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  1. Noticed that and wondered if that should be enough to put them in 4A. I also heard commentary at various places over the last few weeks as to whether Gibson Southern and Tri-West might be headed toward 4A enrollments - if not this upcoming period then in the near future. Does anyone know whether this might be the case?
  2. Short of the IHSAA rewriting/resetting the current 2 year cycles they should still be in 5A (and Cathedral should remain in 5A as well).
  3. All we’d need is add Columbus East and Cathedral and 4A South would be back in the day when 4A was probably the toughest class in the State pound for pound (we’d need Dwenger back in the North as well).
  4. Congrats to Mt. Vernon! Speed does kill. Great run Northridge! Maybe one of the greatest playoff runs ever in Indiana.
  5. I’d guess that’s likely the case. South is going to be REAL interesting next year.
  6. I think we kind of knew that 4A South this year had something on the order of 8 of the Top 10 teams per most any analytic. This kind of game, unfortunately, was likely going to happen regardless who the North and South reps were in 4A this year.
  7. Yep. Seems like the only thing keeping the score under control is the sloppiness of Mt. Vernon. Still, they turned it over 3 times in the first half versus Roncalli and still lead at half time.
  8. Funny but I use that observation with Mrs. Lysander all the time.
  9. I’ve heard that some of those who are retired offer their expertise as a charitable contribution….
  10. What Northridge has done is pretty amazing but a I think Mt. Vernon cleared their hurdles the last couple of weeks. Hoping to be wrong, but I think Mt. Vernon wins this by whatever score they choose. Again, hoping to be wrong.
  11. Nope. He has just taken over the game. Dude strip/sacks the QB one play then punches in the TD on the very next play. Is it just me, though, but does Andrean just look bigger across the board?
  12. I hadn’t noticed that. If MD pulls this off it’s likely a sweep across the board. CG and Mt. Vernon are certainly favored in their upcoming games.
  13. Congrats to the Titans! Been a long time coming. Really happy for your community. Well deserved.
  14. Welcome to the GID. Brebeuf hasn’t had many posters here since Coach G left for Michigan. Nice summary.
  15. Having just finished a movie podcast review that I have done for some 12 years - just finished episode 301 (a lame attempt to explain this LATE night post, btw). My excuse for a 3:00 AM comment that I couldn't resist. I'll try to keep it short. Read ALL of the above. There is always an "us" and "them" in life. Unfortunately. The days of "US" are behind you. Welcome to "THEM". Be nice. Be gracious (you didn't need that advice from me, btw). Tell them to p!ss off in your own mind or...maybe even directly as needed. BTW, stay "Them" as long as you can...but hold to the things that made you "Us" too. In that interim, go out and kick @ss. Best of all wishes for the Titans. Don't apologize. Just Win! 9 us/them
  16. Amazing post season run. Clearly the surprise of the entire playoffs this year.
  17. Yeah…I’m still a bit confused. Actually a lot. Apparently we are in a 3 year cycle now.
  18. If Mt. Vernon hasn’t, I’m expecting that they will soon enough. They are basically becoming a smaller version of HSE as regards demographics, etc. Don’t know about growth but I’d have to imagine they are tracking to become 5A in the upcoming years.
  19. Kudos to Marian, the last couple of years they have literally been inches away from Lucas Oil versus two teams that were heavy favorites against them. At some point they have to break through since they’ve been knocking so hard on that door.
  20. Well, GS made their statement. Welcome to the big show next week.
  21. Agreed. I sure didn't. Nothing against MV, I just thought Roncalli outclassed everyone by some distance in 4A.
  22. Geez, give #2 some open space and he's almost untouchable.
  23. I was thinking the same thing about 43 as regards being impressive.
  24. The announcers indicated Allen had over 300 yds the first half. Does he always scramble this much or is the Tri-West pressure that intense?
  25. I was a little worried that would happen as soon as I mentioned it.
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