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  1. Kyle McGhee, announced as HC at Carroll Flora. Believe he is the youngest HC in the state (24 yrs old).
  2. Also, how many Indiana HS teams have ended up ranked in the top 10 NATIONALLY in the last 30 years? Obviously, a few BD and Warren teams, is there anyone else?
  3. 18 Warren? George, Romeir, and Bell, were pretty special. Any dominant New Pal teams we wanna throw in there as well? Any of the 2010-2013 Cathedral teams? 2018 West Lafayette? 2014 RC team (earn some brownie points w/Coach Nowlin and Meeks.) 2009-2011 LCC teams? Some of y'all would be able to give better insight than I.
  4. Brett Law team in '88 that dominant as well? Totally forgot about Luers, they just had dudes ALLL over the field lol.
  5. What about smaller classes? '18 Pioneer team w/Kizer, any of the LCC teams during their run.... Who else?
  6. Here's another fun topic that can distract us from what's going around us. But who is the BEST team in Indiana HS Football History? Ben Davis Twitter account posted a thread of their 1991 Team, who ended up as National Champs. https://twitter.com/BenDavisFB/status/1243172114724786179 It might be fun to talk about the best teams by individual class as well (1A-6A)
  7. I think it may depend on what your opponents do...It's going to be hard to make my HC a full-time teacher AND be successful as a football coach if none of the HC's I play against are full-time teachers.
  8. Pictures of a few of my favorite stadiums around the Indy area. People have already posted CG and Westfield stadium pictures but here's 4 that I think are very nice venues with great atmospheres.
  9. I agree. Venue and atmosphere-wise in the Indy area, I would say Westfield and CG take the cake. Maybe Tech too. Beautiful venue. Atmosphere wise- Roncalli and the woods with fog, CG, Bburg, and Westfield. Any other significantly strong venues in the Indy area?
  10. https://twitter.com/KyleNeddenriep/status/1232667062918623236 John Rodenberg officially hired at Roncalli. Thoughts?
  11. Well don't be shocked if he stays in Indianapolis....
  12. 4 coaches in 8 years. Tough to build continuity within a program with that much turnover. Good luck to Rodenberg in his new position though!!
  13. In 4A, how would you rank these four jobs: Roncalli, Ole Miss, New Prairie, and Evansville Reitz? I think Ole Miss might be the best, in my opinion. Great facilities, big fish in a small-fish conference, and a navigable sectional.
  14. Wonder if they'll be some Hamilton Country/Northside Marion County coaches that are interested in the job. It's an hour-ish commute and I've heard of head coaches making longer commutes than that for the head-honcho job.
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