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  1. Mooresville runs a spread offense this year QB is big can run the ball and can throw the rock around they have a bunch of skill position players that make plays with both running backs back from last year to. How big is EC up front on line and what is there strong suit on defense. Haven’t seen them on film yet but not being from down there just wanted some of your thoughts from conference. I know they love to run the ball as I saw in earlier game in sectionals against Jasper they ran 49 plays all were runs.
  2. Tigerfan20 not sure how true it is but heard East Central’s whole back field is out against Silver Creek. Due to quarantine.
  3. I think we’re ready for either of them. Both good teams going into it you know your going to get there best shot. One game at a time. I hope to see you guys in regional think you guys have a legit shot with Hurley! Good luck this week.
  4. Memorial beats Northview by 28 this week at Enlow! Sincerely Mooresville Fan!
  5. The Mooresville and Whiteland game was a hell of a game. Mooresville missed one of there Offensive/defensive tackle going to Purdue badly that game more on defense than offense think that would of changed the outcome a little bit. Gillin’s got a hell of a team this year better than last years. Hope he gets that title this year!
  6. Will see this week if Roncalli is a contender as they travel to East Central.
  7. Mooresville misses #71 Jalen one of the Purdue commits hurt knee in second half of DC game. They miss him on the defensive side badly with the run game makes a big difference! He will be back for sectionals will see what kind of run they can make could be a good one! Whiteland is a hell of a team though!
  8. Valpo still have open week this week would love to see a Saturday game between the two. With Danville not being able to play this week.
  9. I dont post much on here only been on here since August. I have a kid that plays for Mooresville. I have never told him about this forum cause his job is to get ready to play and not read much into what is being said . Needless to say we were sitting at dinner lastnight and all of us were talking he looks at me and said dad have you ever heard of the football digest . Me yeah the indiana gridiron digest why? He chuckles and said him and some teammates were reading some of the post and said by the looks of it we r down 7 when we get off the bus and nobody has won on a Friday night at this Enlow stadium. All I said was be the first. Thought it was funny how even players get on here.
  10. #1 Stevenson plays a great centerfield for the defense can cover some ground has 10 Int's on the year.
  11. Have watched some film on #5 he is a stud! Would love to see Mooresville's 2 junior offensive tackles and #5 for EC go at it in a week.
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