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  1. River Rats on time for warm-ups - Doubtful can you say mind games Coach in white pullover - Definitely white pullover, white visor, white sunglasses still trying for the Michelin endorsement parking the gator on the paw- chances are yes kona will be there always there for big events No room for the inflatable Tacos will be gone before halftime He’s a Tigers fan and a Trojan at heart
  2. $1 per point against KFI by the Tiggers and the extra goes to the crew...Going to be a long weekend at Connie’s!!!
  3. Easy Central has a female kicker and female holder
  4. KFI so much for the conference running through SD but there is always the Conference Spelling Bee....er wait never mind
  5. Not only is he challenging EC he is emulating some of their coaching staff...#Found the Beef
  6. Coach Boom hasn’t had abs like that since he was a young Trojan roaming the field as a player
  7. Stinky, Love the SD sign, but maybe they should proof read their signs before posting...or maybe they did and that is how you cipher words down on the river. M8B, Get your sensitivity towel dry your tears and ask KFI to pat your bottom, It will be OK. But you are wrong I would question NP and CE choreography and dance moves if they did something like that....But they don't, they don't have too.
  8. KFI Is that your new Boy Band choreography, New KFI's on the Block
  9. But is was an official game!!! and counted as a loss...Just sayin
  10. Pirates pillage the Spartans Wildcats win the cat fight vs the Lions Knights over Da Dawgs but may struggle with no running game Tiggers scratch out a victory over the Indians (Hope the roof is closed) Trojans take out the Ohio Wildcats in a close one
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