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  1. When Avon's Sampson James was injured in the 2nd game of the season, he sat out a couple of games then played the rest of the season, but was just a shadow of himself. No lateral movement and a loss of what was blinding speed. It changed Avon from a semistate contender to an average team.
  2. They had a great chance in 2015....... double OT loss to CG in the semistate. IMHO, if played at Avon they would have won. That was Peters (QB) senior year. CG defeated Penn for the title. As far as talent, they do have a very good youth program, but the population boom and the escape from Indy to better schools and less crime is also a big factor.
  3. BD should be with Avon, Brownsburg and Pike. It just makes perfect sense geographically. However, your arguement holds little if no water. They are going to fight it out most years anyway, just a little sooner.
  4. It's my understanding that a school can petition to play up in classification if it so chooses. Otherwise, Snider's performance and enrollment decide what class they play.
  5. Couldn't find the totals either, but here is how the Kiser/Bell breakdown went: How Mr. Football is selected Sixty high school coaches vote for Mr. Football and the Mr. Football position award winners at the annual Indiana Football Coaches Association all-state meeting. There is one vote for each sectional and two at-large votes in each class. That comes out to 60 total votes — 10 for each class. Here is a breakdown of how each class voted between Kiser and Bell: Class A – Kiser 10, Bell 0 Class 2A – Kiser 9, Bell 1 Class 3A – Bell 4, Kiser 1 Class 4A – Kiser 3, Bell 3 Class 5A – Kiser 3, Bell 3 Class 6A – Bell 6, Kiser 4 And here is the story on how it will change next year: The voting process for IndyStar Indiana Mr. Football will change starting next season. The Indiana Football Coaches Association voted at its board meeting Friday to allow all members – coaches and assistant coaches – to have a Mr. Football vote. Previously, an IFCA ratings board of 60 -- 10 coaches in each of the six classes --voted for Mr. Football. Jason Simmons, the Ben Davis coach and assistant executive director for the IFCA, said the ratings board will select the Mr. Football finalists, which will be the top two for each of the Mr. Football position awards. Coaches will then have two or three days to vote electronically for Mr. Football. “We will leave the all-state meeting and send a ballot out that night or the next morning and then allow 48 or 72 hours to vote,” Simmons said. The previous voting process had been in place for about 15 years. Simmons said the decision to allow all coaches to vote is to make the process as transparent as possible “There is probably no perfect system, but I feel like we have been as progressive as any coaches association in the state,” Simmons said. “If there is a need for a change, we are going to attack it and adjust what we do. We felt like there was a need to change the voting system for Mr. Football.” The process became a topic of discussion in December when Pioneer’s Jack Kiser, a two-time state champion and Notre Dame recruit, was voted Mr. Football over Warren Central’s David Bell. Kiser had 30 votes to outdistance runner-up Bell of Warren Central’s 17 votes. Kiser was voted Mr. Football on 19 of the 20 ballots from Class A and 2A coaches.
  6. You must know this Artesian personally to know what he "meant". I did not read it that way. Threads tend to shift from the original statement and morph into something else. If I get "triggered" (probably an inappropriate term in this PC era) because of a thought I object, I'm not allowed to give opposing opinion?
  7. Right, because the MIC is the best conference, there is NO WAY ANY athletes at the other 400 or so schools could have the best player. I'm embarrassed for you.
  8. Yeah, I meant they have been rebuilding. I think the 'Rocks will be a force in 6A football for a good while.
  9. Assuming that 1A school had an average size 1A roster, they probably wouldn't have enough healthy bodies to survive the playoffs.
  10. Of course I meant Kiser. Sorry for the typo. No one else has heard about this?
  11. Sorry if someone else has discussed this but I didn't see it. I read on twitter (I think linked to an IndyStar article) that the IHSAA and the coaches were considering changing the way Mr. Football is voted. The big schools apparently did not appreciate a 1A school football player getting the award over David Bell. They cited the overwhelming number of 1st place votes Kiger received from 1A and 2A schools. The proposed change is EVERY coach, head and assistants, would get a vote. Kind of reverses the advantage to the large schools, doesn't it? If the likes of Carmel, Warren, Ben Davis, etc. have 10 assistant coaches vs. Pioneer, Tipton, West Central, etc. having maybe 5,6 assistants, the balance has a heavy big school lean. I'm obviously guessing on number of assistants at schools but it sure seems like sour grapes.
  12. Yeah, pretty much agree with everything. WTHR-13 (and I'm sure other Indy news stations) has covered this and the statement above is exactly how they reported. HSE school board has some 'splainin to do! Edit...... I don't think the IHSAA had any choice in the matter. It was the school board's decision and the IHSAA had no choice. Bobby Cox was even quoted as saying "this is sickening".
  13. They had better get rid of the "Braves" mascot. The PC police have them on their list, although pretty low on the list at the moment.
  14. OH no you will not stir up a pot that does not exist. They don't want in to the HCC and the feeling is mutual. For reasons just open up google maps.
  15. On a side note, I see that Avon has replaced Plainfield on their non-con schedule with Columbus North. I like this and it should be a very good series. Anxious to see the non-con schedules of the other HCC teams!
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