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  1. I dont post much on here only been on here since August. I have a kid that plays for Mooresville. I have never told him about this forum cause his job is to get ready to play and not read much into what is being said . Needless to say we were sitting at dinner lastnight and all of us were talking he looks at me and said dad have you ever heard of the football digest . Me yeah the indiana gridiron digest why? He chuckles and said him and some teammates were reading some of the post and said by the looks of it we r down 7 when we get off the bus and nobody has won on a Friday night at this Enlow stadium. All I said was be the first. Thought it was funny how even players get on here.
  2. #1 Stevenson plays a great centerfield for the defense can cover some ground has 10 Int's on the year.
  3. Have watched some film on #5 he is a stud! Would love to see Mooresville's 2 junior offensive tackles and #5 for EC go at it in a week.
  4. Will see! Your right it was 35 to 6 after three jv played whole 4th quarter.35to 13 by the way .
  5. Against Martinsville a couple a weeks ago when it was raining Gillin threw a career low 2 times in the game and both were completed one for a touchdown and ran for 348 yards.
  6. If Mooresville dont beat South Dearborn improved or not by 35 it will be DISHEARTENING!! East Central will be a heck of a game!
  7. Mooresville wins 4A put it on board also another on to put on board is center grove wins 6A oh you want another to put a sharpie on LCC wins 1A.
  8. Center Grove is playing without there best player hands down. Going to be a hard out when Carson gets back on the field . Won't be surprised to see them at Lucas Oil Thanksgiving weekend!! And South Adam's stop with the non sense!! LCC coming out of North in 1A.
  9. Should be a good one. Mooresville hasn't beat them since Coach Bless was there.
  10. Yep the refs drove it right down the field for mooresville must have got all 37 yards of penalties on that last drive . Refs were terrible only reason Danville stayed in the game.
  11. Mooresvillle is coming out of the south!
  12. Mooresville is better this year than last year they have 22 seniors and 22 juniors. Will find out about DC. Mooresville has them for homecoming should be electric.
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