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  1. With coaching changes coming and many young coaches are looking to land that interview, What advice would the more seasoned coaches give to young coaches that are trying to breakthrough into a Head Coaching role? or even a Coordinator role? Many times I see schools bringing in more experience coaches or cycling through the same type of coaches. What must a first year head coach show an Athletic Director for them to be willing to take a chance on a young coach or someone who does not have head coaching experience?
  2. I tend to lean more towards Dual Threat QB's so i would personally go with the kid from LN.. but man Brady from Gibson Southern is talented as well
  3. I really did't want to set an age limit because "Young" is really relative to who you talk too. It could also be coaches who could land Head Coaching jobs in the future. I just wanted to see what names to look out for this off season
  4. As the season is about to hit regional and majority of programs start to gear up for next year. Who do some of you consider to be some of the best young coaches in Indiana right now? As some schools start to target new coaches, who are some of the young coaches schools should go after if they can not land the more experienced coach on their radars?
  5. I saw Gibson Southern vs Southport and they for sure wont be an easy out
  6. Which Underdogs (If there are any true underdogs) could you see winning tonight and it not truly surprise you that they won. I want to know which games to keep an eye on. I have my eye on Merrillville vs Jeff (people seem to be leaning towards Jeff) and Westfield over Fishers would not surprise me either
  7. I have a soft spot for IPS kids but David Taylor a running back at Arlington back in 07 i believe should have won Mr. Football that year.. i believe they beat Chatard that year
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