’s just about trophies and you are going to IU to party in college, then chose the MIC.
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