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  1. Unfortunately, I am beginning to believe the same. That said, I was at 3 graduations this weekend and a lacrosse tournament at Grand Park with probably 200 teams (so I was told by one of the officials). I really didn’t see very much at any of these events in the way of precautions. I think this domino will fall (if it is going to) sooner rather than later.
  2. Wow....a TW sighting. Feel like I’ve just seen Bigfoot......
  3. I generally agree. Football scheduling is difficult......but doable. I think it might be more problematic than one thinks in other sports just because there are so many of them. The problem is replicating that “no-conference game” schedule for ALL the other sports. While I agree football is a wholly different animal to schedule individually, it’s still going to be difficult (and tons of work) to do it for all sports. As a side note, I think many will not be happy when all those “All-Conference” designations for kids disappear. As an Independent, about the only post season recognition accolades your kids have to look forward to is whether or not they are All-State. It may sound a bit petty but I think many will dearly miss that little cherry on top of the Sunday.
  4. My understanding was from last season that the first 4 teams listed above had a TON of major contributors that needed replacing and most of them might well be top 10 but not top 5. Brebeuf, I am less certain about.
  5. Pretty well ourselves - though those “farmer” in-laws from the “Deere” days are sadly passed. ....and you?
  6. Touché....I like that one.....and the Deere. (at some point I am going to need to get some work done today)
  7. Yes. I looked. As of 9:00 or so last night there were those articles attached minus the USA Today article. Keep in mind this has been going on several days now. These articles came out very late in the day yesterday and they are vapid at best .....some even tacitly supportive.. There is no “there there”. We have, quite literally, an armed insurrection taking over 6 blocks of a major American city and there are 4 essentially puff piece articles and a worthless piece by Forbes that references the situation but is effectively just a cry from some guy who is a business recruiter (if I recall correctly) saying “we all just need to come together”.... No there is no real news or information. Only the USA Today article is new to me. It may actually be informative.
  8. Well ....we know this whole thing must be like Shangri-La (see “Lost Horizon” for you Millenials out there)....it just doesn’t exist. There is no trace of it in the “Papers of Record”....or the networks....or CNN.........or MSNBC. Its not real....it will have never even happened....kind of like the Civil War or the discovery of America....not even so sure about Washington and Jefferson these days.
  9. No danger of that in my case.......but if my local watering hole had a Board............
  10. Swordfish - is this actually for real? Honest question. If so, it’s frightening....and would seem to be a bit of a “tell”. I have long recognized that Antifa was little more than a babysitting service for backdoor Brownshirts (since they seem to openly wallow in that imagery) but this seems even too obvious a message for their somewhat wanting PR department.....though they do rely perhaps too heavily on their many apologists at the Times, Post, etc. to sugarcoat their real message. Still, I truly think they need to beef up their marketing department. The only other observation I have about all of this is the absolute dearth of information and coverage about this situation outside of a quite literal handful of places.....one would think “CHAZ” (sharing that somewhat unfortunate name with the cologne from the 80’s - but no doubt MUCH more fragrant given their population) is north of the DMZ with the scant coverage and seeming lack of interest by the mainstream press. I get more Google references regarding UFO abductions in Metamora, Indiana than I seem to get when I look for information regarding this newly formed communist utopia nation on our western shores. God forbid I Google for references regarding those “commoners” in Michigan marching peacefully to go back to work or to attend church....such things as national crises are composed of apparently....based on the intense and scathing coverage of that “rabble” (Thank God for that brilliant governor they have holding things together in Michigan, btw). Can’t have those flyover rubes wanting to get back work or attend church when there is a country that needs burning to the ground.
  11. These days it’s a disaster there. Drugs are rampant. Manufacturer’s long gone (They used to call themselves, way too pridefully, Little Chicago). As a kid, Connersville was where we did all of our Christmas shopping whether direct or at Sears direct or mail order. I actually think I still have some +50 year old books from Sears and the Drug store in Connersville. All of our Friday grocery shopping was there. Never knew what the deal there was. Great....really GREAT Hoops but football was awful....excepting during Radtke. Physical talent was there. Also, UW, I kinda jumped you when I was grumpy back on the OOB a week or so back (it’s getting close to that hour for me to be grumpy, btw). Not saying I apologize necessarily but I kinda apologize for being grumpy...kinda...
  12. Got no opinion on this....but I am a fan of Radtke....coaches truly do matter. Despite this Coronavirus nightmare, my wonderful Aunt from Connersville has a brain tumor (a terminal one). In the sad course of that (my Aunt is an incredible woman for the record), my cousin’s husband reminded me that Connersville wasn’t always a pushover....they had this coach many years ago named Russ Radtke....and they WON. Connersville NEVER wins (though one of the bigger schools within 40 miles there for 50 years) going back as far as my old days. Radtke won there. No one has since (or before). Gotta be honest. Radtke is a special dude. In general, measuring the relative loyalty or honor of high school’s versus coach’s is a draw at best. There are no innocents. Radtke is a rare commodity. He’s earned the right to do whatever the Hell he wants.
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