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  1. Totally agree about the loss of timeouts for the team being shown mercy.
  2. 4 different high schools in 4 years if I am correct. I have to really respect those who work so hard in seeking out that perfect educational fit.........and never give up..............apparently.
  3. Agreed. No conflict between lacrosse and football. Spring and Fall. I’ve said it before, both Cathedral and Chatard have had kids who were All-State players in both sports. I’d be hard pressed to find any more football crazed schools than those.
  4. Chatard has 79 in 10-12 and 35 for Frosh team (114 total). 23 Seniors. Pretty typical year....no contraction.
  5. Kind of like when I ran over my dad in 1975 racing motocross against each other. It would have no doubt gone viral today...particularly where my brake peddle ended up as I ran over him. Kind of a square peg round hole geometric problem. Physicists would still be debating the impossibility of the event....certain things just can fit into certain spaces. It would have made us internet Superstars. Would have saved me 40 some odd years of having to actually work.
  6. Glad to hear we won and "nation formed" in Iraq. Good for us.
  7. Someone still has a blog? Love blogs....could you send me a link? They are rare but I am into reading them.
  8. Thought I heard it was near the Red Garter. I could have given them a scouting report.
  9. Seems spurious to me. So Gohmert "attacking" (hopefully it was only verbally) Soros is anti-Semitic? If I simply disagree with someone and they ultimately turn out to be Jewish somehow makes me anti-Semitic then we have no ability to begin to discuss anything. To be clear, Ilhan Omar is "attacking" (per your perspective if Gohmert is the standard for "attacks") the entire Jewish state....yet I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. She has a happy home...a very warm a cuddly one on the Left side of the isle. But Gohmert simply disagreeing with Soros tars Republicans as anti-Semitic seems a bit of a stretch. Its the whole point of my original post. I think we all know where we come from here but you need to be more intellectually honest as regards this. I reached a hand across the isle Counselor. You chose to be an advocate. Personally, I didn't even know Soros was Jewish. That said, just take a look at most all college campuses in America as regards Israel and their stance regarding Israel. Per my remarks above, being opposed to Israel's policies doesn't make you anti-Semitic on its face, admittedly.....but it can provide cover. Recently a professor at Depaul was censured by the faculty for simply writing an article defending Israel (tenured Skinheads apparently....probably Republicans too...even worse). I, personally, truly try to be even-handed when I look at things (I reserve the right, though to be a total "Dick" because its often fun...…….and I might be drunk), but I think the academic and accepted political home these days for Anti-Semitism is very, very much on the Left. They are giving intellectual cover and legitimacy to it. Outside of when I cut my hair at 1/4 " (just last night), I have never met a skinhead.
  10. Not sure I am following if this is irony, hyperbole, etc...….or if we simply agree (I am as dense as a neutron star sometimes).....but given any given time in Iraq the most technologically advanced fighting force on earth has been fighting to a standstill against about 20,000 insurgents at most with a varied mix of weaponry....for more than a decade. For the record, I think every country in the world should be socialist/communist...….excepting the US. Just as I have stated (openly and often), since college, that every dude should be gay...excepting ME. Not that I am an opportunist.
  11. It could be implied that Sectional 28 in 3A is already an unofficial “tweak” to the Success Factor.
  12. I get the problem people have with the NYT’s cartoon given the context of the long, evil history of anti-Semitism that has existed in the world for millennia and I also know its resemblance to some of the Nazi propaganda 80 years ago is very eerily familiar. I get it. That said, when I take a step back, would we have the same reaction if the NYT had a cartoon of President George Bush being led on a leash by Margaret Thatcher with a Union Jack emblazoned on her? I might not like that cartoon of Bush/Thatcher and disagree with the implications but it doesn’t necessarily make me anti-British if I do favor the cartoon. Whether that cartoon was ever drawn, I don’t know but it certainly wouldn’t be that controversial if it were. The Star of David is on the flag of Israel just as the Union Jack is the flag of the UK. Do I think there is a strain of anti-Semitism that has found a growing foothold in the American Left - both with “legitimate” politicians and thinkers as well as on US campuses (students and faculty)? Yes, I do. But, without a doubt there is also a strain on the “Right” that is clearly anti-Semitic but I do think it is rejected wholly in every sense by “legitimate” politicians and thinkers there. Do I think that Ilhan Omar is anti-Semitic? I, personally, suspect so - but her simply not liking what the State of Israel might do in the context of Palestine doesn’t by definition make her anti-Semitic. Do I think that many others do take that position simply to hide their own anti-Semitism? Yes, but simply criticizing Israel by no means makes you anti-Semitic. I happen to disagree with Ilhan Omar regarding Israel and its policies…but its just that…disagreement. Although I didn’t care at all for the NYT’s cartoon (and maybe the cartoonist actually is anti-Semitic…I don’t know anything of his history), I am just concerned that the quashing of it is much similar to the quashing of any conversation regarding issues where there is disagreement. Which is all too common today. As long as everything we say or do in this country is automatically a “dogwhistle” (how I hate that word) then we can never have a discussion or give anyone the benefit of the doubt. That's my fear - despite what I might think of the cartoon.
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