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  1. I don't live in Carmel. Haven't for 45 years. But I do know the tax rate is pretty reasonable. When you spread those bonds out 50 years you can do that!
  2. I’d also say 2 scores. CG should have won the first one. Personally, I think it’s a mistake bringing Steele back at this point. Team chemistry is a thing, and CG has good chemistry right now. Let Steele heal 100% and bring him back next year.
  3. The entire league is becoming more balanced. We are approaching the point that there is no night off...... just like the MIC.
  4. I think it will go down as the biggest tournament lesson. Never look ahead.
  5. Watched the East Central game. Mooresville had a lot of trouble running straight ahead (but EC had a couple of all-staters on that D-Line). The Pioneers had better luck running wide and rolling out. Defensively they did a good job with EC’s running game. Mooresville MAY be the better team, but it will be very hard to go down to the pocket city and steal a win. Should be a great game!
  6. I’ve watched Carmel the last 4 games. Their defense is dominating. Big, strong, fast. Sparty will be put to sleep.
  7. If you don’t think the quality of football up and down has improved in the HCC then you have blinders on. And just to add one more thing to this post..... the 2 teams that were supposed to make noise in this thing were taken out by schools IN THEIR OWN CONFERENCE. Call it implosion, call it not ready for prime time, but they didn’t fold to MIC teams. I’m somewhat confident Zionsville will be all Ben Davis can handle. If it’s a blowout I’ll gladly eat crow. Oh yeah, one more thing, it will be CG vs Carmel for all the marbles.
  8. So you think the past Dwenger teams, none of which won a state title and were twice defeated by Cathedral for the state title, are as good as this years New Pal/Cathedral teams? I think you are delusional.
  9. Little early for my predictions, but I’m pretty sure Center Grove is going to reverse that season opening loss.
  10. Warsaw [9-2] at Merrillville [10-1] Carmel [8-3] at Homestead [11-0] Ben Davis [7-4] at Zionsville [5-6] Center Grove [6-5] at Warren Central [8-3]
  11. So the MIC is doing their annual thing and have 4 teams going to regionals. Zionsville is the lone (and unlikely) representative for the HCC. Business as usual.
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