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  1. Pretty good list (particularly given how quickly you generated it). Being from Southeast Indiana, I’d make a case for Lawrenceburg on that list. Historically a power in Southeast Indiana (well before there was an East Central) and a couple of State Championships the late 70s. Bearing in mind that 4A is as large of a school size as that portion of the State has, Lawrenceburg ruled the roost for many years there.
  2. He was an assistant then - I thought I read. I only got to know him later when we double dated the Andrews Sisters just after Truman beat Dewey.
  3. I didn’t realize Southport was willing to do Home AND Away. That’s a fairly big haul for a 6A Indy team to make to play a 3A team (no matter who they are). Kudos to GS. No one could have guessed when those college fraternity photos of Southport’s AD would come in handy....
  4. Just a guess.....but it’s likely there’s gonna’ be some hate on this thread.
  5. Pretty much agree with your thought, but I still don’t buy this recently “reinvigorated” HHC as of yet. Excepting New Pal, as a football conference overall, it still punches well below its weight. Mt. Vernon’s recent Semistate appearance says more about the terribly weakened condition of that particular portion of the 4A bracket than it does anything else. I do agree that the prospects long term are more than good for Mt. Vernon and Pendleton. Add that I do have a lot of respect for Kirschner.....but just how much longer is he going to keep plugging at it?
  6. I’d consider it of equivalence with coaching at HSE without some of the parent issues one might find at HSE (despite some of Wimmer’s challenges in that arena over the last few years). Agree that it is likely the most attractive opening currently out there. A little saddening to me to see him go when I realize he was coaching his first year at Rushville when I played against them my Senior (and last football playing) year.
  7. I was aware of that.........AND I understand the benefits of having all your games committed every season (and the added benefits of a large conference to all the other sports) but, as a fan, I think I would really dislike it. Its been a huge blast to see other teams and places over the years. It’s actually one of the kicks I’ve gotten out of this CCC/CI cross-conference relationship. There was a brief time when I used to be able to see Dwenger live. These days NOBODY sees SAC teams until playoffs. It just feels like certain parts of the state are becoming more isolated from one another than ever. Just a fan’s rant on my part. edit. - given the current state of 4A, there is a more than decent chance Memorial moves up again.
  8. Seriously, if it is possible to send the full size rendering of your Avatar via GID Personal Messenger, I would truly love to have it. I honestly think it is one of the funniest things I have seen here. Thanks in advance....hopefully.
  9. 2013. Chatard won by 3. Ironically, I think the game was played at LN.....if I recall correctly. No games after that but I believe Chatard picked up Lawrence Central the next 5-6 years afterwards. Big time staff connection between Chatard and North Central these days, though. If that might mattter.
  10. Bit of a haul. Who travels? 1 game deal or 2?
  11. True. The Deanery school teams used to run whatever they wanted. I assume that is still the same. If I recall correctly, when Doyle was Freshman coach at Chatard even he didn’t run the varsity offense (players may correct me on this, though).
  12. Totally agree. I have never not seen this as an advantage. P/P participation rates are generally high. Chatard football participation rates are insanely high by any standard....including P/Ps. Yet Memorial last year kicked Chatard’s butt and supports 2 State Championship level Men’s Fall sports. The year prior Danville (a public) did the same. High participation is great but you still only field 11 players at a time.
  13. Heck....it’s worse for an old adult in the stands. Felt like I was watching a shell game at LOS. I loved watching your offense....even though I never knew who had the ball.
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