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  1. Great, great points. Sustainability at the head coach position is so invaluable or even hiring a coach who was on staff at the school for the previous head coach. Hobart seems on the upswing again which is great but FC being in 6A renders a future championship almost impossible due to the big 4 of the MIC. Jimtown hasn't won state since 2005 and hasn't even won a regional since 2009. Roncalli has only won one state championship in the last 14 years, albeit with several sectional and regional championships in between, but that's not the typical dynastic Roncalli program we all know.
  2. It's amazing to see some of these top 25 programs that have been good since the 80s. Tradition never graduates is a real thing for almost all of these schools in the top 25. Some of the top 25 teams though that haven't been uber-successful in the last decade or so (or more): Jimtown, Hobart, Roncalli, Luers, Franklin Central, Sheridan, Ritter. I know some of these schools still win sectionals and regionals but they're not as proficient and dynastic as they used to be. It makes you wonder what happened to those schools from their previous hey-days.
  3. Socioeconomically, it's an upgrade. Free/Reduced Lunch at Jeff: 61% Free/Reduced Lunch at Fishers: 17% Tradition (2010 state championship), 1200 more students, great conference, one of the most desirable cities in the Midwest, and a rising population with plenty of socioeconomic benefits.
  4. Those Roncalli CG series in the early 2000s were something special. Huge crowds, great atmospheres, high-level players all around the field, and incredibly physical games. Seems like CG as a program has taken huge leaps and bounds since then, while Roncalli has been stuck in the mud (albeit with 1 state championship).
  5. I just see teams like Delta, Yorktown, Pendleton Heights, Mt. Vernon, and New Pal, and that's a pretty decent top-half for a conference. A recently down Shelbyville program, Greenfield Central, and a resurgent New Castle, make the overall conference look way worse than what it is at face-value. But that's a great question. Maybe avoiding the 24/7 nature of the Ben Davis job reinvigorates him and he stays on for quite a few more years?
  6. What other sleeping giants are out there that haven't been mentioned? I would think Homestead/Carroll with their population growth and playing in the SAC. Mt. Vernon for the same reasons, plus they are in a solid 3A-5A conference in the HHC. Any of the struggling Evansville schools have a chance to be successful in the future (North, Bosse, Harrison?) I definitely think Pike has a chance to re-break through in 6A. With Moyers, they already demonstrated a chance to be a high-level team in the highest class and compete for state championships. Any rural schools with a tradition of success that have fallen on hard times a potential sleeping giant?
  7. Sure. Just a matchup you'd like to see more often or have never seen.
  8. A Linton & Scecina regular season series would be great. Those playoff games were something special. (As were the Ritter games too).
  9. Will we start to see multiple districts/townships with two schools, consolidating their schools to save money? I can think of Lawrence and Perry Townships that could start doing this.
  10. Has Chatard ever played North Central in recent memory? That could be a really cool Northside rivalry. 10-15 min drive for both schools?
  11. Oh I know. It's fun to always think hypothetical matchups though, especially in the first week of the off-season.
  12. If your team could play two new teams, who would it be and why? I'd love to see the MIC and the Greater Catholic League have a weekend against each other, or the Indy Catholic Schools traveling up to Fort Wayne or down to Evansville and playing at St. Francis or the Reitz Bowl/Enlow Field. Thoughts?
  13. Loved the BracketBuster's back in the day. Those games were amazing. This is a really cool idea though honestly. Get out of your region and play some interesting games. Any suggested match-ups we'd wanna see?
  14. Darrin Fisher's Whiteland offense would be an intriguing and unique fit at Noblesville and in the HCC.
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