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  1. I fully expect this to be a close game. Throw out the 4-0 records and who has played who. Each week its 0-0. It's a dog fight tonight to the end and it doesn't get any easier next week for GS.
  2. That young man is the true definition of perseverance, what a great story of not giving up. Wow great article.
  3. I believe we come out on top. The scrimmage like all scrimmages didn't show anything. I think our running game will be solid from the backs and the QB. 2-10 and 26 are beast. I'm looking forward to a little smash mouth FB. Jack would be proud.
  4. The 2015 team has been the pinnacle of GS Football since Coach Hart arrived if not the all time best team. That being said, what matters now is what this current group of young men have and will accomplish. Tomorrow evening they have the opportunity to bring home our first Semi-State to South Gibson. That's what matters to me.
  5. We have been encouraged to go to the Mayberry Cafe in Danville by a friend.
  6. I'd like some of that nanner puddin . that's what I'm talking about
  7. DO NOT USE THIS LINK THEY JUST REFUNDED ME MY MONEY. SORRY FOR THE WRONG INFORMATION. gofan.co is the correct link. $11.50 per ticket.
  8. Just got mine https://sites.eventlink.com/s/we-are-tri-west/purchase-tickets
  9. Does anyone know if the SS will be Friday or Saturday. I didn’t hear anything at the game. It was a bit chaotic.
  10. Well it looks like BJPHS, Mishawaka Marion and Tri West so far in next weeks Semi States. Go Titans!
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