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  1. Yeah, I guess people like to discuss but these are all there. 😀
  2. Yes, was having internet/edit issues last night then just gave up.
  3. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/friv/birthplaces.cgi?country=USA&state=IN https://www.pro-football-reference.com/schools/high_schools.cgi?hs_state=IN
  4. Just tell Allen to make sure he gets out of bounds!
  5. @DumfriesYMCA, I didn't want to derail the Breakout thread with Allen but know GS will lose a lot of their top receivers - Butler, DeJong, May, assuming they're all seniors. I'm guessing there are underclassment receivers waiting in line to make the jump?
  6. I'm answering my own question here, but looked back at previous years and the MVP also was selected as all conference at a position as well. Perhaps, the coaches agreed to the change in order to give other guys the nod at specific positions.
  7. I see Brady Allen somehow snuck in there at QB this year! Doesn't the MVP typically get nominated at a position as well?
  8. Congrats to your son! I get it but absolutely nothing to be ashamed of with HM. There was tremendous linebacker play in the PAC this year, IMO!
  9. Come on Mods, we need to up the emoji limits a little bit. There’s some good stuff popping up in here! 🤣
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