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  1. IU should beat Rutgers. They have a decent shot vs Maryland, and a punchers chance vs Nebraska and NWstern, but the rest of the schedule is unwinnable. Mich, Mich St, Penn St.
  2. Agree with everything. ND is lucky the score was even close. ND QB was scrambling out of the pocket even when he had pocket protection. But, I'm not sure it's really Notre Dame that's bad or just a case of one of the SEC's elite kicking butt!
  3. South Adams (71.79) is a 2-point favorite (1.51-point home-field advantage) against Homestead (68.32) Perfect!
  4. They actually play all 9 weeks in conference. The HCC did this from ‘06 - ‘13. It makes it impossible for the algorithm to rate teams until tournament play. Sagarin continues all the way through to the championship, so remaining teams each week continue to be rated.
  5. Probably not. But I’m sure the referee saw the players on the field before anyone from either team had touched the blocked ball. I watched Avon win a game about 20 years ago vs Zionsville when they picked up their own blocked FG and ran it in for a TD.
  6. Your question is somewhat irrelevant. The rankings are based on not only who you played last, but what your past opponents also did.
  7. Yes, you ARE hurt by only playing a full conference schedule. At least by Sagarin. HCC was that way for years and couldn't prove anything until tournament time. The SAC has 4 quality teams and 6 bottom feeders. Unfortunately everyone plays everyone, so the bottom feeders are going to hold down your strength of schedule. Nobody believes that any of the top four in the SAC couldn't beat Noblesville or Pike, the two last place teams in the other leagues, but their rating is boosted because of oppositions SOS. Come sectional time someone is going to get the chance to beat up on Noblesville and then the sectional winner will get either Carmel or one of 3 HCC teams in the regional. You'll have to wait until then to prove your point. I personally don't think you can put the entire league on par with the other two, but the top 4....... certainly!
  8. Last I checked Warren is #1 in most if not all of the polls, so that’s pretty good respect right there. And, all this talk about Avon but I watched a darn good Brownsburg team that was just a play or 2 away from winning last Friday.
  9. I think other than CG/NC you are correct. CG is clearly the better team and will win by 10.
  10. BD's strength of schedule. Southport will be severely tested this week against Chatard. If the Cardinals give the Trojans a game I might be swayed.
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