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  1. Not to belittle hoops at Chatard, and hopefully things are improving, but Chatard likely couldn’t have won a 2A sectional during that period. Bumping hoops at Chatard would actually make me consider DT’s call for contraction…at least for hoops.
  2. You and I seem to be of a mind on this. I am hopeful that East Central, being the survivor of the EC, New Pal and Roncalli Texas Death Match may be able to set things to right again in 5A in 2024. I can’t believe how much I miss those quality days of Columbus East, Cathedral and New Pal owning that class and being Top 10 Teams overall. Oh…and of course Merrillville with its greatest class ever….
  3. History might say, “Pot meet kettle” as regards Chatard passing the ball - or, more accurately, not passing the ball. Chatard won 7 State Championships between 2003-2013 under Coach Lorenzano arguably being the MOST one dimensional team in the State. I can recall a Regional game in 2009 v. Batesville where he threw the ball once near the end zone and it was intercepted and almost returned for a TD. It was the last pass of the game (maybe the only one). He had 2 backs with over 200 running yards each that game. That system worked well for Coach L. Coach Doyle has really changed it up these days at Chatard. With regard to Lawrenceburg, they graduated an incredibly talented QB/receiver duo just last year.
  4. Would love to see Chuck Freeby of WHME (South Bend) do one of these games. That dude is a pro as far as I’m concerned.
  5. I believe that the field goal was the product of a Chatard turnover inside the 10 near the end of the 1st Half rather than any type of sustained drive by WL.
  6. It is TERRIBLY lopsided as regards North v. South in 4A currently. That said, this looks like 4A about 10-12 years ago with some stud South teams minus a Dwenger counterweight in the North (as things existed then).
  7. EC would likely prefer a mud bog. Fans could bring their ATVs for the half time entertainment.
  8. No surprises. I’m assuming EC won’t put 77 on them, though….just as a courtesy.
  9. Totally understand what you are saying. I’ve witnessed it too many times. The team after the team with loads of talent surpasses that prior team.
  10. Err….unless you are Memorial, they tend to take care of that unpleasant “Chatard business” in SemiState……..unfortunately.
  11. Unfortunately I’m probably going to have to buy the tickets this year then. My better half does EVERYTHING better than I do excepting anything on line. I always fear she might trigger a nuclear event when she opens her laptop. You going to be outside Kilroy’s?
  12. So you can’t buy paper tickets at the school any longer? ………d@mn I’m OLD.
  13. To be somewhat clear on this whole thread, I essentially ACCUSED the IHSAA of Gerrymandering in another thread to put all the P&Ps in the same sectional(s) whenever they possibly can. My point was if they didn’t intentionally do this then the Success Factored teams might actually stay “up”. Certainly the case with Chatard/Roncalli. Having Chatard go North in 4A and Roncalli stay South would arguably be the “non-Gerrymandered” (I am straining the King’s English to a breaking point here) result that would actually result in what most want (likely including Chatard) - Chatard to no longer be in 3A. My opinion has long been that the IHSAA had less of a problem in football with P&P’s overall than it had a specific problem with Chatard in 3A and Cathedral in any class excepting 6A. Certainly the same could also be said of LCC in 1A. Well…they solved their Cathedral “problem”…..at least for the time being….even artificially shortening the “bump-up” timetable to do so. They put LCC on a Sectional island…solving that problem. The Chatard 3A problem only required them to keep Chatard and Roncalli (and probably Chatard/New Pal these days) in separate sectionals. It’s a very easy fix and, frankly, just the opposite of Gerrymandering. But the IHSAA does so love artificially eliminating P&P’s in Sectionals whenever possible that they continually lose sight of the Success Factor “big picture”. So, I would argue that the remaining P&P problem is an actual result of the IHSAA’s historic Gerrymandering.
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