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  1. This is almost identical, although much more yardage, as Avon's flea flicker to beat Center Grove in 2004.
  2. Welp. Tried to edit my above post. It was '16 when you lost to Westfield. In '15 you beat New Pal in the BBL state championship for 5A, 64-61. Kudos.
  3. I will admit I am a character. But SAC posters need to admit they sometimes have an inflated ego.
  4. Well, they either played in a very tough conference and peaked at the right time...... or Homestead sucked!
  5. But they almost handed Homestead their lunch in the playoffs!
  6. That's a question for the Fort Wayne posters.
  7. It will be Avon/Brownsburg then the rest. With Carmel in their sectional, that's when we answer your question.
  8. Is this still the Carson Steele thread? Asking for a friend.
  9. Don't be surprised if there are NO spring breaks inserted into the academic year.
  10. There is way more family traveling in the fall than you know. I've heard from MIC schools who have said some big games were poorly attended because of fall break.
  11. Why are you acting like the school schedule for '20-'21 is going to look anything like normal? Basketball sectionals can be M-T-Th-Sat. The remaining tourney games are on Sat. No one should be planning a spring break until it is officially scheduled. Don't count on the norm in a Pandemic era. This isn't grasping at straws, it's a possible scenario to keep the IHSAA and athletic departments in the black.
  12. As Bobby Cox was quoted in The Star article, football is the #1 money maker, and combined with Boys Basketball helps pay for spring sports. There may not be another option than to play football in the spring....... killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Getting the revenue and not have to pay for spring sports. For the non-football schools, let them have their spring sports and have tournaments that are non-class, although it would be mostly small schools anyway. Start the season the 1st Friday in March, 6 games, 3 home and 3 road for all. Tournament would start mid-April, no bye weeks and finish up early May. Eliminate conferences for the season since a full slate can not be played. Not ideal I know, but at least there will be a season, and that would still leave 10 weeks or so before fall practice.
  13. Can we call for a referendum to have referendums?
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