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  1. This article is premium content, and Muda should know better than to post it. Other than that, Doyel's take on things is always over the top. But I agree with getting rid of Wentz. As for the Pacers, meh. The best they want to do is get in to the playoffs for a 1st round loss.
  2. I think I am in agreement. As for football, if a 9-game conference schedule doesn't get you ready for the tournament, nothing will. Most other sports would be super competitive (taking out perennial swimming and tennis for Carmel). I'm not sure what sport CG excels in besides football.
  3. How ‘bout them Cowboys! There truly is something worse than being a Colts fan!
  4. I think they certainly would, along with Cathedral. I tend to agree with temp as mudas proposed schedule would be competitive if Carmel sent their JV on the field. Louisville Trinity, Westfield (the Rocks REALLY want this one) HSE or Fishers, Snider and one of the Catholic League powers out of Cincy.
  5. Excuse me? I was making fun of myself. My own prediction.
  6. Boy was this a freezing cold take! Wentz is a failure. Reich is a failure. The Oline needed to grow a pair and NEVER did. Andrew Luck please come back! We need you!
  7. That composite does well for a coach that has a 15-29 record and is under investigation by the NCAA. Huskers have been frosted.
  8. Nebraska without even a second thought.
  9. You really haven’t a clue. Last year’s catastrophe was a result largely from an ineffective offensive coordinator and an injury plagued offensive line. QB is important but Tuttle would have been a whole lot better had he had protection (same for the LN kid). They were never as good as their record in 2020, nor as bad as their record in 2021. Some where in between in 2022, but certainly not 14th.
  10. “2. We are in the early stages of the fall of Tom Allen at IU. The massive hole the Hoosiers dug for themselves in 2021 is too big to dig out from. Allen has already had his best recruiting class (2018) and his best record (2020) so its all downhill from here. Greg Schiano has Rutgers on a quick rise. They have already passed the Hoosiers. Maryland has much more talent. And OSU, UM, PSU and MSU seem like they are light years away. Dark days are coming to IU” “Gotta give Coach Allen is just due. He turned a marage of a half season in the Covid era into a lifelong annuity for his family that will take care of the next few generations of Allens. All the "LEO" BS paid off handsomely for the highschool coach. Kudos to TA. He's a magician. Or better than that, an illusionist. He created the "illusion" that there was a competitive Big Ten football team assembling in Bloomington, Indiana. Most of you goofs bought into it. 9 wins! Really? Visions of Jim Mora are flying thru my head.” I guess you got up on the other side of the bed today.
  11. Anytime Driven T openly strokes his own ego it is funny.
  12. I couldn’t laugh at this post enough. Are you congratulating HHF on Facebook also?
  13. From 24/7: Elijah Daniel “2013 Under Armour All-American. ...Named to the IFCA Class 5-A junior All-State Team as a sophomore. ...Older brother Montez Robinson signed with Georgia out of high school. Older brother Armonze Daniel signed with Marshall out of high school. Originally from Alabama...Invited to "The Opening", an all-star summer prospect camp held on the Nike Campus.” I seem to remember James being a half brother of these 3, but I can’t back that up.
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