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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/bradnix11/status/1172980059960987648
  2. It was a shot at the polls because we all know they mean so much! But, what a desperate attempt at bulletin board material with bringing up that quote. I would guess most GS folk would say in our regular season game that your boys and coaches "didn't have their best game"?
  3. Come on man! Stop with the underdog card. GS is ranked 4th in IFCA = Clearly the favorite! šŸ‘€
  4. I know Kevin Davis. Great guy and he is doing a great job as AD according to everyone I've heard from in the school district. Let's be careful and not assume what was written is what was actually said or meant to be said in the manner it was written. We see it all the time and knowing Kevin the way I do, I highly doubt it is accurate.
  5. HA! You must be new to the board? We are all used to hearing how great GS classes are starting at birth.
  6. 32 would go from one of the toughest in ā€˜18 to one of the weakest in ā€˜19.
  7. Yes, he needs to step up his game. šŸ™‚ Cole Sigler was voted MVP of the conference so I'm nut sure what else could have been done besides having Cole at DB. Maybe next year ...
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