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  1. "He has been rated as the 9th best linebacker in the country by ON3 in the NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) program. and estimated to have a $142,000 valuation this season"
  2. 1. It is hilarious, but not surprising, that when Bobref points out that '69 was probably Munster's best team, HHFDT points out that the '70's were "a different era". By a single year! 2. Only one school made this list based on a one year record....... solely because Mark Bless won't give HHFDT the time of day. That is all.
  3. Under current IHSAA travel rules, #7 would be out of the question.
  4. There are some very excited parents on some of the Facebook communities that say the 8th and 9th graders of last year are going to lead WC to another state championship. anyone have any insight?
  5. Look for the Broncos to move to Bentonville, AR soon. The indoor stadium will be shaped like a giant warehouse. The 50-yard line exclusive seating with service to your seat will be known as "Sam's Club".
  6. Everything that has been posted has truth to it. But, one bad year in football IS NOT a trend. Basketball has not been competitive since we've lived here (2 sectional championships since 1970ish). Softball, volleyball, boys track all have recent state titles. Let's revisit this in 5 years.
  7. Sorry for barging into your hotel room, but I just thought I’d side with temp on this one…. ND and Mich are in pretty much the same boat…. and I think you meant bi-annually, not semi-annually.
  8. Since this post Collier surprised everyone with a home run hire in Thad Matta. All but one of the current roster stayed, and he was able to recruit to fill the holes to compete next year. He also was able to hire 3 great assistants and support staff. He didn't do that on the current budget. Someone up the ladder finally saw the light. Butler increased it's BBL budget by millions. They will be an upper half team in the Big East consistently with Matta.
  9. Ladies and Gents, it had to happen sooner or later...... Welcome Cody Parkhurst to the GID.
  10. For the record North Central has more state tennis titles (boys) than any other school with 20, the last being in 2016.
  11. Yeah, a defending state champion wanting to move up in class to avoid potential opponents. Right.
  12. With the implementation of the transfer portal AND NIL, the definition of "Blue Blood" will be altered drastically. Student athletes basically getting a free pass to transfer from one program to another without sitting out.... and the same student athletes signing NIL deals that sometimes rival pro contracts. College programs will soon offer, whether it's public or not, a deal that athletes looking to transfer will be able to choose which school solely based on the worth of the NIL deal. Which means all those payments made by school supporters that used to be under the table, can very easily by made legal within the parameters of NIL.
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