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  1. Working fine today, thanks. Funny they put Ohio is the east instead of midwest. Would have significantly altered the ratings.
  2. But Cathedral had a winning record both years against Indiana high schools.
  3. I would be surprised if that happened. Surely there are many qualified candidates already on staff.
  4. https://www.thisweeknews.com/news/20190311/students-became-collateral-damage-in-cof-academy-ame-church-saga
  5. "This will be the first season of existence for Bishop Sycamore as a school or as a football program as they are a start up non-charter school aimed at offering kids in the inner city of Columbus a better means at an education and also top level football. It appears Bishop Sycamore is a re-boot of the Christians of Faith (COF) Academy out of Columbus that played its first season last year as the same type of school. Last year as COF they played a loaded schedule including traditional Ohio powers Huber Heights Wayne, Cleveland St. Ignatius, and Lakewood St. Edward and such major out-of-state programs as North Alleghany in Wexford, Pennsylvania, and IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. Last season, the Ohio High School Athletic Association ruled on September 21 that the COF Academy was no longer considered a school and would not count towards points in the Ohio state playoffs. They did however play out the majority of their remaining games, but finished with a 1-9 record against the daunting schedule." ..........Williamson, KY Daily News
  6. IMHO, these are not goals, these are objectives........... which if accomplished would hopefully lead to the one goal every team should have....... to win a championship!
  7. The IHSAA is never going to change how the season ends.......... the 2-day state finals at Lucas Oil on Thanksgiving weekend. So changes would go backwards from there. Recent history has shown those mid-August games are brutal in the 90 degree heat and humidity........ perhaps if game times were pushed up by 60-90 minutes that would help. When the sun doesn't set until halftime there is just something wrong! I remember when I was in high school all games started at 8:00. Perhaps the later start would also help the visiting fans more time to travel?
  8. I'm sure Bryant Fitzgerald and Sampson James have been in his ear about IU. If healthy James is expected to play this season and Fitzgerald accomplished more than I thought he would as a red-shirt freshman. Avon has a reputation for producing good offensive lineman. On a side note, I noticed Brandon Peters, who announced he was leaving Michigan, is joining Illinois as a grad transfer so he will probably step right in as the starter at QB.
  9. Hey Center Grove, you might as well give up and join the HCC. That way DT can start all his posts out with something different.
  10. Well, he decommittted from OSU after being injured. IU knew what they were getting. I have no knowledge whatsoever but I assume the injury was repaired by surgery or time. If they redshirt him that will probably tell you something.
  11. When Avon's Sampson James was injured in the 2nd game of the season, he sat out a couple of games then played the rest of the season, but was just a shadow of himself. No lateral movement and a loss of what was blinding speed. It changed Avon from a semistate contender to an average team.
  12. They had a great chance in 2015....... double OT loss to CG in the semistate. IMHO, if played at Avon they would have won. That was Peters (QB) senior year. CG defeated Penn for the title. As far as talent, they do have a very good youth program, but the population boom and the escape from Indy to better schools and less crime is also a big factor.
  13. BD should be with Avon, Brownsburg and Pike. It just makes perfect sense geographically. However, your arguement holds little if no water. They are going to fight it out most years anyway, just a little sooner.
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