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  1. I've been a coach at small school for the past 10+years here I can say one thing about PP every time we have played them, they have had bigger numbers and bigger staff's, which I believe that second part matters more. With modern football, the ability of a bigger staff can make practice more individualize for all positions on a team/JV as well. Most of the time bigger staff means more stipend money for them which it's hard to get people to come out and coach for a small school team for free these days, especially someone who knows what they are doing and not just a parent who will be around for 2 years then leave once their kid graduates. It's even harder to find teachers who coach with the shortage on top of all this. Now that being said here at South Putnam we will never shy away from PP, because that's not how we are built but majority of 1A programs in Indiana don't have a chance to stand up to them simply because of these reasons here. Most smalls schools through the decades had to wait for that once in a generation group of kids to come through but I will say it is easier to get that one extra lineman or one extra WR when there are no recruiting rules for you at PP to fill the gaps of needs, not saying any of them still do this or not that we play just in general those are the rules for PP, I.E. none.
  2. Sectional 47 will definitely be a meat grinder of small school sectionals. In two seasons 5 teams played in a regional, 2 of us lost to the 2 State Champions(20-21). 3-4 being projected top 10 preseason. Looking forward to the challenge!
  3. On the map you have 65 schools in 1A. Just wanted to give you a heads up.
  4. Sad to here this. Condolences from the South Putnam football coaching staff. Coach Fouts was part of a great rivalry with our two programs going back decades. He will be missed very much on both side of the field this year.
  5. Really you can answer this question two different ways in my opinion. The most desirable to win regular season games or the most desirable to win championships/titles. (sectional, regional and so on)
  6. One coach who is on the up and up that could be considered is Chuck Sorrell. In 3 seasons since taking over Sorrell with his staff have helped put South back on track and go 20-4 over last two seasons.
  7. South Putnam- Mark Wildman Field (Indiana HOF Head Coach 85-05)
  8. WC already has a great football coach in their building that they should look at for the HC job if he wants to be a HC again and he was once the OC there too. His name is Derek Moyers.
  9. Can confirm all week the posts from this site were all over the locker room and all over the weight room for motivation. Hats off to an amazing PH team. In two years that QB could play at any college and at any Division he wants to in my opinion!!
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