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  1. "61 Reitz team. There can be no other comparison when a team shuts out everyone they play. Don't want to hear about Warren, Ben Davis, etc. They cannot claim this feat.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=MK9N-gnsPHE&feature=emb_logo
  3. Me thinks Avon would have won that game had it been played @ Avon!
  4. My understanding is they have insurance to cover most of the lost revenue.
  5. Well I hate to once again be the bearer of bad news, but ALL cruise lines are halting cruises that port in the US.
  6. Disney is closed. Might as well sit at home and watch Wallyworld and John Candy.
  7. FC filled the 8th opening from when the Lafayette area schools left. The HCC is now closed for expansion. I repeat, the HCC is closed! Thank you for your interest.
  8. It's as good as many for opposing fans. It gets my vote as the best in the state. Love the Reitz Bowl!
  9. Was looking at some of the schedules for the fall and noticed all of the Hoosier Heritage Conference games start at 7:30 pm. Really smart on their part IMO. Is this new or have they been doing this?
  10. I feel the title of this thread sheds unwarranted guilt on the superintendent. He was doing the right thing, but the board overruled him. Therefore he resigned. From The ICON, Hendricks County weekly publication: Superintendent Mike Springer resigned in October after the school board voted to go against his recommendation to fire the coach. https://myhcicon.com/suspended-tri-west-football-coach-and-teacher-arrested-on-charges-of-child-seduction/
  11. Of course everyone knows if you are offered a scholy at a P5 school you are NFL bound!
  12. Center Grove will be the favorite in 2020.
  13. IU or Purdue. But, if he really looked at the top 20 class Butler welcomes in 2020, he would realize his ability to score would be a perfect match for that team.
  14. No reason to think the HCC will be any different. Avon and Brownsburg both return experienced QB's. If they can find a running back.........
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