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  1. The powers that be will undoubtedly place Chatard and Roncalli in the same Sectional next year. There can be only one (to coin a phrase) so it’s likely that either Chatard (a) moves back down into 3A in a couple of years, (b) remains or (c) moves up and Roncalli either (a) remains or (b) moves up. Unfortunately, all things considered, I think the likeliest scenario is that in 2 years Chatard goes back to 3A and Roncalli moves up to 5A. Just a guess, though.
  2. That’s exactly how I felt. I honestly couldn’t believe that game was still going on.
  3. Yeah ....the SEI guys do a nice job. I still am amazed at how they managed that 5 plus hour Lawrenceburg/Brownstown Central game during playoffs this past Fall on a Friday night/Saturday morning.
  4. Looks that way-nice pick up. I think it says a lot about the direction they see themselves as going as well. Been a long time since Roncalli has played an actual Cincy team if I recall correctly (though some might argue that East Central may qualify). Roncalli is going to be an absolute beast this Fall.
  5. Chuck Freeby and company of WHME TV-46 out of South Bend are easily the best I’ve seen in watching more than a fair number of broadcasts around the state over the years.
  6. Saw it but discretion being the better part of valor......
  7. Is it beyond people to stick to the point or is it just too much fun to resist acting like the idiots in DC? A question was submitted and it seems to break down as follows: 1. Is it fair to biological women to allow transgenders into their sports? if it’s fair, then - discussion over. 2. If it’s not fair, then what do we do? (a) Set up separate transgender sports or (b) Do nothing and just say there are no sports available for transgenders To be clear, I don’t care what God apparently tells you neither do I care what bromide you think you are supposed t
  8. Societally it seems we (not me personally but I’m unfortunately along for the ride) are committed to the continual fracturing and subdividing of the country. There are whole industries committed to it as well as a major political party. Admittedly the trans community probably accounts for 1/10th of 1% and regardless what I think of it, the currently dominant political party, the media and “academia” (excepting those who are actually scientists in this area) thinks they are more important than 1/2 our population (women). With that fact and the ongoing commitment to break our societ
  9. In some cases, I think “being transgender” is simply a declaration. No surgery, no hormone treatment, etc.....at least not initially. That, obviously, is a problem for women’s athletics. Even following surgery, treatment, etc., it’s still problematic for women’s sports. I recognize that this whole thing is extremely complicated (I’ve been reading speculative fiction about this for decades and folks can’t begin to imagine just where this takes us societally) and that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg as to how it relates to the greater society BUT an easy call has to be that
  10. Which is usually 10 practices after Thanksgiving for your kids these past few years.
  11. Ok...I’ll bite (before this is quickly kicked over to the OOB). I can’t see Indiana ever permitting transgenders in women’s Jr. High and High school sports unless it is forced by the Feds. Even if that were the case, I think common sense (and science) will prevail in the Supreme Court in the end. Most likely, the result will be separate sports set up for Transgenders while Men and Women’s sports will go on. Any other solution will ultimately destroy Women’s sports at every level. There is a question as to what different collegiate sports will ultimately be dropped as college
  12. I admit to being a “die hard old timer” but the days when Bobby Knight might show up at an Indiana HS gym and the surrounding communities talk about it for generations are long, long gone......and never coming back. The magic is gone. I hate to break the, now decades old, news but HS basketball and IU basketball are empty husks of what they were. The last time I went to a HS game those in attendance were parents, a handful of students and a bunch of football players who had earlier been lifting down in the weight room.
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