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  1. Interesting you should ask. it was announced on the broadcast he was committed to Air Force. Then …
  2. If anyone has been having streaming issues like me on the Bash, and not able to watch today, I noticed Walt Ferber with WITZ (Jasper station) will be on the call for this one as well. https://www.witzamfm.com/ WITZ is on TuneIn Radio too. Bring it home Titans!
  3. My son was on the line trying to block him every play. We talk about him every year during the tournament … at least I do. He doesn’t want to talk about it. He’s trying to forget about him and still has nightmares. 😎 #Beast
  4. LOS is a special place, especially with a son playing. I’ll never forget 2019 game day taking the elevator up to the second level in the dark where the filming takes place and only coaches are allowed. Best of luck Titans! Might as well bring it home!
  5. No pic of the big "IB" as you cross the railroad tracks? I had a chuckle when I saw it during Sectional. BTW, IB the Titans are IB. 🙂
  6. I figured everyone in the South Gibson School district would be in Lizton. You must have been assigned to stay behind and hold it down!
  7. Just curious, is Tri West natural grass or artificial turf field?
  8. Always a great couple days of football regardless of who is playing.
  9. Too hard to tell, and doesn't matter now. Unfortunately, I was having trouble getting the radio broadcast of the game and had to settle for refreshing twitter umpteen thousand times to stay updated. It was pretty crazy trying to follow on twitter as a lot happened very quickly for LB in the second half. I am not surprised at the outcome with a Titan victory, just closer than most thought it would be. I was impressed with Yoon a couple years ago as a Sophomore when we played him and it sounded/looked like he continued to make a lot happen out of nothing based on twitter posts.
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