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  1. All I know is that in the PAC must be beastly this year per Sagarin. Three teams in the Top 15 (and another South team, Linton 19th, btw) The SAC and SIAC crazy numbers are to be expected because of the closed conferences. Not sure though, about some of this other stuff. Guess I don’t want to hear anyone South complain about being disrespected - at least for the moment.
  2. Yep. I was thinking the same when I watched them as well.
  3. Wondering the same. The 2018 and 2019 squads were pretty solid (especially '18) but last year's 2020 team under the same coach as 2018-19 dropped off significantly. Even more so this year with new coaching. Honestly, but for one flukish play and a called back touchdown or so, the final score should have been 69-10. That said, Southport did play fairly well in the first Quarter last night.
  4. I get that and don’t disagree but Chatard had 4 (maybe 5 turnovers) against Brebeuf. I don’t see Roncalli making those mistakes against Brebeuf. To be clear, I don’t want to downplay Brebeuf, they are solid.
  5. Not to say, though, it won’t become one over time. Brebeuf has very much Improved its game these last 12 years and the new shared CCC conference will add to that.
  6. Unfortunately….not that big of a rivalry historically. Roncalli’s historic rivalries have been with Cathedral (up until about 10 yrs ago when the series was discontinued) and Chatard.
  7. October 1 and October 15 will likely tell the tale as to that.
  8. I’m not sure this is that close (and I am really hoping this isn’t coming from some latent “sour grapes” on my part). Brebeuf is good (I literally think Top 15 good) but I think Roncalli is a Top 6 team…and that gulf is significant. I do very much think that 3A is between Brebeuf, Gibson Southern and, maybe, West Lafayette with a fairly pronounced gap thereafter (with any of those 3 teams also being a Top 4A contender for second place on down….if they were in 4A). In 4A though, this year (hoping next year is different), it’s Roncalli - then everybody else.
  9. I'd respond, if I could force myself from bed.
  10. I'd just be down with some good road food at a Flying J or a Pilot Truck Stop on the way. Damn good trail mix at both, btw. People's food.
  11. Another quote from Norm I saw somewhere. “The idiot sees the world as Good v. Evil. The cynic sees the world as Evil v. Evil. The truth is that the world has always been a battle of Good v. Good.” I have to admit to listening to a TON of Norm these last 18 months and being absolutely stunned and saddened by his passing.
  12. Totally bummed about Norm McDonald’s passing. He was likely my favorite comedian. He did some funny stuff early during COVID (the Bat Song and a stand up gig somewhere in LA which had a COVID-apocalyptic tilt). Hugely respected by other comics…often referred to as a “comic’s comic”.
  13. I know that several starters were reportedly missing from Zionsville's starting lineup last week which might have contributed to their unexpected loss. I don't know, though, if they were COVID related.
  14. Kurt Godlevske is Butler U's Head Women's Basketball Coach. I think it's his uncle but I could be wrong.
  15. Agreed. They are a Top 10 Team All Classes.
  16. Scratch that. He’s starting center at Oklahoma State.
  17. Danny Godlevske. He went to Miami of Ohio and was on the Rimington Trophy watch list his first 2-3 years. I believe he’s currently a Red Shirt Senior at Oklahoma State.
  18. Aside from just being a fine coach, I always thought that one of the more interesting (maybe the most interesting) aspects of Strife was his ability to “manage” that bruising schedule through injury (or lack of injury because of great conditioning). I admit, he had a bigger team with more players than Chatard but, still, I was always a bit amazed as to how his teams consistently “survived” those seasons and were all hands on board for playoffs.
  19. Cathedral was 60 seconds away last year from definitively proving themselves the best team in Ohio ( which they DID prove) or Indiana.
  20. Honestly, I love this schedule and hope Chatard can sustain it. Admittedly, it would have been better to have played it 2 years ago. In any event, I’m not sure how much this schedule matters against the freight train Roncalli is this year, admittedly. Still, about 10-12 years ago, Rick Streiff (on his return) had Cathedral playing this type of schedule (including Ohio and Michigan powers) and Cathedral often took some lumps. I’m not saying they didn’t already play a great schedule but he seemed to ratch it up even higher during his time. I would argue that they are operating consistently these days on a different level than they were 12+ years ago. Among other things, it allowed them to play some very high profile games (win or lose). I think it helped to springboard them on a variety of levels. It made them simply better for it but, more importantly, it drew kids there that wanted that challenge…and visibility. I honestly believe that the Cathedral team we have seen the last couple of years is a product of that. While I get that Chatard, under their rules as an Archdiocesan school, can’t do the things that Cathedral can, I still think that this sort of schedule will benefit them over the years and make them even more formidable….just as it has for Cathedral.
  21. It was….but I was making a broader statement about SOS that everyone seems oblivious to. Usually the most difficult schedule in the state by mid season is “owned’ by a MIC team (maybe HCC or, possibly on occasion, Cathedral). This year it’s a 4A team.
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