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  1. I mean Brownsburg has been Transfer U the last several years so I'm sure the Brownsburg AD did sign off. It'd be a bad look when you accept a plethora of transfers but don't sign off on players transferring to another program.
  2. I'd assume Merrillville? People kept saying that they'd be in 5A for the next cycle. But they've also accumulated two Regional Championships in the past 2 years, does that factor in as well?
  3. This is spot-on. And it's important to recognize that since 2003, BD has only won 2 State Championships in the past 18 years, yet have been to 3 straight Semistate games and like the above post, have lost to a better CG program (that has won 27 games in a row). It's a more equal fight in 6A than it was 20 years ago, in addition to the rising powers of the HCC.
  4. 1A: Adams Central vs Lutheran: I think Adams Central wins this game in a close one. Lutheran has a weird way of not winning games in Semistate or State that they are favorites in, going back to the last 10 years. 2a: Andrean vs Mater Dei: I think Andrean wins this game in a close one as well. This may be one of my favorite matchups of the weekend. Two powerhouse private schools that possess a lot of talent on both teams. 3a: Brebeuf vs Gibson Southern: This is my favorite game of the weekend. Brebuef's D-Line will be the difference in the game and get key pressure on Allen. After seeing GS play Tri-West on Saturday, GS plays a fun brand of football with a lot of team speed on their side. I think this is another game that goes to the wire. Brebeuf's explosiveness in the pass game should be concerning to the GS defense. 4a: Northridge vs Mt. Vernon: Northridge's Cinderalla run ends with a loss to the Marauders. Mt. Vernon is just too explosive for Northridge to contain for 48 minutes. I think this will be the best atmosphere of the 6 games. 5A: Zionsville vs Cathedral: I think this game will end with a final score similar to the New Pal/Cathedral game in the Regionals. I just don't see how Zionsville gets it going offensively against one of the best defenses in the state. 6a: Westfield vs CG: The amount of high-level talent in this game is unbelievable. It'll be a well-executed game on both sides but CG wins this by 2-3 TDs. I just don't see how Westfield will be able to run the ball against the Trojans' stout DL.
  5. Agreed. I'm excited to see how Cathedral does in 6A these next two seasons. This specific year, Cathedral would have easily won their sectional (LC, LN, North Central would be my guess) and then went against CG in Regionals. That'd be an incredible match-up for a Regional Championship.
  6. Yet in the past 20 years, Cathedral has willingly scheduled *checks notes* these 6A powers: Center Grove, Carmel, Westfield, Ben Davis, Brownsburg, Warren Central.... and these out of state powers: Elder, St. X, Moeller, LaSalle, Brother Rice, Louisville Trinity, St. Edwards, East St. Louis. Comparing Mishawaka's situation to Cathedral's is laughable. I have massive amounts of respect for Cathedral and believe they should only be in 6A if they move up to the Success Factor, but if there's one team that should volunteer to play up, it's Cathedral.
  7. I nailed them as an under the radar threat 😉 but I still am amazed about Northridge! The atmosphere for the 4A game is going to be electric with these two communities experiencing a state game at LOS for the first time! Has Northridge or MV won State in any other sports?
  8. This is so awesome having two programs who have NEVER been to LOS. Coach Eppley pushed the right buttons as a first year coach? That's incredible.
  9. You're spot on. I remember Zionsville's offense had some major explosive plays against Cathedral's D.
  10. And I apologize for turning it into one. It was just a crucial call as BD was up 14-10 during that specific possession. I think the Giants pull off a shocker tomorrow. I have no dog in the fight but BD dominating Bburg and CG struggling with LN last week may be an indicator of tomorrow nights result.
  11. True. Especially since it was a judgement call. I'll rephrase it to a "very questionable call." I just remember watching the game Week 4 & that stood out to me. But back to tomorrow night's game, I wonder if Wheat will be healthy enough to be his usual explosive self. That kid has turned into an absolute dude throughout the season.
  12. Amazing play to end the half but about 5-6 plays previous, there was an awful PI call on the Giants that negated an interception.
  13. If South won, that would have been a helluva weekend. Glad you guys can go back to Tech during the postseason, the amount of nice breweries and bars in the area, plus the Irish tailgate, has to be unmatched in the state.
  14. Here's what I found in regards to a dream-ish drive Ben Davis: Home vs Southport, @ Tech (25 min drive), Home vs Bburg, @CG (30 min drive) Cathedral: Home vs THN, Home vs Plainfield, @ Decatur (30 min drive), Home vs New Pal, Home vs New Albany Zionsville: Home vs all opponents the last 2.5 years lol, @ Michigan City for Semistate (2 hr 30 min drive) Cathedral takes the cake in terms of the best draw in terms of travel with Zionsville having the best draw the last 2.5 years until they finally have to go on the road to MC.
  15. I love the MIC but you'd be under a rock if you think the HCC isn't creeping at the door. @temptationhas been warning us about this for 2-3 yrs. All it took was a fantastic BD gameplan to flip the script. The HCC will be king in a few years but sometimes a team with experience (BD) can overcome a relative newcomer (Brownsburg).
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