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  1. Center Grove will be the favorite in 2020.
  2. IU or Purdue. But, if he really looked at the top 20 class Butler welcomes in 2020, he would realize his ability to score would be a perfect match for that team.
  3. No reason to think the HCC will be any different. Avon and Brownsburg both return experienced QB's. If they can find a running back.........
  4. ........or 8:00. That was the starting time back in my day.
  5. The beginning of the season is already too hot. Moving back further into summer makes it worse.
  6. My sources are telling me that tonight (Dec. 31) will be the end of 2019. I'm hearing rumors that the year 2020 will begin at that point. Happy New Year everyone! You too Temptation!
  7. It was good enough for Indystar! (OK, not saying very much!)
  8. Heard through the grapevine that Luke struggled with the decision to play QB this past season. He has zero interest in playing football in college. Basketball is his future. So, maybe he doesn't even play football his senior year.
  9. It's a gift from god. Or maybe just common sense.
  10. Kill this thread now. 10 team conferences do NOT add scheduling flexibility, as you maintain. Both the HCC and the MIC are happy the way they are. It actually allows each to play one another in the regular season. And Columbus North is not a good fit for either conference. They and CE need to join the Mid State, or both get in CI.
  11. Oh, sorry 'Center Grove. You have been given the kiss of death. No championships for you until at least 2022.
  12. He's lucky to have any rating being injured for 90% of his junior season. Now that the Drivel has chimed in, I'm pretty sure he's going to be a stud @ a D1 in 2021.
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