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  1. Agreed! Brownsburg not having a track, new stadium, and full crowds w/a good student section make it a great atmosphere and facility. It amazes me how Avon's stadium hasn't been updated whatsoever, especially with the good amount of success they've had these last 15-20 years.
  2. Best: CG and Westfield are the crown-jewels of the new stadiums in the Indy area. Not only beautiful facilities but they have pretty elite atmospheres as well. I really like Perry Meridian's new stadium, basically built into the middle of a neighborhood. Worst: Just from personal perspective, I think that a few of the Mid-State stadiums (Franklin, Plainfield, Martinsville) are so blah. They're essentially carbon-copies of each other and have no real personality to them.
  3. Absolutely! I know Chatard had a 4 year contract w/LC (before their program implosion) and went 2-2 against them, so hoping for an all-out slugfest in Week 2.
  4. Awesome to see Indiana having 7 kids in the top 250 nationwide!
  5. MIC and HCC teams play a full freshman and JV schedule. In recent years, some teams have played Freshman B-Team games during the middle of the week, playing with kids who did not play during the regular Saturday freshman game.
  6. Saw Brownsburg and Cathedral are playing each other Week 2. They last played each other in Week 2 of the 2018 season.
  7. I do think we see Indiana being a basketball state during tournament time. Sectionals/regionals/semistates are generally packed and have some pretty incredible atmospheres.
  8. How do the three small schools (Bremen, John Glenn, and Jimtown) compete in other sports besides football?
  9. Same man, same. Had the exact same reaction when I saw the salaries at LN and LC. Not a huge return on investment it appears.
  10. In my opinion, absolutely, at least in Indianapolis. I can't speak on Ft. Wayne, The Region, or Evansville, but most of the Catholic schools in Indianapolis are made up of legacy families, stretching back 2-3 generations.
  11. https://twitter.com/KyleNeddenriep/status/1336061123179778049?s=19
  12. Huh? P/P's have more of a community feel than most public schools while also bringing huge crowds to sporting events.
  13. With BD being only a mile away, do they lose many kids to CC? Or is it a mixture of Hendricks County kids and a few Pike/BD kids?
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