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  1. Yes, that 2012 championship was an epic year. Especially beating a 5-6 Warren Central powerhouse! Biggest upset my arse!
  2. It would be more valid if you listed records for the last 5,10 and/or 20 years. I believe you can find these on John Harrell's sites.
  3. Any discussion that has DT and BDGiant93 agreeing on must be something to discuss further.
  4. .....and they tack on another championship with a 1-point win over Loogootee today in the 1A girls state basketball game.
  5. We've discussed "Indy Area" before and settled on Marion and all the doughnut counties (touching Marion) around it. That would certainly include Franklin. New Pal is fast growing so maybe in 10 years or so? And there have been rumors of a 3rd school in the Hamilton Southeastern district.
  6. Well, that was before Carmel joined. Or maybe before the HCC existed and the future HCC schools were in the likes of the Olympic and Mid-State Conferences. Or maybe I'm just bored.
  7. Boy, take a few days off and you lose. I hadn't realized Carmel was now in the HCC. Welcome Hounds!
  8. 320 football playing schools. 404 boys basketball playing schools.
  9. Yep. It is still a “Hoosiers” experience for those small southern Indiana schools like Washington, Barr-Reeve and Linton-Stockton, although the Miners do it in football as well!
  10. Geez, I started this thread as “Long Gone”, as in 4 of 6 schools no longer exist.
  11. http://www.almanacsports.com/football/schedule.php?team=CAR&season=1977
  12. Which is exactly what happened in 1976. Carmel was state runner up in 1975 and Mark Herrmann returned for his senior season with a pre-season #1 ranking. He was forced out opening night vs North Central with a sprained ankle. Carmel lost the game. They finished 9-1 and missed the playoffs, even though most considered them the best team.
  13. Carmel was trying to get in to a conference with similar enrollment. Through these times they never ever quit playing the Marion County bigs... North, Lawrence and Warren Central's.
  14. He worked for the Thornberry family. I knew them well.
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