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  1. So long as we are talking about Warsaw...it doesn't happen overnight. But it's not unimaginable (see New Pal). Still...takes some time. My personal opinion is that Snider/New Pal 2015 could have given ANYONE a fight. In the case of New Pal, it started in 2013. Snider has always been pretty great. Nothing happens overnight....at least in 6A.
  2. Dwenger played Chatard in 2011 and 2012. Winning 24-14 in 2011 and losing 42-7 in 2012.
  3. Read the first book back in the 90s. When they threw Bran off the Castle wall I stopped reading. My oldest was a little younger than Bran's age then. Broke my heart.... Picked the series back up and read it gleefully about 15 years later when I was ready to throw my oldest out of the house.....unfortunately, I didn't have a castle wall at the time... Timing is everything.
  4. Damn....just noticed I don't know how spel "dam". '...and I hav always ben so proud of mi spelun…. Says a lot about my tendency towards profanity I guess.
  5. Errr.....slightly changing subject and reeaally dates me but does anyone remember when Bob Seagram (pole vaulter) won the very first “Superstars” competition on TV? Kyle Rote, Jr. (soccer) won it around 3 years over time. The late Peter Revson (Race Car Driver) finished 3rd - not sure which year.
  6. When do the alignments come out?
  7. Dude, I was the smartass 5th grader that asked the engineers at some kind of idiotic public relations meeting at the elementary school at the foot of that dam, "Didn't the only other earthen damn like this in Italy burst?" Heard that question from some of the old Man's buddies at the local tavern, btw. Surprisingly, the Army Corps of Engineers guy explained to me just why it wasn't like the damn in Italy that had burst. The life lesson I learned was that I should spend as much time at the local tavern as I could. True wisdom was to be found there. Been following it to the letter ever since.
  8. Agreed, you should rank higher under the Ahole theory...as should I. This is all about repression, though. The "1"s are part of the violence inherent in the system and not part of the autonomous collective we "6"s and "7"s belong to. "Help, Help, I am being repressed!"
  9. Dude - you're a No 1. I'm part of the autonomous collective. I am being repressed. I'm just a 6.
  10. Dunno' for sure, but my basic assumption is that the "6"s are either sexual panthers like me or.... (Thinking you might enjoy this reference Muda.....formative for me..."I am not a number....")
  11. Well.....no surprises here. Always knew I was a good dude.....just ask me.
  12. Somebody passed away this year associated closely with Roncalli LAX (just catching up on a lot of these threads....I have lot of people I owe a duty to retrospectively piss off). Hope he wasn't "The Godfather". I know their head coach literally had an on-field heart attack last year...and was coaching a few days later. That said, Roncalli LAX games (whom I LOVE personally as our Brother South Archdiocese counterpart....seriously do....) have been the most difficult games I have participated in as a scorer these last 11 years. Largely difficult because my fellow scorers from Roncalli scream, shout and are confrontational to all....including officials. Really bums me out as the laid back Hippy Dude you have long known me to be (IO, you know how much of a Dylan fan I am....never heard of Waylon). Really bums me out as regards Roncalli....did I tell you how much I usually love Roncalli? Just hoping those Roncalli scorer's kids have graduated since most others who score lacrosse games on the other team generally are current lacrosse parents. I actually had to tell the Roncalli scorer last year essentially to STFU. But, outside of Roncalli, most all of them keep their trap clamped. Yeah, I am generally not a big fan of scorers from HSE or Cathedral either.....but it might have something to do with the 10 foot stick up their rear ends as they look down on the rest of us proles. Carmel folks are generally act like sharecropper's kids in comparison to the HSE and Cathedral folks. I can deal with condescension. Still, kind of have to bite my tongue though, since apparently AS HSE or Cathedral parents, no doubt, ALL of their kids will also be HS All-Americans or will start in 3 NCAA Sweet 16s (or most likely...graduate and simply go to IU praying to get into the Kelly School...used to be the business school back in the day like most any idiot like me could even attend....but....today...THE KELLY SCHOOL....wow...) - IO, think you MIGHT have been there as regards this sort of experience. I, personally, haven't had a kid play HS lacrosse these last 5 years....still scoring games though. Being the total bourbon-infused pro you know me to be. Okay...…………done venting. Maybe I need to stop scoring these games.
  13. To be clear, we are all down with 100,000,000 or so dead folks (maybe more...certainly not less) murdered in the name of "well intended" socialism/communism/egalitarianism/equity in comparison to the world ending sin of crony capitalism? Okay. God forbid I'd look vaguely askance at those of you really cool with it. Personally, just trying to stumble along on my own personal bourbon and chewing tobacco path to an early grave without assistance from the "well intended". Looks like its a race these days....plus I probably need to pay Reparations too. Go figure. I am so f*ck*d. Sucks for me. I actually like most everyone. Well...there is Cathedral…..
  14. I am a "6"....short for 666, I guess. BTW, I have been saving check no. 6666 from my checkbook for a few weeks. Yeah, I still write those things. Been saving it for my inevitable annual payment to the IRS next week....desperate attempt......admittedly. Edit - unless someone can tell me a better place to point that bad karma missile. Mortgage has long been paid off.
  15. Question: As a total aside, do you heathens out there know where the very first HS metric track was built in Indiana? Answer: Franklin County - 1978.
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