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  1. Seems fair, I don't know enough about the Snider program so I'll defer to your expertise. Similar to NO then, arguably the best offense NP has had, defense not so much, it was a crazy fun game to watch. And you're right about the North being tough, Valpo is very good, Dwenger obviously very good, I wouldn't sleep on Michigan City either, plenty of talent returns from last year's semi state run. Should be a fun tournament. And could not agree more on Dwenger's schedule preparing them. Much more difficult than what NP faces in the HHC. Week 2 should be fun though with NP traveling to Center Grove. I'm sure CG will be salty after last year.
  2. No one's underestimating anyone, well except maybe Dwenger underestimating every 5A team in the north with all their chirping. And there was no underestimating in 2015 either, the more talented team won that day. That was probably Snider's best team.
  3. Agree, could be an interesting sectional matchup with them and MC
  4. Maybe they will, but that just might fall under the "careful what you wish for" category. 😉
  5. That Hook kid is probably the best football player on the team, in my opinion. King is great, as is Spegal but Maxen is like the high school version of Ed Reed. Love watching him play.
  6. Favorites probably, coast, that might be a bit much. If the QB play is solid then I'd agree 100% that NP is the favorite. They return a lot including the Mr Football frontrunner. Only 1 potential regular season hiccup and barring injuries I'd be surprised not to see them back at LOS.
  7. 4000 is probably a big stretch. Lol, but you're right, assuming he doesn't get hurt he will absolutely obliterate the record.
  8. I don't recall hearing it from CG fans. Tons of WC fans for sure. But then many of them seem to think WC could compete in the Big 10
  9. I heard it last year 1 game into the season after New Pal handled Center Grove. It was "oh CG was worn down after the tough game against WC" Interesting considering CG did quite well the rest of the year including the playoffs where they really should have beaten Warren. 100 % true
  10. This is awesome. From my brief interaction with some of the fans last year at semistate this isn't surprising. Nothing but class and a great group of people.
  11. Very interested to see how we fare week 2 at Center Grove. Tons back from last year but will have a new QB starting his 2nd varsity game. Will the Dragons lose their 1st regular season game since week 9 of 2012?
  12. Fair enough. I completely get that and don't disagree with you.
  13. Interesting take that asking someone to "get better" is asinine. So I guess we should just accept mediocrity? And to your point, no, getting better isn't easy and takes time, but if you're really interested in improving you will find a way. Everyone thinks they're working hard and giving it all they've got until they find someone who's willing to push them beyond where they thought they could go. And this post is in no way questioning the efforts of any program or kid. It's only pointing out that saying "get better is asinine" is how programs and people get stuck in mediocrity and accept it.
  14. I think many people's perspectives get skewed in regards to this issue because of the great success of a few private schools, generally in football. And you aren't wrong about only using enrollment. That's why the success factor was implemented. Personally I think the success factor window should be 4 years not 2 but that's another discussion. I just don't believe separating Private schools and Public Schools is the answer. And I do believe that schools on a relatively equal playing field should just "get better" if they want to win. I can tell you from being close to the New Pal program and having a kid playing there when Coach Ralph came that's exactly what they did. They didn't magically just get better athletes or kids and turn into a football power overnight. They dramatically increased their off season work. It can be done anywhere.
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