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  1. In the South, outside of GS, I understand Heritage Hills has a QB transfer incoming from Central (?). I also think Lawrenceburg will be back....I believe their QB was just a Soph last year. I assume Danville will glide to Semistate again (unless TriWest beats then) given the alignments. That said, this 4 year starting QB investment GS has made will need to show some dividends this Fall (and should). Chatard has a lot of slots to fill. So much has to do with how the team syncs (I’d argue Chatard’s 2018 team was better on paper than 2019...yet the 2019 team was an absolute beast as it turned out). I still think the favorite from the North will likely remain the winner of Sectional 28...whoever that might be. Honestly hoping Chatard wins Regional simply because that will get them back in 4A.
  2. Happy New Year! That said, attribute it to my no longer young and, no doubt, misfiring neurons, but I am certain I am missing something obvious here....apologies in advance.
  3. I would have liked to have seen that game as well. I’m absolutely bummed that Brebeuf managed to fill the vacant Center Grove slot for New Pal next year. The BJs have done a good job over the last few years of really upgrading their schedule. Solely by accident, I know a little about where Taylor might be in that process but it wouldn't be appropriate for me to discuss it. Chatard has, over the years, had some fairly solid tailbacks and he is one of those rare kids who where 3 year starters at tailback. It’s been a joy to watch him. There will be a lot of talented kids that can successfully step into major roles next year but Taylor has left behind some monster sized shoes to fill. Special player.
  4. Without even looking, I assume those two were Sectionals 28 and 32. If the case, it wasn't “irony”...it was “truth”. From the day the sectionals were announced, most of us figured the winners of those two sectionals would meet at LOS.
  5. Good point. Maybe there is Hope. Question regarding the new voting setup. Does every imaginable coach on staff get a vote or is there some limit? Heck, I filmed some games years back, would I have had a vote? Believe me, you wouldn’t want to give me a vote.
  6. I thought “Mercey” was a French word.....or sumpthin’.
  7. I was kidding......I’ve taken more “digs” at Cathedral than probably anybody here over the years.
  8. Hopeless, given the environment. Voters simply aren’t up to it regardless of intentions. They will always default to the newspaper headlines and the easily displayed measurables.....which are only for the “skilled” positions. That said, it’s not brain surgery. Just look at the highest ranked college prospects...whatever position. Easy peasy. That said, it will never happen.
  9. Seems a bit of an overreaction. There are many “asshat” comments here (and I pride myself on making as many of them as possible) but “Phil Lee”, if he is who I think he is, is from the days before the last GID inter-web crash (pretty sure he is), I consider him probably the most knowledgeable observer on the GID. Albeit a very blunt one....which means his humor is oft-missed. Not that it matters, but I don’t necessarily agree with him all the time despite having huge respect for his opinion.
  10. I personally don’t know if they qualify or not but Ritter lost the 2A State Championship in 2012 against a Luers team led by Jaylon Smith whose ONLY loss to an Indiana team was to the 5A State Finalist Snider (there were only 5 classes those days before we watered it down....it appears many want to keep adding water these days). Ritter smoked Chatard (who won the 3A State Crown) that year and Chatard defeated Cathedral (who won the 4A State Crown) that same year. Ritter was damned good in 2012....just ran into a MONSTER Luers team that year.
  11. Got no personal investment in this whatsoever (my kids are LOOOOONG past their playing days), but just how QB Kyle Cheek of Chatard doesn’t even receive an Honorable Mention (maybe I misread or missed something) baffles me. The kid didn’t get any mention in Coaches’ either. Heck....I don’t think he got any post season accolades whatsoever outside of All-Conference. This was arguably the most prolific scoring Chatard team, frankly, EVER and ended up ranked 3rd in the State (All Classes) per Maxpreps (personally, I think that’s correct, btw...but would have loved to have seen that Sr. class play New Pal like they did their Freshman year) and 6th overall per Sagarin (All Classes....5th in Predictor, btw) with an offense divided 50/50 between passing and running.....rarely playing a game that didn’t have a running clock (only 1 regular season game didn’t have a running clock). I really feel like the kid got overlooked.
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