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  1. Something tells me the result of that 20 hour ride would be more akin to “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”. “Two men enter, one man leaves”. I am best in small doses.....20 hours would tax even Job’s patience.
  2. My understanding is that Chatard is now on e-learning with all games and practices suspended through, at least, April 11. Cant speak to other schools.
  3. Great place. Been sword and blue marlin fishing there. But aside from any of that, just a great vacation. My oldest just returned home last week from there. Hope you get to go.
  4. Well.....all I know is if I don’t get my wife on a vacation somewhere next week it won’t be the virus that kills me.
  5. Maybe I will finally get a chance to ride “Avatar Flight of Passage”.
  6. Going to Disney next week......apparently my better half couldn’t book a cruise for me down the Yangtze River.
  7. Geez...Tri-West. The news makes it just get worse. And I thought the Tri-West AD only rigged the 3A Sectionals.
  8. Just never, ever, ever (EVER) quite “got” this thread. Still don’t. Must be the whole offseason thing. That said....carry on. Have fun.
  9. Man, I’ve gone straight. Smokey Mountain Chew (herbal) and tea totalling (no booze for you non-sophisticated) since May 6 last year. Maybe a couple of alcohol lapses....but minimal.
  10. Having seen both, I actually think that team was better (more talented) than the State Championship team from the prior year.
  11. Dude - it took me, like, 8 attempts. This was not the original one. Pretty certain I couldn’t do it again (should have taken notes).
  12. Last I heard it was expected in April but I don’t think there’s an official announcement as of yet.
  13. First book is far superior. Next two are ok. Morgan’s “Thirteen” is pretty good (probably his second best book). Looking forward to Season 6 of “Bosch”.
  14. What prospective conference might that be? Mid-Southern? EIAC?
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