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  1. Assuming that 1A school had an average size 1A roster, they probably wouldn't have enough healthy bodies to survive the playoffs.
  2. Of course I meant Kiser. Sorry for the typo. No one else has heard about this?
  3. Sorry if someone else has discussed this but I didn't see it. I read on twitter (I think linked to an IndyStar article) that the IHSAA and the coaches were considering changing the way Mr. Football is voted. The big schools apparently did not appreciate a 1A school football player getting the award over David Bell. They cited the overwhelming number of 1st place votes Kiger received from 1A and 2A schools. The proposed change is EVERY coach, head and assistants, would get a vote. Kind of reverses the advantage to the large schools, doesn't it? If the likes of Carmel, Warren, Ben Davis, etc. have 10 assistant coaches vs. Pioneer, Tipton, West Central, etc. having maybe 5,6 assistants, the balance has a heavy big school lean. I'm obviously guessing on number of assistants at schools but it sure seems like sour grapes.
  4. Yeah, pretty much agree with everything. WTHR-13 (and I'm sure other Indy news stations) has covered this and the statement above is exactly how they reported. HSE school board has some 'splainin to do! Edit...... I don't think the IHSAA had any choice in the matter. It was the school board's decision and the IHSAA had no choice. Bobby Cox was even quoted as saying "this is sickening".
  5. They had better get rid of the "Braves" mascot. The PC police have them on their list, although pretty low on the list at the moment.
  6. OH no you will not stir up a pot that does not exist. They don't want in to the HCC and the feeling is mutual. For reasons just open up google maps.
  7. On a side note, I see that Avon has replaced Plainfield on their non-con schedule with Columbus North. I like this and it should be a very good series. Anxious to see the non-con schedules of the other HCC teams!
  8. I think your predictions are pretty much spot on. BBurg and Avon are interchangeable. I'd move Westfield up to #3. I think HSE will rebound and end up 4 or 5.
  9. How many of those tens of thousands are QUALITY posts? I'd guess maybe 19 or 20. I've been a free-loader the last 3 or 4 years. I'd be willing to contribute $10/year for seasonal coverage, July-Dec.
  10. We can all do this logically, but the IHSAA has already shown logic has nothing to do with it when they put Ben Davis and Warren together in this last cycle.
  11. Avon, Brownsburg, Ben Davis and Pike should always be in the same sectional. It's a no brainer (except to the powers that be). Edit........ Forgot about Zionsville. They have to go somewhere. Perhaps in a "cluster" with Laf. Jeff, Carmel , Westfield and Noblesville.
  12. So the HCC is now officially an all-6A conference with Zionsville moving up. Enrollment at ALL schools will continue to grow (but not at Carmel's rate!).
  13. Well crap, now I have to go back in and put this guy on ignore.
  14. Until proven otherwise, Avon and Brownsburg should rule the HCC. The 2 Fishers schools (HSE and Fishers) have slipped the last few years and that's disappointing. Westfield is rebuilding and Zionsville will be a tough matchup.
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