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  1. Man, the GS receivers catch about everything they get a finger on.
  2. The Indiana HS Football page will do as much good for your mental health as that trash bag of popcorn will for your waistline. It’s not a healthy place.
  3. Bob, I get it and certainly don’t disagree with your point (because you’re right) but I find myself at a “gut” level often having to restrain myself when it comes to Merrillville….not because of the team and kids (I think I indicated last year that they handled themselves with class and aplomb last Fall at Chatard) but rather because they literally have some of the worst and most obnoxious fans imaginable (one certain fan is literally a lunatic) over on the football Facebook page and it, unfortunately, at times is really, really difficult to not want to speak to THOSE folks which I think was really what “‘06” was doing (not to put words in his mouth) rather than the team and kids (who deserve respect). By the way, I think I may just have written the longest most dreadful single and continuous sentence in my life. For those lovers of grammar, I apologize in advance for my assault on Mssrs. Strunk and White just above.
  4. Sweet…..an Ann B Davis reference. She was also on The Bob Cummings Show.
  5. Lutheran. 56 Tri. 13 Final Mt. Vernon. 42 Memorial. 28 Final
  6. Sounds like. The Marian kids are tough and they don’t quit.
  7. Mt. Vernon. 28 Memorial. 21 3:55 left in 2nd Q pick 6 by Mt Vernon
  8. Memorial. 21 Mt. Vernon. 21 6:44 in 2nd Lookin like a shootout
  9. Not big on predictions (for good reason) but I think GS got their “scare” against a tough-minded and talented Lawrenceburg squad. As an aside, as much as people in various corners of the state like to claim they’re “disrespected” NOBODY gets less respect than Southeast Indiana and, generally, when Lawrenceburg and East Central come boiling out of that corner of the state they don’t go down easy and if they do go down they generally leave a Helluva “mark”. Personally, I think Gibson Southern wins this Semi-State game going away. I can’t see them looking past Tri-West at this point and I think they are simply supremely talented as a team. I think that this game, from their perspective, is not so much a “survive and move on game” as it is a “statement game”. A lot of us who have watched 3A South the last decade understand that GS is a perennial contender but they are oft overlooked by the rest of the State when they only see Memorial or Heritage Hills coming out that part of the State in 3A. It’s perhaps been too long coming but GS has something to prove and I think they aren’t going to miss this opportunity to prove it.
  10. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana When will Indy coaches ever learn the lesson about Friday games in Evansville?
  11. It’s over. Memorial fans can safely start making Thanksgiving weekend reservations in Indy.
  12. Interesting thing that year (if I recall correctly) was that Tri-West fought hard just to clear their Sectional and was facing the defending champ Andrean at Lucas Oil. I think everyone expected Andrean to cruise to the second championship in a row but instead Tri-West was clearly dominant in that game. Wasn’t there another Hendershot (sp?) on that team as well?
  13. Tom Helfrich (owner of TriState) was quite the late model dirt racer in his day as well.
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