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  1. Everything you said about Whiteland is 100% accurate. I will say the 2 times NP played them recently were the 2 years NP wasn't nearly as strong and didn't get out of the sectional. Also agree that DC and Bloomington South would be a tough test. Just not sold that Whiteland or Castle is at a level to be a serious threat to NP. I remember in 2015 Castle was sure they were going into NP more tested and leaving with a win. As I recall that one finished 56-6 and could've been worse. Should be an interesting season in 5A for sure. It'll be fun to see how many of these teams end up.
  2. I wouldn't expect a New Pal vs Whiteland game to be within 17 points. I know Michigan City lost some players including RB, QB and several on defense but do return a lot of talent.
  3. I'd agree with the north looking like Michigan City, Dwenger or Snider. Not sure who competes with New Pal in the south. If you look at the brackets from the New Pal perspective I'd expect Decatur Central in the regional then Bloomington South at semistate? I'm sure DC will continue to be strong, don't know enough about Bloomington to comment.
  4. Completely disagree. I think it should go the other way. Like a 4 year cycle instead of 2. 1 very good class can easily get you enough points to move up which I don't think was the intention at all.
  5. Lol, well when I was in high school Pickerington was in our conference and we played there all the time, and there was only 1 high school in Pickerington speaking of dinosaurs roaming the earth. Lol
  6. Grew up just north of Akron (Cuyahoga Falls) then high school NE of Columbus (Mt. Vernon)
  7. I would say that's a little bit of an understatement. As they are only 1 year removed from a state title in Ohio's largest class. They have a very strong program that typically has multiple division 1 players. And as someone who comes from Ohio, they're the type of program tha just reloads. But you're 100% correct. As good as East is this is a big ask. But I love the willingness to challenge your program. I wish them luck. I'm sure they'll represent themselves well, they always do.
  8. Didn't say 5A was down. Nor did I dismiss the North. Not sure I'd agree with your assessment that the 5 schools in question are on an even playing field, that's all. Clearly we will have to agree to disagree on that one. It will play out in the fall and should be fun to watch and argue about. That's what makes sports interesting.
  9. This has nothing to do with New Pal. You just seem to be dismissing the quality of Columbus East, Cathedral and Roncalli who will no longer be in 5A and thinking the additions of Dwenger and Snider balance that out, that's what is comical.
  10. Top to bottom might only be slightly down but the gains are no where near the quality of the losses.
  11. I commend them for scheduling tough. No reason not to test yourself under current Indiana rules, which for really good teams, render the regular season meaningless. Exactly why Indiana needs a rule change to at least include seeding but should also not have everyone making the playoffs.
  12. I see the potential but pretty poor community support for the better part of the last decade. Hopefully that can change for their sake and the sake of the HHC
  13. Bobby Cox is embarrassing as a leader. The IHSAA could have easily not granted the waiver. I agree that the bulk of the blame rests with the school and this kids parents but the IHSAA has quite a bit of culpability.
  14. This article does zero to back your claim. It's not a study over any period of time. It doesn't compare injuries from eras or compare turf to grass. Its just an article talking about alot of recent injuries and claiming something we all know, football is violent. Injuries have and always will be part of football and always will. And offseason 7 on 7 has greatly enhanced "skilled" position play. It has greatly improved route running as well as DB ball skills just to name a couple examples. If you don't like it don't watch, go find grainy videos from the 50s and 60s where it was much more violent but the quality of play was much lower as well.
  15. My initial thought is yes however I believe it would probably lead to the death of the site as there would be a significant downturn in members leading to fewer posts and less content and discussion and debate
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