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  1. Never considered that but you are spot on. The game takes on a whole new dimension and level of importance. GS has the opportunity to position itself nicely not just this year but for the next 2 if everything else falls into place.
  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about him. Dude can’t even grok Muda’s frog avatar even after his own self-contradictory link regarding it. Those “Woke” would do well to actually wake up. But then, I am hoping too much.
  3. Yes. Usually the updated ratings come in overnight after the Friday games. As often as not there are yet unplayed Saturday games and often unreported Friday games. I’ve assumed that was why there was an adjustment. I think it’s also a mistake (not that you are Making it but I think others are) to assume that after Week 1 of Playoffs and adding 20 new teams everything just magically snaps into place. If it takes the first 5 weeks of the season for Sagarin to start to make sense (which seems to be the consensus), I think it’s a safe assumption that it’s going to take another 2-3 w
  4. Although I have some ties to East Central and Roncalli.....and would like to see both teams do well, I’d really like to see Gillin and Mooresville go all the way. He is one of the great Indiana HS coaches and he has done an incredible job there. The guy is more than deserving. I know many are excited about Mt. Vernon (and Kirschner is all class) but I’m thinking that there is nothing but long term up side there. They have Geist demographics and likely continued growth. I have to think they are going to pull some HSE and Fishers athletes away in the future (if they already aren’t). I d
  5. Big game this weekend with East Central at Mooresville. East Central just wore Silver Creek down in a really decisive win against previously undefeated Silver Creek in a delayed game last night. Still, East Central has (or at least has “had”) some COVID related issues, as I understand it, that might be dogging them. It’s almost an ashame these two teams are playing this early but then there are a lot of good playoff teams down South this year....and it inevitable some of them are going to bump into one another early (Evansville Central v. Jasper already playing as an example).
  6. Just a solid win by GC who, for the most part, outplayed WL throughout......despite almost giving it away in those last 2 minutes. Typical “grind it out” Dilly win. GC looked good and will meet Chatard at Chatard (for the 2nd time this season). if you look at their record, they’ve only lost to pretty strong playoff-type teams. Admittedly a couple of those losses being bad ones.
  7. Lawrenceburg and Brownstown Central played after midnight with the Tigers eventually wearing them down for the win. Lawrenceburg 33 BC 20
  8. I’m obviously a Chatard fan.....and the kids have played really well, generally, this year, but it’s not last year’s team (at least, not yet) which could be pretty dominating. I have to think they will, once again, simply be happy to survive the nightmare that is Sectional 28 again. My general opinion (just an opinion) is that 3A at the upper end is down a little bit this season as compared to the last 3 years and that there are several teams out there that might surprise everyone. I do find it really interesting to see just how strong Marian is this year. I came away with the impre
  9. Its a running joke here...the poll is fine. I appreciate what you are doing.
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