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  1. Generally not my time of year to post since I’m well between day long Margarita binges, second degree burns and Florida Daytona area racing but just send the post season records my way and I’ll spit out the info needed.
  2. As simultaneously a hillbilly red-neck troglodyte who somehow stumbled his way through college and some IU school having something or other to do regarding legal interactions…..and a Gawdamn red-blooded American male (the worst person in the world per today’s DEI Commissars apparently), cleavage has always been a bit….errr….one could say…...inspirational to me personally….not so much the Emo stuff, though….unless those Emo chicks are MASSIVELY endowed. Just how cancelled am I at this point?
  3. Actually, while in college, one of my best buddies (a looong-time physician these days in Brownsburg…I’ll keep his name anonymous) used to play for us his cassette tapes (cutting edge technology at the time) of he and one of his best HS friends announcing the “Olympic Belch-Offs”. This friend was some dude known today as Mark Patrick…..for those of us who remember. Arguably the funniest and grossest thing I’ve heard before or since. I think the “long jump belch” lasted every bit of 45 seconds. God forbid, the musical “flutter belch”. Let alone the “poetry reading belch”. True talent is seldom recognized in its time.
  4. Hey…I knew what “manga” was although the kids and I some years back were much more into “anime”….especially the “mecha” and “cyberpunk” stuff. “Ghost in the Shell” (anime version) is simply incredible….arguably one of the top 10 Sci-Fi films over the last 50 years. But hey, time for me to get back to my Gene Tracy and Redd Foxx 8 track tapes…right after I install that new carburetor on the Buick.
  5. You’ve always pointed out that there are special needs kids who simply aren’t going to participate in varsity level sports via some form of handicap (physical or otherwise….though I can actually recall a quite good one armed kicker for Batesville back in my day), severe learning disability, etc. (I admit questioning whether ELL might be somehow considered disqualifying). I’ve always been in favor of not counting them towards student population as regards IHSAA class designations. Is there some reason it is impractical or illegal to do so? That strikes me as a, frankly, uncontroversial (and sensible) change the IHSAA could institute tomorrow. In a certain sense, it acts as a “negative multiplier” for Publics based on a very precise calculation. I realize it’s not a multiplier or automatic bump that some want but incorporating this into the IHSAA class determination calculation might go a heckuva long way towards making a reasonable adjustment EVERYBODY can get behind. What am I missing here? You’ve pointed this out for years. It seems totally reasonable and sensible (at least, I’ve always thought so) but just why hasn’t it gotten any traction?
  6. Agreed. That sums it up for the most part. People have forgotten that 4A New Pal AND 4A Columbus East both had teams during that period that were operating at the level of this year’s East Central team….not just for 1 year but several years. It was almost impossible to run the 4A gamut and earn the needed 4 points to stay up during that time….let alone beat Roncalli in Sectional year after year. I, too, think the IHSAA went the wrong direction in raising it to 3 points from 2 points (I really would like to know their reasoning for this change). Frankly, they should lower it to 1 point. If you can win a Sectional in a bumped up class 50% of the time that seems pretty definitive that you can compete effectively in that class and indicative that you truly belong in that class. I’m pretty certain that if it had only required 1 point to stay “up” in 2013, Chatard would STILL be in 4A starting then…..and that’s with them sharing a Sectional with Roncalli (which I will contend is a bad pairing if the IHSAA really was committed to the intent of the SF). I think everybody here that’s paid attention knows I’ve LONG wanted to see Chatard a fixture in 4A (but with the ability to potentially move up even more via the Success Factor). I think that an improved SF remains the way v. automatic bumps or multipliers. If anyone remembers, I was strongly opposed to the SF back in the day and advocated an automatic bump. I’ve had a lot of years to reconsider and have come around that the automatic bump for EVERY P/P school in EVERY sport (boys and girls) because a handful of schools have extraordinary football success simply isn’t the right or fair approach. Bump schools in the sport tge punch above class in but leave everything else alone. The SF seems the only way to get this right.
  7. Agreed. Almost always. That said, I’m all in for Ringer….have been since watching his State Championship game last year. He certainly hasn’t disappointed.
  8. Kyle Guy’s younger brother. Heritage Hills was all class during the game - extending hands to help opposing players up, never showing any frustration, etc. Impressive young men. A credit to themselves, their parents, their coaches….and their community. I just can’t imagine a team this well coached, young and loaded with talent not making another trip or two to LOS over these next couple of years.
  9. Not sure either these days but L, I believe, considered it a distraction and disruptive so generally practiced at Chatard….maybe at Park Tudor once as well?
  10. I’m mobile.. listening on AM radio. If you’re even possibly asking me to do something technology related you’d best ask me to do brain surgery as well.
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