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  1. Cathedral will be even better this year than last year (they were “young” last year).....and they were just a minute away from being the best team in the State last year...falling late to a Top 10 team nationally (Center Grove). Add that Cathedral (and Center Grove) were both better than any team in Ohio last year.
  2. Errr....apologies Bob. I needed to "express" myself. Just horrified, TRULY, of the historic death toll I anticipate from the current LEFT (and just what they are prepared to do)....not Liberals...I'm actually a Classical Liberal.
  3. Errr...just when have you ever had any doubt that the LEFT wanted to slam down HARD on individual liberty (and freedom)? I, personally, have some slim modest preference for Freedom...but what the Hell do I know? I suppose the Gulag has free food...at least - frozen mastodon meat notwithstanding (see Alexander Solzhenitsyn). Makes me wish I'd never read Solzhenitsyn - at least I could be blissfully ignorant of the horrors ahead in our current path. But heck, what's several 100 million corpses in the pursuit of "ultimate human perfection" (read "personal political power"
  4. Loooong article but (I think) well worth the time, though Larry Correia can be a bit brusque (I'm thinking @Impartial_Observer will love this if he is still to be found here). I won't even attempt to post the entirety of his blog post...I will just link it. https://monsterhunternation.com/2015/06/23/an-opinion-on-gun-control-repost/
  5. Tech actually WAS building something in the mid-2010s. Anyone who watched their 2012 and 2013 teams would have recognized those teams as formidable despite their roughly .500 record (which was more than respectable given their schedule those 2 years). As I recall, they lost a nail-biter to Carmel one of those years. Then the wheels came off immediately thereafter and it was back to mediocrity. BUT there was a brief time when they demonstrated it WAS possible at Tech. I might not have used the phrase “work harder” that @Grover used but I absolutely agree with his point and what I
  6. Its too depressing to imagine...... So would Rock Creek.
  7. Agreed. That’s how we ended up with the 5A/6A split to start with. And guess what? Those “new” 5A teams STILL couldn’t win their own tailor-made class. Quality 4A teams came to dominate that class which was ripe for the taking. Maybe certain schools just “do” football better at the moment. Honestly, the success of Center Grove against the mega-schools seems to make all these arguments moot.
  8. Agree with the first 3 paragraphs BUT (re: paragraph 4....such as it is) I don’t think plumbers, electricians, etc. are displacing ANYONE as regards salary scale. They were ALWAYS essential and making good money....more so today when there are even fewer of them. Some of the most successful businessmen I have met personally were “tradesmen”. I’ve worked for developers worth probably $100MM or more who had associate degrees. My (much-older) step-brother is/was a draftsmen with a high school degree who owns one of the largest commercial insulation companies in the Midwest. I’d trade h
  9. Well....that was what I was accused of. Honest to God, though, I just wanted to learn how to cook.
  10. And they have been for probably the last 10-12 years....certainly the SIAC threads which used to be even more active when Reitz was on a tear. There do seem to be less SAC/Ft. Wayne posts the last year or so, though.
  11. That’s pretty accurate. They are considered a private school whereas Chatard, Ritter, Roncalli and Scecina are Catholic Archdiocese schools (ie. funded in part by and beholden to the Indianapolis Catholic Archdiocese). As to the question above regarding vocational classes, I’m pretty confident that they don’t have “shop” class, etc. but does any single high school have that these days? Serious question. One of my kids took a cooking class at one time I believe. Which leads me to a story. I tried to sign up for a Home Ec class back in the day because I wanted to learn to cook an
  12. I’m liking Chatard’s schedule but I share some of the concerns expressed by Doc22 above. It’s arguably the best “in state” schedule I’ve seen from Chatard ever. I would very much have enjoyed watching the 2 most recent teams play this schedule. With that, we’ll see how the upcoming group rises to it.
  13. So I am told...... They are waiting on anti-gravity technology. Early adapters.
  14. Yeah, I had the dubious honor of watching my son puke his guts out about 8 feet in front of me at St. X some years back. Sometimes being close isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
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