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  1. With BD being only a mile away, do they lose many kids to CC? Or is it a mixture of Hendricks County kids and a few Pike/BD kids?
  2. Zero? It could have prolonged the inevitable, sure, but when you're a 28+ underdog, give your kids life and go for it!
  3. Does #35 for Roncalli (Huebler) remind anyone else of Cathedral's RB from the 2010s, Gino Gillum? They run identical especially with being pretty small in stature.
  4. Evil Czech Brewery is a good one in Mishawaka and Crooked Ewe Brewery in South Bend is delicious too. Both less than 10 minutes away to Marian.
  5. Don't lecture about enrollment size or capping numbers, when MV has several transfers (some from HHC schools), playing key positions for the Marauders. Roncalli must not be doing a great job capping enrollment numbers and picking and choosing their students, when they have 1 state championship (2016) in the last 15 years.
  6. With the fly offense, it's all about angles and quick get-offs from the offensive line. For their small size, they are super physical, but it won't be enough against the Irish. I say 42-14 Cathedral.
  7. Ben Davis, Warren, Center Grove, all seem like solid options with massive seat capacity, if they decide to go away from LOS.
  8. Carmel by 2 TDs or more. Both teams are trending in opposite directions. Carmel has been reeling off big wins in the latter part of the season, while Brownsburg is just surviving and holding on. Allowing a 300 yd performance to a freshman QB, albeit against Elite WRs for Avon, is very troublesome for Brownsburg. Easters was 4-9 with two picks against a less than stellar Avon defense. Carmel will ground and pound with White and Osborne, taking their chances in the passing game.
  9. 6A: With only 32 teams, and an overwhelming favorite in CG, it's hard to find a dark-horse contender out of the South part of the bracket. Carmel & LN are the only two teams that come to mind to challenge CG in the South. In the North, it's going to be fascinating to see what shakes out...Can Homestead come out of a brutal sectional and then beat Westfield in Regionals? Can Laf Jeff, with an awful schedule, pull a shocker against a loaded Merrillville squad and then defeat presumably Elkhart in Regionals? Loads of intrigue in 6A North for the first time in a while! 5A: Again, wit
  10. I'll take Cathedral 21-17. ST TD by Cathedral is the difference.
  11. I know it's the Big 4 in the MIC for a reason (BD, CG, Carmel, and WC), but it's fascinating to see that last year was the FIRST year someone other than those four won the conference, with NC sharing it with BD, Carmel, and Warren. Can NC keep it sustained for the next 5-10 years?
  12. When was the last time two nationally ranked teams from Indiana both played each other in the regular-season? I'm hard-pressed to think of a match-up that even closely resembles this one.
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