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  1. They are 5A for one more year. They were in 6A but when Elkhart consolidated they were bumped back down for a 2-year cycle, resulting in Carmel moving to the south semi-state. Next year Carmel will most likely return to drive terror into north hopefuls.
  2. I believe Coach Gilbert in your interview said he believed they had they finest weight room in HS football (or something close to that). What resources are they lacking?
  3. Certainly a candidate from a few for "contraction", it certainly looks like the Lancer football program has risen from the ashes: http://www.dailyjournal.net/2021/07/12/edinburgh_football_building_momentum_on_off_field-2/?fbclid=IwAR3Dd4apO5XWBpLLB9FI4ejJEhM2pbm_7HKNHRMG5kjeafbOTh9Qfl17LTs#.YOyg-PyTslM.facebook http://indianahsfootball.homestead.com/logs/Edinburgh.htm#loaded
  4. IU and their 12 commits are currently #20 in 24/7 composite rankings. They may or may not stay that way, but they are certainly trending the right way!
  5. Outstanding interview as usual DT. But it's troubling that you feel you have to link every word to redirect to your Facebook page. In my opinion the underlining makes it harder to read and reeks of self-promotion.
  6. Are any of the Bless brothers on your future docket?
  7. Oh wow, you outed me. Yes, I downloaded that post, saved it to a safe, off-site location, and waited for the moment. Of course, anyone could have copy and pasted any one of hundreds of DT posts that he declares some kind of epiphany moment, then does an about face. But you keep doing what you do. TGD needs you and DT a lot more than they need me.
  8. LOL! Muda gives me a thumbs down for simply pointing out another 2-faced post by the great DT.
  9. "Its become abundantly clear to me that maintenance of the status quo is the new mantra of the IHSAA, as well as the vast majority of fans, supporters, coaches, admins, etc. Change is neither needed, wanted nor desired. So Im cashing in all my activist chips at the casino cash station, and trading them out for fan chips, so I can enjoy the game like the rest of you and not concern myself with multipliers, contraction, realignments, reorganization, etc, etc, etc. This rainbow trout will no longer swim against the current. Getting too old and too tired for this. Im going with th
  10. LOL, he's a year from being on campus. A lot can change in 12 months.
  11. Old man, this is Hoosier land. And here we spell it "offense". Just like every media on every platform in the US does. Prove me wrong!
  12. I understand class. Can I get credit if I just take the online final? Is it transferable?
  13. This has been an ongoing thing for a few years. This year there will be 8 games between the 2 conferences.
  14. Just adding these numbers in my head it would seem your numbers are also "win" heavy. I don't think it is possible. No?
  15. As you know there aren't many HCC "fans" on this forum. Here's my 2 cents worth: Avon at 5.5 I think is too low. They have a talented soph coming in at QB. I think o/u 7.5 is more accurate. Brownsburg at 8.5? Meh. Hart is missing something in his program. I don't know what it is. I'd guess they would be closer to 6.5. Westfield is a beast. They may well run the table in conference. I'd put them at 11.5.
  16. This. There is no way either Chatard or Roncalli would hang with either of those.
  17. There's no could be to it. Z'ville will be 6A in the next classification. They would have been in the last cycle if not for the new Elkhart bumping them down. They are on track to be another "mega" school just like the rest of the HCC.
  18. Blake Fisher is a not soon-to-be sophomore. He played last year at Avon.
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