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  1. Not to be a jerk but I'm not sure this is the place for this post. A topic worth discussing for sure, but its bound to get political and become a discussion that isn't about sports.
  2. Thanks, I just might have to do that. Just look for the guy in New Pal attire. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  3. It should be interesting. The only game Center Grove played this year where you couldn't at least make the argument that they were the better team was New Pal. Here you have IMO one of the top 2 favorites playing in 6A and 5A. Should be alot of fun!! Tempted to go to Tech and see this one rather than Muncie to watch New Pal blow out Delta.
  4. Actually yes, a 16 team tournament with 16 good teams would be much more fun. You certainly wouldn't have to deal with 60+ point sectional championships(New Pal v Anderson last year). But I guess you'd prefer just a few more regular season games and no tournament. I mean why would we want the season shortened and have games "taken away from kids" just because they lost. And to address your other point, qualifications would not be based solely on W-L records. Strength of schedule matters.
  5. It's not unique at all. Every other state has figured it out. Many different ways to do it, any one of which is better than this system.
  6. Meaning what? You clearly don't understand the concept of seeding then. Teams that play tougher schedules, like Cathedral, get rewarded with higher seeding. No one suggested looking at record alone.
  7. So you're good with no reward for a great regular season?
  8. And as an interesting side note, one of the assistant coaches on the staff was a starting DB on New Pal's 2014 title team and they could meet in the sectional.
  9. Merrillville gave up 20 to a 2A school, both in week 1. Hardly relevant come playoff time.
  10. That New Pal - Cathedral potential matchup becomes much more 1 sided under that scenario, lol.
  11. Ohio uses a point system to avoid that issue. And it doesn't start getting released until well into the season. I don't know all the specifics though. And the state is divided into 4 regions in each class with the top 8 in each region making the playoffs. They also have alot more schools playing football.
  12. Well there are 2 things that make zero sense: 1 - Everyone gets in the tournament 2 - Not seeding the tournament There are ZERO good arguments against seeding. And in my opinion there are ZERO good arguments for the all in format.
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