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  1. There's no could be to it. Z'ville will be 6A in the next classification. They would have been in the last cycle if not for the new Elkhart bumping them down. They are on track to be another "mega" school just like the rest of the HCC.
  2. Blake Fisher is a not soon-to-be sophomore. He played last year at Avon.
  3. Just because they scheduled them doesn't necessarily mean they are ready for them.
  4. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/31462036/indiana-hoosiers-add-former-auburn-tigers-dl-jaren-handy-usc-trojans-rb-stephen-carr-transfers
  5. ESPN 3? Is that a subscription?
  6. It's only fitting that a discussion about visors and caps in girls softball is in a thread about Hammond's new nickname seeing that both are trivial and insignificant.
  7. When is Bump HS getting turf? The hints are strong.
  8. I guess you are used to many HS stadiums with visitor's press boxes? Only other stadium in the HCC with a vistor's box is Franklin Central. In the MIC, only BD and Warren have visitor's boxes..... and both because that side was the old home stand before renovations. So the boxes were already there.
  9. Just curious......... is a 21 year old press box old?
  10. Because bigger is better? I still can't figure out how one can sit in the stands and have the score on the scoreboard partially obscured. I suspect it may well be for the home side fans as well.
  11. So, I haven't been reading this thread and it may have already been answered. Will Zionsville now remain in 5A and Carmel remain in Sectional 5?
  12. I was class of '71. I don't expect that to change.
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