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  1. If you want to talk to me about the sale, leasing and disposition of office buildings then I guess you somehow (apparently) have an “interview request”. With that, I have no interest in discussing it. I made that money years..even decades ago. I barely want to talk with my better half, why in God’s name do you think I would want an interview with you? Really not following your point.
  2. Chatard is arguably one of the most unique “animals” in the state….seriously. The President (I think that his title) is Bill Sahm who graduated from Cathedral and played football for Notre Dame. I did business with for Bill for 15-20 years before he stepped into his role at Chatard. Bill’s word was his total bond as I learned over some years.when dealing with him in the private sector. Not that it matters, but Sahm Park in Indy is named after his dad (who passed quite young). I expect he took a massive pay cut (rather he was on a “mission”) to rebuild and revive Chatard. My belief
  3. So, outside of Snider, does School #25 and down have a passing acquaintance with football? None of the teams in the original 5A seemed to.
  4. 5A was a punching bag for the best 4A teams…. The IHSAA “built” a class for those (generally wealthy school district) teams that said they could never compete with the likes of Carmel, Warren Central or Ben Davis. Needless to say, those 4A schools with ACTUAL football traditions ATE them up. BTW, I called this the week it happened….5A was a football wasteland comparatively.
  5. Quite honestly, I don’t believe that….yet Roncalli will likely abort Chatard’s post season this year. 4A has been massively diluted overall under the Success Factor.
  6. 4A was clearly the best class (again “pound for pound”) prior to the Success Factor as Cathedral, Columbus East and New Palestine have made ABUNDANTLY clear in dominating a terribly (and expectedly) sad 5A Class. I’m happy our kids are in 4A but outside of Roncalli (who will likely end our season as a Top 10-15 team overall), I’m frankly pretty “meh” With that (outside of Chatard), I’ve most always been kind of a Gibson Southern guy but worry that they have sold their soul a bit these days.
  7. The actual reality is that 3A has been the power class (“pound for pound” as they say) and where the competition could be found for the last several years since almost all the noteworthy 4A teams moved up in the prior best class (“pound for pound”). Chatard’s last 2 teams could well possibly have “clawed and scraped UNBOWED ” (important words, btw) into the State Championship in most ANY class. But, they are what they are…a bunch of disparate, EXTREMELY disciplined North Side CYO kids who didn’t succumb to the Cathedral All-Star BS and decided to stand on their own two feet and be
  8. 3A in the North last year (2020) at the very top was doubtlessly better than 4A or 5A (and would have competed with Westfield in the 6A North Championship based on the clear Chatard victory v. Merrillville)......VERY arguably 3A was better than 4A overall. Still, depends whether you look at class overall or just the top couple of teams in each class. Chatard is likely going to take its lumps this year as a 3A school playing a Top 10 schedule (please check their schedule for any doubters). If they win against Roncalli EITHER game it will be a minor miracle. Roncalli is a
  9. Count me a fellow conspiracist as well simply applying Occam's Razor. Heck....I was (apparently)right about the aliens too. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/article/pentagon-ufo-report-what-we-know.html
  10. Honestly, that game was a helluva lot closer than the final score. Chatard was wounded for the rest of the season following that bruising game and lost their lead running back (Nathan Cmehil….probably, with others, part of the reason for a coaching change at Ritter, btw) for the season. Just like Cathedral (who, along with Center Grove, is, again, a likely a Top 20 Team in the ENTIRE US), Roncalli will be even better this year….and they were a Top 10 team All Classes last year. No surprise Chatard and Roncalli being in the same Sectional….ie. Sectional 28 rinse and repeat.
  11. I could be way off base on this, but I think WeBo could potentially win this Sectional. I keep remembering everyone talking about how youthful they were last year.
  12. The result was a head scratcher (having seen GC twice live last year) BUT, if you saw the film, GC beat WL rather soundly in that game.
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