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  1. I don’t know if you were there but I saw a lot of good things with South last night. Chatard is a very opportunistic team. They tend to score on breakdowns of the other team (if that makes any sense). I think they are, at core, a lot better team than that final score might seem to indicate. I wish them well going forward. As to No. 1 in 3A, I think there are 4-5 teams that win on any given day in 3A. It’s been a solid class for the last 3 years or so with at least 3-4 teams that would give the best teams trouble whatever their class. Chatard has had some atypical big fails in playoffs the last few years with some really good teams....not necessarily saying Championship teams but really close to that. Certainly they have been far better teams than what they demonstrated in the playoff games they lost these last 3-4 years. We’ll see if they can get back on playoff track starting next week against highly ranked Brebeuf.
  2. My understanding is that a Pekin left 30 minutes after Friday nights final game and has hired Indiana Jones, 100 pack mules and several guides for the trip. Even then, they may never be seen again.
  3. Might be time for a primer on that again, Bob. My guess is that the word “recruiting” is used so flippantly (and I have done it as well) that the distinction is lost on many members....if not most. Lots of folks just flow through here with their sons and aren’t even aware before they are gone. TA quite often used to emphasize that distinction and remind us. After learning that one of the most senior members here last week wasn’t aware that EVERY Indiana school now has open enrollment, it struck me that Its mistaken to make even the most basic assumptions regarding what facts people might be knowledgeable of when it comes to discussions here. If it’s not obvious, being knowledgeable has certainly never swayed me from opening my beer hole...
  4. Chatard over Bloomington South 42-7. I honestly thought BS displayed good individual fundamentals (great hard hitting tacklers!), had good size and a big roster (about 85). Chatard had some big plays but it’s not as if Chatard just ground BS down. I can absolutely see BS in the 5A Semistate vs. Cathedral or New Pal if they can get past North. Brebeuf over Terre Haute North 28-14. Game was tied at the end of the 3rd Quarter 14-14. Not sure what that is about. I’d have thought BJ was 30 points better. Final results of the cross conference games was the CCC won 7 games of the 9 with the only 2 losses coming from Roncalli. Also, congrats to Bloomington North in winning the CI Conference in the overtime win vs. Southport. On a side note, WTH happened to Guerin at Roncalli? Was Guerin (and Brebeuf) resting guys in lieu of the upcoming Sectional 28 meatgrinder? Also, I think Roncalli, despite the rocky season, takes home a Sectional Championship in a few weeks.....maybe even a Regional.
  5. Just can’t see Roncalli leaving the CCC at this point (if that is what you are saying). Add that I am hard pressed to imagine Martinsville agreeing to be in a conference with a P/P.
  6. You’re just a baby yet coach. Stay away from those places. They’ll stunt your growth.
  7. I don’t know how many times I have to state the obvious but, folks, WE CAN’T EVEN AGREE TO SEED THE TOP 2 TEAMS IN SECTIONALS. Now we are actually having a conversation about enumerating every single team 1 through 320? And why exactly are we doing it? So we’ll get to see one of the worst 64 teams in the State trundle off with a State ring? There is nothing about the proposed system that promotes excellence.
  8. Chatard is 8th in Sagarin and 4th in CalPreps. They would be in 6A. Brebeuf and West Lafayette would be in 6A. East Central, East Noble and Delta would be in 6A. Lewis Cass and Pioneer would be in 5A playing the likes of Columbus East and Penn. Current 5A Munster would be playing 1A Spring Valley per Sagarin for the 1A championship. No more excellence like we have witnessed in 1A like the Pioneer, LCC, Sheridan years. Yeah......sign me up!
  9. If I lived in Kokomo within stumbling distance of the Hugger I probably wouldn’t ever leave town.
  10. Aside from the various impracticalities you have pointed out, I have always maintained it is impossible due to the “seeding” element required. We have dinosaurs here that won’t even agree that seeding the Top 2 teams in a Sectional is a good or possible idea.........or even a fair idea. Just how does anyone think they are going to get those troglodytes to sign on to seeding teams numbered 1-320. I will sooner be able to flap my arms and fly before people agree to seed every single team in order.
  11. Dunno. I didn’t realize they only had one game until I was looking at the entire series last night. That said, Guerin had only one crossover game. Chatard and a Roncalli had 3 each and Brebeuf 2.
  12. I have always been a pro-seeding, pro-“all-in” guy. Though I certainly wouldn’t die fighting on the “all-in” hill. Well......to be honest, I’m only prepared to die on the LOS State Championship pizza buffet hill.
  13. Promotion and Relegation LOS Tournament (if current Sagarin rankings held up) 6A - Avon defeats Brownsburg 5A - Mooresville defeats New Prairie 4A - Terre Haute South defeats Eastbrook 3A - Evansville Reitz defeats LCC 2A - Edgewood defeats Providence 1A - Springs Valley defeats Munster Also per some of the comments regarding teams above: Cathedral, New Pal, Chatard, West Lafayette, Brebeuf and East Central (not mentioned above but I noticed this result) would all be in the 6A tournament.
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