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  1. Well if there are only 4 tiers I guess you could put Zionsville in Tier 2, but I don't think they are as good as HSE.
  2. Please break down the number of wins with a Republican president vs. a Democratic president. We might see a pattern!
  3. Indiana will be studying game film from last year's Cincy-Georgia game. That alone should give them enough headaches to try and solve.
  4. Covid-19 has come, but not yet gone. It has ravaged, killed, and changed the way every one of us lives. On topic, it has cancelled entire seasons, games, and destroyed hopes and dreams. 18 months after the onslaught began, and in Indiana the 1st "strike" generally began at the Lawrence Central basketball sectional, where 6 or more administrators and coaches ended up losing their lives fairly quickly. But where do we stand today? We have a new strain, we have games being cancelled every week (although not nearly as many), and we really don't yet see the light at the end of the tunnel. My question is this...... how many games have been altered by student athletes being put in quarantine and unable to play? How many surprise upsets may have been influenced by this? Very few? Perhaps. But, I know of 2 local Indy area metro schools that played recent games with double-digit players sitting out because of quarantine. And the majority of them were starters. One was a 4A highly ranked, the other a 6A from one of those mega-conferences. I don't think the outcome was changed because of these quarantines, in fact I'm sure it wasn't. And, I only had information from one of the combatants. Who's to say how many were missing from the other team? Schools don't make this information public, probably because they can't. So until it gets bad enough to cancel, you would never know (unless you have inside information). I would put this out there..... it's very likely EVERY game is influenced by covid, a player, a coach, someone on each team has or is being quarantined, or has missed practices. I'm not here to restart the argument for vaxing, but this will still be with us for the 2022 season unless we get to that magic number described as herd immunity. There will be more surprises on the football field. The question is how many were caused by surprises off the football field?
  5. Bless has never been known to be a defensive genius. They have always had trouble with teams that have speed and quickness. Plus, they are very young. Over 50 sophomores on the varsity/jv roster. Seems Avon produces a team worthy of title talk once every 4-5 years. They may very well be in the conversation in 2023.
  6. For the record I think CN would handle Penn convincingly. This time last year Cathedral was in the middle of their"Ohio" schedule. In fact, they had played 3 Ohio teams each year since 2017. Just one this year.... Did schools back out of a contract? Now as a result the Irish have Hammond Morton on the schedule next week. If you look at Morton's results thus far, there is no way this game should take place. This may be the biggest mismatch in recent memory. Better have a number of EMT's standing by.
  7. Brownsburg 35 Fishers 13 Avon 31 Franklin Central 27 Westfield 27 HSE 14 Zionsville 20 Noblesville 7 Is this the definition of a trap game for the Bulldogs with Westfield looming the following week? Believe it or not, Avon's defense last week looked much improved, and Mason Reynolds is improving every week. He has a D1 arm. Give him protection and he will pick you apart. HSE should have confidence but they have yet to play a good football team. Westfield has so far preformed up to expectations. If Zionsville wants to get back to the 5A title game they need to step up and show it. I just don't think Coach Sharp's Miller defense can make enough stops to allow for those 14-play drives his offense puts up.
  8. Cathedral wasn’t a choice. If they were they would be tier 1A at worst, and yes they will make CG sweat.
  9. Brownsburg 41 Avon 7. The 'Burg runs over, around and through a swiss cheese defense. Fishers 27 HSE 21. Home team gets the nod. Westfield 28 Noblesville 14. Rocks are just a sound football team. Zionsville 27 Franklin Central 21. An improving Flashes squad surrenders to a Hall-of-Fame kicker's son.
  10. I believe they are the best pound for pound team in the region. I swear to god they are.
  11. LOL! Do you realize how high those stands would be @ 40 rows high? I’d guess closer to 20-22 rows.
  12. I won’t elaborate on a public forum, but there’s a moral and ethical reason I put him on “ignore” in that Facebook group.
  13. No, but the fact is neither are going to lose IN CLASS. The most difficult challenge will be game #9. It is indeed the game of the decade, year, century...... name it!
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