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  1. That was a 1 game season. They beat a great Columbus East team in semi state in a great game. And I believe they could have beat Cathedral. Not necessarily that they would have. Would have been a good game though.
  2. Yes they might be. Not understanding this reply at all. They beat a good team on the road by double digits in a game that wasn't that close. Nevermind the fact it was a rivalry game. If not for a very questionable call that took a TD away from New Pal at the end of the 1st half and New Pal electing not to score late that game could have easily been 25 point + margin.
  3. I think Center Grove gets the Irish the second time around. They had the 1st game put away but for a bad coaching decision then a blocked punt.
  4. I still think New Pal is better than Roncalli. Primarily because Roncalli is completely 1 dimensional on offense. Granted that dimension is fantastic but it's nearly impossible to beat elite teams when you can't throw it. Looking forward to that regional match up for sure.
  5. Wouldn't be shocked to see them back in 5A after the next 2 year cycle.
  6. Now that conference play is beginning the only real question is can anyone stay within 4 TDs of the Dragons. I know GC is improved and MTV is pretty good but I see no real challenges for the Dragons. Basically order has been restored after the past 2 seasons.
  7. Won't really know for sure till the playoffs. Not really any potential road blocks until Roncalli. I mean Mt. Vernon and Greenfield are decent but barring some catastrophic injuries there's no challenge left in the regular season. All that said they're in the discussion for sure. Might be. I haven't seen enough of Roncalli to be sure. But NP is the clear favorite at this point. This team might be comparably good to the '18 and '19 teams. We shall see.
  8. 4A is probably New Pals to lose. This team looks on the level of '18 or '19
  9. #2 in 5A, oops is right. Dragons o line crazy dominant again and their QB is really accurate.
  10. New Pal 35 DC 0 1:03 till HT, 2nd half running clock if DC doesn't score before the half
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