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  1. Whoa nelly! He’s not starting. Just going to be used more. Then see how it goes.
  2. What have you seen from Merrillville or Westfield that makes you think the Pirates can get over the hump? The Pirates sailed through the regular season last year (minus Chatard) and sailed through this year (no Chatard). Westfield again goes undefeated in a competitive HCC. This is like saying this is the year the MIC does not win it all. The odds are about the same for Merrillville.
  3. None of the students would want it. They wouldn’t even know what it was!
  4. Welp. Leave it to Avon to score 7 touchdowns and still end up on the short end. On a brighter note…. McCray 12 more catches, 230 more yards. He’s the state’s leader in receiving yards and it isn’t close. Already committed to Kent State…. might a P5 school be tempting him?
  5. No. They won’t be competitive with CG no matter how much they’ve improved.
  6. Zville 21 Avon 17 (The O’s break into the win column next week) Brownsburg 27 Noblesville 6 Westfield 31 Fishers 14 HSE 28 Franklin Central 14
  7. Staxawax


    Did you just tune in? They’ve been whipping everyone.
  8. Considering how long IU’s defense was on the field (35 minutes) I thought they played very well. The offense is just a continuation of last year…. zero running attack and a pocket passer that can’t run. It’s going to be 4-6 more recruiting classes before this thing gets totally fixed, but they will get there. On a side note, not impressed with Penn State. I don’t think they can beat Iowa or OSU, maybe only split the Michigan schools. I guess we’ll find out starting next week.
  9. This may speed up the exit strategy for Carmel and CG leaving the MIC.
  10. Mack was never going to be the “2” in that “1-2” punch. Nyheim Hines could start for a lot of NFL teams.
  11. Wouldn’t surprise me if FC tops Fishers, otherwise I’m in agreement.
  12. How about that Jack Kiser guy?
  13. 3 blowouts and this: Lawrence North 26 Ben Davis 24. Inexplicable Astonishing Perplexing Shameful
  14. Brownsburg 14 Westfield 14. Half. Top game in 6A living up to the hype!
  15. Well great. It’s that time of year again. Then, Carmel trounces Brownsburg in the sectional and CG wipes out Westfield at Lucas Oil. Rewind to 2022.
  16. If they go winless- 1962, 0-8, In just their 3rd season of football. Avon has had just 2 losing seasons since 1990.
  17. But the 2020 & 2021 Irish are so far above the rest of 5A. There is a reason the casual observer is looking to week #9 (CG vs Cathedral) and not week 10 and beyond.
  18. Actually a 6th year Covid senior.
  19. Fishers 35 Avon 17- I think Avon will win one before the season ends, but it won’t be this one. Westfield 23 Brownsburg 17- Hard fought game in the game of the year in the HCC, but the Rocks are the better team. HSE 31 Zionsville 20- Royals regroup and pound the Eagles. Franklin Central 24 Noblesville 13. Jayson West- Coach of the Year in the conference!
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