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  1. Triton Central (Jan 25th)----Always a good one.
  2. Triton Central (Jan 25th): Perry Meridian OL Clinic:
  3. Jasper, Center Grove, and New Pal were probably the hardest three to leave off in my opinion, just because of Jasper's illustrious history, Center Grove's success in the last 20 years, and New Pal's unparalleled success in the last 5 years.
  4. My top 25 programs (in no particular order as well) 1. LCC 2. Sheridan 3. Linton-Stockton 4. Pioneer 5. Adams Central 6. Eastbrook 7. Mater Dei 8. Jimtown 9. Hobart 10. Chatard 11. Luers 12. Dwenger 13. Ritter 14. Roncalli 15. Snider 16. Carmel 17. Cathedral 18. Warren Central 19. Penn 20. Andrean 21. Northwood 22. Heritage Hills 23. Lowell 24. Evansville Memorial 25. Ben Davis Honorable Mention: Jasper, Bloomington South, Merrillville, Center Grove, Tri-West, Columbus East, West Lafayette, Rensselaer Central, SB St. Joe's, Valpo, Reitz, Scecina, Danville, Franklin Central, Bremen, Western Boone, and New Pal. My criteria was to get a certain number of teams from each region and to get a specific number of teams from each class as well. There are some HUGE programs that I left out of even the honorable mention (Avon, Franklin Central, Brownstown Central, Castle, Concord, Griffith, Lawrenceburg, Mishawaka, Mishawaka Marian, North Judson, Southridge, Westfield) but I wanted to weigh semistate and state appearances a lot more than sectional championships. Teams with lots of recent success in the last 20 years (CG, WL, NP, Wesfield) were really hard to leave off but I wanted to consider the entire program's body of work as opposed to having a recency bias. I'm sure I completely left off a few no-brainers but after referring to John Harrell, this was the list I came up with.
  5. This right here is definitely it... Baseball/softball run rules are fantastic and have been for years. Mostly everyone enjoys the football mercy rule and has definitely done its job in its first year... But how hard is it to implement a basketball running clock? Once it hits 25 points in the 2nd half, let's get it rolling. Basketball shouldn't be exempted from a mercy rule whatsoever.
  6. I really don't know how much anymore though but there definitely are a few St. Francis/St. Claire/OLG kids at Roncalli who'd go to CG. The two Schott boys for CG as well as Hoffman, a RB, both are "Roncalli" kids.
  7. Both Perry and Southport are most affected by Roncalli Football. 4 Roncalli feeder schools are in Perry Township. Greenwood, Beech Grove, and Franklin Central are probably the other schools affected.
  8. @Footballking16 When you watched Cathedral play Noblesville the past two seasons, why do you think Noblesville can't be successful then? (Not being a jerk, just wanted to know)
  9. Agree to disagree there. When you're playing against Avon, Brownsburg, Fishers, Westfield, etc, you're not going to be able to out-athlete any of these teams with just a base spread offense. Noblesville, in 2016, ran a Shotgun version of the Single-Wing and they ended up 4-6 with close losses to Carmel, Avon, LN, and HSE. They were unique, ran a power offense behind physical offensive linemen, and played keep-away from opposing offense's.
  10. Gotta say that most HS teams down 3 TDs in the first half aren't going to come back, regardless of whatever scheme they run. If Noblesville can be competitive, coupled with their historically solid defenses and run the T-Formation, they're going to be in solid shape in the HCC. I think people understate how difficult it is for opposing defensive coaches to gameplan for an offense that they only see once a year (Look at CG in the MIC). You have to coach up run fits, alignment, and get the Scout Offense running the T-Formation at close to full speed in a week. That's a headache for defensive coaches that is only going to help Noblesville each and every week in the HCC.
  11. No... They ran the spread under Simmons and then I-Formation, power run game with Roden. If those two coaches couldn't get it done with a "normal" offense, then I think a "gimmick" offense would fit Noblesville best.
  12. Petitions were circulating on Twitter and Facebook (both cesspools of football communities) that Noblesville interview some of the, in their opinion, more qualified candidates that applied for the job. For a community that hasn't had much football success since Kevin Wright was there, you would think that they would support the candidate the HS hired and throw all of their abundant resources at Coach Sharpe to become successful. To be successful at Noblesville, you need to be unique, and Coach Sharpe's offense is definitely unique and will be a different prep than what you see in the HCC (All 11 personnel teams). Good luck to Coach Sharpe though!! He seems like a fantastic individual but hopefully the community's underbelly does not show even more than it already has.
  13. I really think Penn is positioning themselves to keep being successful for the next decade by playing out-of-state powerhouse programs, Cathedral, and then Elkhart Consolidated, during the regular season. Just three years ago, they played for a 6A State Championship after shellacking Carmel in Semistate. Their past two seasons are definitely below Penn expectations but they'll get the ship righted and future Penn/Valpo/Warsaw/Elkhart post-season battles will only make the North that much better for years to come.
  14. IU's offensive coordinator just became the HC at Fresno State. Is the IU offensive coordinator position a potential landing spot? 👀
  15. ND goes not "traditionally" redshirt players in the fact that if a ND freshman gets redshirted, they are not designated as a Redshirt Freshman the next year. ND considers that player a Sophomore and they have the opportunity to come back for a 5th year (Redshirt senior) after their 4th (Redshirt junior) season. So like Jack's dad said, Notre Dame does redshirt players, but Notre Dame doesn't add redshirt to their class if they are redshirted.
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