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  1. 4. Center Grove is loaded, I'd say even more than usual so if they can avoid major, key injuries I'd say yes, back to back 6A titles is very possible. 8. New Pal will be just fine. 88-4 under Coach Ralph with 2 trips to LOS and 1 state title before Charlie. Plus the last 2 years was a lot more than just him. 22 seniors on last year's team so next year will probably look alot like the 2016 team, lots of unanswered questions and they'll be very young but they'll be fine. And yes, Coach Ralph will be there for the foreseeable future. 10. Not sure I'd say BD and WC are sliding. BD is only 2 years removed from a historically great team and they have a new coach so the jury is still out there. WC's last 3 seasons include a playoff loss to a great, eventual state title team BD, won a state title and loss to eventual state finalist CG. I expect both to be just fine, especially WC.
  2. Alex Neligh 2015 5A title game and in my opinion its not close given the sheer numbers and it was in the title game, yes a losing effort but he clearly did all he could. Threw for 501 yards and 4 TDs, ran for 166 yards and 4 TDs.
  3. Those are good points, but I think you need to, at least for now, differentiate between the NFL and high school and college. Lamar Jackson seems to be doing just fine but he's an outlier for now. But look at Ohio State, Clemson and a ton of other top college programs that run exclusively RPO and are having great success versus the few schools that still run wishbone type attacks and their very limited success. And on the high school level we have a very recent example of RPO style vs more option style in the 2014 4A title game and the 2 times New Pal played Center Grove the last 2 years. I believe the goal is to win, and you do that by putting your athletes in the best position to be successful. And with option football the ceiling is much lower.
  4. That's pretty short sighted and shows your lack of understanding of football and offensive concepts
  5. Coach Ralph is counting down the top 25 moments since he's been at New Pal, this was #10 posted today
  6. I believe he's still enrolled at UIndy but he quit football altogether after his freshman year. It's my understanding he just lost the love of the game. But he was an assistant coach for New Pal this past season, coaching the QBs.
  7. Even though we lost that '15 title game its definitely at or near the top of my list. Insane performance from Neligh for New Pal and a completely crazy 4th quarter.
  8. Have to agree. It might not be the best by itself, but there's none better. When we played down there last season it felt like a major college atmosphere. Pretty incredible.
  9. Pretty much always been doing it. At least for the last decade or more.
  10. So the buck stops with you on whether or not these kids had a fulfilling college career? Interesting.
  11. Didn't know it was IU's responsibility to make sure ISU, Butler, etc... had good football teams?
  12. Absolutely, keep an eye on that transfer portal
  13. If you watch the Bears you constantly lower your standards.
  14. Sandy Hook was 7 years ago so I'm sure alot of the kids on this title team were at Sandy Hook when the shooting occurred
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