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  1. Even with this preemptive strike I'll put the over/under at 7 for people bitching about player X not being all state even though he was top 50.
  2. And the top 50 IFCA-Top-50-All-State-Team-2019.pdf
  3. Congratulations to all the Mr Football position award winners!! IFCA-Mr.-Football-Position-Award-Winners-2019.pdf
  4. I like it. Maybe you should go all QB rating and add bonuses for performance above enrollment class and multipliers that include Sagarin, Massey and CalPreps ratings. Of course you'd probably have to quit your job to come up with basically the same results you already have. Lol
  5. I tend to agree. A 4 year starter has to average over 2700 yards per season and 44 TDs per season. So you'll need a historically great player who stays healthy, plays in the right system and makes multiple deep playoff runs.
  6. There's often some disagreement. I remember thinking Neligh should have won in 2015. Not that Peter's wasn't deserving, I just thought Neligh had the better year.
  7. Carries -1331 Yards - 10867 YPC - 8.2 YPG - 213.1 Rushing TDs- 173 Total TDs - 175
  8. Congrats @Temptation. Thanks for putting it together. Thanks @WCGrad92 for all the grading. Looking forward to next season!!
  9. I was thinking the same thing, I mean it's only in black, bold and larger print. Fairly well hidden in plain sight i guess. Lol
  10. Could not agree more. Lots of great players out there. I was hugely impressed with Valpo's junior DE and while I think Maxen Hook was probably New Pal's best pure football player this year the award is an easy decision.
  11. Great question for Al Cooper, the New Pal AD who gave Coach Ralph his 1st ever head coaching job.
  12. Now that the season is over, curious if anyone thinks there is a legit case for anyone other than Charlie Spegal for Mr. Football? I know I am biased, but objectively I can't see voting for anyone else.
  13. Very true. I'd much rather have this than discussing an irrelevant middling program. I assume Coach Ralph isn't going anywhere, but even if he eventually does I will just enjoy and admire what has been built in New Pal.
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